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Found 39 results

  1. Current 1/6/20 Vstab vs vents chat. staring me as clueless noob/devils advocate obvious commentary on chart is obvious
  2. I've seen that a lot of purples think that Sand River assault = ez farm, but I don't know how to play the map at all to its full potential in assault mode, at least at the start. I think I might handle the mid-game alright as it evolves, I still finish top of my pubbietard teams most of the time, but at the start I have no clue where to go, especially in TDs, meds and heavies. Halp pls?
  3. I've come up with a crazy sledge hammer solution to the bane of most of our games... I know we all absolutely despise the spammy mods that say 'I'm spotted at F7 - is anyone caring' blah blah blah Other examples: 'You're blocking my line of fire' - safe shot 'I'm reloading at E2 for 23.3 seconds, reloading 23.3 seconds left' - very poorly made command rose mod I'm spotted at A5 - some shitty spotted mod I can't stand that (maybe because I'm a perfectionist and configure mods properly) so from now on I will be reporting anyone who uses spammy mods as 'SPAM'. If enough of us do this in matches and stuff then maybe either: A. WG pay attention and provide a fix or ban players B. Mod creators realise that this shit is not for pubbies and turn off the messages by default, with a key to enable for CW and all that stuff... though pressing a key for help usually suffices in these situations so it's pretty much a useless mod in the first place. Better yet modpack compilators modify configs to reduce spam. or C. Nothing will happen but it's worth a shot Couldn't find anywhere else to post this on the forums that is mod related... So what happens if you want to use SafeShot but don't have the ability to open an xml file in Notepad++?? Then simply use THIS
  4. Hi, i am the typical noob who wants to improve, my wn8 has been getting better, but i want more help on how to improve I have a mic, do not like ts however, prefer in game voice chat. Also, i am 14, so my voice isnt as deep as barry white.
  5. Hey all. So i hope this is the right sub forum. Anyways I have just gotten my E50 today with top gun. well ive had it for 3 days and grinded tracks (then free xped turret and top gun. so dont mind the ingame dpg. it was 950 with the panther 2 top gun) Anyway ive had my best day ever in terms of dmg done and wn8 but.. my wr since i got top gun 35% .. obviously im doing something wrong. But what which is why im making this topic. my hitrate is low today. normally its nearing 76% in most tier 10 tanks i got. I compiled a little replay list. should be all those games you see in the picture. I apologize in advance if i talk a bit dirty in chat, I gotta start disabling chat and then leave it there. Since its not my suicide and campy team mates i should be blaming (*cough*) rather myself. So if anyone has the time to watch a few replays and give some comment on why i lose so many games (after coming back from a break its been pretty much 40% wr in anything but type 59 and T-62A .. I know its only 21 games and its my first day learning this tank but I should really have been able to win at least a bit more. https://www.dropbox.com/s/0ghk3q5ec2lyhpo/MyDiscoParty%20e50%20replay.rar?dl=0
  6. There's one thing which effects the amount of enjoyment I get out of this game. It isn't arty (as having competent enemies isn't too common) and it isn't gold. It's grinding. I understand that grinding is integral to this game, especially due to the business model of the game. This game is free. You progress up a tech tree which takes you exponentially longer as you ascend. You can pay real money to alleviate that, however it only works to a certain extent. The amount of time to grind out a line is purposefully set that way in order to make a player want to shell out real life currency. This is fine. Wargaming is a business, and I don't expect something for free; hell, I've bought premium tanks and gold lots of times. The problem with the grinding can be illustrated with a case study. Meet ribena (me), he has a job working 9-5 Monday to Friday. He can only play tenks for an hour or two a night, and even then he just gets his doubles and plays something else (Pillars of Eternity lately). On weekends he spends his wages in the pub etc., only playing the game for an hour on Sat and Sun. ribena sets himself a target tank. He doesn't care for tier 10, but he wants tier 8 and maybe tier 9. Only playing 5 games a night in a tank doesn't really propel him through the tech tree (especially because he is shit at the game). He starts to wonder if any of it is worth it. Is there any point in playing a tank he doesn't like or does well in, just to play something he would like? I'll stop before this story gets out of hand, I just wanted to raise the point of playing the game. I play a game to have fun. Don't get me wrong, I have fun (most of the time) in World of Tanks. But having to play tanks that I don't want to, in order to play tanks that I actually do want, is draining my fun. I perform crud in a certain tank. I don't want to play that tank. I don't get respectable xp in that tank. It's going to take years to progress up. Has anyone got any advice on how to stay involved and interested with this game? I don't know... It just seems like I'm trying to play a game that I don't think I'm ever going to achieve anything in. I'll follow up this post in 4 years time, once I've reached the E-50, Centurion 7/1 and the WZ 120.
