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Found 1 result

  1. Welcome to our first Embasseh. We in DPS (also known as Dubious Poaching Society) are bad@tanks #yoloscumrainbowswag[][][]555+ managing somehow to top all clan stats in ASIA/SEA except for one, "Total Battle Counts" (according to Noobmeter) and have been accused by SEAtards for our OP platoon cheats, having a fire extinguisher and sprem spams. We have also decided on an excuse that high "Total Battle Counts" clan stat means they have no lyfe --------- Top Clan of First Campaigns ---> Winner of First Campaigns, 3rd Stage: Evolution Epoch Tourney Teams within DPS: Avant Garde (Sponsored by Avantgaming.com.au, 2nd Ural Steel for SEA, Won ESL SupaNova Tournament, 3rd/4th in Tanks Asia Open Season, Multiple winners in weekly Showdown & Rumbles, Tanks Asia Season 1 Master Series, Tanks Asia Australia Nationals Season 2 Runnerup). Insidious Gaming (Sponsored by Insidious Gaming, also known as Team iSG, WCG 2012 Singapore representative team, 2nd place Tanks Asia Season 1, WG Singapore Lan Tournaments multi Champions). Team Efficiency (Round of 16 in Tanks Asia Open Season, 3rd place Tanks Asia Season 1). U ARE DEAD (partial team in DPS, Tanks Asia Open Season 1st place Winners, Multiple winners in weekly Showdown & Rumbles, Tanks Asia Season 1 Master Series). Nasi Lemak (WCG 2012 Malaysia representative team, WG Malaysia Lan Tournaments multi Champions and Runnerup) SEA Cucumber (Tanks Asia Australia Nationals Season 2 Winners, disbanded for lulz after win) Rush (Tanks Asia Season 1 Master Series) --------- Recommend and contact us any oarsome explicit sites (moar boobs ftw!), sexy asian cam live streams and your hot sisters photos to pred_error & comix. We will thereafter give out our TeamSpeak details for further virtual humpfest and free brohugz~! p.s We are very difficult to work with in Diplo, due to many egos the size of an apartment block in the house. Alas we have feexed our differences and found our bromance Alliance aptly named, The Triads with clan SDRHB and PVP (with it's subsidiary clans PVE & PVM). <3
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