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Found 5 results

  1. Quickly reviewing every (T6+) tank in my garage in the hopes that it'll get me to start recycling vehicles again. This is a lot of reviews, so feel free to skip to whichever is pertinent to you. Tier 6 M4A3E8 Fury WG's little Fury tie-in, this thing is basically exactly like a noticeably slower, armourless E8. The E8 itself is solid, but no where near powerful enough that you can just drop in a identical-but-worse copy of it and still get results competitive with other T6s. If you're in love with the E8 so much that you need two copies, this will scratch that itch. Just don't try to convince yourself that it's almost as good as the E8. 4/10 SU-100Y One of the less common premiums, 100Y is a lot like the TD equivalent of a KV-2. Hits like a truck, but it feels like it's just a tier too low. T6 matches have too small of an HP pool and are paced too quickly for this thing to really hit its stride. It's also pretty easy to abuse; giant, no camo, no armour, bad gun handling, bad gun dep, long reload. It'll crush pubbie skulls at range, but a good player can dunk you hard enough to make you want to avoid playing it for a while. Has a pretty cool gold ammo mechanic where it's not a straight upgrade, but you're gunna want to spam prem AP pretty often because one-shotting KVs makes you horny. 6/10 T-34-85 Cute and iconic. Jack of all trades medium, sort of like the T-44/T-54 will be in higher tiers. Has some module issues and the bloom isn't that comfortable, but otherwise has effectively no downsides. It does have upsides though - 180 alpha/144 pen is basically exactly what you want on a T6 med and the mobility is quite good. You'll almost always have a trait to abuse against any given target. You might be considerable faster, have way more effective dpm, outspot them... you'll figure it out. One of the best meds in tier. 7.5/10 Tier 7 T23E3 Yeah, that thing. Slower T20 with an M1A2 that's capable of sniping quite a bit better than the usual one. Apparently it has a mantlet but it has yet to ever block a shot for me, so. It's bad. Most of the other T7 meds shit on this thing, it simply lacks the mobility or pen to get away with hitting like a baby. It's actually better than the other pref 7 med (Panther M10), but that's really not hard to do. Unless you really need a turret, there's no reason to play this thing over the E-25. 3/10 AT-15A I honestly think this was probably the worst T7 in the game when it came out, but it's a completely different machine by now. Ridiculously good protection with the usual inflated HP values of other UK TDs, this thing can do a pretty good T95 impression when it needs to. I honestly think it's just as good as (or better than) the Black Prince, which is really great when you consider that the AT-15A has preferential. Almost as good as the SU-122-44, as long as you know how to take advantage of that armour scheme. The downside? I'll openly admit the tank is boring as sin. 7/10 Aufkl. Panther Awful scout with an accurate, reasonably high DPM konisch. Light tanks are not good tanks. Bad light tanks are even worse. Basically, what you do is drive around and pretend to be like a Comet. Except you don't get the girls, you do not pass go, and you do not collect $200. If you just want to farm some damage, ram some people, and couldn't give two shits about whether or not it actually is influencing the match, this tank is for you. The rest of us can failplatoon a Comet and get that patented Awful experience. 2/10 Tiger I If you're willing to trade off frontal armour for a dream machine, the Tiger is a great purchase. It moves around faster than you'd expect, the gun is the stuff of legend, the side armour is quite serviceable, and it has enough HP that it could pass as a T8. The combination of DPM and HP is always brutal, especially when there's enough accuracy and pen behind it to get every shot to count. The Tiger has so much of it that it can sit in front of most T8 heavies, load APCR, and push their shit in. Turret turns like molasses and the modules will start to shatter when you use that HP pool, but that's hardly enough to stop the Tiger from trouncing almost everything in tier. 8/10 E-25 Okay, so the E-25. If you didn't pick one of these up before they were taken out, you're legitimately retarded... but with that said, this tank is not the be-all end-all. You ever try brawling an IS-6 with a DE 75mm? Yeah, as it turns out, it doesn't really matter how much you buff the DPM or accuracy, you're still going to get absolutely stomped. An unfortunate reality of the brawl meta is that this is going to happen every handful of games. If it's not an IS-6, it'll be an IS-3, a KV-4, a Type 59... basically you're combining low pen med woes with casemate TD woes, neither of which are very productive in close combat. But hey, otherwise it really is as good as advertised! 