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Found 4 results

  1. Some of the community contributors said that at Tankfest that they were told by Wargaming employees the matchmaking mechanic that increases your chance of being top tier or middle tier after being bottom tier has not worked since 9.18 was released. It looks like they are speaking the truth. I kept track of my last 600 solo pub battles (all battles since 1.0 was released) in an excel spreadsheet. I played mostly tier 8 through 10 with the occasional tier 6 and 7 battle. I included tank played, tank tier, battle tier, type of matchmaking(all 1 tier, 5/10. or 3/5/7), and other details. Most of the battles were played between 7 PM and 11 PM east coast time when the server population is highest. This is what I found... Tier 8 3/5/7 battles: 155 Top tier: 22 battles 14.19% of 3/5/7 battles Middle Tier: 34 battles 21.94% of 3/5/7 battles Bottom Tier: 99 battles 63.87% of 3/5/7 battles Tier 8 5/10 battles: 66 Top tier: 8 battles 12.12% of 5/10 battles Bottom Tier: 58 battles 87.88% of 5/10 battles All tier 8 tanks in a battle: 14 Out of the 221 battles where I played a tier 8 tank and the battle was more than 1 tier, I was top tier 30 times. That's 13.56% of my tier 8 multi tier battles are top tier. Its obvious 3/5/7 and 5/10 matchmaking doesn't work properly. I had days where I was playing tier 8 premiums to grind credits and I was getting tier 9 and 10 battles all day. Wargaming wonders why players dislike the new matchmaker? Maybe we should boycott buying tier 8 premium tanks, or all premium tanks, until the matchmaking is fixed. When playing my tier 8 tanks I rarely had to wait more than 7 to 10 seconds before I was dropped into a battle. Maybe if Matchmaker worked correctly, I'd have to wait up to 20 seconds for a battle, but I wouldn't be bottom tier all the time.
  2. Announced today: http://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/common/matchmaking-revamped/ Looking at the MM chart this isn't the same as the last MM change and is a bit more specific. Looks pretty good.
  3. If anyone is interested, I am working on a rebalancing algorithm for the current matchmaker. I would really like it if some of you math wizards could take a look at my ideas and provide feedback. Also, if anyone is up for running some tests or providing screen shots I would appreciate it. The Great MM Project The link above has the methods and limitations so far. Thanks all.
  4. If you play medium tier battles (tier 5 for example), there' s something I was told by a platoon mate. Disabling encounter and assault improves your matchmaking by increasing the pool of low tier tanks. Encounter is only unlocked for players with at least tier 4 tanks in their garage. Assault mod is only unlocked for players with at least tier 6 tanks in their garage. This statement has two consequences : If you disable encounter/assault : 1. These mods are acting as noob filters, in normal mod you can see total noobs playing tier 3 (encounter), or even tier 4 or 5 (assault). So if you are playing @tier5, you will fight more total noobs in normal mod than on encounter and even more on assault mod. 2. Second consequence, linked to the first is that as these mods are acting as filters and as these filters apply to lower tier tanks, matchmaking is also affected. You have a better chance to play as top tier in a normal battle where the pool of lower tier tanks is higher than on encounter or assault. Exemple : If you play assault in a tier 5 battle, and if we say there are 10% of players who haven't unlocked this mod yet because their higher tier tank is tier 5, they won't be abble to play this mod, and the pool of tier 5 or less available for MM will decrease accordingly. What do you think about this statement ?
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