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Found 10 results

  1. Do not get this tank, unless you really want the Obj. 416. Let me list a few reasons... -Terrible elevation and depression -Terrible aim time and dispersion -Terrible reload -Terrible gun selection -Rear mounted turret -Weak armor all-round -Easily damaged engine (From the front and rear) +Reasonably accurate gun +Good penetration +Fairly agile
  2. *dusts off clan icon and lounge area* *cough cough* Okay, we ready? Alright. *clears throat* Good News, Everyone! Idiots On Computers is back! And we're looking for more fellow idiots to join our marvelous mis-adventure! Are you an idiot in need of more idiots to surround yourself with? Do you have a Computer? Are you an idiot willing to learn and improve? What is the square root of a fine quality Russet? Did you answer yes to the above questions? Great! The Details of our Idiot Reproduction *ahem* Recruitment Program are thus: For candidacy to be an idiot, please meet the following: Be a fun and engaging person! TeamSpeak and a working Mic Be willing to have fun and engage in the finest of 'nanigans of the she variety We would prefer a WN8 of 1300 or higher as a minimum We would prefer an overall win rate of at least 52% We would like to see at least 400 higher recents and 2% higher WR These are more like guidelines and are not set in stone Be easy going, please. Have at least a few CW viable tanks at each tier (6, 8, and 10) What does IOC have to offer you? Free candyTsavo Cuddles™ Our own Teamspeak to hang out in (Bring friends!) A place to learn and get guidance Friendly atmosphere and plenty of games PLATOONS! Strongholds! Struggleholds! ---------------------OUR TEAMSPEAK--------------------- Idiots.mainvoice.info:7382 For recruitment, please PM me or find me on our TeamSpeak -----------------Q&A AREA------------------ What is IOC? We used to be a group of about 30-35 active guys who are all friends and got along fantastically. We gelled well with each other, quite possibly what made my first tenure here the most fun. What is our vision for IOC? We want to rebuild the old days. We want to assemble a tight knit group of guys, 30 or more in number, to tackle Campains, tournaments, and all other manner of rewarding tanks adventures! Don't wan't to do CW? That's perfectly fine! Want to hang out and improve? Come on in! Want to just platoon? Sure thing! Place to hang out and relax? Absolutely! Clan Wars and other related activities will NOT be a requirement for members! ALL CLAN WARS AND TOURNAMENTS WILL BE VOLUNTARY!
  3. Yes, also answer the meaning of life. I'm kidding, please don't. I've recently taken a look at my stats and noticed something. My recent winrate is much higher relative to my recent wn8. I noticed this same phenomena about 8 months ago. When my avg. was 50%, my recent was 56%! However, my recent wn8 around the time was only 1,200. However, after that, my winrate dipped within comparison to my wn8. Why does this happen? What does it mean? My wn8 NEVER spikes like my winrate has (like now).
  4. Two friends are going across the globe to study. One of us will be in the UK, one of us will be in the States, and one of us in some third-world country you have never heard of. Also, one of us is a cheapskate, and none of us enjoy playing on high ping. Looking for MMOs that: Are fun to playAre freeAre not pay-to-win (overtly)Can be played reasonably comfortably on high pingWorld of Warships is not an option as we are all picky crybabies who don't want to give Serb any more support. Also, neither of them wants to play RuneScape, sadly. If there are any MMOs at all that fill this criteria, please respond ;_;
  5. Since I've noticed a few people kind of jump onto the Internetometer bandwagon, I figured there should be a pointless topic showing who's the most awesome of them all. If I see your Internetometer button anywhere, I'll copy it into its position here on the scoreboard. Alternatively, you can post your button in this thread and I'll add it. ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ
  6. http://wotreplays.com/site/1621728#steppes-yung_lean-t-62a So, um, I carried a game hard, but the end game is still nagging me a bit. Should I have saved the JT? I wanted to keep the Waffentrager at a distance so I could hull down and peekaboo him out but an extra gun on the team never hurts either. Was I too sloppy? Because in hindsight I wasn't very aware of arty at all. Should I have yolo'ed and decapped the ST-I instead of the waffen, despite probably making me take a lot of damage? I know it all turned out for the better, but what if it didn't. I need to learn how to consistently make the decisions that make things turn out like this, but without the RNG of it all. (PS two full HP waffentragers dead to my 62A, revenge felt good <3)
  7. So I know some peeps have done it before, I think they called em macros... where you hit a key and it will put a chat phrase or something in chat... I wanna make some for my new e-persona. Thanks Brothers!
  8. Greetings and happy new year! I typically do a TON of solo play (as I prefer it aside from tier 10 and even then...) but for the next few days here are my terms: * I'll platoon with ANYONE. Have a terrible WN8 and afraid no one will platoon with you? Not me! Like to 'protect arty'? I don't care! * I'll be playing tiers 6-10 for the most part. I may do a handful of lower tiers during x5. * Play however you want. No pressure. I don't care. I won't yell at or berate anyone. Info and stuff: * I typically play from 8PM Eastern till whenever and am off and on. During this weekend I'll be jumping on sporadically during the day as well. * I don't do voice comms during the day but at night I'll be on SIMP teamspeak. If interested and you have teamspeak, you can join me. * I reserve the right to boot you from the platoon when I feel like it to accommodate other players waiting. In game name: SWAMI_ (dont forget the underscore at the end) After this coming weekend I'll go back to my solo ways and platooning with SIMP guys occasionally. I won't take invites anymore unless we had some chemistry/yoloswag while playing. PLEASE NOTE: During the day I frequently jump off/afk. If I do accept an invite it may only be for a few matches. ONE LAST THING: I don't do arty and don't like to platoon with arty. If arty is your thing please don't ask to play with me. I would consider it as long as it was tier 7 or lower. I reserve the right to YOLO at any given time. If you're a hothead or freak out after losing a few this is not for you.
  9. A thread dedicated to EU forum most brilliant poasting gems for times when you are bored or want some laughs. Feel free to add old topics and posts as well as newer ones. Found this today: http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/310844-maby-fix-the-damn-viewrange/#top Moments of brilliance from nerderclown (i miss you); http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/192891-quality-rating-the-fix-for-some-common-efficiency-abuses/ My favourite post of all time, have it bookmarked for years: http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/124442-profanity-removed-you-week-end-players/page__st__60__p__2139533#entry2139533
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