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Found 13 results

  1. i know the T110E5 and grille were being nerfed, but E50M, cmon, it already has ass DPM, armor that everyone either HEAT pens or simply shoots the turret i know some people liked it and i know the nerf isn't THAT much, but still, cmon, why is THIS tank of all tanks being nerfed http://www.mmowg.net/world-of-tanks-9-17-1-50m-armor-nerf/
  2. I have always loved the T1 Cunningham. However when I got back online after finishing my semester of college, I find that it's been limited to only one gun! Why is this?! (I know why... it was OP). So I guess the real question is: What's the master tier one tank now? I've heard the lol tractor... but I never had a good experience with it... DISCUSS!!!
  3. Same deal as usual. I'll look at all the new HD models and point out the changes. Lots of tanks get those little bumps for wheels removed when made HD, so I'll ignore that in most cases. Too lazy to say how the tracks changed (as in they get gaps in them or something). General size of the tank is ignored in most cases too. I'll probably be less detailed on paper thin tanks in the future like I have this time. I have my little thoughts at the end of each list of tank changes. Soviets Germany (this text won't bold for some reason ) America The small countries I probably forgot some. I didn't notice any changes to the StuG III
  4. Keep your panties on tight, since this is going into more detail than you ever asked for. I know a lot of this is already known, but it's not up to my saucy standards. I'm doing it a bit different this time, and only checking for angle changes where it might be able to cause some sort of change. I'll be skipping a lot of the tiny things on some of these tanks, just because so much got changed. I added my thoughts on each. Whether or not you agree with my conclusions, it'll at least help convey the size of the change. I've sadly been replacing the misery of WoT with pretending to have a life, hence the delay. Gamemodels3d could have been a bit faster on leaking the ST client too. France Germanyland Japan British Vehicles America USSR If you've got question, ask them.
  5. Hi, I've been a lurker here for a while. I'll start shitpoasting sooner or later so here's something from Rita: http://ritastatusreport.blogspot.hk/2015/09/hd-screenshots-is-8-and-t56-gmc.html As you can see, aside from the fancy optics, the tank looks quite a bit shorter as though it got deflated somehow. The turret also got flattened and lost its turret ring weakspot. It actually looks like a Russian hovermed now, instead of a bloated abomination. I checked the new screenshots against tankinspector: it seems the frontal pike has a much better slope now, though it might be too early to tell. Another interesting tweak are the splashboards in front of the pike which make it deceptively like a WZ-111. They were there in the old model but mounted differently and not as part of the damage model. Again, might be a way to give the -8 a stealth buff. On a historical note, the new upgraded turret looks to be a different model compared to the old one: https://forum.warthunder.com/index.php?/topic/230370-t-10-heavy-tank/ It seems they used the T-10 turret and not the T-10M one, which seems kind of pointless, seeing as the T-10M was supposed to be the modernised tank.
  6. Or is it 9.11. Fuck if I can remember. Here's what I see so far looking off of gamemodels3d.com. I'm just looking at armor thicknesses and slopes. You've got the visual models to compare sizes and shit. I don't have the time for that too. Soviets Nazis Americans French Brits
  7. Hey guys, its my repost from wot forums (source). So basically, after I got way more random penetrations being hull down/face-/side-hugging stuff in my 62a even from E100/IS-7 AP shells and also from medium distance, I was wondering, whether WG fcked up turret armour of 62a for the 2nd time, its not fcked up entirely like zero armour gun mantlet from 0.9.7, but the test confirms my assumption, that it got nerfed in the 1st place, by at least 15-20 overall effectively and if you consider more flat surface and lose of the slopes left/rifght from the gun, its 80-100 armour nerf effectively at some places. Of course, penetration is influenced by dumb RNG mechanics, it would be better if you could shoot 10+ 62a's turrets in 1 training battle to tell it, but the tests confirms what I assumed to be - a fcking hidden turret armour nerf, RIP. 62a's hidden turret armour nerf test results: #1 vs 62a: http://wotreplays.com/site/2031545#himmelsdorf-lazydot-t-62a #2 vs m103: http://wotreplays.com/site/2031547#himmelsdorf-lazydot-t-62a #4 vs m103: http://wotreplays.com/site/2031550#himmelsdorf-lazydot-t-62a #5 vs e50: http://wotreplays.com/site/2031551#himmelsdorf-lazydot-t-62a Results: its weaker, it feels like at least ~20 overall nerf with way more flat surface and less slopes making it 80-100 armour nerf at some places on the lower turret front of 62a left/right of the gun. You could reliably penetrate every flat surface from turret front with 75-80% chance and 258+ pen gun. Farther more, as you can see in 1st 2 replays, you can penetrate 62a's GUN AND MANTLET and in 2nd test mantlet only with 100% penetration chance with 268 and 258 penetration guns. You think in the first case at least the gun would be damaged and eat the damage before its going through the mantlet like butter? LOL! Nopes! There are few sites, where you can inspect the actual armour values taken directly from the game files, but I don't have it installed, anyone could post the screens/results from there pls? Any chance someone got game installed from 0.9.6 version or older to compare it?
  8. http://worldoftanks.eu/en/news/pc-browser/46/common-test-penetration-changes/ RIP as all the good players leave this game What do you guys think about this?
  9. Here's a thread of a player who played 800 183 and he's suggestion is that get camo for FV215b 183, but I heard that TD's camo is re-worked in patch 8.11, so should I learn this skill or not? Thanks! http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/278550-fv215b-183-how-i-play-itfit-it/
  10. RockingReilly

