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Found 1 result

  1. Now that I have your attention, I was planning to make this little comparison a little more detailed with the usual comparison of income etc, but since the mission is over soon and I don't quite have the time to do all of that now, I'll write out my ideas right now. These are two very interesting vehicles, I'm curious to your opinions and what you think the WZ is capable of. First of all, I must of course prove I'm not a baddie Load out is obvious, optics could make sense. Same equipment as my IS-6. Why is it so bad? Lfp is utter trash. When tier 6 mediums have no problem penning it at 45°, you know enough. IS-6, well IS-6... Two big fat cupolas. I've had things penning my roof too, so unless you're able to write off your keyboard on short term, it's not stronger than the IS-6 in a hulldown position. The weak spots on IS-6 are much harder to hit. But sir, but sir, overmatch! Well, in your next pub battle, ask around if anyone knows what overmatch is. Ammo rack. If you've played the Centurion I you get the idea. Pls gib russian RNG Haven't calculated yet, but the income seems a lot lower than my other premiums. Definitely worse than IS-6 I suspect. Rather big engine deck, if people get slightly above you, there's an easy overmatch with a quite a chance of torching you. Why it actually isn't bad HEAT is obviously better than the 217? the russian 122mm's get. Even most of my side shots go through, unless I'm going up against spaced armor that isn't tracks. Weak lfp is compensated by a huge increase of top speed. Which adds a lot of flexing/carry options. Impressive view range (380) for a heavy, especially considering prefMM. Since it runs on charcoal instead of fuel, you don't need an extinguisher. Which comes in handy because your ammo will get trashed. Food certainly is a good alternative if you can afford it and have a decent crew (mine has shitty repairs). Stronk upper front hull, combine with wiggles and you can pull off bounces against BL-10s. Extremely good side armor which I underestimated in my first battles. Didn't check the actual stats, but it feels like it has more gun depression than the IS-6. Will it get me into BULBA? Looks like a nope. To be fair, I don't think many people will break even 2.2k damage. If we compare it with my other prems, it's not hard to draw conclusions. Whilst playing it I didn't quite enjoy it, I missed the high paced action of the front line and the sub 10s reload of my IS-6. So it seems like it's a piece of trash then. Oh wait, I just calculated some things of the solo games I tracked (17)... ​Winrate 76,47% DPG 2.632 Turns out the carry possibilities are indeed, quite high. I know it's a low sample size, but again, if you can bring up the patience, many possibilities... DPG? Higher than I expected. Some battles were steamroll wins with sub 2k damage, seems like I got enough 3k and 4k games to get it back up. I honestly don't think I can get it much higher than this. Speed probably allows for more late-game damage than one can get in the IS-6. Conclusion? There's not enough data (as in battles tracked) that can give definitive answers, at least not for me. I think it comes down to, despite all the similarities, different play styles. IS-6 is meant for close combat DPM abuse. You get up front, kill stuff faster than they kill your team and hope your team on the other side of the map is dead, but not dead enough to get out capped. Allowing for some extra damage if you get there in time. You know what can pen you, and which tanks you can drive straight into without worrying. Your weak spots are very hard to hit if you're going up against cheapskates who don't want to spam gold at your front. WZ-111 is a more flexible tank. It can do the same things as the IS-6 up front, as long as your opponents never heard of a lower front plate or if you have some meat with you. Once I considered all the pro's (view range, HEAT) I realized it's better off at long range engagements. It's easier to defend bases or help out flanks you need. Personally I think the WZ is definitely worth as much gold/money/whatever as one would pay for the IS-6. It just requires a lot of patience to make that armor work. The IS-6 is just more of a rambo machine and awakens the inner child, I play tanks to pewpew stuff, not shoot from the second line or drive around to support flanks. It's more noob-friendly, so maybe I'm just a baddie after all...
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