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Found 23 results

  1. Since the Mods havent gotten around to creating a new sticky or updating the OP: Lets get it on WOTLabs Streamers @TheMarine0341: https://www.twitch.tv/marinewot @jacg123: https://www.youtube.com/user/jacg324 @BatGurl: https://www.twitch.tv/batgurlsepicgames @Vetro: https://www.twitch.tv/vetro_/ @Drunken_Walrus: https://www.twitch.tv/drunkenwalrus @Jojo_Joseph_Joestar: https://www.twitch.tv/jojackington @jackquerudo: https://www.twitch.tv/jackquelegs @wallhacks: https://www.twitch.tv/wallhacks @zapyoug: twitch.tv/abandoned_spirit @Fulcrous: http://www.twitch.tv/fulcrous @Inciatus: https://www.twitch.tv/a_fuzzy_velociraptor @Hoolfool: https://www.twitch.tv/hool__ @Kolni: https://www.twitch.tv/yung_xD @Masterpupil2: https://www.twitch.tv/masterpupil_us @bolagnaise: https://www.twitch.tv/bolagnaise/ @marty_vole: https://www.twitch.tv/marty_vole @LemmingRush: https://www.twitch.tv/lemmingrush @Pompous_Magnus: https://www.twitch.tv/elronnpike @Errants: https://www.twitch.tv/iserrant @Sqee03 https://www.twitch.tv/sqee03 (Cz) @The_Illlusive_Man http://Twitch.tv/ark_horse Not going to include WOTLabs Sponsored streamers like Sela, Zeven, Anfield, etc as we already get a notification about them in the home page. If anyone else wants their stream listed, let me know. Tag me in this thread to let me know you would like your content listed. Thanks! Non-WOTLab Streamers
  2. With quite a few changes to which mods have recently been labeled and legal & illegal for WOT I figured I would make a thread for new info on this stuff. Old Autoaim+ (with the lock on through walls functionality) is officially an llegal mod on NA (I don't know about EU) and I've heard from quite a few people that zoom out is illegal on NA and EU but I have not seen any sources backing that up. If anyone has official sources on changes to what is allowed, posting them here would be greatly appreciated (specifically with sources & specification on what server this applies to)
  3. I don't know how many people actually do their own XVM config instead of using modpacks, but I thought we could have a dedicated thread for people that actually does this and/or just general questions or support. Kinda the same principle as the Quick Questions thread, just mainly focused towards XVM, but other mods with configs could relate. I myself have been doing this for a year, so I kinda have some experience with the config structure and what not. XVM Related Links: Site: http://www.modxvm.com/en/ Forum: [EN] - [RU] Dev Builds: [Nightly] - [Change Log] - [Commit Log] Documentation: [Readme] - [Macros] - [Macros-Hangar] Recommended Editors: Notepad++ - Probably the best text editor for Windows XCTuner - Editor for .XC files that assists in editing your config - Doesn't support advanced coding features - Recommend for newbies, tho it wont really teach you anything. XCPad - Text editor tailored towards .XC file editing Need somewhere to post your xboxhueg config? http://pastebin.com/ or http://privatepaste.com/ Fire away.
  4. Hey guys I've just started playing again after staying clean and sober for over a year. Yeah. So I'm not up to date with all the new mods. I am, however, getting fking annoyed by the very small number of maps in rotation at any given time. And wonder, is there a mod that tells you what maps are in rotation at any given time? It would at least help to just grind heavy tanks and leave the lights at home if all you get is Himmelsdorf and Ensk all the fking time.
  5. Hello purple squad, just wanted to ask you if mods will help me to improve? You can also write what mods are you using and which mods I should have. Thanks Tesarpaul the green pleb
  6. I never liked Aslain's mod pack for WoT, but find it useful for Warships - especially some of the reticles and damage indicators/highlighters. Do any of you use a different mod pack or source for mods? Vanilla isn't too bad in this game, but I feel like some of the mods are actually useful.
