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Found 14 results

  1. There is really no comparing this tank to any other tank at tier 6. The 105, if it was any better, would be overpowered. On the ARL it is simply serviceable. With 223 base pen, 330 alpha damage, and a base RoF of 5.6 it has everyone else beat on pen, and almost everyone else beat on damage. The gun has in class dispersion values that compare almost favorably to the 122 on the KV-85, another gun that shoots stuff. It has armor that bounces almost anything a tier 4 can throw at it, as long as they don't shoot the turret, and it can actually sidescrape (no joke here it can). In the mobility department the ARL clearly outpaces other moving tanks like the O-I and Churchill VII. With a blistering top speed of 37 kph and 16 power to weight it outpaces tanks carefully selected for being slow. Truly a powerhouse of tier 6, only the venerable Churchill game carrier can compete with this stale baguette shooting monster. Also why the hell does this thing get a bullshit gun? Like what the actual fuck Wargaming? It just deletes tier 4s and 5s. I might have to keep this tank for "3 marking".
  2. So i dont know about you guys but all "open" maps i have played in the last 2 days seemed to have a lot more bushes and trees. Also bushes on new positions. I, who plays a lot of lights for quite some time now, really like that. Sure, some situations might get a little more campy but at least the small tanks, most of the lights and the ones made out of paint and cardboard have their odds shifted a little more in their favours. IN my oppinion of course. So what do you think?
  3. So I like this game. A lot. I went in tentatively, spent no money whatsoever (other than premium carry over from WoT), and only ground one line (Fascist Boats) based on research, and have no garage slots! German line, DD's, CA's and BB's. Here is what I have learned and why I like this game so much at tier IV so far: 1.) I don't rage, at all. In WoT I still have spittle flying out and sticking on my screen. In WoWs I am chill, I am completely different, I ask questions, I work with my team. 2.) I run no mods. I have no idea if my team is potatoe or uni, I work with the team. In WoT I run XVM without win chance, but still make assumptions and react accordingly. I am going to uninstall XVM in WoT, it is liberating in WoWs to have no preset bias working in regards to your team. 3.) The armor profile on the Kaiser allows you to sail straight at the enemy and eat damage all day due to thick armor on the front turret, citadel etc. Even broadside with the second upgraded hull she is strong, secondaries rage hard, this thing is a damage dealing hellion. Yes I am aware of the German BB reputation. 4.) I run German DD's which are hard to play, but I am now going to buy garage slots and go up the American DD line. 5.) Run German CA's which I like also, but man you have to manage your range and have a plan to run if it gets hot. 6.) Again, it is like there are two SmirkingGerbil's. The WoT Psycho rager, angry almost every match, typing into chat "Are you morons playing by rolling your face on the keyboard or what???". The WoWs Gerbil doesn't say much, asks questions, and just sighs when the occasional teammate baddy shoots me for no damn good reason. 7.) WoWs pace is different, yet teamwork is king. Every match I type "Plan? Group up?" and amazingly it cascades into a group decision. Somebody pinch me, is this for real? Does WoWs have a better community, or all they all burnt on WoT like me and we want the experience to be better? I think this game is going to steal more of my time and gold from WoT, and I am happy about it. Too bad they reversed on the "Gold economy across all games", that sucks.
  4. About 1,000 games into my WoWs career I posted a statistical breakdown of which ship types I did well in versus the ones I was meh at. My performance up to tier 5/6/7 was skewed heavily towards BB's - with cruisers second and DD's third. Surprisingly, my personal meta has switched - I am now much better at Cruisers - markedly so - than I am in BB's. My overall win rate in cruisers is up to 57%, while BB's are only 53.4% ( DD's are still sketchy for me @ 48.9% ), Looking at my performance in both WTR and winrate shows strong performance from tier 7 through tier 10 - much better than my overall performance. My first thought is that Cruisers tend to be harder to play for low skilled players - leading to easier WTR numbers. In addition, playing fairly well in a cruiser makes that spot not so much of a throwaway for your team, and gives them a real advantage compared to the other teams cruisers. I have the Hindenberg and am grinding towards the Minotaur ( currently at the Fiji ). The Belfast and the Kutuzov are two of my favorite ships to play, and they might be at the forefront of bringing cruisers back to the forefront along with the UK line from tier 6 going forward. Do you guys find that you still play one ship line far better than the others, or is your skill uniform across the different classes?
