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Found 3 results

  1. These days I just leave it for other people to deal with, but the armor on this is too silly for me to not make a thread. If I've not gotten too out of touch with WoT, this armor wouldn't be too out of place on a proper tier 10 heavy. I think when we first saw this, it only had a 90mm upper plate or something. Basically a weaker T-10 hull with an IS-6 turret and a stronger 122mm. Times have changed. It should be noted that I'm going off of line of sight thickness, not effective. I think the turret side was supposed to say 40°, but oh well. Even the flanks are well sloped. The upper side hull is like the front of a Type 59 while the upper rear is the same, but 90mm thick instead of 100mm. The turret at the flat spots surrounding the mantlet are roughly 240mm-250mm LoS, though the lower half is a bit tougher. Mantlet is 240mm thick with pretty much nothing behind it. The 250mm part of the mantlet is the little circle around the gun. While it does have spaced side armor, that's probably more a liability than advantage in a good few cases. Though it's a small target, what's behind it is a very sloped bit of 30mm armor. It's a Soviet tank though, so most others won't be able to overmatch there on level ground. Current stats: PROTECTION Level 8 Health 1 500 Hull armor 130 / 100 / 90 Turret armor 250 / 150 / 100 GUN Damage 440/440/530 Penetration Shell speed 225 / 265 / 68 1000/1250/700 Elevation -6°/+20° Rate of fire 3.75 Accuracy 0.44 Aim time Dispersion Turret Straight line Hull traverse Turret traverse speed 3.2 0.12 0.24 0.24 24 VISION View range 350 Invisibility  moving 0.061  still 0.122  camouflage bonus 0.02  camouflage net bonus 0.05  fire penalty 0.183 Signal range 440 MOBILITY Speed limit Weight 35/14 51 500 Horsepower 700 Power/Weight Traverse speed Terrain resistance Hard Average Soft 13.6 30 1.2 1.5 2.3
  2. So i had this tank for over a few years now - i remember it being amazeballs...now it just seems to suck balls - especially after the alpha and camo nerfs. If I want alpha, i would go to my FV 183, if i want pinpoint accuracy, I would take my WTF100, and tbh, the armour seems only slightly better than my foch, with its awful aim time, but it's saving grace of 3 shells with the same alpha...and thats not even mentioning the other tanks out there that I dont own...for example the 263 which I now see more than the 268.....so is there a reason i should still keep this in my garage? how do you guys kit it and play it? Ta muchly in advance
  3. I have no idea what's going on, but for some reason I'm doing a very, very good job of making sure that the Object 140 never, ever gets nerfed. Unfortunately, that's not the level of play that will be expected of me in CW, so I need to figure out what I'm doing wrong. However, being the moronic potato that I am, figuring out what's wrong and implementing changes are not coming quickly. I'm playing it almost exactly the same as my T-54, which I managed to somehow get a 57% winrate in, so I'm not sure how I'm managing a winrate that's 12% lower on what's basically a buffed T-54. Specifically, I think if I knew what went wrong with this replay (http://www.wotreplays.org/replay/536bc2249c81a56d1b010000.html), I'd know what I'm doing wrong. Yes, it was a very clear cut case of pubs being pubs. But I still could have and should have won that very easily. I've identified a few of my own mistakes through this replay: 1) I didn't aim carefully at the T110E3, and bounced as a result. Should have taken more time to make sure that I hit the cupola. 2) When taking potshots from the hill, I didn't back down enough. I was thinking that there were probably bad guys going across the river, but I was lucky I didn't get nuked then and there by arty. 3) I was screwing around too much with the T54E1 instead of trying to get shots. 4) When shooting at the E-100, I put way too many shots either into the dirt or into his turret. He should have been dead at least 15 seconds before he was. 5) When putting the final shots into the E-100, I wasn't moving around enough. Again, I was lucky I didn't get nuked. 6) I spent way too much time on the AFK T54E1 when I should have been looking for shots on arty or camping TD's. 7) I spent a lot of time taking a bath. While I got a clean tank out of it, it took me way too long to get to the other hill and thusly I couldn't support the 113 well enough. Got stuck on a rock. Learn to drive, Will. 9) At this point I probably should have gone to their cap to hunt arty and then get rear shots on their entire team. 10) Bounced off a T-62A and got a critical hit on a BatChat. 11) I got nuked. Twice. Again, need to keep moving. 12) Asking pubbies for help. Because it wasn't my job to help them. 13) Missed on the Lorraine, and an arty died as a result. 14) Here's probably my gravest sin. I spent way too much time huddled behind that rock. I peeked out a few times and established that no one was there watching me, so why I didn't go somewhere mildly useful is beyond me. 15) Put far too many shots into the dirt here. If I had taken time and hit the shots we probably would have won the game. 16) I got lucky in the fact that I not only didn't got shot when spotted, they got off the cap. I can't rely on people's greed, and need to be more aggressive in getting there and more cautious in how I get there. 17) I assumed they had gone around the hill and I was turned the wrong way when they showed up. And we all know what they say about assuming things... 18) Didn't go after the 13 75. Not only would he end up killing me, I needed an out and he was the weakest link. 19) Relying too much on glorious russian bias turret armor, and got smacked with HE. 20) Again with lucky I didn't get nuked. Need to keep moving. 21) Didn't keep my front towards the 13 75 and got killed as a result. 22) Pulled out too far at the very end. Even if the 13 75 didn't kill me, the JT would have. I'm curious what other nitpicking you guys can do. I'm confident that if I can figure out everything I did wrong in this replay, I can finally fix my O140 driving.
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