  7. Hey, there are some players playing on vanilla client, esp. those who play ESL. What do you guys feel are the main differences between vanilla vs with mods? Impact on personal comfort level, advantages you won't/can't give up, something, which makes you better playing with/without mods? I'm playing with mods, wondering whether it will/could make me play better or my situational awareness on vanilla client, after I played with a guy yesterday who runs vanilla himself. I play few games on new patches with vanilla client, it feels so different and you strugle with simple stuff like zooming in/out, different/missing information in the map as well as not knowing who shot you and from which direction and stuff, at least for the first few minutes/battles. Also simple stuff like using first 30 seconds more effectively, because you have tank icons with different colors by class (green = meds, blue = tds, etc) making your plans where to go faster without having to go over every single tank and stuff like that, but which you are so helpful. What do you think about it?
  8. Ok, until now i always used Aslain, XVM + graphic mods (no fog and shit) + garage mods. With this patch and all goodies i try to go stock but i have few problems: no multi line garage and filters no post fight dmg / hit on first page no auto equip / best crew / send all to barracks / return crew no spotted lights (so it's harder to track spotted / unspotted Now i need tips how to solve this without XVM. Or if i install XVM i don't wanna map features and loading screen (i want stock, it's less rage and more focus for me).
  9. WoT from 9.14 CT onwards has migrated to the Wwise sound engine, breaking all current sound mods. This post is here to help people get started with modding crew voices under this new sound engine. While most of the audio is contained in res/packages/audioww.pkg in a file with an as of yet undocumented format, the res/audioww folder contains a voiceover.bnk file which contains the "standard" (ie American) crew messages. This is easy to test by using Ravioli Game Tools to extract, e.g. Chinese crew voices from the audioww.pkg archive, and moving the resulting voiceover.bnk file to res/audioww - this should cause standard crew voices for all tanks in the game to become Chinese if you disable national crew voices. I have written a program in C++ (source: https://gist.github.com/TK-999/6b1c3b222c70dd0c8bf9) to facilitate extracting .wem audio files from res/audioww/voiceover.bnk, as well as replace an existing .wem file within the .bnk file with a .wem file of our own choice. One can create .wem files by downloading the Wwise software from Audiokinetic and feeding it .wav files. To find out the index of the .wem file we need to replace, Ravioli Game Tools is again useful, as it allows you to open the voiceover.bnk file and listen to all the sounds it contains. Please try out the new program too, and hack around Link to .bnk format docs: http://wiki.xentax.com/index.php/Wwise_SoundBank_(*.bnk)
  10. So I have been learning to call for the past few months, mostly SH, with a few tourneys and a few matches during the campaign. The few games I called during the campaign highlighted that I often err by pushing too early, or not early enough. The matter of practice and experience aside, a few callers I talk with have mentioned that they have mods that show additional info such as team HP, and showing tank HP on the minimap; and that these can be helpful in larger formats such as 15v15 for deciding when to push. However, I have always run either vanilla or with just XVM, and I am somewhat reluctant to clutter up my screen with more UI mods. So, my questions are- 1. How much do mods help with the situational awareness needed for calling, and 2. Which mods are beneficial for this?
  11. UPDATE: Sadly I have discontinued support for updating this document as it received zero support in the form of charitable donations (the odd £1 or $1 to good causes is always a good thing!). If you'd like to retroactively support this then either read the doc or help me with my other hobby - magic - by buying me a pack of cards or something from my Amazon Wishlist. The guide is still very useful as a reference - more so when combined with the latest XVM documentation. Due to the constant reformatting issues on this forum (doesn't normally create issues but it does with something this big!!) I have changed the format into a Google Doc that anyone with the below link can read. Make your own XVM Config [Guide] Few disclaimers: This is written as a guide, it's not a 100% 'step-by-step spoon feeding instructions' as that would defy the whole point! It's to give you ideas/inspiration and remove the fear you have of creating your own configs. If you break anything I'm not to blame. I have included as much helpful info as possible and if you wish to have anything added then let me know. It should be enough to get 95% of you by without breaking too much stuff!