  7. Hey, I'm a complete noob with only 4k matches and I would like a mentor that could help me get better. Thanks. I need the most help on playing german mediums.
  8. Hello, looking for someone who can tell me what I do wrong in the battle. I have previously given advice and told I am not ready to focus on how good I am, however, I feel like the longer I wait, the harder it will be. I currently have three tier 6s and a tier 7(I have two other tier 7s researched but need the credits to purchase them.) I also have a mic for communication and as long as you don't mind me being fourteen, send me a friend request. Thanks, Brandgoon26
  9. Just a noob looking to improve his game, I think these forums can help me achieve that. Peace.
  10. I am a new tanker playing on the EU servers. I have made a few reroll accounts for various reasons, but here I am with my potato stats I am looking to finally start getting pretty good at this game. My average exp and dmg are continually going up, but I feel like I have learned most of the game mechanics by now, and I want to start getting rid of my bad habits that I feel are holding me back, such as impatience. My favorite tanks: LTTB Jpanther T1 Heavy Cromwell B That's all for now, so hello!
  11. Well, I like this tank, but it's not about the tank, it's about me, what do you think I'm doing wrong, what should I try to improve upon? Those are my last 4 battles, that's most of the reason I'm posting these ones. Airfield one is the tomatoest one in those four. (Somehow this got corrupted and shows 0 damage for every tank in the game, instead I'll post my 9.9 IS replay(don't know if it'll run tho)) I hope you show me what I'm doing wrong and help me improve I can also get footage from my higher tier tanks if you think t5 isn't helpful at noticing the mistakes of the player. http://wotreplays.com/site/2126856#sand_river-xwhitetigerx-type_3_chi-nu http://wotreplays.com/site/2126857#arctic_region-xwhitetigerx-type_3_chi-nu http://wotreplays.com/site/2126858#winter_himmelsdorf-xwhitetigerx-type_3_chi-nu http://wotreplays.com/site/2126872 Edit: It actually works, just the result screen is bugged (likely due to me trying to upload it while game is in progress ^^) http://wotreplays.com/site/2126875 Edit2: The games I played today on my A-44 and Cromwell, I tried to make use of what I saw from good players on the Lakeville map and tried to use what was said on where not to go guide on my El Halluf game Cromwell: http://wotreplays.com/site/2127369#lakeville-xwhitetigerx-cromwell A-44: http://wotreplays.com/site/2127373#el_halluf-xwhitetigerx-a-44 A-44 has the bug again, however the replay works fine. I think that's because I don't wait until the match is over.
  12. I'm a carrot player on EU, with 4k games in, I still suck, especially on decision making, I would love if somebody decided to help me out, I promise I'll be a good student ^^
  13. +9000k battles... still a scrub though and looking to improve... Wanted to say hello to the forum and if I've offended you in game you probably deserved it.
  14. Hello everyone. The title pretty much explains why I'm here, well... partially I guess. I've been looking for a bunch of experienced WoWs players and WoTlabs has often struck me as the place where the better performing players tend to gather -- where else to discuss and learn... would be a good question! ( O wO) At any rate, that does not mean that I don't play WoT anymore... just that I'm no longer in a rush to get my WT E-100 ( and I don't really have a want to go grind other tank so... ) ( ' w')7
  15. I a terribad pubbie has seen the light and that is not being a terribad pubbie. I'm asking how to play properly drive heavily armored and poorly armored tanks properly so i can win more. I can have good games but can't consistently so to be more specific how do i consistently play better.
  16. Hi guys, just a short introduction of me. The name is Zoofje and I play on the EU servers. I've been playing this game for a couple of months now, and I'm enjoying it more and more. In my opinion WoT has a very steep learning curve and I'm fine with that. I'm dedicated to getting my stats up and I don't believe in rerolls. I see that I'm making progression, but it's going to take me much more games to get my stats up and become a better player. Not a problem, I want to invest the time in that. The reason I joined this forum is to learn and become a better player, but not to take any shortcuts. I want to learn the hard way! I have a couple of tanks (up to tier 6) I can play with, but I'm not really sure what my favourite type is. I think I like playing TD's and Light tanks the most at this moment, but I also play medium and heavy when I'm platooning with some friends. Thanks in advance for any tips and tricks and I hope to see you on the battlefield.