7/10 LTTB Well, the T37/Bulldog might have gotten me a bit too excited for the new light tanks. The LTTB has problems, but let's start with the good - it's fast. Really fast. T6s will bounce you sometimes. Arty HE too, if they are stupid enough to try and hit you. 216 pen APCR is pretty good. Everything seems hunky dory, but here's the kicker - unlike the WZ-131/Bulldog/T71/Aufkl, there's no vstab. To go along with that, there's no gun depression either. No vstab, no gun depression, and 30 HP/ton means your reticule is going to be all over the place, which is a problem when your gun isn't outstanding in the first place. This isn't a T-50-2, speed alone isn't going to drop wins in your lap. Certainly better than the awful and maybe even 13 75 - but clearly worse than the rest. 3.5/10 SU-122-44 You know what I'm going to say already. It's overpowered - other than being blind and having painful accuracy, it has everything you could ever want and more. DPM through the roof, big punch, surprisingly good armour, great camo and good mobility. It's still a TD though, and that puts limitations on you - especially when undertiered. Unfortunately the few downsides the SU-122-44 has are downsides that are particularly noticeable when undertiered, so the tank isn't all that special in some T8 and T9 matchups. 7.5/10 Type 62 WZ-131 clone but worse in every way. This isn't even an E8 vs Fury thing where the inferior version has like some tiny difference, the Type 62 is literally a WZ-131. It's slower, has worse alpha, worse pen, less dpm, worse gun handling, less HP, and the engine/turret are much easier to break. The only real question is whether it's worse than the Aufkl. It's a pretty close contest. 2/10 Tier 8 T49 Yes, the 152mm is a gimmick. Yes, you'd be better off spamming gold with [iNSERT T8 LT WITH 85/90MM]. But it's not just a gimmick. I see a lot of people dismiss the T49 as a shitty light tank whose only purpose is some funsies, but the reality of the matter is that it's not actually that much worse than the opposition. The 152mm works on a light tank, and the fact it costs almost nothing to run and is a ton of fun makes missing out on that couple hundred DPG worthwhile. Now that that's out of the way - it is the worst T8 light. Light tanks in general are not particularly good. That's not a good combination of titles. 4/10 T95E2 The reward tank for getting a recruit to T10, this tank leaves a lot to be desired. The combination of a very haphazard hull and anaemic penetration with no clear strengths bring this tank to its knees. The mid-mounted turret is particularly painful, as you get most of the cons a rear turret causes to general gameplay without the sidescrape benefits it would otherwise give in return. You can tell this tank so wanted to be an undergunned and larger Pershing with reasonable frontal armour, but gave up halfway through. You can still bruteforce your way to some wins using the HP pool and respectable DPM, but there's nothing else there. 3/10 T34 Ye olde T34, balanced to be the American peer to the Lowe, is exactly what you'd expect. An under-performer, through and through, but you feel too guilty about his big expensive gifts to dump him. Large, slow, blind, horrifically clumsy gun, no DPM, low HP, weak frontal and side armour, weak modules - the T34 has it all. The saving grace is the very powerful American gundep/turret combo along with some serious penetration. It's nothing close to enough to save this tank from its faults, but it is enough to keep you from pulling your hair out. It's still bad though, and probably one of the worst among T8 heavies and mediums. 3.5/10 RU 251 This little monster has proven to be quite capable. The nice thing about the RU 251 is that it doesn't rely on gimmicks. There's no autoloader, no "armour", no derp gun. You're given a high DPM, high accuracy 90mm and massive 80kph top speed on a little pancake. The only way people are going to void your advantages are by killing you. It does turn a little slower than I'd like, and the gun depression setup definitely takes some getting used to, but it's all worth it for that gun. It does have one little fun toy to play around with - 102 pen HESH. Make use of it against the right targets and you'll be dropping them faster than even T10 meds are capable of. Just a warning - the AP shells are quite horrid, so be prepared to empty your wallet for HEAT. 6/10 8.8cm Jagdtiger The perfect tank for the laziest tankers on earth, the JT88 fills the same role at T8 as the AT 15A does at T7. Unfortunately, it does it significantly less effectively due to (usually) far inferior survivability. On the other hand, it makes credits hand over fist and isn't nearly as bad among T8 prems as some make it out to be. Your reload well within permatrack range, which can often be an ace up your sleeve against cocky opponents. Unlike the AT-15A, it can't quite be compared to a heavy (unimpressive HP, much worse arty and flanking vulnerability, far inferior armour outside of hulldown) which means the DPM is somewhat overrated, being only a slightly higher than other TDs when taking into account the poor alpha. Still solid enough to play. 6/10 AMX CDC One of the newest additions to the T8 prem lineup, the CDC is a much