  12. Hey guys so I've kinda gotten into making skins so I decided to make a Thread where I willl be posting my skins and other mods I Make Rudy Maus E100
  13. So these are a few mods I've been using that I think have no reason to be left out from the vanilla HUD. Funny how the "last spotted" feature was only recently integrated for non mod users. I had the fortune of using mods since I hit the "Battle" button for the first time and it was only after I understood what they did that allowed me to realise how lacking stock WoT is. In order of importance: Hitlog + Damage Panel: Why would the default HUD not have this? This is a huge reason why tomatoes with 5k games still sit in the open after getting shot more than twice. It's quite ridiculous how getting hit when you're running stock WoT isn't immediately obvious (more so if you run music and don't listen to the in-game crew voices). Moreover, your HP bar sits at the bottom left of your screen and depending on your screen resolution, might not even be prominent enough to warrant your attention at all times. Autoaim Mod: How many times have you desperately tried to lock on to that pesky scout that's behind a corner or running circles round you? I've only recently begun to use this, and snapshotting enemies behind hard cover is so much easier. Locking on only if you can click someone's silhouette (and not his general direction) is just dumb. Zoom Mod (2 - 30x): Personally, I hover around from 6x to 16x in 90% of my engagements. But the stock one that only allows for 2 configurations is just not ideal for chai-sniping or certain mid-range situations. View range, Render Range and Gun Arc Minimap Lines: Knowing these will help your positioning in tiers 7 and up. (For instance, from which point on the Prok mid-ridge will allow you to not get sniped from the hill?) Zoom Out Mod: Gives you a much clearer overview of local engagements. Useful but not essential: Safe Shot Spotted/Unspotted Tanks XVM Thoughts?
  14. INFO: Dropbox Download: Orrie's Modpack - v9.6.13 6,4MB - 13.02.2015 Changelog.txt Oneechan Edition - v9.5.06 - Not updated yet 6,0MB - 15.01.2015 Installation: Make sure the res_mods/0.9.6 is clean Copy the contents of Mod Pack folder in your World of Tanks folder Use any alternatives of liking from the Xtra Mods folder NOTE: If you're playing on NA, use the alternative DamagePanel version, as displaying tank & player names on receiving shot is banable offence when the tank is unspotted. Contents: XVM Nightly - Build 3797 [Nightly] Personal XVM Config - Six Sense based on Metal Gear Solid, see Xtras for sound PMod [RU] - v14 - Incl. Session Statistics and ServerCross Damage Panel [RU] - 0.9.6 v.1 - GambitER, with modified SeaFalcon config Accurate Damage Indicator TeamHP Pool Bar [RU] - 10.02.2015 Crew Exp Extended [RU] - v2.11 - Extends experience information on crew panels Vehicle Exp Extended [RU] - v1.08 - Adds quick information for experience required for next tank SafeShot [RU] - Hold ALT to teamkill :^) Optimized Techtree - Based on Kodos Compact Techtree Xtras: TessuMod [EU] [DL] - Teamspeak Integration Mod (Not Updated) InfoPanel [EU] - Shows information on aimed tank Six sense audio - Spotted sound from Metal Gear Solid series Hidden tanknames on recieving damage for the damage panel mod. Required for NA users No XVM Stats - Removes stats from relevant places Oneechan's Config: XVM Nightly - 5.5.0-dev Build 3688 [Nightly] PMod - v13 [RU] - Incl. Session Statistics and ServerCross Damage Panel [RU] - GambitER, with modified SeaFalcon config TeamHP Pool Bar [RU] - 22.12.2014 OverCross [RU] Previews:
  15. Hi all, This is my first post on the forums so please excuse me if I have been a bit of a noob about it. So as a bad/average player (link to stats- http://wotlabs.net/na/player/Tiny_Teddy ) who is trying to improve I have a question about how mods will affect my improvement. In particular I have been using Sela's modpack with Deegie's sight. One of the features of this sight is that it shows arrows to tanks outside of the field of view (behind you etc.) with a colour code of green for tanks which have no shots on you and red for tanks which have a clear shot on you. After the recent 9.7 update I have not re-installed any mods and so have played without this. I noticed that without this my situational awareness was not great and I was putting myself in positions where tanks who I thought wouldn't be able to shoot at me could shoot at me, hence taking more damage then I should have and dying quicker than usual with less damage done than usual. The tank I have been playing the most and noticed this on was the e50 on various different maps. My question is: do mods like this which help with situational awareness help players to improve their situational awareness or do they teach players to rely on the mod rather than develop the skills to be able to do it without the help of the mod? Thanks for the Help, Tiny_Teddy
