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Found 1 result

  1. Hi All, I'm a moderately decent player (currently 2028 WN8 with 2800+ Recent stats), up until Jan 2015 I was in QSF (and obviously left - thus my post). My lifestyle means I play when I can, if CW is mandatory I'm not interested as can't commit - that's not to say I won't be interested in CW games when I am free I enjoy pubbie games and looking for similar skilled players to platoon with - at ALL tiers, not just tier X. I still have many tanks to try out and I don't use free xp to skip them. Also train crews with lower tier premiums when required. I'm 29 and British so I speak two languages fluently - English and Bad English I have a very dark/dry and British sense of humour Currently playing lower tiers a bit whilst the x2 crew xp is on to get a German med and LT crew to at least 1 perk before moving up to tier 6 (I don't like having tier 6 LTs without sixth sense/camo!) What am I looking for? A decent community of moderately high skill based players who play for fun but also play to win English speaking clan (EU obviously... that's why this app is in the EU section) Non-mandatory CW clan Ideally KITTY would be the best place but they are full (with no plans to expand) plus my stats are a bit low (constant climb though). Tried HDU recently but they rejected me as I don't have the right tier X tanks for them so now I'm open to suggestions. My current interests are in the new personal missions so after people to platoon with for those too Tier X tanks: T110E5, T57 Heavy, FV4202 with IS-7 and WT auf E100 not far away From a quick look around the type of clan I am looking for is rare!! I've been a pretty much solo player for the last 4 months but after a regular source of platoon-mates to help me break my 57.8WR curse (everytime I hit it my WR drops to bad levels, then I go back up to 57.8 and repeat). If nothing interests me then I will just hassle other clans TS I'd like to get some CW experience but from the past it's all been a bit meh, I enjoyed team battles when we had a decent commander (and I had the right tanks!)
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