thinner but otherwise (mostly) strictly superior version of the FCM. Would be a fan favourite, but unfortunately not graced with preferential matchmaking. It's more than capable of holding its own among contemporary T8 meds, sporting some very impressive mobility, a good gun, and a bag of tricks aimed at avoiding its otherwise cripplingly bad armour. Despite some claims of great camo, the only source I can find places the camo at 11%, which is about identical to the Centurion. This is a bit underwhelming, but nothing even close to the superheavy-level values on the FCM. If you just want an above-average T8 medium that showers you in credits, buy the CDC. 6/10 FCM 50t ...and then there's the FCM. This tank is really nice, I quite like it. It does have some identity issues that can become terribly apparently if you don't watch yourself, but it's a very capable tank. It's great at boosting numbers - some winrate here, some WN8 there, and credits everywhere. Don't get carried away though - capable does not mean particularly good. If it wasn't pref MM or a premium, it'd probably be regarded as a very poor tank. Because of this, you can't really fight fair and square with your peers. That means abusing your range and mobility advantage over other heavies and your HP/DPM advantage over mediums. When this isn't possible, the FCM will try very hard to let you down. 6.5/10 KV-4 I love KVs. Anything with that stalinium side armour gets me rock hard - but I'll be honest here, I think the KV-4 (and probably KV-5, given all the tumours...) was a product of rampant inbreeding. It just doesn't have what makes the other Russian heavies tick. You've got the usual issues - slow, bad manoeuvrability, low view range, poor gun handling, and not particularly good firepower. Then adds its own departures from the norm - it's very large compared to anything but the KV-5, it's pen-centric instead of alpha-centric, and has a large, mostly flat 180mm tumour. These problems accumulate to be more of an issue than the tank can overcome. Another issue is that it's in a very bad tier for what it does. At T9 and T10, pen values skyrocket. While the KV-4 will always be a very tough cookie in sidescrape, the armour (and thus tank) loses almost all of its value in other situations. 4/10 KV-5 I've always been a huge proponent of the KV-5. Mammoth HP pool, great DPM, solid armour and enough speed to not feel get pigeon-holed into a bad position by faster heavies. All with preferential. Most situations are either solved with either brute force or by baiting your opponents into bad shots while you DPM them down with the 107. As a bonus, it's very resistant to arty and overmatch - nothing on the tank has less than 40mm armour. On the other hand, you've got to work with really bad agility and penetration. If you don't know how to position yourself well and both weakspots and overmatch targets, you're going to have a rough time in the KV-5. Lastly, the KV-5 is not very flexible. It does one thing, and unfortunately shares that one thing with gods like the E-75, ST-I, 4502, etc. These tanks will eviscerate you, and there is very little you can do. 7/10 IS-6 We all know the hype that surrounds the IS-6, and it is not misplaced. While the gun's pen is quite poor, a good aim along with a healthy stack of APCR can keep that trait from making a difference in most engagements. When the pen isn't an issue, this tank is easily as good as the better T8 heavies whilst retaining that lovely pref MM. You've also got the benefits of a low skill floor and a high skill ceiling - the tank is relatively fine for even average players while the focus on aim and angling helps good players stay a step ahead. When you include the fact it trains crew for a very popular & populated tank line, this tank is a must-buy for anyone who wants to start taking heavies seriously, even if the playstyle does get stale. 8.5/10 Tier 9 E-50 The E-50 has many names, but several of them go something like "It's like a ____ but better". It's like a M103, but better. It's like an IS-8, but better. It's like a Conq, but better. Much, much better. Like the Panthers before it, the E-50 isn't exactly the fastest thing around - but it's still a medium with a respectable 60kph top speed. Unlike the Panthers before it, the E-50 has one of the best guns in its tier, a UFP capable of bouncing almost anything, enough side armour to work cities, and enough turret/LFP thickness that bullying undertiered opponents is extremely safe. Whoever decided to give a T9 laser accuracy, good gun handling, good armour, high DPM, high HP, good view range, and enough gun depression to not feel like a problem should probably not be in charge of making these decisions any more. Don't get into hulldown peekaboo or vision games with T10 meds and you'll stomp anything stupid enough to try and play fair with you. 9.5/10 VK45.02B You want frontal armour? This is how you get frontal armour. You've got the E-75's shotgun on a tank with near-complete 300mm frontal hull protection. T7s can do almost nothing. T8s have to rely on hitting that