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Found 6 results

  1. Hello reader! If you don't know me, I'm Patient0, a player of clan BULBA. Quick Bio: I started playing 4 years ago, and improved from a lowly 800 WN8, to 4k+ recent WN8 today. When I joined the newly created BULBA back in 2014, I had a little fewer than 10k battles. I've always found enjoyment in performing my best while playing the game, never settling for what my current proficiency. I enjoy coaching others free of charge, but can't find enough time in the day to service everyone, so I'm starting this semiweekly article series dedicated to helping anyone of any skill level improve at the game. I won't go into specific tanks, since there already are dedicated guides. Rather, the information in the article can be applied to most tanks you play in the game. This article will go over what you should think about when starting a pub match. How to Suck Less #1: Getting Started So, you've found the courage to finally hit the random battle button. You should already be familiar with your tank's characteristics, its strengths and weaknesses. It is now your job to apply its strengths, and hide its weaknesses. A lot of you may wonder, "I know, but how do I do that?" Well, that's what I'm here to explain. Good players will always consider every single bit of information available to them from the start of the game. I'm going to assume that you are driving a reasonably fast tank (can go 40-50 kph consistently), has a gun that isn't complete trash, and has ok armor. Map Analysis First, consider the map. Where will there be optimum cover but also easy access and angles to all parts of the map? I won't go over specific maps, since the viability of positions vary heavily depending on the deployment of your enemies and teammates. Your intuition will improve through practice, so start thinking about which positions offer more angles to damage enemies, and less angles for them to damage you (i.e. places where you can hull down, windows, hill, etc.). Exo's Map guides are a good place to start from. Start from there, then practice and adapt. Analyze Lineups Second, consider the enemy lineup. How many mediums, heavies, TDs, and arty do they have? Are you top tier? Bottom tier? More mediums - Watch out for aggressive fast pushes that will wreck your flank in seconds. Lure them into some heavies who can take the punishment, or regroup with your teammates and over-match them. Just don't let them isolate you. More Heavies - slow down; pushing into them is what they want you to do. Find angles from which you can shoot their sides and rear. Facing them frontally means that they will use their superior health pools to out trade you. This is the best scenario because you know that they won't be going anywhere anytime soon, so take your time and farm to 7k damage. More TDs - Recognition of popular firing lanes is important. Generally I would play cautiously, as even one mistake could end up with you at half or 0 hp. Dealing with TDs should be about the same as dealing with heavies. they have low mobility and even worse firing rate, so take advantage of this and hit them after they've fired or flank. More Arty - For me, 1 or 2 arty is bearable, however, arty has a multiplicative effect where any number above 3 means that you are unable to time their reloads, meaning you aren't able to have moments of aggression in between reloads. Make sure to play carefully and not be spotted often. Control who they focus on. I might write more about reading, predicting, and influencing enemy movements in another article. Top Tier - You're top dog, so play like one. Don't be afraid to push with teammates. Not like an idiot though. Bottom Tier - You're weaker relative to everyone else, meaning that enemies will be more comfortable yoloing you if they want. Therefore, take a supportive role, stay behind the big boys, and farm that damage. Taking Early Positions One of the most important things you should do in any game. Taking early positions sets the tempo of matches, and early game damage influences the game the most. Catching that slow top tier out means that he will have less hp to work with for the rest of the match. Early damage is important, but it's also risky. For one, if you don't position yourself correctly, the enemy might get cocky enough to rush you and if you don't have sufficient support behind you, you will die. You will probably also be the first spotted, so it means that arty's first shot will be aimed at you. If you've ever played on Lakeville and you see players asking for the scout to passive spot mid, it's for a reason. Typically, it's wise to go with the majority so that you can win the flank rather than spend a hard time defending the other. Most maps only have two to three viable locations to go to, so make sure you have enough teammates with you before you go there. Some maps like Prok and Lakeville allow scouts to get really good initial vision on where the enemy is going, so when that happens, take advantage of the new information and adjust accordingly. If they are rushing a flank, don't go there. Take a position where you can punish their push from the side and from afar. Putting It All Together Image 1 I'm going to use a replay of mine for an example. The map is Himmelsdorf and it is Encounter. We're South spawn. I go down in my E5. I typically don't go hill from South because there is no way to retreat from it once you start losing. Also, it's Encounter so even the heavies will go up a lot of the time. Lineups are about the same, no irregularities. There is a large number of low tiers, meaning that the game will be largely determined by what the top tiers do. I check the 8 line alley, don't see any big players there. This means that either they all went hill, or took a detour and went 1 line. The most