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Found 5 results

  1. Seriously? Buffing the obj 140 and t-54?!? Why? The Soviet tanks have arrived to the Supertest for some rebalancing! The main idea is to significantly strengthen the armor on the turret front, which will allow Soviet MTs to tank with their turret when they manage to hide the hull behind cover. They will be able to cause damage from this position and live up to the idea of active Medium tanks with strong turret armor. Let’s start with the crown jewel of the MT branch – the Object 140. It is an excellent vehicle that does a great job when fulfilling its intended role on the battlefield. However, it has a drawback, which you often reported, the armor on the turret roof. This was the reason why the Object could be penetrated in the turret even though it seemed like a solid cast construction. On the Super test we will change the armor of the top turret and will get it up to the level of its comrade – the T-62A. At the same time, the armor of the hatches on the turret will remain the same, so do not allow your opponents to aim at them. Let’s go one tier lower and see what happened with the T-54. Besides significantly strengthening its turret armor, we’ll also revise the top guns and will set the roles of the vehicle according to the gun choice. The 100 mm D-10Т2S gun that in the research tree leads to the Object 140 will be rebalanced for close-range fighting. Its reload time will be decreased thereby increasing its average damage per minute. At the same time the accuracy will be slightly decreased – this will force players to use the gun at medium and short ranges and to play in a more aggressive style more in line with how a medium range support tank should be played. The 100 mm D-54 gun (that leads to T-62A) will have significantly improved aiming time and accuracy at 100m, but at the same time the reload time will be increased. Now it’ll be easier for it to act as a long range fire support vehicle. Let’s go to Tier VIII and test the updated version of the T-44. It will have a significantly strengthened turret roof. The effective armor of the turret front will reach about 200 mm (instead of the current 120-140 mm), and the effective side armor – more than 300 mm. Similar parameters will be implemented on the turrets of such premium tanks as the T-54 first prototype and the Т-44-100 (Р). We will also change the performance of two of the T-44s guns. The 100 mm LB-1 gun will receive improved stabilization and aiming time, which will allow more accurate firing both while moving and while standing still. This change will affect both the T-44 and the T-44-100 (P). The 122 mm D-25-44 gun will have a significantly improved rate of fire and slightly improved aiming parameters, which will allow this weapon to perfectly fulfil the potential at close range, causing high alpha-damage. That’s not all the changes that we are planning to test within the USSR tree in this version. Next in line are the Soviet Heavy tanks and TDs, but we’ll talk about them a bit later.
  2. Good day WoTlabs. First a big thanks to you all for posting these numerous threads an replays with info that a new tank player like myself can spend his evenings reading. Then a short introduction of myself: I´m 30 years old, been playing competitively Esports games online since i was 13 (started with Action Quake 2, then Q3, CS and then 10 years with WoW (S1 gladiator, numerous realm first on the PvE scene and so forth), and besides that 20 years of playing soccer IRL. So i know the general about teamplay, making calls, communication etc. Ive recently been made a dad, so i no longer play WoW with its time consuming setup, and a good friend of mine introduced me to WoT. I found WoTlabs at around 1k battles, and been trying to mimic the info i read here, in my games played. However with only limited succes imo. I did join a casual "rookie" clan, and have done quite abit of random games with those guys, which i must say have hurt my IS-3 score a lot. Back to the question: Ive recently gotten my first tier X, an IS-7. I really like this tank, for the first 50 games i had 60ish WR %, but it has fallen down to 55ish now (all solo). I am looking for a new line to grind, i had thought it should be the T-57 line, as i already have the M41 Bulldog, and opened up to the M49. However i look at the missions, and though I've done most of the TD missions with my Hetzer, i dont see myself doing 3k dmg at any point. So i would need to get some higher TD for those. Also, i have no decent medium either (T54 mod1 prot, does not count - hate that thing). Ive read garbads ranking of mediums and TDs, and i wonder if that still stands correct? Should i go the WT e100 line? or maybe the batchat? Or perhaps something entirely different is more suitable for me to become a better player? (I have the secret wish to one day, when im ready, play clan wars, strongholds etc, as it is mostly the team orientating things in games that makes the fun for me.) I will be thankful for any advice or comment. Regards Onkel
  3. Oh noezz I did it. One of the most frequently asked questions. I've unlocked both of them, 140 is already purchased, T62-A can be bought in a week. Time to move my best crew to one of them. I've researched characteristics, watched a bunch of Youtube vids, talked to various people. So the final decision is yet to come. So which one do you prefer for randoms and why? I'd like hear some personal experience. Cheers in advance.
  4. http://forum.wotlabs.net/index.php?/topic/11645-weeshs-obj-140-challenge/?p=271158 Failed sorta --- Purpose: Challenge and test my skills with the Obj 140, my first tier 10 tank, for it's first 100 games. Get feedback and suggestions from the good players. Rules: 100 solopub games (option to quit at 50 if something goes horribly wrong) Played in batches of 5, min 1 bach per day Lesson/Recap on each match World of Tanks Statistics on each All replays stored and available on request. One replay included per batch. Goals (actual in RED) (feel free to give me suggestions on these. want something hard, but achievable if I improve rapidly) 52% WR (45%) 2400 DPG (1984) 40% Survival (31%) Participation Award Setup: --- Batch 1 (In the order in Which I played them): #5 - (Loss)(43%)Prokorovka, S spawn: Spotting and roughly equal trading. When team started to fall, we slow to reinforce, important teammate died fighting a bat chat alone. #4 - (Loss)(54%) Northwest, SW spawn: Rushed north, but aborted upong seeing level of support. Plan B was a location that I was perma spotted and couldn't fight from. Tried reverse sidescraping, and there probably isn't any angle that would have worked. Should not ahve been there. Should have tried to run and relocated. #3 - (Loss)(55%) Hidden Village, SE spawn: Probably should not have gone North with only a single tier 9 medium. When I saw a big heavy coming, should have escaped while I could. Was unaware of surroundings, and was in the open too often. #2 - (Win)(50%)Karelia: had trouble with an E-50M, and the ACPR ammo when above him. probably should have started shooting upper plate. The rest of the match was a shooting galery with few risks. Resulted in a low-skill required high caliber (5000 damage). #1 - (Win)(57%) Prokorovka clone, N spawn: early spotting and sniping, then some team communication. asked if a groups was ready for me to lead a push, and they all agreed. Turned game into a route. Got greedy on cleanup, but survived anyays. (REPLAY) Session Stats: WR: 40% DPG: 2604 KPG: 1.40 Survival: 40% --- Overall Stats after 5 games: WR: 40% (2 wins) (XVM estimate: 2.59) DPG: 2604 KPG: 1.40 Survival: 40%
  5. Hey all, thought this was an interesting game on Prokhorokva in my OBJ 140. Enemy team had better players, and my team didn't understand map control and vision. 6.5 K damage and 1.1 k assisted. Was a tough loss but I thought it was a good game. Hope you guys enjoy Link: http://www.noobmeter.com/replay/1005124602.7702037386302540
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