sliver of a cupola. T9s have to load gold just to take a chance at your turret face. T10s can deal with you - T10 TDs or enough HEAT attempts will burn through the upper plate, but the same goes for any tank in this game. This isn't without downsides, though - the side armour doesn't lend itself to angling, the rear turret is clumsy and makes leading pushes (something you'll often want to do) a pain. The gun is a bit underwhelming, but only in situations where your gun is your only contribution to the engagement. There are also still going to be situations where your armour doesn't mean a whole lot - some HEAT and some luck will let decent players break through your turret without much trouble and if you find yourself forced up against a higher tier TD (which you probably will, given this tank isn't very flexible) it's entirely possible for them to just pen you every shot. Lastly, arty, as always, will decimate you with no fucks given. Ultimately, much like the T95, this tank is a bit too niche to reliably carry pubbies. You get forced into a bad situation or into a bad map and there won't be much you can do to stop the inevitable. 7/10 WZ-111 1-4 While not quite an E-50, this tank is another T9 king. Slap an IS-7s gun onto an IS-8, buff the turret and shrink the entire package. This tank continues on with what the IS-3 gave us on the previous tier - a shapely heavium with a big punch and high pen, but good enough handling to remain relevant out to longer ranges. If you're the kind of guy who liked the IS-3s role, but found the tank just a bit too slow or the turret roof too punishing, the 111 1-4 is the perfect tank for you. It fixes both problems, slapping a 100mm plate where you'd otherwise want to overmatch it & doing away with that limiting 38kph top speed from the IS-3 in favour of a cool 50kph. 8.5/10 Type 61 Taking a step back from the flood of good tier 9s, the Type 61 is one of those tanks that has a lot of potential, but fucks up the execution so hard that it's utterly ignorable. Starting with the good, it combines that L7A1 from the M48/Leo/Cent 7/AMX 30/etc with actually competitive gun handling and DPM. Not only that, but it also keeps that -10 gun dep from the previous tanks. A good tank during the STB grind? Not on wargaming's watch! Massive heavy-esque hull, tumour-laden turret, unreasonably low camo values, tissue paper frontal armour/completely overmatched sides, rear, and roof. All this for a gun that has still yet to trump the E-50. While there's enough there to work with that tank on tank engagements can still work out in your favour, the horrific arty vulnerability and inability to compete in vision or exposure games prevent this tank from measuring up to the competition. While this may sound a bit harsh, I'd easily file this under one of the worst T9 HT/MTs in the game. It's a damage farmer that can't live long enough to damage farm. 4/10 Centurion 7/1 Another L7A1 tank with -10 gun dep and a large hull, the Centurion feels very similar to the Type 61 in many aspects, and definitely keeps up the tradition of being thoroughly disappointing. Instead of putting all its eggs in one basket like the Type 61 does with its firepower, the Cent spreads them around - the gun itself, while keeping the always-useful traits of very high pen, accuracy, and velocity, is no where near as powerful. The DPM is worst in-tier, the gun handling is poor, and has HESH for a gold round that sadly ends up not being much more than a gimmick. On the other hand, the armour (while still not impressive) is far superior. Arty is not a death sentence, the turret has good angles and no tumours, and the 210mm UFP keeps people from autoaim-snapshotting you with just any ol' tank. This gigantic survivability boon over the Type 61 let the Centurion stay in the match long enough to make an impact - albeit a small one. 5/10 Tier 10 Object 140 If you like hovermeds, the 140 is the crown jewel at tier 10. You've got the whole package - perfect gun handling, great DPM, very strong frontal turret armour, good mobility, a small hull with enough gun depression to abuse almost any terrain, and just enough armour to avoid the bullshit that comes with being frontally penned by HE rounds/arty/scouts & provide some freak bounces. It does suffer from fairly frequent module damage, and the roof means you can never truly be perfectly safe when under fire, but otherwise the tank is always going to be among the best choices for any given situation. 