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Found 13 results

  1. I just created a RU account for fun & giggles a week ago (should have asked for an invite code, but it was a spontaneous idea - oh well). I remember we had a bunch of new account missions some time ago - you got a (rental) terarch, some consumables and a 100% crew for a tier 5 vehicle, amongst other stuff, iirc. However, none of theses missions have shown up on my new RU account. And yes, I did the new boot camp already. Did WG stop these missions? Were they for EU and NA servers only? Am I missing something?
  2. NA west preferred. Want to continue to get better and play with friends willing to teach me to keep me improving. Hours are pretty random because my job requires random hours @-@ Also would like to work on missions to so if anyone wants help with theirs I would be up for it ^-^ Thanks :D!
  3. Hi ... my name is BiggieD, and I'm a Pearl Whore. What other reason could there be for subjecting myself to 19 tier 2 and tier 3 matches to get the 10 frags needed in each tier for 5 Pearls each? In seriousness, the whole Project R thing is really well thought out, I admire the effort to try and build community by tying the group rewards to player base activities in addition to the individual rewards you can win. You only have to sign up on your Warships home page, and whether you play again for the length of the event, you will get the community rewards. The top prize is a drawing for the Minekaze R for those who complete enough missions to acquire 150 Pearls. 1,000 names will be drawn from the submissions, and the Minekaze R is a nice ship, it looks like the elited Minekaze, but working as a Premium trainer. I have acquired 40 Pearls so far, and none of the goals seem unobtainable from normal, active play. It seems like a set of missions built for people who aren't enjoying the Ranked Battles, which is good customer relations for wargaming. Anyway, here is the link for the homepage of Project R: http://worldofwarships.com/en/project_r Good luck guys
  4. Source: http://ritastatusreport.blogspot.nl/2015/12/t-22sr-mission-rigging-eu.html Apparently WG EU is actually doing something about the rigging that went on for the OP very balanced T-22, do you guys have any info about this being true? Rita promises to lead the banning brigade by sending emails to WG and I feel she hopes for a name and shame thread on the forums... any thought on that? @WaterWar I'm posting on this section because that's where the majority of discussion on the T-22 went on, feel free to move it on a more suitable one if you feel it's in the wrong place (and in that case, I apologize). You can delete this sentence in either case.
  5. Anyone knows the formula or idea, what you need to do to get 3k XP game? How would you approach this mission? Play t8s/lights and spam prem. amo vs 10s? Atm. there is no a single game on wotreplays.[eu|ru] which is even over 2.2k XP. There were some 3-4k XP games from prev. patch, but I can't watch them anymore, anyone got 9.10 installed, could watch one of those and tell what the player did to achieve that, assuming, that XP distribution was unchanged? IMO, 3k XP game is most hard of all missions and considering limited time I'm not sure its even possible.
