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Found 9 results

  1. Hello all, I've been playing this game for years and have largely been self taught, recently I've noticed that I've hit a plateau when it comes to improvement. I'm looking to learn how improve my skills in high tier tanks (mostly 10s). I'm honestly curious to see how very talented players approach things like vision control, map control, and hit point management. I have plenty of tier 10s (even some good ones) and I am pretty flexible on time right now. Any sort of help would be appreciated greatly. -echo
  2. Hello WoTLabs, it's AGK47. I am here looking to get better at internet tanks. "Why?", one may ask. "Why now?" Well, the answer is simple. About 2 months ago, I returned to the game from a 4 month break. While I did play during those months, Skyrim was by far the dominant game I was playing, and I was on maybe a few times per month. Since I've gotten back to the game, I have felt that I have been improving as a player, but I still have issues with inconsistency, bad decisions, and bad games. Some things I feel like I need to get better with; Picking a side/playing field Learning which spots/areas I can/can't get to without taking too much damage How to extract myself from a rapidly devolving situation while still being able to help my team How to make better use of terrain Endgame strategy Etc. My goals are simple; Improve my capabilities, damage, and kills while focusing on winning. I would like to work on improving to a dark green/blue overall, and a blue/high blue recent. I play all tiers, and have TS3. I have two tier tens, and three tier nines, as well as numerous tanks below those tiers. I play every class, and will play on either NA cluster (East or West). My schedule varies (winter break for college), but I am on the East Coast. Thanks, and happy tanking!
  3. Hi, I recently achieved my objective of buying every Tier 10 ( except for arty because FK clickers) so I am slightly bored and looking for new goals. I used to mentor a lot through the wotlabs chat channel ingame. I played pretty much every tanks in the game but I really love light tanks and autoloaders , so I developped a frontline oriented, aggressive, in and out, playstyle. If you're interested in playing with me for a day or so, pm me in-game. You can also pm me on wotlabs if you want, in-game would probably be easiest though. Depending on which tanks we play (normally tier 8+) and how long we play I like to ask for a credit pack if it's within your means. If not we can work something out. I'm generally online between 6 and 11 PM EST so hit me up. The rest we can discuss on TS . #batchatlyfe OR4NGE
  4. *elevator music* Who am I? I’m a McMaster University student enrolled in commerce. I’ve always been a procrastinator. Found a lot of games, played them, and moved on, but WoT sticks with me the most. I’ve been a part of other forum communities before this one, but I like this one the most because you can pretty much use profane language and the rules are fairly lenient here (minus arty sperging). I can also use my sexy perry gifs here that otherwise wouldn’t be allowed on the official forums. Who are you? Chances are if you’re looking for help you chose me because I’m a shitlord you can relate to. Chances are you’re most likely the guy who takes a heavy on Lakeville in an encounter battle or does dumb shit by ‘protecting’ your artillery at base. Whatever the fuck you’re doing wrong I hope to break your habits. But if you made it this far in reading this is good because 70% of shitlords in-game couldn’t care about how they play. I don’t know if it’s really 70% but you get the gist. What is my service about? I am mentoring fairly new players looking to learn or old time players with bad habits by platooning with them in battle. This mentoring service is exclusively for mid-tier playing and up to tier 8s. What are you required to have? You are required to have at least tiers 5 (preferably as many tank types as you can like heavies, mediums, tank destroyers, light tanks, but NO FUCKING ARTILLERY). I refuse to play anything lower than tier 5 as the game is cancer in such low tiers. I will mentor up to tier 8s. You will not be required to have teamspeak. I don’t talk on teamspeak. Instead I type in platoon chat really fast. Oh did I mention you are required to know English? But I think you already know English if you’ve made it in reading this far. You are required to have the appropriate consumables (ex. Extinguishers, med kit, repair kit). Last thing I want is playing with a shitlord who catches on fire and can’t do anything about it, or