8/10 Object 907 Mostly a copy of the 140, the 907 provides improved frontal and side armour along with slightly improved mobility in expense for a bit of gun handling, a degree of depression, worse module placement, and a more vulnerable turret roof. While not exactly the best trade, the 907 armour is noticeably more troll than the 140's. The side armour is particularly weird - even when it looks like the 907's sides are ripe for the taking, it's often the case that almost all of it will be at autobounce. Overall the 907 trades off a little of what hovermeds so stupid good to be more unique, and ultimately ends up being a slightly worse tank for it. 7.5/10 IS-4 An interesting case where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Beyond its impressive frontal turret armour and HP pool, nothing about the IS-4 stands out as particularly good. In fact, a lot of it seems quite bad - the frontal armour is only 240mm, the gun is quite poor in almost every aspect, the tank is slow, has a weak roof, and the shoulders weaken its angling capability. Despite all that, the IS-4 still works oddly well. The recent buff to the LFP made the IS-4's all-around armour protection quite impressive, maxing out (on flat ground) at around 270mm vs AP (290mm/310mm vs APCR/HEAT) regardless of where it's hit. This is not all that much worse than the Maus, and given how it also happens to be the smallest T10 heavy, it's quite easy to see how this could end up being pretty formidable. Moreso than just being smaller, the IS-4 lacks any of the terrible features of the Maus - it's not slow as sin nor arty bait, nor is it cursed with ultra sluggish traverse speeds. I've started to really enjoy my IS-4, and I think it's a bit underrated. 7/10 IS-7 The IS-7 is a lesson in how much you can get away with if you just give a tank a very poor gun. The hull is extremely enjoyable - the UFP and turret in particular are both great, the LFP is not that hard to hide, and the entire tank lacks any weak spots worth shooting. While sluggish, it's also blessed with a generous 60kph top speed. This isn't always relevant, but on many maps this can get you to places where people really don't expect such a well armoured heavy to be so quickly. The gun, though. The gun is about as terrible as the Maus', perhaps even a bit worse. It handles terribly, is very inaccurate, takes quite a long time to reload, and lacks the kind of pen necessary (on either the AP or APCR) to minimize the impact this has on your gameplay. 6.5/10 Object 263 This tank frustrated me to no end. Not because it's bad, but because it could have and should have been so much more. 260-350mm hull protection above the UFP, amazing DPM, good gun handling, decent camo & high view range on a fairly mobile tank. It sounds overpowered, but it doesn't work. It's not well protected enough & too clumsy to actually stay active in the fight as long as it should. Arty dominates it, other t9s and t10s have a tendency to load gold the moment it's spotted, the combination of bad gun depression and limited gun traverse keep you from getting in free hits, and the very low HP means one bad move and you can be out of the match. It's a classic case of the tank being too gun-centric without giving us a way to actually get and keep that gun in the game. 5/10 Leopard 1 While I was a really big fan of this one when I first purchased it, this hasn't been performing well for a while. The Leo tries really hard to do a job that just isn't all that important any more. It doesn't quite have the firepower to justify how passive it often has to be. While it's fast and often can make for a very good vision control platform, it's not really all that much better at it than the Russian meds and clearly inferior to something more dedicated to the role like a bat. Meanwhile, these other tanks can justify aggression and intimidation much easier than the Leo ever could, and thus will usually have a far bigger impact on the outcome of the match. One thing I do really like about the Leo is that doing well in it feels really good. You've got to use all your advantages and keep your positioning top-notch to compete with the better t10 meds. 5/10 E-100 Many months back, I touted the E-100 as a borderline OP & amazing T10 with unmatched game-winning capabilities. While I'm not about to go back on it being a great tank, I also don't think it's the be-all end-all at T10. The unreliability of the 15cm and its HEAT combined with how quickly a couple good medium players or determined arty players can tear apart the E-100 is something that can't be ignored. An E-100 taken out of the match quickly and decisively is a huge detriment to its team, as unlike something like the IS-4/215b/whatever you can't actually ensure you'll get out a few thousand damage before your HP pool is burned away. An unlucky miss or HEAT fuckup can have you dead (or nearly so) before the next shell is loaded. Still, the tank combines that lovely sidescrape capability with good armour, workable mobility, and a huge punch. 8/10 T110E3 The E3 is great, but its capabilities and faults reminds me a lot of the 45.02B's. It's a bit too niche - it's not always going to find a way to dig itself in, not always going to bounce most every round that flies at it, and not always going to survive arty bombardment. You will have matches that end before you get more than a couple shots in, matches where a suiscout lights you before you've gotten into position and the resident CGC clicks you away, matches where it's impossible to make in impact without setting yourself up to be flanked and circled by meds, and matches where that opposing E3/JPE/50B/etc find ways to ignore the fact you have armour at all. On the other hand, when the E3 works, the E3 really works. It's a good tank to round out a platoon, but too map and situation dependent to compete with the best heavies and meds in general. 