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Found 12 results

  1. Hello everyone, Im Larsson from Germany. I started WoT a couple of years back and dropped it due to inactivity. Now I picked up the game again and I am looking to seriously improve my game. I got a wn8 somewhere around 750 and luckily it´s been rising constantly. I started a lot of tank lines and thus I have no skills on any crew just yet. I mainly play t5 and t6 at the moment. I consider the KV85, and Firefly my main tanks and currently leveling the czech medium line because i really like the gun depression and the new playstyle it opens up ( at least for me ). I also bought the IS but at its stock configuration I am still trying to accumulate some free EXP to get the better gun at least. I´m looking to improve my game and I love reading guides and theorycrafting and all that stuff. I would love to join up in a platoon with more experienced players to learn from them from time to time and at some point maybe join a serious clan. We´ll see. While I´m at it. I am eyeing the IS-2 deal thats HOT at the moment, can you recommend it? Cheers, Larsson
  2. Hi folks! eschermond here. I played WoT a while back but something stopped me from playing for some reason. Now I'm back and hoping to be able to improve myself. If any Unica wanna take pity on me and take me under their wing, I'd be eternally grateful. ;-)
  3. Hello! I'm after a clan that help me to grow in the WOT , I began my account a short time and I am willing to learn to play well and develop more and more as a player. Play alone is becoming very complicated , mainly because I have enough doubt which lines should follow.
  4. Hello, Occasional lurker here, just making myself known http://www.noobmeter.com/player/eu/honzariha/500276187/ few months ago I came back to WoT after not playing it since for a while - we used to play it with friends, a lot of trolling tbh. I had 48% and 2,5k games at that point. Now I have about 4,8k games with almost 52% overall (with over 56% in the last 1000 battles). I dare say thats not too bad. I play solo or sometimes with my red RL friend. I try to coach him and Ive noticed him improving. Like many other new players I wanted to drive the biggest and badest tanks in the game, so I grinded the is-7 line, I also bought the T34 to get some easy credits (my only US tank - I bought it before I understood how premium tank crew mechanics work). Other than that I have T54 (the best tank Ive encountered so far) and I will also be buying Leopard PT A soon. As an experiment I started the light french line and I am 2% from 3rd mark of excellence on my ELC AMX (this thing shits ace mastery badges), looking forward to 13 90 and the bat. My issue is this (in general): the heavier the tank is, the worse I seem to do. if you look at my stats, T34 is my most played tank, yet in over 700 games I havent been able to get it over 50%. Dont let me start on the is-7. When i finally got past the "horrible" is-8 (which I did far better in) and bought the famous stronk is-7, I seem to fail at every opportunity. I feel better with the A-44 gun, than with the one that the is-7 has. Speaking of A-44, I seem to be somewhat of a hipster, because i really like it and seem to do well in it. One of the best tanks Ive driven. Conversely, I loathe the KV-13, which most people like. I would like to play my IS-7 better, because whenever I load it up, I feel like unless I play it like a medium tank (which is kinda possible, its just fast enough), Im burden to the team because I get chewed up... by anything really. Not that many places where I can hide that lower plate. If I do find it, Its usually not in arty cover and I get clicked on soon enough. And I cant fight rigdes because of the gun depression. I feel I have to get really close to the enemy, so that my gun doesnt troll me too hard and my armor starts somewhat working. Whenever I do this I get abandoned by my team as the "yolo sacrificial lamb" and find myself in 1vs2-3 situation, while my team waits for me to die. As for the T34, it feels more like a TD but without the damage output. Ive had some succes with careful sidescraping when hull down isnt available, but its tricky. It is just so slow and inflexible... fortunately it has depression so finding good hull down is not that difficult. I am probably just stuck in the medium/light mind set. Anyway, any secret Iluminati tips on how to play the heavies would be apreciated
  5. I'm sure you've seen plenty of threads like this, but I think fresh opinions are always good. A Brief Backstory I used to be a very bad player. I didn't understand game mechanics, and I played on a very low end machine. It was how I imagine most players play when they start WoT. Eventually, though, I wanted to improve, as my "drive forward and die" strategy wasn't doing me much good. So, I watched YouTube videos. I watched Twitch live streams. I even read some pages from the WoT wiki, and forum as well. From maybe 3-4 months ago, I went from a 43% WR to a current 47%. It may not be a big improvement, but I feel good about it. However, I feel I have hit a wall. I'm not seeing massive improvements like I was before, and while my win rate will not continue on a 12% per year increase, I think I can still get better. For those of you still reading... With my recent WR right around 50%, I feel like I'm doing about average, which is what I'd expect for someone who understands game mechanics and weak spots. I get tactics, although I'm not the best at implementing them. I know from watching me replays that I'm very aggressive (I don't like to wait at a choke point if there's an equally good one a square up) and I understand this gets me killed a lot. I'm looking for advice on getting better, but not in the "angle armor and get hull down" sorta way. I think the best way for me to improve is to look at the tactics side of the game. I don't expect to be a unicum, but I hope maybe one day I'll be green (or even dark green!), instead of the orange that I am now.
