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Found 1 result

  1. (note from sr360: Most of this post no longer is accurate, but I'll update the link to current recruiter) I was recently asked to be a "talent evaluator/recruiter" for G again. G has about ~95 members at any given time, but that leaves 5 or so slots that are up for grabs here and there. As you can imagine, competition is fierce. But the door is open, and here's what we are looking for. http://www.noobmeter.com/clan/na/-G- - At a minimum blurple stats -- blue overall, purple monthly. Otherwise we need to see exceptional improvement. - Very good performance in tier 8/10 tanks is expected, including high win rates - Rerolls are virtually never accepted. - Multiple properly fit t10 tanks available (its best if you have several of whatever type you do best, ie, multiple heavies) Remember we are talking about a clan where the average player is a dark purple -- that's the minimum level we expect. We don't give a flying shit if you padded a 2.8k WN8 on your reroll account playing T49s, we care about if you are overall competent regardless of conditions. In general, a player should have at least 65% win rate, 1k exp/game, and 2.7k-3.5k dpg in tier 10 tanks, depending on which it is. Basically, you need to be the kind of player I would want to platoon with, not the kind of guy I would have to drag as you cocked it up and tried to pad stats game after game (incidentally, if I have platooned with you more than once chances are I think you are good enough for a look at least). But once you make the first cut, no one will give a shit about your stats again. We know you are a good player; you don't have to prove that by trying to keep up with the damage whores' absurdities. Gs are not ranked by Wn8; we have an internal system based on team play and team results. Your individual results and pub scores are irrelevant. Instead, we are looking for players who: - Play well in organized, competitive play. NOT pubstars, not selfish damage whores, not minmaxing stat accountants. Focus on the team and winning, not stats. And above all, get wins. - Show good awareness and instincts in group play -- good concerted pushes, good discipline, good personal initiative. - Active, interested in competitive play. If you just want to platoon/pub, you are welcome to use our TS...but our roster is reserved for those who want to compete and win more than they want to pub and get good stats. - Isn't a twat. You need to be easy to work with and lead; don't get pissed/demoralized easily when we lose. And don't be so arrogant you think your way is better than the officers. When an order is given, you obey or get the hell out. - TC/742 experience is great. So is tournament play, as this is more similar to CW than pubs. - Players on the fence (basically anyone who isn't a very dark purple) are judged primarily on attitude and effort. We would rather have a hard working, unselfish 60%er than a padding cunthole 65%er. And that's about it. Feel free to ask questions here. Update: Current recruitment in charge is m0rieris. Please contact him in-game or on G TS.
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