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Found 10 results

  1. Video rehosted on Flickr: https://flic.kr/p/pzeXYM Video of the Oct 10th 2014 version: Video of the Jan 11th 2015 version: Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/iqnmf4863syet4q/allahu.zip Some people have expressed a preference for the previous versions of the mods so here they are: Original: http://www.mediafire.com/download/g53gqkbwlxwh20n/allahu-28Sep.zip Oct 1st 2014 version: http://www.mediafire.com/download/1i3isb7t4q7rei8/allahu-1stOct.zip Oct 10th 2014 version: http://www.mediafire.com/download/kh2pewtq5a487ej/allahu-10thOct.zip Installation instructions are in the readme file provided with the zip. I think you have to have the Standard crew voices option selected; I have not tested it with the National voices option enabled. Update 1 (1st October 2014): Added 8 new crew voices and adjusted some of the probabilities for certain sounds. E.g. fuel tank damage/anything to do with the radio/radioman don't trigger sounds anymore because it was annoying. Update 2 (10th October 2014): - Added new voices, bringing the total up to 54 unique sound files. - Reworked all the voice probabilities. - Made *most* voices unique to the event that triggered them. Update 3 (11th January 2015): - Added 10 new voice clips DISCLAIMER: This mod is a parody of extremists. It is not an attack/insult against Islam or Muslim people. It's no different from people mocking US fundamentalist Christian groups or any other extremist religious group; they are in no way, shape or form representative of the religion itself. Keep the discussion away from politics. From the forum rules:
  2. Minimap without XVM Reasons being potato comp and how resource hungry xvm is become for me, so trying to go simple as possible. 1. where to find AKA please link 2. any ideas to make a new/start over mod 3.off topic but use too bee such mod from locatsan i think, but aka RIP mod career
  3. Would it be possible to make a mod that shows the current maps in rotation based on what was recently uploaded to vbaddict by the players using the Active Dossier Uploader? I guess it could also show when the map rotation actually changes. I'd find this useful for when I want to play certain tanks, but the current maps in rotation are some of the worst for those tanks. Would this be allowed under the current rules form Wargaming? I can't find anything that would prohibit it.
  4. Hello guys, I'm new on forum and I'm searching for a way to do my own mods. I want to start making my own voice mod, but I can't find a tutorial or a website teaching how to create a voice mod, I just find voice packs and how to install them. Can anybody help me?
  5. Idea is to make a mod who will warn you of being overrun by the enemy team on your flank . Like he would calculate number of your teammates in proximity and there tier against enemy's numbers and tier. so on the screen will show the chance of being overrun by the tanks who are in the range of 300 m or 400 m (spotted tanks only) What do you think ?
  6. I have finally decided to get a garage mod and have chosen this Garage mod from Plazmakeks. I love the look of it. If you have a Garage mod that you think is just as good or even better, feel free to post it here. Download link:https://cloud.mail.ru/public/8fc5596ea491/hangar_miku_new.zip To install just take the Space/Talliepo folders and drop them into 9.3
  7. Flametz

    Forgotten Hope 2

    Well, found this section... Anyhow, does anyone here play FH2 (or have played it before)? It's a WW2 mod for BF2. ... This game was the bridge between the Battlefield series and WoT for me, as I first heard of it on BF3, and in turn I was recommended to play WoT after one FH2 player noted my above-average performance in tanks (specifically the Sherman with a 76mm) there.
  8. Hi After speaking to a few players it has come to my attention that a lot of you either have not heard Jonesoft Generic Mod Enabler (JSGME) or think it is to difficult to use! JSGME is a program I have been using for a few years & of many different games & when I started using it I also thought it was difficult, but after a little practice it is very easy & useful. Many of the Mods you are using today may already be set up to drag & drop indeed one of our top modders advocate this system so I thought I would make a tutorial video of how to use it it World of Tanks. This is my first talkie so I hope you find it clear & informative. >>>>>JSGME Download<<<<<
  9. From EU Forums. I could not fins this here so copied & pasted from original thread Multilined TankCarousel for 0.8.8 by 4lCapwn and CS2001 rowCount: - The amount of rows (d'uh! - default is 2 rows) scaleFactor: - The size of the images, 1 is the default value that wargaming uses. First version used 0.5. So you should probably select something around 0.75-1. scaleTextFactor: - You can increase (or decrease) the size of the fonts here. Please note: it currently only increases the tank typ icon, the tank level and double xp. If you select a value over 1.3, it will start to look ugly. to reload the configuration without restarting WoT (for testing purposes) open and close the techtree or the service record, you will see the results immediately. i do not want my mod to be in modpackages that are distributed via Adf.ly links or that have other means of gaining money like donate-buttons, so please respect the following licence. Licence for ModPacks and Modding Sites You're free to use this modification in ModPacks and on modding sites as long as the following requirements are met: - No distribution via referers like adf.ly - No registration is required for the download - The authors (4lCapwn, CS2001 and locastan) must be named. - You are allowed to link to my own server at wottools.com directly to get less traffic and ensure you always hotlink the latest version. if you have a modding website (or any other kind of WoT-Fanproject) and you have to pay for servers, you can of course accept donations and use ads to cover your expenses - just do not obsctruct the user. >>>>>Download Version2<<<< Known Bugs: - You can scroll beyond the right limits using the arrows - Filters are still totally bugged, if too few tanks are in the current carousel - Strange flickering if you set the scaleFactor at 0.5 or smaller Planned Features: - Filters for Tank Tier - Filters for Premium Thanks to: CS2001, for creating the config-handling and working several nights with me locastan, without him this would have taken a hell longer (or i wouldnt have bothered to try) Boldar_, for having the great talent of guessing what i am doing wrong the whole xvm team for providing their sourcecode to learn It works really well & even I have been able to use it.
  10. Hey guys The way I have modded my game is that I cherrypick specific files from mod packs, an use them, Because Generally most mod packs include several other things that I don't want or don't need. So at the moment I'm for a mod that Shows the draw distance on the minimap, I currently use the XVM 4.0 minimap mod which has the view range and tank icons, But it doesn't have a draw distance square. I don't want anything else, just the square for draw distance. If anyone can help with a mod-pack that will hold this file, and which file it is I would really appreciate it. Also, Secondary is the Sixth Sense lightbulb, that I THINK is with Jimbos crosshair. anyway here it is:(I borrowed it from Anfields -G- VS PURPL vid, hope he doesnt mind) One more thing I would like is a damage counter mod that DOESNT change the over tank icons like XVM's does. I find the one with XVM too hard to read at a glance (just my opinion) and would like the damage counter but without the changed markers. you know when I said one more thing? okey I lied. I also want a damage panel that shows the shots I have taken and how much damage I have been hit with, but Im thinking of using Jingles one, since he gives it in the description of all his WoT vids. thanks for anyone who can help guys!
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