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Found 1 result

  1. Since there is no topic about this yet: Few days ago i saw the following on TAP: – +-1 balance is not planned, but instead a 3-5-7 system; https://thearmoredpatrol.com/page/4/ This was only lised once, and not in more detail, but i think its a change as big as gold ammo or the switch from +3 to +2 mm. The reason beiing, that if that rule is enforced ``strict`` it means: no more sole bottom tier tanks (always atleast 7 low tiers) no more top tier ehavy fights, so no more games with 4-10 tier 10 tanks no more fight with only 2 tiers ???? (say 8 and 9 or 9 and 10) The impact of this change is massive, since it means: The moment there is a tier 10 platoon, its only that platoon as tier 10, The moment there is tier 10 arty, it means at most 2 tier 10 tanks. Triple arty platoons will totally fuck mm, unless WG adds ``special measurements`` since you get 3 tier 10 arty as top tiers, and thats it, so unless mm balances this with 3 other tier 10 arty you get full retard mm, something WG wants to prevent.... Light tanks get way better mm, since a tier 8 scout will always get into a game with at most 3 tier 10, 5 tier 9 and 6 other tier 8. It also leads to 2 very important questions: no more +3 mm for light tanks??? tier 7 scouts no longer see tier 10? no more arty platoons at all, since triple platoon as top tier is basically impossible, or do arty platoons get mm penalty? what about tier 10 arty platoons? What about spmm vehicles? IS6 always top tier 10 2 other tier 8? no way WG is this stupid right?? tier 8 spmm platoon = only tier 8 when top tier = 90% winratio possible?? And it ofc means a massive balance shift, since tanks will fight much more same and lower tier tanks, balance wise tanks with good armor and bad guns will benefit while those with bad armor and good guns will ``suffer`` (relative speaking) A Black Prince will become much better, while an Tiger becomes less effective, paper medium tanks with good guns loose their strength while slow bricks become ``stronger``. So: Will we really get this mm? given that WG is very silent last months and everything is moved to: ``the great rebalance`` i get more and more the feeling that either nothing will change, or that WG will go full retard, changing: Chaning mm to 3-5-7 Banning arty platoons Worse mm for platoons (hence they get the exp bonus ) Penetration nerf of a year back Would totally change the game, a tier 10 medium with 240 pen is shit, but not when it can club tier 8/9 tanks all day long, while banning arty platoons would also improve the game... Or is it just dumb talk from Storm and will nothing happen? WG even made a video about the ``significant changes`` http://worldoftanks.com/en/media/6/veh-bal-20-test-ann/ Total new mm would certainly require total rebalance (like how gold ammo needed total rebalance, but WG somehow forgot that...)
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