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Found 6 results

  1. Launch event video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QKx-eMAVK70
  2. Today is the big reveal date. However there have been a lot of details leaked. Much more than before the release of the 10XX GPUs. Supposedly these are the specs of the next generation Nvidia consumer gaming GPUs. Supposedly, all of them are 30-50% faster than the previous generation of the same series. The interesting thing to me is that if the GTX 2050 ti is 30-50% faster than the current version, that means current GTX 1060 performance in a $150 MSRP price point. That really lowers the entry price of 1080p gaming with high graphics settings. Also the RTX 2080 ti should be able to handle 4k 60 FPS in some of the most demanding games now. Also, what will AMD's response be? Tests of the Vega 64 vs the GTX 1080 already shows that the GTX 1080 is 5-8% faster than the Vega 64 across a wide variety of games when both are both stock or overclocked. All the info from AMD says they won't be releasing any new consumer/gaming GPUs until 2019. Some info says that the next generation of AMD consumer/gaming GPUs will just be a die shrink others says it will be a new architecture and a die shrink.
  3. I wonder when the gaming version will be released. https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/titan/titan-v/ With a mild overclock its faster than 2 Vega 64's in Crossfire in some benchmarks and also almost 4 times faster than a GTX 980 ti in some benchmarks. https://www.gamersnexus.net/guides/3170-titan-v-gaming-benchmarks-async-future-is-bright-for-volta/page-2
  4. I watched the Nvidia webcast on Twitch tonight. So it looks like we learned a a few things about the new GTX 1080: Available May 27th $599 MSRP $699 founders Edition(Overclocking version) 2.1 GHz GPU on air cooling. 8GB of GDDR5X memory 65 degrees C on air cooling at 2.1 GHz 180 Watts power draw GTX 1080 is faster than a TItan X or 980 SLI. Nvidia's chart showed the GTX 1080 being about 20-25% faster than a Titan X with a lot lower power draw The GTX 1080 has the ability to do corrected view angles on 3+ monitors and 16 different view ports. Its called Simultaneous Multi Projection. This also means they can do 3D VR with correct viewing angles for each eye to make the 3D Image without distortion by doing 4+ panels per eye at 90+ FPS. The GTX 1080 has Twice the performance of a Titan X in VR GTX 1070: Faster than Titan X $379 MSRP $449 Founders Edition(Overclocking version) Other new Nvidia Stuff: The new Pascal GPUs had a 2+ Billion dollar R&D budget. In Game Camera system. Port in game 3D world to your Android phone. Acoustic Simulation in 3D. Open Source VR engine
  5. So, since my build is centered around 4k gaming, and since the current cheapest option to support that is the 295x2 given that the 980, 980ti, and Titan X as single cards do not perform as well as the 295x2, only exceeding it when SLI'd, that's the direction I'm heading. Obviously, I'd much rather sell the 980 and put that towards the 295 than just outright buy the 295. I'll be posting this on local sites in my area as well, but if any of you want it, I'd be willing to spring for shipping provided it's under $50. The card was bought in February, only used for gaming, I never overclocked it, never disassembled it. It is used in my full tower gaming case with excellent ventilation that intakes cool air from an AC unit right behind the tower; this card has never reached a temp above 68C. It has performed flawlessly since day one, it just doesn't have the RAM or memory bandwidth to support 4k gaming (at max settings and 60fps) on its own. Here is the order confirmation stating when I ordered it. Current listing on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/EVGA-GTX980-Superclocked-Graphics-04G-P4-1982-KR/dp/B00R3NK340/ref=sr_1_6?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1433289827&sr=1-6&keywords=gtx+980 If you're interested, PM me here. Disclaimer: I'm not interested in random peoples opinions of my build; I understand the pros and cons of a 295x2 vs 980, and this is not the thread for a discussion of AMD vs Nvidia. Edit: DERP, forgot asking price; $470 USD, firm. Comes with all original packaging and accessories.
  6. Hello all. My trusty old tablet (Asus Transformer Prime TF201) has begun to act up (slow booting, crashing, so on) and I have therefore been toying with the idea of treating myself to a new tablet. I have stumbled upon the nVidia SHIELD tablet and am impressed by what I see - on paper. Paper stats don't always tell the full story, sadly. I was hoping one of you guys would have one and could tell me whether you like it or not? What I would also like to know is: -How does the whole play-proper-games-on-a-tablet work? Is it really good enough to be worth it? Is the streaming feature reliable? -Is it easy to connect some sort of keyboard for writing (and gaming) so I can use it for taking notes during lectures? -How is it for productivity stuff like note-taking and internet browsing? Can it handle multitasking well? -Is it worth the price? I am looking forward to hearing what experiences you have with it as I really like the look of it.
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