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Found 8 results

  1. Its on sale now and was wondering whether it is worth the money...Any advice welcome...
  2. Hi All, I need some help understanding a few things. Looking at all the 3 tanks mentioned in the title, why does the Pudel look more like a VK3002 than it does a Panther. The description says the Pudel was a captured Panther, therefore shouldn't it be near identical to the stock model of the Panther? The VK002M was the prototype so I am assuming it never saw combat. Further it doesn't seem to stand at the same height as the Panther anyway according to tank inspector (visually speaking). So I'm just confused. Maybe I am missing some historical importance? My last question is where could I find a very beginning friendly guide on how to make the Panther fully upgraded (or even the VK3002M) visually look like the stock Panther for historical accuracy? I have a thing for the WWII Panther. Thanks !
  3. http://wotreplays.com/site/2110937#siegfried_line-thomchen114-panther This was the latest game that i played before i take a break to go on a trip This was a game on Siegfried Line in my Panther tier 7 MT. a standard battle spawning from the north, the initial team deployment was...lackluster. we did not have as much in terms of heavier armored tanks as top tier aside from the Tiger I, and so not many, myself included, wanted to venture to town. and the enemy used their advantage after the T-34-1 yolo'd the middle by pushing in with most of their heavier armored tanks through the center. i initially spot the VK3001D platoon making a push down the east road, and so i moved in to intercept along with some light tanks in support. but after seeing the rest of the team capitulate at the center and field, i was resigned to doing as much damage as i could with side shots on the enemy tanks as they pushed through the town, managing to take down some of them, but we were down to only a few tanks and there was no way we could take them on. luckily what was left of my team had functioning brains and were fast enough, and did the smart move of going down the east road and heading for the enemy flag. i saw this and made my way south and decided to take a rearguard action against any returning defenders. it was fortunate that i did since that allowed me to stop the StuG3 from returning and held the rest of the enemy long enough for us to capture the flag and win.
  4. ikone_zg

    Panther replays

    Hi I'm asking if some purple players can send me some Panther replays . Thx
  5. Just bought Panther II last week and use the coated optics that I have in the panther; so next to do was put binocs that i NEVER use to fill up the Panther' slots and this what happens: http://wotreplays.com/site/756811# Do you use to play with binocs on Medium tanks instead of optics? P.S.: I think that i did more than a half of the damage using them.
  6. VK 30.02M Panther Panther II How do you play them in a tier game where you are bottom or middle tier? So far I only have the 3002M, but looking at the gun options and armor for the other two, it looks like they are going to be the same thing at higher tiers. Whenever I enter a tier 7 or 8 game, it feels like I can't do anything, the pen on the gun feels completely inadequate in dealing with tier 7 heavies and tier 8 anything, and the tank is so huge with no armor that I feel like I have to play super cautiously to avoid ending up as a flaming wreck 3 minutes in. It has no alpha to speak of, nothing to deter someone from pushing on it, I can't even take out a track reliably unless it has already been damaged.
  7. I have a Panther in my garage. Been there for awhile, but I don't take it out much. I need help playing this thing. I like it, I really do, I just can't buy a win in that tank to save my life. I love the RoF of the top gun, and it's accuracy. Damage is not all that great. My kill ratio in the Panther is about the lowest of all of my tanks. I can't seem to get much done in this vehicle, and was looking for suggestions. I have been in a few battles with Panthers on my team. In one case, the Panther on my team scored 11 kills, using the 75mm L/100. Otherwise, I have seen scores of 5+ for Panther players quite often. I'm lucky if I get one. Conversely, I play my VK3601 quite well, with either the 88mm or the Konisch. If I could translate that skill from the VK to the Panther, I would be happy. My playstyle is the support the front line, and snipe from medium to long range. However, in a few cases it seems like, as soon as I get myself situated, either enemy arty finds me, or an enemy heavy decides to take on an "anti-sniper" role, and I find myself on the defensive, and pretty much finished. Any help would be appreciated. I figured I would post this here, vs the regular WoT forums, because everyone here knows what they are talking about...
  8. So, I just picked up this bad boy during the 30% discount currently on SEA, and I have everything unlocked except the engines. So first thing I noticed in the battle I played with it, was it's terrible manoeuvrability due to stock engine, it's good gun depression and good armour (won't just get overmatched). Now, I am great in the Type 62 (~60% solo pub so far), for me atleast, so does it play anything like the Type 62? Obviously it has terrible camo, but it can also ram. Should I just play it as a fast medium? I currently have vert stabs, rammer, optics, with camo on all crew, as well as 6th sense, and controlled impact (~25% 2nd skill). Any advice would be appreciated, sorry if this post is worded terribly. Thanks in advance!
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