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Found 1 result

  1. waitwaitwait put down the torches and pitchforks pls no bulli I swearsz I was only doing it f. or the female crew members becuase light tenks r hurd but yeah with that out of the way I went through SPG misisons 1-14 with the tier 5 french arty and I have actually had fun (battle assistant is a must) doing so I have had most of the notfun shit about this game go away -I dont get clicked (oh the irony) -no xvm sniping -who gives a fuck if someone else is spamming apcr at me -generally less bulli as far as the actual gameplay goes, the french tier 5 arty is fast, relatively maneuverable, has enough depression to defend itself and ohmygodwhythefuck does an accurate tier 5 arty have 230 pen APCR rounds it can fire at you. seriously what in the actual fuck 12 second reload keeps me actually playing the game too so its not just click and go AFK with everything combined giving it some nice carry potential, especially when tooned here was my last game in the tier 5 http://wotreplays.com/site/2033363#airfield-zapyoug-amx_13_105_am_mle_50 (70 dmg off SPG15 so I went off and did it in the teir 6 as it was just unlocked) and that is actually a pretty hilarious replay on its own overall, it kinda feels like playing TDs with the magik ability to shoot over walls and out of render distance oh and I am burning in hell for this
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