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Found 3 results

  1. Introducing the new and revamped MatraMod utilities mod: MatraMod2 Utilities Mod What is this I hear you ask - well it's essentially what Autoaim+ eventually became but I removed all the junk leaving only the stuff that you would find useful and removed the ability to re-enable the 'illegal' autoaim (which is very easy to do!) along with also removing the partial automation on repairs as this was questionable with Wargaming's stance on mods. So what does it do? You have multiple options in the config file and I will explain them below { "reload_announcer": { "autoclip": false, "hotkeyMap": true }, "safeshotDead": true, "safeshotAlly": false, "spotted": false } autoclip will notify your team that you are reloading when your drum/magazine is empty of shells (autoloaders only). It uses the in-game reload key so does not spam more info like position or what you had for breakfast. hotkeyMap is a bit more advanced and notifies your team when you are reloading partial clips - BUT it's mapped using the in-game settings to whatever your 'reload drum' key is (C by default). Works the same way as above with regards to messaging. You can have both options enabled as they can work side by side. Personally I just use this but it's your call. safeshotDead prevents you from shooting a recently deceased tank - thus saving your shell for better use safeshotAlly prevents you from accidentally (or on purpose) shooting team mates. You cannot disable this in-game - I made it this way deliberately, so either don't play with it enabled if you don't want to play nice. Neither safeshot option will spam chat with some bollocks like 'you're blocking my shot' or 'I'm a noob who likes to click on tanks before a battle' or 'I don't know how to use mods so this message is enabled and I'm a twat'. Last but not least is spotted. This will send the in-game help command [F7] when you: Have sixth sense as a perk Get spotted by the enemy Again no bollocks in chat like 'oh I have been spotted at J0 with my pants down and my dick in my hand' The lady below is also included completely free of charge with every download of this mod* *By lady I mean this image and you can download if for free by right clicking... what, you wanted the real thing? Stop reading this and go out to pick up some hot chick instead. DOWNLOAD LINK The information here is also found with a bit less 'flair' in my Online Documentation for my modpack Oh and to top it off - I won't be using any kind of 'protection' or code obfuscation so you can see exactly what you get in the tin - If you're from Yorkshire, England (that's in the UK for you Yanks; Hollywood seems to think that you need to know the full details of where somewhere is) then the last bit of that sentence is pronounced 'tin 'tin tin Credits Krysztof_Chodak for the original script that I butchered and made into my own.
  2. After seeing a post from Assassin7 linking to a mod that removed the 'new' radio static from the game when a team mate gets killed (by the enemy) it got me thinking... why stop there?! I have had a few ideas and setup the poll above to see what A: Input you lot have B: I can judge as a popularity for this kind of mod. If lots of individual options are popular then I will create a generic guide and a template allowing you to customise it easily yourself
  3. UPDATE: Sadly I have discontinued support for updating this document as it received zero support in the form of charitable donations (the odd £1 or $1 to good causes is always a good thing!). If you'd like to retroactively support this then either read the doc or help me with my other hobby - magic - by buying me a pack of cards or something from my Amazon Wishlist. The guide is still very useful as a reference - more so when combined with the latest XVM documentation. Due to the constant reformatting issues on this forum (doesn't normally create issues but it does with something this big!!) I have changed the format into a Google Doc that anyone with the below link can read. Make your own XVM Config [Guide] Few disclaimers: This is written as a guide, it's not a 100% 'step-by-step spoon feeding instructions' as that would defy the whole point! It's to give you ideas/inspiration and remove the fear you have of creating your own configs. If you break anything I'm not to blame. I have included as much helpful info as possible and if you wish to have anything added then let me know. It should be enough to get 95% of you by without breaking too much stuff!
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