  16. So I received a notification from WG that my forum account has been permanently banned. I've never before received any warnings for any of my 800+ posts. After a lot of digging, I found that I was apparently perma-banned from the forums for saying "WG is nerfing their way out of business" in my profile. Stronk russian censorship from stronk belarusian company.... EDIT: I guess it also earned me a 24h ban from the game, too..... If I cared enough, I'd probably put up a big fuss about it, but the game isn't that interesting to me anymore... Now I know how Garbad and others feel..... EDIT2: Looking forward to AW CBT
  17. That person you all love has posted a QnA from Storm. One thing stood out: Soooo. If the Battle Assistant mode were to be available to all players through the game it would have to come with a clicker nerf. What is he admitting by that statement? Simply that the Battle Assistant mode gives clicker players a substantial advantage over those who don't use it. An advantage that is big enough that it would call for a nerf for the entire class of vehicles if implemented in the game itself. But apparently it is fine if individual cance arty players use this mod and get the advantage on their un-nerfed SPGs. I actually tried this mod out and it gives poor arty players like myself (I only started down two different lines of arty to learn how to avoid the fuckers) a huge benefit. Experienced clickers probably don't benefit as much.
  18. Is there a list of banned mods, server specific or universal, anywhere? I have never found one for NA but apparantly there are lists for RU/EU. There is another thread that I didn't read but that was instantly moderated because it included illegal mods. I'm very unclear on how anyone knows what is 'illegal' and what is allowed but need to know so I don't give WG any opening to do anything to my account. Here is a list compiled on the EU servers: http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/246122-the-list-of-prohibited-modifications-of-the-game-client/ Here is the list WG provides for people developing mods: https://na.wargaming.net/developers/documentation/rules/rules/ Bannable mods: -Object transparency mods (foliage removal is a question mark but seems to be bannable) -3D tank hitskins -Bots -Scripted actions (ie. auto scripting of manual FX) -Laser pointer -God's eye free camera view -Autoaim changes -Dead tank skins (whiteout) -Tracers Mods that may be bannable: -Turret direction indicator on minimaps -Enemy reload indicator on minimaps (not the reload timer - it's when they are sighted and radio that they are reloading) Does anyone know of any more? Going through this list there's one I didn't know about that came in my mod pack so I'll probably remove it. I had read comments about it being banned in the EU but then saw major EU and RU streamers using it.
  19. So, as with WoT, I've been digging into the mods available for WoWP. So far the ground is pretty thin and the available mods are mostly pretty meh. Right now, the main thing lacking is a good Overtarget Marker mod like XVM provides for WoT. Luckily for us, we can get around this with the help of a certain mod and some configuration tweaks! Install DrSinister's Plane Icon Mod Start WoWP Go to the Settings menu Configure both the Primary and Alternate Markers to show HP Bar, Hitpoints, Distance, Plane Icon and Player Name and to hide Plane Name and Plane Tier (The Plane Icon mod includes these in the Plane Icon) Rebind the Show Alternate Markers key (Usually bound to ALT) to F1 and configure it to function as a Toggle rather than Hold. When you load into Battle, hit F1. All Friendly and Enemy Planes and Targets will now show lots of useful information on a full-time basis. This reduces the need to waste a finger holding ALT in order to view useful info about enemies (Most importantly their distance but also plane and tier). The reason why I rebound from ALT to F1 was that I was so used to holding ALT that using the above config I tended to de-activate the markers now and then. Binding it to F1 makes this unlikely to happen :-) In a similar vein, I also found the rebinding Sniper/Aim View from F to Shift and making it a Toggle rather than Hold proved useful. Unfortunately, if you try to set Rear View to Toggle it does not function correctly and only pans a small amount when you hit the key. I'm going to file a bug report on the WoWP forums (Urgh...) with regards to this, so hopefully it will get fixed.