  5. The more often I play as of recent, I realize I'm doing much more dumb "memey strats" (probably due to @SkittlesOfSteeI ) in relation to map meta and locations of play. For instance, I'll go 8/9 on Abbey in a med or fight the heavies on Stalingrad like an idiot. Disregarding the enemy team comp. in most of these instances, games usually turn out to be pretty well. Anyone else find themselves doing this for the hell of it, or anyone have a counter-meta strat of their own they'd like to share?
  6. Pretty straightforward question. When do you think the game would stop being fun for you, in spite of the huge amount of time and/or money invested? Assuming the game remains largely balanced and there is new content periodically, what would compel you to quit entirely? Personally, this is the only F2P game I've spent a considerable amount of money on, as I see myself playing it for at least another 2 to 3 years. The variety of tanks, tiers and infinite number of ways each battle could develop into is what keeps it fresh for me. Low tiers, Mid tiers and High tiers all have different metas to offer, depending on your mood/taste. Also, this game satisfies my competitive nature and I don't see myself stopping any time before I hit dark purple (3k wn8). Even then, I would probably continue playing on since my mastery of the game would make outplaying others even more effortless. Destroying an enemy tank is a lot more fun than just killing some guy in TF2, which explains why I've semi-retired from the latter. Since I'm still a baddie, I have a long way to go and won't be quitting any time soon in spite of the many frustrations/rage this game can induce. Those faith-redeeming games you carry are truly amazing and makes playing entirely worthwhile.
  7. Every game it seems like now on this map there are 2-5 mediums that decide to go north instead of hill, most including players I would at least deem acceptable in regards to skill. Used to be a couple of noob TDs/HTs, but now its a full on flank. Did I miss a shift? I still view north as total shit because you can get sniped from hill and mid while only having some rocks and almost no bushes as cover. But it is becoming so popular that I can't help but wonder if I am missing out on something important...
  8. Hi Tankers! Buddy Deeds here. You may remember me from such hit forum posts as “Tanking for noobs”, “Arty, why no controversy?”, and “MM: Does it really pit 15 tanks vs 15 tanks?”. Clearly I don’t avoid the hard hitting subjects and today is no exception. I want to address the most critical and core component of World of Tanks….yes of course I’m speaking of forum posts and in-game chat. If you know anything about Buddy Deeds, he always remains original. I implore you, if you do nothing else in your tanking careers, please remain original and avoid any and all gaming and tanking cliches in your forum posts and in game chat just like Buddy Deeds. I wouldn’t be caught dead repeating some overused gaming or tanking cliche. In short: Don’t be noobs. The current chat META consists of mostly mouth breathers and window lickers overusing and repeating the same old phrases and insults. If you are guilty of that , then RIP you fail poaster. You almost remind me of some sort of troll. You’ve lost at the internet and should uninstall. lawl. Plis. Buddy deeds is 2gud to use cliches to get his point across, and neither should you sh*tt*ers. I blame the Russian Bias and public players, which I like to call “pubbies”. Pubbies ™ are the statpadding tankers who mainly play in pub(public) matches unlike us better players who mainly play in … well Buddy Deeds doesn't have time to explain everything to you pubbies and your pubbie logic. Don’t get me started on your pubbie RNG. You can GET REKT. Your play is SO stronk SUCH skillz. I guess we can thank SERB and Russian bias for your RNGesus “working as intended”. U mad bro? OH and DAT in-game-chat DOH. So repetitive and low brow. I don’t mean to wear a tinfoil hat but when I’m in my Stronk Tonk KV-2 master race, all i see is the same old chat and on top of it MM sticking me with you fail teams. Your DERPING out in lemming trains in your “sorry stock” tanks is laborious. I’d love to say GLHF, but all I can say is GG. My Yolo Swag ™ can’t counter balance your fail. RIP me. This will sound horrible, but sometimes in his darkest moments buddy deeds even wishes Eb*la or C*ncer on you clickers. I feel the only thing that could improve the situation is some statistical analysis introduced to WOT. There’s an obscure statistical technique called Win Eight. Buddy Deeds is no mathematician, but if all you pubbies focused purely on this stat to the point of exhaustion, this game may have a chance against the “other games who will not be mentioned” that Buddy Deeds is watching closely. I’ve spent several months relentlessly studying this formula, and quite frankly you pubbies play so poorly you remind me of tomatoes. And you star players I might even describe as elitist. Buddy Deeds is sorry, but someone had to say it. Consider this biting commentary fair warning before these thoughts become the norm. I don’t expect you noobs and pubbies to understand most of what I've written, as it's mostly new concepts, phrasing, and ideas, but believe me dat TRUTH is REAL. Don’t be lame and steal Buddy Deeds clever phrasing and novel concepts and pass them off as your own. You’re redundant poasts are so broken. Oh ya as far as game play...play smart, take cover, and focus fire ™. If you’d like to discuss further, I’ll be camping base in a game near you! glhf and gud hunting! P.S. Is IS-6 good?
