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Found 3 results

  1. kaneaaa

    Object 416: How to play?

    Just got this tank and grinding. Don't really understand how I should play it. Is it a good tank, and what should be my main strategy? As far as I can tell. it doesn't have armour? And everyone spams gold at me.
  2. UglyBigD

    Pancake Appreciation Thread

    This Thread is for the Appreciation of the Good Socialist Pancake: The Object 416 fascist waffles are not welcome Enjoy this 100% accurate depiction of the Object 416's stronk soviet might: On a more serious note, I'm pretty sure Garbad is correct in asserting this is the god king of tier 8. Once you learn to deal with the wonky chassis it's amazing. Pros +Excellent dpm coupled with good alpha. +Ludicrous camo, even when firing. +Good AP pen, with a godly HEAT round. +Small profile +Is soviet. Cons -A distinct lack of gun depression, with only slightly more elevation. -A rear and not fully traversable turret can be awkward. -No armor to speak of, barring weird angles on the turret. A replay demonstrating the glorious soviet cloaking device (mostly towards the end): Note: I only run binocs because I can't afford optics atm. Skills and Equipment I (intend) to use a typical medium set up for equipment: vstab, rammer, and optics. Camo/6th are the most important skills, imo. I trained safe stowage. Differing opinions? Want to heap more glory on this better breakfast item with true soviet replays? Discuss!
  3. I just today got myself an Object 416, free XP'd all the modules minus the top radio, and boy am I having a joy ride. So I'll give a first impressions/review on the tank, cause I want others to know its greatness. Pros: + Unquestionably the best gun on a tier 8 medium tank with amazing alpha, decent accuracy, glorious rate of fire for its alpha, and has not so bad pen + Unquestionably the best gold round on a tier 8 medium, 330 penetration compared to the average 240-250 pen most tier 8 meds have + Very small size, smallest tier 8 medium by far (see pic below) + Amazing camouflage values (see pic below) + Simply silly amounts of DPM, 2400 compared to around 1750-1800 on most tier 8 meds + Best mobility out of all tier 8 meds + Good soft stats + 30 km/h reverse speed Cons: - Rear mounted turret - Crap gun depression - Rear mounted turret - Turret doesn't spin 360 degrees - Not much, if any armor - REAR MOUNTED TURRET - Lowest health pool out of all tier 8 meds - Kind of low ammo count - Very poor credit potential, frequently barely goes even with premium The 416, as you might have guessed just from its camouflage values, firepower, and limited-rotation turret, plays a lot more like a tank destroyer than a medium tank, though it can still perform all the roles of a medium just as good as or better than its peers. To start things off, the gun simply put is amazing. I wouldn't have any other gun than this on a tier 8 medium even if I could ask for one. With the same alpha as the T-54, only slightly worse rate of fire and accuracy, it feels just as powerful as it does in tier 9. The camouflage? Better than an ELC AMX. At least when stationary. You can move around the battlefield as much as you want, WAY more than other tier 8 mediums. With 30% camouflage on the move (with camo training and external camouflage, of course,) most tier 8 tanks won't spot you until ~280m WHILE MOVING. Stationary, they can forget about it. And if they DO spot you, you won't be an easy target. With pretty good acceleration plus soft stats and a very low profile to boot, you are not an easy target to land a shell on. Even worse is poorly aimed shots can bounce your UFP or turret, which can autobounce with some luck. Don't rely on it, though. The engine deck is a large overmatch zone where you can be penned by every caliber you come across, and arty can easily oneshot you because of it. Though HEAT will bounce if a shot lands there. However... terrain is not here to help the 416 much. To start things off, you have a rear mounted turret, which is ALWAYS a bad thing. Rear mounted turret = bad gun depression. Low profile also = bad gun depression. This tank has both. You can depress your gun a total of 3 degrees, and with a rear mounted turret, you will have to peek EVEN MORE over hills to fire, again a very bad thing for a medium tank that needs to abuse what armor it has. But sadly that is not all, your turret won't even rotate fully... you can't even rotate 90(!) degrees. Merely 75 degrees to each side and that's it. For a tank destroyer, that would be simply amazing. And it is. Considering how the 416 plays, 75 degrees is way more than enough for it. You will rarely need to turn your hull much at all, and it's still fine when flanking or sidehugging a tank. The problem arises when you try to do something all rear-mounted tanks can do: peek around a corner backwards. You can, but you will have to expose yourself a lot more and a lot longer than tanks with a fully-rotational turret. This kills a lot of its "medium tank"-like gameplay of annoying the enemy by peeking out then retreating. When played as a TD, the 416 is exceptional. With alpha not much lower than most tier 8 TDs, but a rate of fire to make up for it plus way more flexibility and camouflage than almost all of them, it plays excellently when placed in a bush and told to DPM the enemy. But unlike most TDs, it doesn't rely on its team either for targets or protection. It has enough view range to move up and about, a semi-turret to help it in close range engagements, and mobility that puts same-tier mediums to shame. It can effectively spot its own targets with either optics or binocs mounted, and can escape or relocate easily should that need be. It's also an amazing WN8 padder, pls no nerf Fun, stats, enjoyability and replayability all in one package. I'd rate this tank a 9/10, it's one of my favorite tanks already.