6/10 BatChat 25t While the batchat gets a lot of love, you don't hear about it quite as much as you should. The vehicle is very good, combining what is effectively the best light tank in the game with a medium that isn't really all that much worse at being a medium than its peers. It's both capable of farming its own damage and enabling its team to do the same. It's overpowered on open maps and a solid flanker on city maps. It just requires you to think a bit ahead - bad situations are not hard to avoid, but you need to do so in advance. This is a tank I seriously recommend to players who want to get better at positioning and planning. The gunplay might not translate to other tanks very well, but everything else definitely does. 7.5/10 FV215b Dont lynch me pls. Despite the massive hype around this heavy, I've really yet to be impressed by it. Starting with the good - the gun handling is absolutely amazing. It's 62a gun handling, but on a vehicle that blooms much slower and aims in noticeably faster. You don't often have to aim in close or mid range combat, but even further out just a half of a second or so of letting the gun dial in will do the trick. I love the gun. It also has a very nice reload speed, capping out at about 7 seconds. I like this for more than just the DPM - you can manage permatracks on players who've yet to skill into repairs, which is really impressive for a 120mm. In all other aspects, the tank hasn't held up. It takes extremely frequent engine/fire damage, which is both frustrating and denies food. The tank is very thin in general - the front melts to HEAT and high pen AP, the sides melt to any sort of AP or APCR but are good against HEAT. LFP is extremely thin, and allows undertiered opponents to get in damage on you fairly easily if you don't manage to hide it. Rear turret is a huge pain in the ass. Normally I wouldnt mind too much because it makes you a lot better in sidescrape, but the 215b is very bad at sidescrape so it just ends up being nothing but a detriment. It feels like a tank that might thrive in hulldown situations, but being so vulnerable to arty while fighting opponents with such incredible pen, you tend to melt about as fast as you dish out damage. HEAT can occasionally manage turret face pens, and because of the increased autobounce angle, distant opponents can arc it onto the turret roof of cupola for reliable pens. The tank feels too much like a TD for me to enjoy it, and I feel like many people love it because they don't realize the 215b needs to deal more damage than other heavies to have the same impact on a match. 5.5/10
  2. Having played the heck out of payday 2 and starting to get bored which makes me crave for another co op shooter and with The Division so far looks sketchy, thinking of grabbing this game instead. From the looks of it, seems fun and have more sploshuns than The Division and the gunplay aren't as arcade. And open world too, which is a plus, and seeing its Deep Silver is also a plus since I enjoyed Dead Island gameplay quiet a lot, despite the game story and character is somewhat comical. Thoughts?
  3. So one of my 2 hard drives is getting SMART events occasionally and maybe be failing. It wouldn't be an issue if not for the fact that they are in RAID 0. I have looked a little and saw this one as a replacement for the failing one. http://www.microcenter.com/product/373127/Desktop_EP_3TB_7,200RPM_SATA_60Gbps_35_Internal_Hard_Drive_STBD3000100 The reviews for it are good and it is only $109.99. but anyone wanna throw their 2 cents?
  4. Purely a discussion thread. I will list different ways skill MM could work, along with the reward mechanisms of each (in varying levels of detail and personal bias). Type 1: Balance purples and reds as closely as possible in Random Battles. Type 2: Diabetes. Type 3: Putting players in a similar skill range (depending on the queue population) into teams, based on a Elo-like rating system (not necessarily strictly win-loss). Type 4: Separate ranked MM queue. I was going to make this a lot longer, but I must sleep. If you have any other possible types, post them and I'll add them (in my own style).
  5. EDIT: Wrong section. Should this be in Core Skills & Mechanics? Different people obvious measure it in different ways (Efficiency Rating, WN*, Win Rate), but what is it really? At least, what is your definition or interpretation? My definition is ability to do that which is required to create a situation which will allow your team to win the game with the capabilities of your tank, compared to those against and with whom you battle. If a tank is naturally worse at winning, then that doesn't necessarily mean the player is worse at winning. Tazilon thinks that this is a stupid way of looking at skill. I don't know what the fuck he's on. Does anyone else know? Any idea?
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