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Found 2 results

  1. Hello. I need a new mouse, pls halp. So recently my mouse has been acting up. I need a new one. I'll mostly use it for csgo and wot. All I want out of a new mouse it a good sensor (no common issues or built in mouse acceleration), and for it to be light weight as I game on low sensitivity so I lift my mouse a lot (insert Flusha cheating accusation here). I've been looking at a few Zowie mice (FK2 and EC2-a) and the Fnatic Flick G1. Anyone own any of these who can comment on them? Also any recommendations? I tried my brothers Steelseries Sensei Raw for an hour or so. I like the feel of it, but I've heard that the sensor is flawed and has built in mouse acceleration that cannot be disabled, is there any truth to that? Also a quick edit: I use 400 and sometimes 800 dpi. Send halp
  2. Heads up, I'm just going to describe the gospel of twitch-FPS aiming and my opinions on its applicability to WOT. tl;dr I want to know what your in game sensitivity is (you can get a precise number in your preferences.xml, more on that below), the DPI of your mouse if you know it, whether you have mouse acceleration enabled, and what in your opinion constitutes a "good" sensitivity. ------- So, short background- aiming has always been the worst part of my game, by far, and also one of the most rage-inducing. I can't even begin to count how many times I've failed to clutch by whiffing a shot (or an entire clip, rip). I never changed my sensitivity from default, and it never occurred to me to lower it, despite all of my fuckups. I also had mouse acceleration enabled, and pointer speed in Windows set to maximum. In my most recent break from tanks, though, I was playing a bit of CS:GO; I followed expert advice and used a super low sensitivity, and it really really helped my aim in that FPS. When I started playing tanks again last night, playing with the default sensitivity was literally impossible because of the habits I picked up from CS. I changed my WOT sensitivity to just a bit quicker than it is in CS, and HOLYSHIT my aim seems just so much better! I can actually aim at things like cupolas and lower plates, and lead targets effectively without whiffing by miles. Obviously, sample size thus far is tiny, but it's been a godsend. Here's the FPS explanation bit- skip if you're familiar or just dgaf. It takes the a greater amount of momentum to perform the same action at a lower sensitivity. Your cursor skips across fewer pixels on screen, letting you make precise adjustments and place your shots better. A metaphor I saw used was of an open heart surgeon using robotic devices to have greater control. How low should you go? Obviously, you should use whatever you're comfortable with; initially, playing at lower sensitivity can be a huge adjustment if you're accustomed to default or similar sensitivites. As long as you aren't going so low that you can't keep ahead of your turret traverse, you're probably in an acceptable range. Just keep in mind that you need to be able to perform 180 degree turns if you get surprised from behind; you don't want to be making multiple across-your-pad swipes just to get behind. I've currently got my sensitivity set up so that a full pad swipe turns my crosshair just past 180 degrees. Along the same line of thought as lower sensitivity, lots of FPS pros usually disable mouse acceleration as well. With mouse acceleration on, the distance your cursor moves is proportional to the speed at which you move your mouse. If I move my mouse slowly 1 inch to the right, my crosshair in-game will move a certain distance; if I instead swipe my mouse quickly 1 inch to the right, my crosshair will move a lot farther. If mouse acceleration is disabled, 1 inch of mouse movement will correspond to a set distance on-screen, no matter how quickly I move the mouse. Here, the idea is that having mouse acceleration enabled makes it much more difficult to build muscle memory because everytime you move your mouse, you'll have to move it slightly differently to perform the same crosshair movement. Now, mouse acceleration poses less of an issue in tanks IMO than it does in shooters, for the following four reasons- 1. Target sizes are much bigger. In Counterstrike you're shooting at models that are only a few pixels wide, and often without zoom at great distances, whereas >95% of shots in tanks are scoped in at reasonably large models (i.e. lower glacis, side armor, etc). However having mouse acceleration disabled will probably help you with shots at commanders' hatches/viewports/other such small targets. However, this leads directly into 2: 2. RNG and engagement distances are a factor. A cupola at 400 meters is a very difficult target to hit, not only because it's difficult for you to aim at, but also because even if you aim perfectly at the hatch, your shell may not fly dead center, and will whiff the target that way. Alternatively, if you're facehugging a guy and aiming at his cupola, mouse acceleration isn't a big deal at all, since the hatch is much bigger in your vision and you should be aiming with slower, more deliberate movements. 