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Found 1 result

  1. So, the 88mm got dpm buffed. How much? It has 3600dpm (240 alpha 4s reload) compared to the 3000 of the top 105mm (390 alpha 8s reload), assuming max crew %, making it the highest of any T9 medium tank and equaling the Obj 907's. And dear god does it make the tank better. Crunching the raw numbers, here is how the 2 compare in raw damage dealt in constant fire over an engagement duration (nonstop firing): For the 88mm: 1-4s: 240 4-8s: 480 8-12s: 720 12-16s: 960 16-20s: 1200 20-24s: 1440 24-28s: 1680 28-30s: 1920 Versus the 105: 1-8s: 390 8-16s: 780 16-24s: 1170 24-32s: 1560 As you can see, the only points that the 105 has a damage advantage is in single shot, and then between 8-12s. Outside of that the 88mm has a higher damage potential at all times. The 88mm APCR has 261 pen, and the 105 has 270. Imo this difference is inconsequential and plays no major impact on any differences. The 88 also has .01 better acc value, but is also too small to really notice. Dispersion values are equal between guns. Now the important bit of all of this is how the dynamic of the tank changes. Because of the higher dpm, you are able to be much more aggressive and much more willing to fling random shots off. If a shell misses, who cares? In 4s there will be another one. This doesn't equate to being less careful with shots, but does help reduce RNG-induced salt. In regards to the playstyle, the E50 gains more of a true medium role rather than the heavium blend it was before. Flanks are much more effective because you are able to constantly shoot at targets, trading shots 1:1 becomes less ideal, but trading 1:2, 1:3, or even 1:4 becomes possible because of how fast you can load shells. It rewards a more aggressive playstyle because the more often you are firing the more effective that DPM becomes. Here are 11 games, 11 wins, with 4000 avg dpg in the session. http://www.mediafire.com/file/3b7l7le8amp7avd/2.25+E50+Session.rar Interesting note, the APCR shell for the 105 costs 4000 credits. The APCR round for the 88mm costs 4400 credits. Because WG logic. This also means I lost an avg of 60k credits per match, with the max being -111k. Do not plan to spam games in this without some serious credit farm. Final thoughts: The depression buff was nice but really unneeded. It simply made the tank more comfortable to play. However after the gun buff I find a very hard time trying to justify using the 105mm at all. The tank is seriously better, and due to the 4s reload you are frequently able to get 2 shots into tanks that the 105 would have been unable to. 50 extra damage at regular intervals through a match really stack up. E50 is definately #1 T9 in game.
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