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Found 14 results

  1. So tonight I figured I should make something like this, I didn't find anything about it so here we go. Most of the people here know about macropositioning, the general area of where to go on maps, so I thought I'd break it down a bit more, I'm not especially good at heavy tanks (been trying lately, rip wn8) so my spots will be mainly for mediums. Unfortunately you can't go into a training room on your own so I only have a few spot to show for the moment, but it'll be more coming up soon, and you're all very welcome to critique and show your own spots! Edit: Now that we have 10 pages of material, I'm compiling it all up into the OP! Not done by a long shot yet though ;_; this takes so much time >< will finish rest tomorrow, too tired Abbey: (Kudos to Luna and loxx12 for this one! Big cheers! (Let's not bulli Lunas graphics)) Cheeky nerd spots by loxx12: Airfield: Kudos to Luna again! From there you can spot and shoot tanks driving out of spawn, and you can hit camping TDs at D2. You can also hit anybody moving up at G5. You can't be hit from E5, but you can hit them if you move a little forward. If you move a little back, you can hit anybody at J5/6. You can also cover part of their base. Cliffs: El Halluf: Ensk: Erlenberg: Fjords: Hidden Village: Highway: Live Oaks: Lakeville: Malinovka: Mountain Pass: Murovanka: Northwest: ¨ Prokhorovka: Redshire: Sacred Valley: Sand River: Siegfried Line: South Coast: Stalingrad: Swamp:
  2. How does the map rotation work in World of Tanks as of late. I have been getting the same map, same side over and over and over, with different tiers and size of tank? Where is the randomness?
  3. Had some free time this morning and figured I see "Where should I go with X tank on Y Map" often enough that I used stratsketch.com and went to work As I do not play Tank Destroyers or Arty, these map guides do not account on where to play those classes These map "Guides" are for general areas where I personally, would bring your tank. Some locations, such as mid on sacred valley, or some hulldown spots on Prok/Fiery Salient hill require more finesse and were dropped to better suit the audience this was made for and reduce clutter This is mainly initial "Deployment" and does not count for late game cleanup or mid-game flexing/flanking, those are situational and cant be generalized so easy Standard Maps only, I personally believe encounter and assault are a bit too much if the player doesnt understand how the map works normally Here is the link to the full imgur album, complete with all 34 maps (Excluding a few tournament/clan league maps) http://imgur.com/a/hkkwm Here are a few maps out of the bunch as a preview
  4. First off, these are my thoughts and what I've concluded from playing these maps. If you have any valuable input please share, it's meant to be informational for the less skilled and for those who seek to learn. I'll also do maps a few at a time, because writing for over 30 maps in one go ain't gonna be pretty lel I will also take replay requests/specific walk throughs of things you don't understand or need to get into further I will share thoughts on both spawns if they differ a lot (for example Abbey and Airfield plays similarly meanwhile Arctic Region and Sand River plays differently depending on the spawn you have) and I will share my thoughts on Assault modes from both spawns as well, I don't play encounter so sadly won't be giving any input on it. (Will also add drawing of some form of heatmap how I play them when I have a better internet connection and can actually upload them) Linking the micropositioning thread here because I'm gonna make use of it, get it For the Heatmaps, red is firing lines, yellow is spotting, black is movement and grey circles are spots where you engage The Maps: Abbey: Airfield: Arctic Region: Cliffs: El Halluf: Ensk: Erlenberg: (Plays the same on both standard and assault basically) Karelia (both standard and assault): Assault: Overlord: Swamp: Windstorm: (shitstorm) I just realised these map pictures are outdated ;_; will update with the heatmaps tomorrow!
  5. So far I like it + Open with lots of cover without an obvious place to go like Malinovka hill, it actually feels big because almost everywhere is a workable place to go as opposed to Malinovka where 90% of the map area is useless + Enough terrain so being spotted doesn't mean drawing fire from half the enemy team at once + Default skycancer spawning (right side) appears to make pushing next to the ridges a feasible proposition + Mostly level ground between bases so there's a fighting chance to reset in a slow fatass + No obvious corridors or perches for TDs to lock down half the map + All of the above discourage camping, can't really shoot anywhere without moving some distance from base - Still a lot of places one could be caught without adequate cover and get shit on by 5 arty - Non-retard skycancers will just move to the left side and get clear shots across the ridges Appears to play mostly as a city map with lots of flanking. One shitty map out, one good one in, Good job WG, still several to go.