  6. Hey there y'all. New to WoT Labs here, got about 6k games in WoT. Always looking to improve! So i came here to get some advice on plateuing and how to get over it! I've noticed this community is pretty awesome and helpful. Quick question, are there any mentor types here? that enjoy platooning with a player and maybe even going over replays to help find ways to improve? Areas i'd really like to improve: E-Bricking (seem to do decently, but in close combat still can't seem to angle my turret correctly), Maps...i have alot of weaknesses on a couple different maps, such as Fisherman's bay, swamp, South coast. I tend to struggle on those maps to really find a place that i don't get shredded from everywhere. Edit* Also how to i put on a cool picture, instead of outline guy?
  7. Hello! I, for my past 3k games in WOT, i have been pretty bad, so bad even i have been acused of being a bot at the beginning of games by stat whores, even though i have never ever botted. I find i enjoy playing TDs, and recently i have been going down the WT line, and enjoying it. Im not a complete noob, i have a good understanding of the kinds of shells, normalization, armor angles and camo ratings, but it is mostly stuff ive seen in videos from Jingles and Quickybaby. So i was wondering if you guys could give me some tips on how no to been a complete nooblord. My Noobmeter: http://www.noobmeter.com/player/na/Hunterbradley1/1005597993/
  8. Hello, fellow tankers. My name is Adder1 and I'm a primarily scout tank drivers. Finished my thousandth game not too long ago, and I'd like to say a few things. 1. I have been strangely lucky with the lack of light tank expectations. Even as someone who decided to main scout tanks, I can't ever recall someone demanding me to scout x location or find their arty when I wasn't already doing it. In fact, I only remember one time in which an allied Type 59 decided that I wasn't being very useful sitting in my bush watching over the mid lane on Airfield as a Type 64 and promptly edged me off over the hill. No damage done from me, horrible spotting damage, thus had to relocate while frantically dodging shots, only to arrive at a spot already occupied by the enemy scout and dying. On the flip side, the moment he edged me out, he got spotted, ate multiple shots at once, and died without doing any damage. And yet he still managed to score higher than me. Yay. 2. I am apparently a masochist. Reason? I've gone through the French light tank, heavy tank, and TD line and unlocked their wonderful tier 5 iterations. So yes, I ground my way through the horrors that were the AMX 40, the B1, and the Somua SAu 40. I was never happier to sell something in a video game. Also I can blame my horrible WN8 on those grinds huehuehuehue (shut up, I'm trying to shift blame elsewhere >.>) 3. When all else fails, seal club. I've been getting dreadful teams lately (Please... please use the rock next to you for cover instead of sitting 20 meters to the side of it with your LFP exposed. PLEASE.), so sometimes, I don't want to rely on my teammates to shoot at things I spot. So that's what my heavies and the S35 CA are for! Although I'm starting to get sick of my team continually expecting me to lead the push in my FCM 50 t... 4. I hate Severogorsk. 5. I can't seem to carry. Such as when the RNG trolls me by leaving a Crusader with 5 HP and I get all jittery, panic, and dive into swamp terrain after artillery instead of disengaging, regaining concealment, and being a good ELC AMX like here (and I'm sorry if I offended anyone by using QB's replay site): http://replays.quickybaby.com/result.php?id=19094 . Or when I get behind enemy lines, help kill their arty, and plant shot after shot into the enemy heavy and set him on fire without my team able to capitalize on the advantage I just gave them (sorry again) like here: http://replays.quickybaby.com/result.php?id=31763 . Orrrr I pull a Custer trying to fight enemies off of our cap and crack under TOO MANY FREAKING TANKS: http://replays.quickybaby.com/result.php?id=30823 . I don't know, it's like all the adrenaline just makes the rational part of me just shut down. Or it's my team. Possibly both. Mreh. Anyway, I'm Adder1, primarily scout tanker and ELC AMX aficionado ( http://replays.quickybaby.com/result.php?id=27535 ). Pleased to meet you all. P.S. Please don't hurt me for using QB's replay site! D;>
  9. Hi - Been playing since pub release. 30,000+ games. I play to win, but am not very good. Explanation: I'm kinda OCD in that from very early, I've been grinding every line. Only in Aug.2013 did I get my first Tier X. Still grinding several trees, though most are at Tier 8-9 (barring the newer ones). Never once platooned, or in a clan. Explanation: No RL friends who play, plus a broken mic port. If I were to play in a more serious way, I would throw myself into it completely -- I would not play without a mic. It would just be a detriment to my teammates. Until I get a new mobo/pc, I'm stuck playing alone. I have tried a couple of the new "team battles", and found my lack of mic to be a serious problem. I play ok, have a generally good handle on strategy. I often end up derping stupidly. Even more often, I rely on pub teams to follow simple logic/strategy (fail). In all my games, I've never installed XVM. Explanation: Every time I really want to, there's about to be another update, and everyone seems to complain that it doesn't work afterward, so I put it off. Right now, I'm so sick of relying on people with no clue what they're doing -- but not knowing that until they've failed, themselves, that I realize I need it, update or no. Having problem with search functions, and hoping to find a link to a safe XVM download site, advice with settings for it, and good advice for improvement in my general play, of course. Probably will be more than 3-6 months before I get a new PC, so the mic-port thing is kind of moot, at the moment. Thanks, Rhad. EDIT: Sorry, the "new player" tag should have been "new member".