seeing a guy get tracked in an open field and can’t repair his track. Also what isn’t necessarily necessary but very essential to have is the proper equipment like gun rammers (pretty much on everything, etc.) You need good internet connection. I don’t want to play with people who constantly ping out of the game. Although it occasionally happens to me if it happens to you a lot then I’m pretty sure clicking on uninstall000 solves this issue. You need the right attitude and have a willingness to learn. No shitlords who have xvm installed and say ‘gg’ at the start of the battle because it’s a ‘30% chance to win’. In fact remove all or any mods you have. Mods are useless. If you want to become a better player learn to analyze your players without the use of xvm. And last but not leastly… did I mention it yet? You are required to not platoon any artillery with me. You get the gist. Before you start my services: You are required to teamkill one artillery player as a sacrifice. I call it a fixed cost, as my services are otherwise free. When am I available for these services? Tuesdays 8:30AM-12:00PM Weekends: TBA (to be announced) Or sometimes random times... it depends. We can make arrangements. Message me for more details. *Currently in process of editing*
  5. Due to the recent popularity of this tank, I am going to start a platooning/mentoring/replay review, etc thread here. Requirements: Be willing to put up with me, I am not entirely confident in my abilities as a teacher, some people learn a lot, others not so much. NA Server for platooning. I could probably go over replays for SEA but i don't know much about the style on that server (campy/aggressive/vision-oriented etc) So best i could give you would be mechanical advice on positioning and such. Other then that there are really no requirements (well have a 34-3 considering that's what you want to learn I guess). This is all free of course. Anyway to the tank: Mobility: The tank handles pretty smoothly, Ok acceleration, a decent top speed of 50 and a good traverse rate (hull traverse: 46, turret traverse: 46) gives you enough mobility to move around to where you need to be. Protection: The hull is nothing special, and it being low to the ground is a detriment since most tanks will be shooting down at you negating your frontal slope. The camouflage is good, allowing you to play vision games and use bushes in engagements. The Turret is where this thing shines, a very strong turret that will bounce enemy shells more often then not. Firepower: This is where the tank stands out, it mounts the 122mm D-25T cannon with 390 alpha, along with the common 175mm AP penetration. However unlike its Russian counterparts it trades the 217 APCR shell for an outstanding 250mm HEAT option. The 175mm AP pen is still very workable as most of your shots will be against enemy mediums/ sides of heavies, with HEAT being reliable enough against tank you will face frontally. The High alpha allows you to lower your exposure time while still doing a large amount of damage. The Low rate of fire actually comes in handy, as you are able to fire, move behind cover, and are unlit by the time you are ready to take your next shot. The Downsides to the gun are its bad gun depression (-3 is very hard to work with for the majority), long aim time, and high (but better now) bloom. However even with these detriments the gun is semi reliable at snapshotting. Tips: 1: if you don’t have time to aim, snapshot anyways, the tank has a very large ammo capacity (40 shells) and if you miss you miss, if you hit you will take a chunk of their health away (and you can laugh because you hit them). 2: Gun depression can be simulated by abusing terrain (Ill post replays when I have time to play), otherwise try not fight over hills as it takes to long to get your gun on target and you have to expose the entire tank. 3: Your ammo rack is in the direct center of your tank (on both sides) so try not to give enemies your broadside; your fuel tank is in the front right (from your PoV). 4: Don’t be afraid to fire on the move. 5: HE is good for taking out artillery/ very low HP targets without aiming for weak points. Recommended skills: First: Gunnery skills, Safe stowage, Sixth Second skills: camouflage or BIA Third skill: Whichever you did not chose for skill 2 All in order to maximize the tanks fire power. Equipment is more preference oriented, Personally I run Vstab/GLD/Rammer. And to top it all off, this tank is FUN!! it is satisfying to do well in it and carry a team. If you want a replay reviewed you can just PM me or put it here and ill get to it ASAP. Same for platooning/mentoring!