  6. So we all know the situation, each team has taken either the north or the south on swamp and the 1 decent player in an OP tank on each team is now in a prime spotting position but still unable to spot each other. The pubbies soon figure out that they can't spot said decent players without being spotted and blapped first. Cue the stalemate. My question is, in a light/med/heavy/TD, how do you go about breaking this stalemate and urging your pubbies to victory? Currently I'm going with park in a nice bush and go get a drink/take a leak/check the forums/reply to a text. TL;DR Swamp sucks, halp pl0x.
  7. Would it be possible to make a mod that shows the current maps in rotation based on what was recently uploaded to vbaddict by the players using the Active Dossier Uploader? I guess it could also show when the map rotation actually changes. I'd find this useful for when I want to play certain tanks, but the current maps in rotation are some of the worst for those tanks. Would this be allowed under the current rules form Wargaming? I can't find anything that would prohibit it.
  8. Hi all,I am new here on the forum.Made an account for some help regarding EyeFinity (on ATi cards and Surround on NVidia cards) Well I am playing World of Tanks on 3 monitors,but the problem is that the map and all other tabs,the chat and the tanks are all out to the side of the screens.I have found this one,but I have no clue where to find the XVM.xvmconf file. (http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/213494-triple-monitor-eyefinity-ui-improvement/ ) So my question for you...could someone just explain to me,like you would tell a small kid how to set this up? Lol I know a lot of pc's and software itself,I build my own game pc's,but I cannot do a lot with mods Am using 3 Iiyama 24" monitors with a tiny bezel as you can see on the pictures,the maps and chat are on the other sides of the screens,I want them more to the middle as showed on the link I put in this threat. So is there anyone around that could help me please? Thank you.
  9. Hello, I will be platooning with two friends this evening. We have played together one time before last week and actually preformed very well together. We have decided to focus on getting the German Pz. IV H tank at teir 5 as it seems to be quite good. We have decided to get it through the Pz. IV D. Last time we played we managed to unlock the Pz. II and had a couple of games in it. When we played it we got the map called "Province" and really struggled to figure out were to go. We tried to rush down and climb the enemy hill as quickly as we could but got caught in the middle and were forced to hide behind buildings where we stayed until we all got destroyed as we struggled to find cover from all angles of enemy fire. With tanks that have "normal" cannons (like the Leichttraktor) we just stayed back at our hill and sniped the tanks that we could see. That doesn't really seem like a good option anymore as the machine guns are too inaccurate and cannot penetrate the enemies that far away. I know most of you don't play this map (you play the higher tiers). But I still hope that you may be able to come with some suggestions and perhaps point out a few locations that are good for tanks like the Pz. II.
  10. So FTR just posted some leaked screenshots from a new cypersports map that is in planning. http://world-of-ru.livejournal.com/3484833.html <- prmiary source http://ftr.wot-news.com/2014/09/12/new-cybersports-map/#more-16987 <- FTR Look interesting with several pathways to attack from/to that would make the battles fluid. Also interesting that they have the spawns and cap circles seperated.
  11. Posted on ftr yesterday, figured I'd leave it here for those who don't have the time to check ftr. http://ftr.wot-news.com/2014/08/19/straight-outta-supertest-d-day-map/ Seems like a very tiny map (600m is my guess) with the options to swap flanks (which seem to be only beach and the higher ground) very quickly as in Kharkov (the west). If I'm close with my distance guess it means rip lights and meds. Tanks which excel at exploiting gun depression also don't seem to have much hills to hide other than the middle of the beach. I expect them to add some hills in the grassy part of the map. Maybe in the style of eastern Ensk, not too high but enough to get in cover. Should've watched it higher than 240 first -.- Any thoughts? About those cap circles?