  9. I want to preface this by saying that I'm new around here, so I'm sorry if you get a thread like this every month. So, I'm an EU player (you can probably see from my info on the left, but to confirm I do use extra 'U's when I spell certain words to the horror of Mirriam Webster). I've recently been hanging out, and playing with various players from NA and I thought it would be interesting to convey some of the differences I have experienced, and also to ask anyone who has experience with multiple servers what they think on the subject (or feel free to weigh in even if you haven't played on multiple servers, you probably know plenty about your own one). I saw a from a Russian player that seemed pretty interesting. Here's my take on the differences so far: NA chat is noisier. This is the most obvious by far whether it be the gl&hf at the beginning or the general comments from pubbies as the game progresses. The one way in which I don't think it is any quieter is when it comes to rage. Upset people rage in chat just as much because even the people in EU who don't speak much English know how to say "Fuck you" and will do so when they're angry. People seem to hate on good players more on NA. I get told that my skill is all due to hacks and gold ammo. I get grief in chat, and enemies will make even more of a big deal about a unicum platoon on the enemy team. All the crying about hacks is something particularly prevalent compared to EU. I must have been called a hacker more times on NA than EU, and I've played 30 times as many games on EU. Unicums are everywhere. Tier 10 games on NA are filled with unicums, they seem to be about 3 times as common as on EU. However I have not noticed that the players are more skillful on the whole, so it seems like there are more unicums with 3K recent, but not more players with 3K recent (if you see what I mean). I have not found myself doing any worse on NA, and I have not found that enemies seem to be harder to fight at all. People fire more gold. Especially bad players, there are so many meh players who fire gold much more often because the meh players on EU are less likely to be able to afford prem tanks/account. (By spamming gold, I mean firing gold in a situation where any good player who carries AP would fire that instead e.g. 1 on 1 at the end of a game vs a bat chat and HEAT is your gold round. Basically not bothering to ever load AP) NA feels like a tighter community. The clans at the top all know each other well, and people seem to often bump into others that they know in randoms; a rare occurance on EU. I have tried to see if there are any noticeable differences in the meta, and with only about 200 pub games played on NA, it's hard to tell if any difference I see is normal on NA, but I have noticed that enemies seem to be much more willing to poke over the prokhorovka ridge to shoot me when I back off, and there seem to be less TDs in the forest to punish them for this; the hill seems more popular in general. I'll have to keep playing more to find any other differences. There are more 0K games 42% lowes/T34s on NA. That's all I can think of so far, but I'd also like to thank all the super cool guys from NA who have kept me around so I can continue stomping the occasional pub on their server in good company.
  10. Look at this game, in hindsight or team was full on retarded, but I really felt like I did some huge mistakes but I need help to eliminate them and especially finding them in the first place. pls halp http://wotreplays.com/site/1584508#kharkov-kolnidur-jagdpanther_ii
  11. I have been browsing the forums and have seen a lot of posts lately in which better players refer to Vision, or Vision control. I have never really gotten into that aspect of gameplay, and honestly do not know what it consists of? Considering I have seen it mentioned so frequently, I have elected to explore its effects on the course of battle. I realize there might already be a thread regarding this topic... but I couldn't really find one that addressed it in depth? So anyways I implore thee users of the WotLabs forums, to enlighten me as to how this aspect of gameplay is significant? Because up until this point, I have not doubted my tank setups using BIA + Vent stacking, never once really considering switching to optics especially on my mediums. I feel like I perform well in my meds as an offensive power throughout a pub match (I'm thinking primarily my Obj. 140), and the added bonus of BIA + Vents has started to feel indispensible to my performance. Please, do discuss! Or I suppose redirect me to the proper thread for this... thanks!
  12. So with Arctic Region getting a bit of a touch up i think i've found the most viable place to go in a med, Replay for an example http://wotreplays.com/site/968497#arctic_region-sploofy-fcm_50_t That little hill has a bush, good arty cover and is pretty central so you can flex somewhat easily. This spot is especially good with the high concentration of people who yolo rush the middle because they think its the new #ggNoReFacerollMap route. Id love to hear your opinions on where you take your meds on this map!