  10. Although I put the cart before the horse by posting a couple of questions before introducing myself- here I am. First- thanks to those who have answered my questions. Definitely helpful! Second- I've got a lot to learn... -Crazy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=67E42LQsU24
  11. Howdy, my nick is "Hidhorse", the same as in-game. I'm playing WoT since march 2013 having 4,4k battles. I took a break of over a month, but I'm back in the game. My stats are crap, but hey, they are getting better. Still, I often bang my had against the keyboard realizing how incredibly stupid I sometimes perform Hidhorse
  12. Hey, I'm a relatively terribad player here seeking to improve my game. Hope someone can bear with this post and help! Judging by stats I'm a mediocre player, but when compared to players that actually think I'm pretty darn terrible. I've been trying to change that with limited success by watching YouTubers, learning weakspots & angling, and following good players around in pub matches (probably hindering their performance in the process). I play a whole host of tanks, my garage has the 2 tier VI shermans, T1 Heavy, T49, Cromwell, ELC AMX, Stug III, Pz IV S., VK 36.01h, T-34-85, KV-1s, and a KV-2. Generally I prefer tanks that can move quite well vs. slow tanks with armor, as they suit my aggressive (?) playstyle better. After watching Quickybaby, Jingles, and others, I feel that my problem lies in my high-level judgement. I can do the basic stuff, shoot weakspots, flank a distracted enemy, track people, and angle, but I'm often getting killed b/c I decided to stand and die instead of retreat, or because I try to set up camp in a spot that has already been taken by a faster, enemy tank. I also have occasional tunnel vision, which often occurs when my thought process is "team's going to win, i'd rather go out there and get 500 extra damage, it'll net me more silver than what i'd save from repair costs". Indeed, it seems to me (I might have the wrong perception) that the good players are far more conservative in their tanks, sometimes not willing to trade hits from tanks that'd do less dmg to them. There are probably loads of other issues that you can find in the replays below (Ignore whatever you hear me say in chat, I might have played some of these when I was super pissed). All of them were very good games, because the games that weren't so well often had me dying after one mistake (that doesn't take rocket science to know what it was). T49: I love this tank but I don't maximize its potential at all. I play it as a super-aggressive flanker at times and don't snipe as much as I should. Saw Allurai's T49 thread (which prompted me to make this post here in the 1st place) and I will be changing my gameplay accordingly. Replay shows me failing at aiming and probably playing too aggressively. http://wotreplays.com/site/257388#fisherman_s_bay-liboan1997-t49 ELC: I use it as a crazy drunken divebomber or TD, depending on the map and what tanks show their faces. The fact that I even take hits in it is a big issue, and I'm trying to get rid of my "you can take 1 hit, it's ok" mindset while I play this. http://wotreplays.com/site/257390#prokhorovka-liboan1997-elc_amx VK 36.01(H): I think I have it down in this tank, though its armor seems to never bounce as much as it did when I was on the other end, shooting at it. This match seemed like all absurd luck for me (some of those bounces should not have happened). http://wotreplays.com/site/257391#sand_river-liboan1997-vk_3601_h T-34-85: Love this thing, it's the jack of all trades, I've just been playing it and having a good time. Again, I don't know if I should be taking hits in it or not. http://wotreplays.com/site/257393#erlenberg-liboan1997-t-34-85 KV-1S: The thing's cannon is amazing, and yet I've started to succumb to the "click2pwn" feeling that this tank creates. I play a little crazy against higher tiers as a result. http://wotreplays.com/site/257395#port-liboan1997-kv-1s Feedback on even one of these would be great- anything helps! Thanks! P.S.: while I'm here, i'd like to know if there's a reason for WoTLabs being derpy and not showing my 1-,7-, or 30-day stats. They all show up as dashes when I look up my profile.
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