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Found 1 result

  1. The tank does have stats on tanks.gg already. However, forget those completely, it has remade stats that have appeared today on supertest. https://thearmoredpatrol.com/2016/10/21/supertest-vk-100-01-p/ Tier: 8 (Heavy) HP: 1700 Engine: 1200 hp Mass: 120,45 t Power-to-weight: 9,96 hp / t Max speed: 20 / -15 km / h Hull turning speed: 15 °/s Turret turning speed: 15,6 °/s Terrain resistance values: 0,767 / 0,863 / 1,918 View range: 400 m Radio range: 740,4 m Hull armor: 200 / 130 / ? mm Turret armor: 220 / 160 / ? mm Gun: 12,8 cm Kw.K. L/50 Alpha Damage: 490 / 490 / 630 Penetration: 220 / 250 / 65 mm Rate Of Fire: 3,681 Damage Per Minute: 1803,5 Reload time: 16,301 s Accuracy: 0,384 Aiming time: 2,59 s Depression/Elevation: -8 / +30 (stock) Gun: 10,5 cm Kw.K. L/52 Alpha Damage: 320 / 320 / 420 Penetration: 200 / 244 / 60 mm Unable to find soft stats (bloom values) atm. ------------------------------------------ This thing looks scary. Just imagine: it sees tier 6s. This thing. Sees cromwells and easy eights. That doesnt sound...right? - insanely good armor. UFP is 200 (!!!!), so it effectively has as good UFP armor as Maus does expect two tiers lower. Side is respectale 130 with some spaced armor on it. So we have tier 8 tank that has actually very relevant hull armor even against tier 10s. The turret is cheese for tier 10s ofc; its also preangled unlike Mausturm so dont expect angling to do much. Still, its thick enough so IS-3 has only 50/50 chance going through from flattest part of turret cheek with zero angling. Cupola is NOT weakspot btw. LFP is 140 so even that is probably around ~200 effective. Safe to assume that it has pretty much best all around armor of all tier 8s in the game. - very meaty gun. 220 pen + 490 alpha is very very neat on tier 8 HT. Accuracy + aimtime are not actually even bad, and it has respectable depression values. The DPM is not even bad, let alone for such a high alpha damage. - HP is nice at 1700. - What really stood out is retardely high view range. It has same view range as tier 10 Maus. That seems...brutal. Even though it is fat AF it will be able to outspot IS-3s which is hilarous. I dont know, it seems hella powerful, probably even too OP for tier 8, but hard to say; i remember how anyone thought Type 4 would be broken with thicker front armor than VK B, 600 alpha gun and -10 depression, but it ended up being worst tier 9 (before it got buffed). What is kinda hilarous is that Mauschen barely even improves from this. Its essentially much slower version of this with 27mm more pen, +200 DPM, +500 HP, and 30mm better turret cheeks whole tier higher. If these stats are going to happen for this thing then plz buff mah O-Ho. Give it 127mm so non-derp lovers has actually solid gun option, and then give it 3 - 5 depression over front, and more health (1800) Armor:
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