  12. Many of us are not fans of the current meta. There has been some discussion already as to what sort of changes could be made to improve gameplay and balance. One idea that I am very much a fan of is reworking of the maps. I want larger maps with much more variety than there is now. I would much less mind areas like Tundra if there were areas similar to Prokhorovka surrounding it, where camo, vision and mobility could be used to influence operations within the area through Area control, where battles are one not only through vision control but maneuver warfare on a slightly larger scale than there is now. There are concerns over persistent issues like (1) camping, (2) a dim playerbase, and (3) less mobile vehicles which may have difficulty being useful in such an environment, but these sorts of things will either always be present and/or be remedied with some attention. Camping is the MO for some tanks, should you be advancing aggressively on the enemy with a Church GC or a Sturer Emil? Isn't Arty cancer camping incarnate? Besides, to camp and be effective, one must still consider the situation and act in an intelligent manner. In other words, a proper ambush must be planned. In a larger setting, these can be set up in a number of places, they must also be set up in such a way that if the enemy never appears, the forces can relocate to where they do appear and still support the war effort. Tutorials... could be MUCH better. Why couldn't there be ingame mini-guides for each vehicle? Ex: "With poor accuracy, gun depression, and penetration, but fair mobility and camouflage and alpha, the T-34-3 should be operated as a Flanker rather than a Sniper or Front Liner." And how difficult would it be to condense a good deal of the basic mechanics into the tutorials? Before I even began playing WoT, I knew more about the vision mechanics than 95% of the players just from reading the wiki and watching Jingle's "How not to Suck". That video in particular could very easily be made into a tutorial mission, where the player is required to observe an enemy, find a suitable place to engage him from stealth, and do so successfully without being spotted and attracting return fire. The same sort of thing could be done for, say, "How to engage a lone Heavy with a Medium/light (How to circle)" or something along those lines. In WoWP, more information was provided to the player about when to engage and how than a player in WoT receives, it went over things like Altitude advantage, how to engage a faster plane, a more maneuverable plane, etc, why could this not be done for WoT? Now, there will always be retards and there will always be slow tanks. Often times, people get left behind as it is, others run off and die by themselves. Why not introduce a recommended path system and a squad system? "With this tank, you should go this way, we've taken the liberty of grouping tanks that would perform well in this area into a squad, stick together and take advantage of your attributes!" Don't want to go that way? Don't like your squad? Take a page from Battlefield, you can reassign yourself to another squad. 'But Cuni! People will get abandoned and be left on their own anyway!' Not necessarily, there will always be idiots, but don't you think more people would catch on if they were exposed to features like this? If nothing else, when the pubbies coagulate, they coagulate into groups that tend to go a certain way conducive to the success of the mission. A pub in a Chinese medium with poor gun depression will be less likely to go somewhere very inhospitable to such vehicles, such as an area where fire can only be effectively exchanged by vehicles with gun depression. Another route could be taken, one where the enemy's position could possibly even be engaged from more suitable terrain. This system could even help average players begin to understand the operation of a map. Of course, it is difficult to predict what would be the best implementation of these ideas, and how positively they'd affect the game, but there are many other games to which we can look and point to and say, "See there? It can work." These changes, ofc, would very much change the operation of the game... But a map 1.5x, 2x the size of Kharkov with a good amount of variation could contain environments and features reminiscent of every other map in the game. Every tank could find a place to be useful. Things like signal range, view range will become important again. There could still be choke points, there would still be passages and cover. A CQB squad could advance into a passage and rock it, as the Vision Squad is destroyed, at which point either the enemy will advance on the base or attempt to engage the heavies, the heavies also deciding what to do. Also affected would be Artillery, they will now have to consider their positioning deeply as they must reposition to remain relevant but consider safety as they do so. 'Won't there be more draws? More camping? Won't this be more broken?' Doesn't have to be. Why have draws? Why can't we have "Narrow Victories, Narrow Defeats, Overwhelming Victories, etc" where 'Narrow' is more or less a draw where a team has operated more efficiently but failed to eliminated the majority of the enemy or capped out.Say that a battle takes place, and one team is left with 2/3rds of its participants, the other with 1/3rd. This could be considered a 'Victory', the winning team receives a nominal amount of xp and credits. However, say a team obliterates the other or performs far better in some respect, an 'Overwhelming Victory' occurs and there is a significant bonus to the spoils they receive, considering it may occur with less frequency, tis will provide incentive to move the game rather than camp. (Btw, this'd certainly solve the light tank problem, wouldn't it? They'll be much more than gimped mediums, with the proper rewards system they could regularly begin to operate in their role and be the eyes for the team.) That's all I have for now, its not fullproof, but I like my ideas, they're mostly things I've seen in other games that I have appreciated and enjoyed, and think could be worthwhile features in WoT. It would certainly make things more interesting, and if done right it could improve the game immensely. Nothing ventured, nothing gained
  13. I've been playing my MT-25 a lot lately and I have gotten fed up when I get on Siegfried Line. Its a very good scout map but here you spawn makes it all bad. If you spawn at #2, you spawn to the right of the cap and have to go all the way across to the field for passive scouting in the bushes but by the time you get there you don't have time to get your camo net on and the see you and you get sniped by camping TDs. I just wish that when I spawned on Siegfried line in my light tank I spawned a little more centered maybe on the 6-7 lines rather than on the 9-0 lines. Does anyone agree with me? Here is the map for reference: .
  14. Hello wotlabs, so I just had this game on campinovka in my indien panzer, and I stayed at my base just sniping. A couple of tanks were outside my draw range, and so I ghosted them, is this a really viable tactic or it was more luck? I even managed to bounce off of their arty from across the map, which I thought it was pretty cool, any advice appreciated. I usually do this in my Indien because of the large ammo count and the rof it has. Ty Replay- http://wotreplays.com/site/753722#malinovka-sianix-indien-panzer
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