  17. It's been an eye-opening experience since finding WOTlabs, but before my epiphany...man I did some stupid shit. Here's the one I'm paying for still... Yes, I bought a new crew with each tank. I have quite a collection of tanks and TDs now, but only a handful (my most played) of them have a crew with more than one perk. It's brutal. The other less impactful thing that I'm just about recovered from... letting my son share my account.
  18. Hi Tankers! Buddy Deeds here. You may remember me from such hit forum posts as “Tanking for noobs”, “Arty, why no controversy?”, and “MM: Does it really pit 15 tanks vs 15 tanks?”. Clearly I don’t avoid the hard hitting subjects and today is no exception. I want to address the most critical and core component of World of Tanks….yes of course I’m speaking of forum posts and in-game chat. If you know anything about Buddy Deeds, he always remains original. I implore you, if you do nothing else in your tanking careers, please remain original and avoid any and all gaming and tanking cliches in your forum posts and in game chat just like Buddy Deeds. I wouldn’t be caught dead repeating some overused gaming or tanking cliche. In short: Don’t be noobs. The current chat META consists of mostly mouth breathers and window lickers overusing and repeating the same old phrases and insults. If you are guilty of that , then RIP you fail poaster. You almost remind me of some sort of troll. You’ve lost at the internet and should uninstall. lawl. Plis. Buddy deeds is 2gud to use cliches to get his point across, and neither should you sh*tt*ers. I blame the Russian Bias and public players, which I like to call “pubbies”. Pubbies ™ are the statpadding tankers who mainly play in pub(public) matches unlike us better players who mainly play in … well Buddy Deeds doesn't have time to explain everything to you pubbies and your pubbie logic. Don’t get me started on your pubbie RNG. You can GET REKT. Your play is SO stronk SUCH skillz. I guess we can thank SERB and Russian bias for your RNGesus “working as intended”. U mad bro? OH and DAT in-game-chat DOH. So repetitive and low brow. I don’t mean to wear a tinfoil hat but when I’m in my Stronk Tonk KV-2 master race, all i see is the same old chat and on top of it MM sticking me with you fail teams. Your DERPING out in lemming trains in your “sorry stock” tanks is laborious. I’d love to say GLHF, but all I can say is GG. My Yolo Swag ™ can’t counter balance your fail. RIP me. This will sound horrible, but sometimes in his darkest moments buddy deeds even wishes Eb*la or C*ncer on you clickers. I feel the only thing that could improve the situation is some statistical analysis introduced to WOT. There’s an obscure statistical technique called Win Eight. Buddy Deeds is no mathematician, but if all you pubbies focused purely on this stat to the point of exhaustion, this game may have a chance against the “other games who will not be mentioned” that Buddy Deeds is watching closely. I’ve spent several months relentlessly studying this formula, and quite frankly you pubbies play so poorly you remind me of tomatoes. And you star players I might even describe as elitist. Buddy Deeds is sorry, but someone had to say it. Consider this biting commentary fair warning before these thoughts become the norm. I don’t expect you noobs and pubbies to understand most of what I've written, as it's mostly new concepts, phrasing, and ideas, but believe me dat TRUTH is REAL. Don’t be lame and steal Buddy Deeds clever phrasing and novel concepts and pass them off as your own. You’re redundant poasts are so broken. Oh ya as far as game play...play smart, take cover, and focus fire ™. If you’d like to discuss further, I’ll be camping base in a game near you! glhf and gud hunting! P.S. Is IS-6 good?
