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Found 3 results

  1. I moved this from the 'Arty Tears' thread because it got buried in all the poo-flinging there. Any constructive answer would be appreciated! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I have a dumb, but honest question: What is the complaint regarding arty hitting moving tanks about? Honestly, I hit moving tanks all the time while playing arty, but it is not anything like a 'snap shot.' -It is more like 'predictive analysis.' I see a tank entering an area I move my reticle where I think he will be moving through in 10+ seconds I wait for my bloom to settle to minimum I make small adjustments based on the tank's updated trajectory or abort shot I fire ahead of the tank to compensate for shell flight time I hope tank continues on vector and RNG does not screw me Given the amount of variables involved and that any minor course or speed change by my target can throw this off or just a plain old RNG fail can break this chain, I really don't understand the persistence and vehemence of the 'hitting moving targets' beef. This ability certainly never felt OP to me. I rarely get hit by arty on the run, but I juke and stutter precisely for that reason. I fail to see how it is different than putting your gun ahead of a moving tank and leading it other than it is orders of magnitude less effective. Not trolling, just baffled. For context: I have played up to what was tier 7 arty (GWT/M41) and am probably just 'decent' at it. I have been on vacation and have not played tanks since 8.6
  2. Ok, I have tried to adapt and I just find the 'accuracy buff' entirely absent. I have to wait way too long to take a fully-aimed shot, then watch it fall short or go wide just like it used to. SPGs are going on the shelf. Working as intended. Please Enjoy: Edited out OP's self-portrait. -Private_Miros If you want to whine, take it to the WoT forums, if you want a constructive discussion on how arty now functions, start one here.
  3. I posted this in the Garbad Arty discussion, but that has become a poo-flinger without any discussion of the 8.6 arty changes. I was wondering if anybody knew the logic behind removing tracers. AFAIK, tracers are really only useful to other arty doing CB, and I can't imagine a reason why you would want to make arty in the backfield safe to sit still back there and shoot with impunity. Is the idea that with the longer aim-times in 8.6, arty needs to be safe from CB pressure?
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