  6. As feared, the T-22 sr can be won through missions ... in Domination/Steel Hunt mode ... Played it 2 times so far because I find it frustrating as all hell. But I do really want this tank. Going to sign up already for an angre management course since I will be "grinding" this tank. (there is no other way of putting it ) 1st Mission- Deliver or capture at lest 2 flags- Make at least 7000 damage2nd Mission- Get 250 points (when in platoon) or at least 150 Points (without platoon)- Deal at least 1000 damage by combat reserves 3rd Mission- Destroy at least 2 enemies carrying the flag by shooting or ramming- Get at least 1500 Experience (including premium account)4th Mission- Destroy one in the first 2 minutes of battle- Don't get killed more than three times5th Mission- Be on top of damage dealt amongst all players- Destroy at least 4 enemies.6th Mission- Deal at least 1500 damage- Destroy at least 4 enemies by ramming or shooting7th Mission- Deal at least 9000 damage or destroy or return to base at least 2 flags- Destroy at least 5 enemies by shooting or ramming8th Mission- Destroy at least 2 enemies by using combat reserves- Get at least 1700 Experience (including premium account)9th Mission- Damage or destroy or wound at least 8 modules or crewmembers, damage made by combat reserves does not count- Make at least 8000 Damage10th Mission- Destroy at least 5 enemies, or at least three vehicles of different classes- Deal at least 1500 damage by using combat reserves11th Mission- Destroy at least two times more vehicles than the number of your vehicles lost in battle or destroy at least 3 enemies- Get at least 1800 Experience (including premium account)12th Mission- Destroy at least 6 enemies- Do not lose more than 2 vehicles in battle13th Mission- Make at least 9000 damage at a distance less than 100 meters or by ramming- Destroy at least 5 enemies14th Mission- Receive at least 2500 XP (including premium account) while not losing more than 2 vehicles- Deal at least 8000 damage15th Mission- Be first in XP, victory points and damage- Destroy at least 7 enemy vehicles Second Set - Domination Mode 1st Mission- Get at least 250 points or deal at least 3000 damage- Win the battle 2nd Mission- Destroy an enemy in the first 2 minutes of battle or kill an enemy without being spotted - Get at least 200 victory points 3rd Mission - Deal at least 750 damage by combat reserves or Penetrate an enemy 3 consecutive times - Destroy at least 2 enemy vehicles 4th Mission - Destroy one TD and one HT in one battle - Deliver at least one flag 5th Mission - Destroy at least two tracks of different enemies or destroy an enemy without receiving any damage up until that point - Win the battle 6th Mission - Be on top of both teams in damage dealt or Dont be destroyed more than 2 times - Deliver at least one flag 7th Mission - The sum of the damage you dealt and the damage blocked by your armor must be at least 10000, deal at least 5 shots dealing damage (all the results are summed up) - Deal at least 3000 damage 8th Mission - Destroy at least one enemy using combat reserves or Get at least 300 victory points - Deliver at least one flag 9th Mission - Block at least 5000 damage or Deal at least 5000 damage - dont be destroyed more than 2 times 10th Mission - Deal at least 1500 Damage from a distance of at least 300 meters or Deal at least 1500 damage from less than 100 meters - Deal at least 500 damage by using combat reserves 11th Mission - Destroy at least 1 enemy using combat reserves or Destroy at least 5 enemies or at least 3 types - Win the Battle 12th Mission - Be on top of both teams in victory points or destroy at least 6 enemies - Deliver at least one flag 13th Mission - Destroy at least 3 HT and 3 MTs - Do not be destroyed 14th Mission - Destroy at least 10 modules or crew or Deal at least 6000 damage to enemies within your viewrange - Deliver at least 2 flags 15th Mission - Be on top of both teams in experience, Damage and victory points - Do not be destroyed
  7. Hi there, Sorry if this is in the wrong section. But I have been having issues with LT 15 for the stug missions (Sorry I am lazy and only just got to the last one). Just wondering if anyone can offer any advice on going around completing this mission. So I need to get 4000 combined damage and assistance damage. and survive for 2ndry. Now I have a T37, Type64, Type62 (I love this thing), and a bull dog. What would the better one be? Im not to bad in them, but I just can't get that 4000 mark. Would you recommend platooning? I dont normally platoon but I have people that I can platoon with. Anything else you guys can offer? Thanks in advance! Sturm
  8. Not a complete bad but struggles with competency and consistency. Currently doing T-55 missions in skycancer but can turn my hand at pretty much anything. 19 Tier 10s, terribad with mediums, blocking and taking the initiative. However, if you need someone to shoot something from relative safety, I sometimes do this. On from mid-afternoon NA to midnightish central time or until I rage quit.