  20. Hi All Well, the Gestapo mods are now out in force on the EU forums, deleting all the threads which discuss or mention in game Lag since 0.8.8. If it isn't posted in the "offical" lag thread in the Forum & in game trouble sub forum, it gets deleted/junked/locked in double quick time. Heres the quote from RogDodgeuk: new LAG issue threads are being deleted because there are two Official threads relating to lag issues, here http://forum.worldof...ince-update-88/ and here http://forum.worldof...s-glitchesbugs/ but from some reason the users are not paying attention and using those existing threads to post their issues. Making threads that have the same topic as existing ones is against the forum rules and as such are dealt with accordingly. Thread closed regards RogDodgeUK I had a thread deleted by Acapellarose and a 1day ro + 1 warning point for using the word shit in my opening post on a thread about lag(4 days after the thread was started). Ironically, on the first page Iscending(an eu mod) responded to my post and actually praised it. Who says mods are inconsistent. Going by the above, every mm thread/td op thread/bring back arty thread will now be junked and appropriate sanctions taken against the thread starter. It really is a joke over there now.
  21. http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/281395-psa-posting-syntax-on-forums-needs-fixed-loosers/#top A mildly humorous thread by JunkersHiryu, making fun of this commonly seen tortured syntax on the forums. http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/280613-top-gun-needs-fixed/ Most recent unironic example on page 6 of GD. A mirror, at that. I posted the same exact thread title, and it was up -- for less than a minute! I shit you not a minute. If JunkersHiryu is willing, he'll cut out the segment of our awfully-played stream session tonight on twitch, where between the time I posted it, linked him and Skype and he clicked it, it was flushed and I was given an RO for 1 day. (25th warning point! thumbsup*****) "Insults or derogatory comments" which nevertheless necessitated a 1-day read only. Confirming the main forums should be reserved for CRD nonsense, casual advice, but generally trolling. Once you get on their hit list, that's it. The moderation in CRD, and the boards proper, are rank ignoramuses, who no more understand the forum culture than they do the game. They banned Zaardnar for less-than-serious comments about selling his account, they banned Kewei for making fun of rigging events, they banned Garbad, the most consistent, high-end player & contributor of guides & replay commentaries, for basically the hurt feelings of pubbies; the masses. And it takes years to get shitlords like Ali_the_Persian_dude and jasonvoohresrevenge permabans, and they allow permabans to racists like jimmy_dice711 lapse. =================================================================================== Just had to get this off my chest, and on paper, as documentation of everything that is wrong with Wargaming NA's forum, itself an outgrowth of their terrible communication with the NA server population in general, as seen in clan wars, which is a further shortcoming on WG HQ.
  22. Hey I was wondering if anyone had any up-to-date 8.7 crew sound mods because the default crew member voices aer getting old after 2 almost 3 years of hearing em. Thanks to anyone who post with some information
  23. I know that a lot of people have more extensively customized their mods, so I thought someone in this forum might have already figured this out. I'm using a Zoom mod that allows me to zoom in further than the standard amount. Before patch 8.6, I had it configured to zoom x2, x4, x8, x12. However, after the 8.6 update, I can no longer get this function to work, despite changing the zoom values in the avatar_input_handler file. Does anyone have any ideas on what I would need to do to return this functionality? Any answers or advice would be greatly appreciated.
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