    Foch 155

    So how is the Foch 155 post 8.11 is it still worth getting? I am really close to the Foch 155 maybe 20 or so battles. Even post patch I still do enjoy my Foch (Tier 9) it is still a good amount of fun. I plan on researching it but, is it worth buying currently? I am sure 6 patches from now something might change too and make it again a powerhouse, who knows.
  11. Crucify me, clicker-haters, but I want to ask about the viability of arty now in comparison to pre-nerf arty. I was at high-tier German and Russian arties before the nerf, and want to know how useful / accurate they are. Info on the other lines would be appreciated as well. I remember the good old days when heavy tanks were a tight fit inside the aiming circle of a SU-14. Is arty still that useful now? Thanks all.
  12. I moved this from the 'Arty Tears' thread because it got buried in all the poo-flinging there. Any constructive answer would be appreciated! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I have a dumb, but honest question: What is the complaint regarding arty hitting moving tanks about? Honestly, I hit moving tanks all the time while playing arty, but it is not anything like a 'snap shot.' -It is more like 'predictive analysis.' I see a tank entering an area I move my reticle where I think he will be moving through in 10+ seconds I wait for my bloom to settle to minimum I make small adjustments based on the tank's updated trajectory or abort shot I fire ahead of the tank to compensate for shell flight time I hope tank continues on vector and RNG does not screw me Given the amount of variables involved and that any minor course or speed change by my target can throw this off or just a plain old RNG fail can break this chain, I really don't understand the persistence and vehemence of the 'hitting moving targets' beef. This ability certainly never felt OP to me. I rarely get hit by arty on the run, but I juke and stutter precisely for that reason. I fail to see how it is different than putting your gun ahead of a moving tank and leading it other than it is orders of magnitude less effective. Not trolling, just baffled. For context: I have played up to what was tier 7 arty (GWT/M41) and am probably just 'decent' at it. I have been on vacation and have not played tanks since 8.6
  13. Ok, I have tried to adapt and I just find the 'accuracy buff' entirely absent. I have to wait way too long to take a fully-aimed shot, then watch it fall short or go wide just like it used to. SPGs are going on the shelf. Working as intended. Please Enjoy: Edited out OP's self-portrait. -Private_Miros If you want to whine, take it to the WoT forums, if you want a constructive discussion on how arty now functions, start one here.
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