  13. I've always been curious as to what the playerbase here actually looks for or considers the most important trait in a tank. The current vibe I'm getting especially from the current meta, is that some sort of firepower/gun handling combination will make it to the top of the list; most likely due to both the low exposure meta, and the fact that wn8 favors damage dealing in calculating performance. It'll be interesting to see where armor ends up as well seeing as how wargaming constantly tries to make armor relevant in the game again. Personally I'm going with gun dep,scouting, and dpm, as I like to scout my own targets then dpm them down while exposing the tiniest sliver of my tank --> pre nerf m46. Thoughts?
  14. All, This is something I've been struggling with as my play has flatlined around the 55% range of late. Granted, some of that is the result of my own impatience (playing many more stock tanks than usual at the moment), two hell grinds (ARL V39 and T28), and a little bit of bad luck (my T-54 averages 1800 dpg and 46% WR)...but as i continue to work to make the next step in gameplay (and those crappy tanks HAVE taught me a few things), I wanted to throw this out there to all the PURPLE POASTERS for feedback, as I decide what skills I want to refine. These questions are deliberately not formatted as a poll because I'd like to see the answers written out, with explanations (please). I'd like to know what you guys are thinking when you choose the answer you do. Just some general strategic thinking, and overall game meta thought, both of which I'm curious to see the results of here on the forums: Question 1: Please rank the following player attributes (what the player can bring to battle) in order of importance below. #1 attribute would be the most important attribute - every good player has this. #7 attribute would be the least important - a player does not necessarily need this to be good, although it can be beneficial. -Tank loadout (crew skill, perks/secondary skills, consumables, equipment, modules, good ammo loadout with some gold) -In depth map knowledge (firing lanes, passive scouting areas, spots to abuse, best flanks to go to/support, key areas) -In depth tank knowledge (mastery of shell travel time, gun depression/elevation/traverse, ROF, view range, enemy weakspots) -In depth game mechanic knowledge (spotting system, penetration system, camo system, cap/defend system) -Twitch skill (quick reflex, accurate clicking when shooting, evasive driving, timely module/crew/fire repairs) -Tactical skills (proper use of cover/camo, moving from cover to cover, angling armor, sidescraping, focus firing) -Strategic skills (estimating a role in the battle at start, deploying, push/hold/go back, changing or staying on a flank) Question 2: Please rank the following methods of victory in order of effectiveness. #1 would be the best way to decisively impact a battle. #4 would be the least efficient way to decisively impact a battle. -Camo and spotting - vision control -Cover and armor (includes abusing terrain) - armor dominance/ironclad choke point hold/area denial -Gun attributes (eg depression or lack thereof, high alpha, high ROF, autoloaders, sniping) - damage leader dominance -Mobility - be a pest, flank, annoy, and distract the enemy while remaining undamaged. Question 3: How often would you say your answer to Question 2 changes? A-Just about every patch B-Every few patches C-Very rarely, maybe once a year D-It never changes Question 4: Please rank the following niche skill for a hypothetical tanker in ANY tank? (In other words if an improving player were to focus on #1, it would be the fastest route up the WR ladder when solopubbing. #6 would be helpful, but less decisive in improving their gameplay.) -Passive scouting (light in one particular area of the map consistently) -Active scouting (light in many areas of the map constantly, but for shorter periods of time) -Armor, mobility, or terrain dominance (IE ability to avoid taking damage) -Sniping (ability to put damage out without being spotted - use of camouflage) -Brawling/Gunnery (high hit, penetration, and damage rates) -Camouflage/cover (avoid being spotted, or being in someone's direct line of fire) Questions 5 and 6 are meant to be answered independently of the situational awareness present when looking at a minimap. The point is to see the strategic thinking at battle outset, not the tactical thinking of focus fire that occurs in the heat of combat. Question 5: The battle has started. Strategically thinking, and all else being equal, it is best to knock out early: -Low tier support tanks en masse. You can then overwhelm the higher tier tanks. -High tier tanks, albeit fewer of them. With your enemy's best tanks gone, mopping up the middle and lower tiers is a piece of cake. Question 6: The battle has started. All tanks on both teams are the same tier, and there is no artillery. It is best to knock out early: -Baddies first. They are easier to kill without receiving return damage, and that will allow the team to overwhelm the good players with superior numbers -Good players first, even if it means losing several tanks, because you can always come back from the deficit to mop up the baddies after. Plus the sooner the good players die, the last damage they can do. Thanks, hope this starts some interesting discussion.
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