  9. I am a fairly aggressive player and don't like bushkemping all that much. Now the last TD mission I need to do for the T55 to unlock mission 15 requires me to do 3k damage, shooting while not detected. I wanted to get this mission the "natural" way while playing my Charioteer for fun, but was having little luck there. My DPG in that is slightly under 2k (I know, I know) so getting 3k all from stealth is stretching it. So out came my good old Object 704. After an initial cry over how the mobility of this former beast has been nerfed I've had pretty good games, including one where I did 2,8k stealth damage out of 3,8 total on Prok (damn that scout that spotted me just as I shot him for 250 to kill him). I know I will get the mission eventually when I finally get Prok or Fiery Salient and can kemp the fuck out of the 1-2 line hitting the mouse button every 15 seconds or so while the enemies patiently roll on into my fire being lit up by a cheeky E1 scout. Only a matter of time for the stars to align. But that leaves me playing an awful lot of 704 games on other maps where I have little chance of blapping 4 average shots for 3k damage from stealth. Would any of you more patient players share favorite spots on other maps where 3k stealth-damage is possible? Lakeville path shooting into city is certainly one, but on most maps I have little clue. I've never been much for patience and don't know the best spots for non-turreted sniping anymore. And uncle Google is not really being helpful since many of the maps have changed so much. Anyone?
  10. Hey there everyone. We are looking for bright new members to join our ranks. We need mature men and women who enjoy beer, whiskey, and World of Tanks. A strongholds focused clan, SOMAC has members from multiple US Time-zones and plays regularly both in team training, platoons, team battles, and of course strongholds. It is asked of all applicants that you be at least 18+ and have a Tier V tank. We are a clan that enjoys a good BS or two and welcome anyone wanting the same. We practice the RLF (Real Life First) protocol and do not make any specific matches mandatory for players. They are set up based on those that are willing to be available. Players Must Have 1500+ Battles. Be active at 2-4 days a week minimum. Recent WN8 of ~1000 or more. The important thing is being willing to learn and improve yourself. 18+ - The majority of us are adults with jobs, families etc. Must have a Mic/headset of somesort. We Offer Teamspeak 3 sever. Subreddit which shows upcoming matches/events, and news within the clan. Frequent playtime, with active members. Tier VI+ Strongholds. Team Battles. Whiskey and Beer. Whiskey and Beer -Okay mostly whiskey. Apply today and join us! Valiantiam Clan Commander Solarmark Coalition
  11. Hi! The September Light tanks mission is on, and as a reward they are giving out - a heavy tank. So far, I feel this mission (and the medium mission) is far more difficult than the previous ones, mostly because of only accounting base XP (yeah, another nerf to the premium account...). Previous missions required me to play ~15 games, but the last two days I did not finish the daily mission with less than ~25 games. I've been running the mission mostly with VK2801 (grinding this POS), Chaffee, Type 64 and AMX13-90. From the results, I seem to get the highest base XP with the french light tank. I've had some 1k XP games in my Chaffee, but the 2801 is plain terrible at getting consistent results. What is (would) be your choice? Is any of the light tanks preferable for this mission? And if so, why? Thnx! -=Graukatze=-
  12. Get ready to speculate like hell. http://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/1stdu9/upcoming_is6_event_for_korean_server_is_crazy/ TL;DR: Get 100k XP in a tier 6 tank in each nation, get IS-6. I noted the similarity to the rumors flying some while ago concerning the 20 kills in the 9 different tanks over three weekends and received this response: So, will it go global? Will it happen at all? Is the user telling me this information full of shit? Stay tuned for more rampant speculation and misinformation!
  13. December 15 (today) - last chance to sell tanks for full price December 16 - buy USSR tanks for IS-6 grind December 19 - buy German tanks for IS-6 grind December 20 - 22 - double experience weekend December 23 - buy USA tanks for IS-6 grind December 24 - last chance to sell equipment for full price December 25 - equipment sale starts December 27 - buy French tanks for IS-6 grind December 30 - buy UK tanks for IS-6 grind January 2 - 5 - 5x weekend January 4 - buy China tanks for IS-6 grind January 7 - last chance to buy equipment, camo, or premium tanks January 8 - buy Japan tanks for IS-6 grind January 15 - finish IS-6 grind January 15 - last chance to buy garages and consumables, or reset crews (All dates based on NA server PST times, EST times will extend to 6am the next morning. EU times will vary.)
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