3. WOT is not twitch-based. You don't have to make sick flick shots; you are limited by your turret reverse and aim-time, so you can take a moment to correct your initial aimpoint while you wait for your gunner to catch up. 4. Engagements themselves occur over longer timescales- because of large healthpools, low (relative to shooters) shell alpha, and the long reload times of guns, you usually won't instadie if someone gets the drop on you. Therefore, you don't have to worry about flicking your crosshair if you're surprised; you can relax and aim. On the other hand, it's certainly true that thus far, turning off mouse acceleration has helped me make crosshair adjustments quickly, and helped me lead/follow targets at range. Anyway, I'm curious to see what other people have their sensitivity at, because it seems like lowering your sensitivity is basically never talked about as a way to improve your aim! Hopefully this isn't some super obvious thing that everyone but me knew about D:. Discuss! P.S. Interesting protip- if you find it tough to change the sensitivity slider on the in-game menu, you can also enter different numerical values into your preferences.xml file (located at Users/_username_/AppData/Roaming/Wargaming.net/World of Tanks). Just paste different values in between the <sensitivity> </sensitivity> entries in the arcade, strategic, and sniper mode sections (towards the end of the file). The values won't save if you have your tanks client open, though, so you have to close WOT, edit the file, save, and relaunch, which is also annoying. For reference, I'm currently running at 0.25 sensitivity in both arcade and sniper mode @1000 DPI. P.P.S. For anyone who wants to mess around with sensitivities, I recommend tooling around in a training room or while watching a replay (pause the replay, activate free view, try out different sensititivies) before playing actual games. P.P.P.S. Just an interesting technical note- after a bit of testing, it looks like WOT doesn't call Windows' acceleration function when processing mouse input, so you don't need to use MarkC's mouse fix or anything similar. You just have to turn off "Enhance pointer precision" in your Windows mouse options, and set the pointer speed to the middle notch (6/11). You may also need to disable acceleration in your mouse software if you have a fancy schmancy gaming mouse- Google is your friend! Feel free to ask if you'd like to do this and are having trouble. P.P.P.P.S It's really fucking annoying how there's no standard sensitivity scale- 0.25 in WOT is approximately equal to 1 in CS:GO, for example. If you want to accurately transfer your sensitivity from game 1 to game 2, here's how you do it- 1) Get a piece of paper, a straightedge, and a pencil 2) Load up game 1 3) Put the mouse on the paper and mark its starting position precisely (I recommend drawing a pretty decent line; if you use a small dot the method is really imprecise) 4) Move your mouse across the paper until your crosshair in game has traveled precisely 360 degrees and returned to the starting point. Mark the end position precisely 5) Load up game 2 6) Move your mouse from the first mark to the second mark. See how far your crosshair moves, and adjust your sensitivity accordingly. For example, if you do 2 complete circles and end up 120 degrees past your starting point, you're going to want to divide your sensitivity by ~2.5; if you only go 180 degrees, double your sensitivity; etc etc. This bit takes some trial and error; keep adjusting until you do a 360, and you're done! You can also do this with other ranges of motion, i.e. 90 degrees or 180 degrees, but I prefer 360 because it's much easier to tell whether you've moved exactly 360 degrees (because you're back where you started, duh!). Other ranges of motion may introduce inaccuracies. fin I hope this content helps justify my purple poaster tags, cause I kinda went inactive right around when I received them :x~~
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