probable event is the former. After about 20 seconds I start going west on D line. Why? So I can get shots into hill. Excellent plays result from reacting to information quickly and accurately.Image 2 Here you can see me shifting quickly to Western D line at the 13:30 mark. This allows me to shoot up into the hill and deal out damage. In hindsight, if I had moved even earlier I could've reached where the Cent AX was and gotten even better shots into hill and better cover. Anyone on D line becomes trapped once the enemy is done fighting on hill. Something to note is that I could've gone hill in the beginning, and brawled with the everyone. Each player has their unique playstyle/opinions, and you will develop your own through experience and practice. TL;DR : Practice reading the information the enemy gives you at the start of every battle. They will help make the mid and late game easier. Afterword Grats on making it down here! This is my first article, so suggestions are welcome. If there are any topics you want me to cover in the next article, feel free to post in the thread and I'll get to it. I stream sometimes. Support me by following the stream: Twitch
  2. Hello all I have resumed streaming regularly and since my last post is beyond necro'ing I've made a new one. Why should you watch me? / What I offer I've improved a lot over the past few months. I started at 3600 Recent last summer(Started as a 1000 WN8 player). Now I regularly average above 4k WN8 and sometimes 5k WN8. I excel at medium and fast heavy play and play mostly solo. I play cool Trance music and remain mostly silent whilst playing. I have the highest Bat Chat DPG on VBAddict, and am a RUmed padder. Ask questions in chat and I will do my best to answer them. Stream Schedule I find that I focus the best at these times. On Weekends, stream times may differ from what is listed. Without further ado here is my twitch stream http://www.twitch.tv/lordvaeder Stream will be up shortly
  3. Hello WoTLabbers, I am Patient0. What Is Your Background? I started playing this game in 2013, starting with WoT version 7.4. This account used to be 1000 WN8 before I took a year long hiatus and came back to seriously improve. I've accumulated tons of knowledge from the unicums on WoTLabs, the official forums, and on Twitch (Garbad, Anfield, etc.). I've played above 3k WN8 since the 7k battle mark, and after reaching 4k WN8, I challenged myself to play a tank well. I currently have the highest Bat Chatillon 25T DPG on vBAddict (Replays ). I constantly strive to improve by watching players like EJ(rip), Poltto, and other RU/EU Supercums. I am an NA player with extended expertise on medium tank and light tank gameplay with some heavy tank knowledge. I play almost exclusively solo. What Do You Offer? Free Replay Review - Post a replay in this thread and I will review it. I will cover your replay in these 3 categories: Tank Mechanics Angling Reload Management Shot Precision Minimization of Weaknesses Knowledge of Weakspots Target Prioritization Trading Deployment Knowledge of suitable positions for each Vehicle type Utilization of Map Design (Exploiting Firing Angles On Field Improvisation Knowing when to push Knowing when to relocate Exploitation of terrain to negate damage and maximize result I will cite direct evidence from your replays to support my claims. These come in the forms of pictures or text descriptions (if I'm lazy). Conclusion In this final paragraph, I will relay the TL;DR version of the analysis and then give advice on how what was learned from the replay can be used to improve future games. I will give you advice on how to win. I am online daily from 4-5PST. What this means is that I will be able to watch and deliver two replay reviews per day. If you see that two unreviewed replays have already been posted, please consider posting the replay the following day so I do not get swamped and not be able to review replays on the day they were posted. What Is Required of Me? Please list the following information in your post so I can easily identify and review your Replay. [in-Game Name] [server (NA East/West)] [Map Played] [Tank Driven] [Which Spawn] [Victory or Defeat] Upload Replays to vBAddict(You're going to have to login and upload your Dossier first). Embed your replay after the information in a Submit to me the replay which you think is most representative of you current level of play. In other words, give me a replay that can be used to describe what 50%~ of your games typically look like. I can neither analyze replays where you die outright, nor replays where you do 7k damage shooting at players who do not know how to drive tanks. I am a NA server player, not EU or SEA. I know nothing about EU or SEA meta. Please seek help from people like No artillery or TD replays. The furthest I've gone down a TD line was buying the JT 88 when I was a pubbie. That's it! I look forward to reviewing your replays!
  4. Not sure what I will offer that's new but if I will certainly fulfill your tank media needs when nobody else is on
  5. Hi, I am in the process of expanding my friends list to find more people to platoon with. I play mainly on West. Requirements: Have tanks tier 8 and above Above 2600 recent WN8 At or above 60% recent WR Can play on West Please leave a reply here so I can add you
  6. Hi guys I will be posting my replays here. I will include the crap ones with the good ones because I believe that it is important to learn from mistakes. If you guys have any questions with any replays, I can post an in-depth analysis. I also wouldn't mind doing replay analysis in this thread as well(Although I am potato myself ). Will update OP with replays from each day. I am using VBAddict.net replay site to upload. 7-29-14 (9.1 replays) Session Stats Replays
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