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Found 4 results

  1. EMPYR - Dark Side http://na.wargaming.net/clans/1000021911/ udder.ts.nfoservers.com Who Are We? We are a new clan but our members have a history of playing together in several different prominent WoT clans. Where are we right now? We're a casual clan focusing platoons, strongholds, and working on personal missions. Clan Wars are not on our radar but if the membership expands and calls for it, we will raid the global map from time to time. What are we looking for in any possible recruits? (Minimum Requirements) - 50% Overall W/L - 52% Recent- 1200 Overall WN8 - 1400 Recent- Tier 6 and 8 Stronghold tanks (T37, Type 64, Crommy, IS3, 110, RU, T54LT, WZ, AMX50/100, etc)- Suitable tanks in different tiers for platooning- Active in platoons and strongholds- Be on Team Speak While in game (we have a silent channel for playing solo)- No age requirement but members must be mature enough to handle adult content in TS- You must have thick skin, a sense of humor, and a willingness to adapt and learn new tactics. - ABSOLUTELY NO DRAMA - Raging in channel, constant whining, racism, or extreme negativity will not be tolerated. Also looking for stronghold legionnaires and peeps to add to our platoon friends list. You don't have to commit right away to our clan to hang out with us. See what were all about before making a decision. What do I as a player do if I'm interested in joining? Get on our teamspeak (udder.ts.nfoservers.com) and talk to one of our clan officers, send one of them a message in-game, or post your interest here. Potential recruits will be evaluated for skill level and to see if you are a good fit personality-wise. We're not in a rush to fill our roster and would rather slowly grow a close knit group of competent players that will mesh together.
  2. need to set enemy 1 tier higher, on fire >>>need pref 8 or pref 7 because Matchmaker actually wants me to be top tier every game..... Anyone willing to help?
  3. So SilentStalker leaked the missions for december and apparently you get a chance to earn the T-34-85M. Specs can be found here and this is the mission. Pic of the tanks frontal armor: So you have to grind 50k XP in a T6+ tank with all nations from the 24.12.14 to the 15.1.15. There is however a catch: It is not yet sure whether premium time, premium tanks and doubles count (however it seems likely). While "only" 22 days does seem to be a rather short time frame there are of course Christmas missions running: 5x until the 1st and then 2x for each victory until the 5th so even people who need to get to work/Uni/school seem to have a decent chance at completing this mission. So which tanks do you think will be needed in order to complete this? The German Russian and US part seem rather easy, the french and British part also seem to be easily doable however the Chinese and Japanese might turn out to be a chore. While Chinese might still be easily doable if you have advanced enough in the tree to get to the heavy branch the Japs don't have a single really good tank in that line up unless you went past the Chi-Ri. Also will you do this mission? If the 5x bonus counts this might be one of the easiest missions ever for those that already own the tanks needed. However if 5x does not count this might become a real pain to complete (especially considering how many stronk players come back around Christmas).
  4. Guys, The mission got me thinking, what is the easiest way to get the mission done. Since both missions can be done in Team Battles and you have to be in the top 10 to get the xp count toward the goal maybe the 7v7 is the easiest way to grind torugh the mission? Thoughts?
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