  19. I have more than 3000 battles and I still suck!! What do I do?? I look at my noobmeter page and I see: below avg, below avg, bad, bad. that hurts me. My XVM shows me in all red, I occasionally get told to uninstall when I screw up. Help pls
  20. Oh gosh the title fail. Kind of like my gameplay of late... Over the last month or so, I seem to be sliding backwards in terms of performance. While my overall WN8 is going up (albeit slowly), my recent has dropped almost 100 points (not gud). This may be due to a couple factors: -I suck@tonks (biggest reason) -My laptop recently has taken to shutting itself down with no warning, presumably to prevent overheating. This results in a 0dmg game for sure. -My 3 most-played tanks in this timespan (going off memory here) are the ELC (I play it as a scout mostly, and since assisted dmg isn't part of WN8...), the Lorraine (this tank+me=fail), and the VK 45. 02A (Is it a heavy? Is it a medium?) -Lack of consistency (this is on me) Note that at least 2 of the factors are my own fault, something I have no shame in admitting (because the first step in the path to improvement is admitting that you need improvement). I feel that I know the basics (watch the minimap, angling, and how to use vision mechanics) but I am stuck at this level and even receding. My questions to you are: 1. Have you ever found yourself in a similar situation (mired in poor gameplay?) How did you escape from the doldrums of fail? 2. What are some ground rules that you might live by? Every situation is different but having something firm to stand on in most situations is helpful.
  21. Need. XVM. Help. (repost of a help thread somewhere else) { Since 9.5, I can no longer edit XVM configuration files with the old editor, I know it has been incompatible for a long time, but it was only since 9.5 XVM when it no longer worked. So I need some help with editing the config. Could someone make a config for me that has the following: Players panel with xvm stats user icons and spotted markers like this one, but other than that, default. Hitlog just to the right of the players panel, just below the team scores panel. 3 lines, grouped player names. Tab panel: Similar to aslains here: http://xvm-mod.com/w...s/2013/07/2.png Format: Clanicon, IGN, Battles, in k, WN8, win rate, games played in tank (no hecto plz), win rate in current tank, and vehicle name (without fancy aslain font, default plz ). Other than that, the same spacing, etc. Wotlabs xvm colors, here: So yeah, could anyone help me make such a xvm config? Thanks P.S. I luv smileys. } Its_Matra, I just can't do it The colors.xc replacement doesn't work (outdated colors.xc file?) and the hit log refuses to listen to gedit, the editor I use. Heeelp.
  22. Hi All, I'm a moderately decent player (currently 2028 WN8 with 2800+ Recent stats), up until Jan 2015 I was in QSF (and obviously left - thus my post). My lifestyle means I play when I can, if CW is mandatory I'm not interested as can't commit - that's not to say I won't be interested in CW games when I am free I enjoy pubbie games and looking for similar skilled players to platoon with - at ALL tiers, not just tier X. I still have many tanks to try out and I don't use free xp to skip them. Also train crews with lower tier premiums when required. I'm 29 and British so I speak two languages fluently - English and Bad English I have a very dark/dry and British sense of humour Currently playing lower tiers a bit whilst the x2 crew xp is on to get a German med and LT crew to at least 1 perk before moving up to tier 6 (I don't like having tier 6 LTs without sixth sense/camo!) What am I looking for? A decent community of moderately high skill based players who play for fun but also play to win English speaking clan (EU obviously... that's why this app is in the EU section) Non-mandatory CW clan Ideally KITTY would be the best place but they are full (with no plans to expand) plus my stats are a bit low (constant climb though). Tried HDU recently but they rejected me as I don't have the right tier X tanks for them so now I'm open to suggestions. My current interests are in the new personal missions so after people to platoon with for those too Tier X tanks: T110E5, T57 Heavy, FV4202 with IS-7 and WT auf E100 not far away From a quick look around the type of clan I am looking for is rare!! I've been a pretty much solo player for the last 4 months but after a regular source of platoon-mates to help me break my 57.8WR curse (everytime I hit it my WR drops to bad levels, then I go back up to 57.8 and repeat). If nothing interests me then I will just hassle other clans TS I'd like to get some CW experience but from the past it's all been a bit meh, I enjoyed team battles when we had a decent commander (and I had the right tanks!)
  23. Hey everyone, second time posting in here. Since I've decided to permanently relocate myself to the EU servers, I thought I would say hello again. please ignore the stats, I despise low tiers and I don't do well there.... too damn chaotic.
  24. Yo, I just came to say thanks. I've been browsing the forum for a while and I recon that, as a result of doing so, I don't get pwned/trolled/roflstomped that often. (Of course, with the exception of the almighty godlike BL-10, that thing owns my soul.)
  25. Hey guys! I posted a help topic at the official forums, and I was told to check this place out. So here I am. I am looking to improve, the first reply to my thread said I appear to be flat lining. So any and all help is appreciated.
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