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Found 8 results

  1. Hello, I saw that otter lost a lot of members, I couldn't find otter recruitment post to ask about it, only other petco's ded clans.
  2. BUNEH- Best Unit Nobody Ever Heard of Guess who’s back…. Back again…. Guess who’s back…Tell a friend…. Buneh is back and recruiting for T10 end game CW’s. Buneh has been around the competitive scene for a few years. We were BUNEH back in the early days of Petco, then we changed to BUNNY when we grew up and made our presence known on the CW (1.0 map). As BUNNY we placed top 15 in the IS5 campaign and got everyone who participated in the event the tank with 15 of us receiving the special edition version. BUNNY then closed shop and merged with portions of PBKAC prior to the start of the 4th campaign and once again did fairly well and placed high enough (top 15 once again) to get everyone involved in fighting their choice of T10 reward tank. Now its time to rebuild BUNNY as some of us never quite forgot the friends that we bade in BUNNY and how things were done. Therefore, a few of us have gotten together to bring that experience and comradery back. Unfortunately, we were not able to get the BUNNY tag back and instead are bringing back the old school BUNEH tag. So without further ado…… What We Want: - 1600+ WN8 Overall - 2100 WN8 30/60 Day - 500+ Battles last 30/60 Days - 4 Clan Wars Preferred Tier 10's - Be mature enough to know when it's OK to be completely immature - Be available for Clan Wars 4+ nights a week - Have a working mic and have the ability to use it - Have a fully working TS3 client - 18+ Come into our ts if you have any questions. NewportReb Silvers_ MarkyMarkThePrincess Georgetheprincess ts.petcogaming.com What You Get: We have good Buneh's We have bad Buneh's We have Emo Buneh's Anime buneh's Killer buneh's We even have the normal cute and fluffy buneh's We have every Buneh you could want. So if you are interested in joining Buneh and meet the requirements or are close, contact one of our officers via PM or hop on over to the Petco TS: (ts.petcogaming.com)
  3. I AM NOT THE RECRUITER ANYMORE, PLEASE SEE NEW CONTACTS BELOW [FOXEY] About Us FOXEY is a casual clan wars clan that was founded in April 2013. We have grown and improved consistently in that time. We like to keep the clan environment fun and relaxed for all our members, but when the time comes for serious pixel tanking we can be a force to be reckoned with. Our Clan Current Average Clan Wars FOXEY has had a successful history playing clan wars. With our attendance levels, we have no trouble fielding two teams, and we can get 3 on sometimes if needed. We typically pay out 100 gold per day for 2+ days of attendance, with a 100g bonus for exceptional attendance. Rewards for events are divided by share among the players that participated. Strongholds FOXEY is very active in stronghold battles; members run detachments long into the night. With our great activity, we can activate credit bonuses every night from all of the pixel boxes we collect. We mostly do tier 8 battles to help improve our teamwork or as a stress reliever coming up with fun team comps and grind credits/XP. Foxey regularly seeks battles in stronghold raids against other clans for good battles for some fun 15vs15 action! Skirmishes/Tournaments FOXEY has plenty of players that do skirmishes actively and are free to make their own teams or join existing ones. Our attendance is typically good enough that skirmishes do not get in the way of CW. Special Events FOXEY has participated in each of the major CW campaigns, the Twilight of the Gods mini campaign, and several CW exhibitions, including the most recent one where we reached the semi-finals. In the first campaign, Foxey participated, but was unable to win the reward. In the second campaign, we earned 33 VK 72.01s for our members. In the third campaign, we earned 63 reward tanks. Participated in the Civil War as a part of the Northern Team. Limited time Kilgore FOX! Clan Community We are located within the mixing bowl of clans in the PETCO TS (pbkac.ts.nfoservers.com) with our friends OTTER, PBKAC, BUNEH, and PUPPY. Our home TS server is also a common meeting place for many other players, FOXEY has a great group of players to platoon with around the clock. There’s always an open platoon somewhere, and if you’re not in the mood for tanks, you just may find a buddy for a different game, too! What are we looking from YOU? We are looking for exceptional and experienced players to join our ranks in glorious battle. Our recommended requirements are as follows, based on our clan averages... Recent -WR: 58% -WN8: 2300 Overall -WR: 55% -WN8: 1900 Tier 10's -At least 3 to 4 viable CW tanks Others -Available at least 3-4 nights a week for battles -Teamspeak 3 -A working microphone Exceptions can be made on a case by case basis and for proven callers! If you think you are interested in what you see above and be a part of our clan, get started by contacting either AllHardAllTheTime, Havoc, or besieger, by PM'ing on the forums or contact us in-game. You are also welcome to hop on to our Teamspeak server (pbkac.ts.nfoservers.com) and jump into the Foxey Recruitment Channel or just come hang out with us and have some fun! APPLY NOW
  4. PetCo just started up its $1/gallon aquarium sale again (on the aquarium only, no equipment included). If you need another tank or have wanted to get into the hobby, now is a good time to do it Not all PetCo stores run the sale at the same time but it tends to be pretty close. Sale is on tanks up to 55 gallons. If you've never had an aquarium before I recommend getting a 40 Breeder or 55 - contrary to the popular belief among novices, it's actually easier to maintain a sound larger tank. I hate to use the term "leeway" in reference to the lives of my aquatic friends, but that's essentially what it amounts to. It's harder to kill your fish with water chemistry in 55 gallons than it is 10, speaking very generally. Of course, you still need the rest of the equipment, but you're basically saving ~50% or more on the tank itself. Brands vary by store - they had Tetra and Aqueon where I am. I prefer the thicker glass of the Aqueon tanks. Git you some fish!
  5. This was a match in my patton and close to the end i decide to not cap and reset and we won but should ive of done differently http://wotreplays.com/site/471673#ensk-yoyoya-m46_patton
  6. Does allot of arty play make your wn7 go down (as i play allot of arty)
  7. yoyoya2


    Hey y'all usually i tend to shoot tank with more health then to finish off tanks i would like to know what would be better to get a better wn7 and to do better in game
  8. hey all i posted this on the WOT forums but i would like to know your idea I would like to know what is your medium for amount of kills vs damage i say: kills: dmg Tier 1: 1 = 200 tier 2 1 = 250 tier 3 1 = 300 tier 4 1 =300 tier 5 1 =500 tier 6 1 =550 tier 7 1 =700 tier 8 1 =1000 tier 9 1 =1700 tier 10 1 = 2100 what i mean by this is that if someone has one kill but has under the damage posted above he did not benefit by killing him and it would of been better to do some damage.
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