  6. For the last few months I have found myself more or less continuously in a teaching/mentoring role. I rarely get to play with dark purple overalls - those who have been good enough for long enough to demonstrate mastery of the game. Instead, I find myself playing with the prospects. Players with Teal-Purple+ recent (padded to varying degrees) who still show up as greens or blues. Most of these players seem to want to learn and get better. I want to help them get better. However, I am running into one issue: I just might be terrible at it. Half of my tactics are unconscious - half the time I know what I am going to do before the battle starts. As opposed to read and react, I go where I want and force the enemy team to fight on my terms. The issue with this is it requires a lot more mechanical, short term and spatial skill then you usually have acquired by the time you reach the level I end up teaching. Being out of position by 3 meters or angled 5 degrees the wrong way makes the difference between hard carry and full potato. When it does come to strategy, reacting and anticipation, I have a hard time understanding another point of view due in part to the nature of my thought process. I see someone do something which I consider incorrect, and have no idea why they did it. When I ask and they tell me, half the time my first thought is "what the fuck" because to me, it is usually obvious why it didn't work. The problem is, I learned that over thousands of battles. I am trying to teach it to them in a few tens or a couple hundred at most. The crux of the matter is, I want to get better at mentoring. If I make my platoon mates better over time, we all win more, learn more and enjoy ourselves more. There are also more elite players around which can pass knowledge down to yet more aspiring unicums. I have created this thread to discuss mentoring, teaching and the general process of development into elite players. What do you think works? What doesn't? How do players vary in their learning curves or thought processes? Anecdotes, advice, debates (but no debauchery) and general ideas are welcome. Passing on our skill is central to this community. I want to figure out how to do it more effectively, enjoyably and for anyone interested to benefit from whatever scraps I have picked up over 3 years of tanking. P.S: Posts from both mentors and people currently being mentored are welcome. I want to hear from both sides - I may be missing something that is obvious to an up-and-comer. Thanks for your feedback, MaxL_1023
  7. We've had a wonderful response from everyone and while we should have planned this out much better before, basically, we've concluded that a few hours a day platooning isn't going to have the impact that we hoped for as . Admittedly, I myself saw this as a bit over hyped. There just isn't time to help everyone on the list in a reasonable amount of time without compromising the amount of hours spent on each person. We also wouldn't want a very long waiting period. Streams and replays are, imo, more helpful as they put in in the shoes of said player. We'll be instead doing live replay review sessions/replay reviews/Answer Questions/something of that sort. The list for that will either just be a repeat of the current list, or if people don't want that, a new list. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.
  8. Heya, I'm trying to improve my skill level in WoT, I want to learn to play better, past the 2400 WN8. Recently I have not been doing so well, averaging 2000 WN8 for a day for about 3 weeks now and my overall dropped from 2600. I want to learn to play past these limits, not just WN8 wise. I want to be able to be more critical on the battlefield, be able to carry teams most of the matches if not all of them. I tried to read map guides and tank guides but it only took me so far. I would like if anyone would be interested in helping me improve as a WoT tanker, (my writing skills suck). If you are willing to help me, or would like to tell me some simple tips feel free to message me or just post here. Thanks!
  9. In tiers 5/6 I do well enough (I think) playing tanks like the T49, Hellcat, VK3601 and 1S. However when moving to T7 my play goes to absolute horse excrement. I currently have the T29 and Tiger and I think they both are about ~49% WR. Both have less then 100 battles (I believe) due to my shyte play. Both are running 100% crews almost completely thru first skill. I would like to request help in the form of a training room where I can see things like hull down and side scraping be demonstrated. I have read about them and tried them but would love to get instruction on them and actually see proper execution of them (please excuse the run-on sentence). Oh.. and shot placement oh mer gerd.. have the 105 and I swear I bouce everything. Not blaming the gun... blaming myself. I'm in the US (mountain time), and usually play evenings. Any help would be much appreciated!!
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