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Found 22 results

  1. Triple T95 platoons are pretty ridiculous. people literally run away when they see it.
  2. Are you new to World of Tanks? Have you been playing a while and find yourself wanting to learn more about WoT and improve your gameplay? If so you should enroll with the, Minion Institute of Tankology (M-I-T). Through your enrollment you’ll gain access to: A community where you will be given respect no matter your skill level A relaxed teamspeak environment Platoon mates with a shared interest in getting better Weekly training sessions Training from super uni’s that drop by from time to time Exposure to all facets of WoT M-I-T’s requirements are simple: Have a tier 4 tank at minimum Have an interest in team play and a willingness to learn. M-I-T is not a bunch of purples, but we all want to get better. M-I-T can provide you with a solid foundation for WoT gameplay. Then when the time is right (you’ll know when that is) you can graduate to bigger and better things. Speaking of which, enrollment in M-I-T provides the chance to graduate to M—M, our “big brother” clan. M—M provides mentoring and platooning opportunities to us when time allows and is another great way to enhance your gameplay. If you’re interested drop by our website (http://m--m.enjin.com/recruitment) and fill out an app. Feel free to drop by our TS and say hello as well (m--m.enjinvoice.com) .
  3. Skilled casuals. International english-speaking clan for people with skills since 2013/03/19. Our stats (2017/06/19) according to wotinfo.net: 55.42% avg win rate with 1986 WN8 We don't play for pixel glory because we don't care. We roll platoons only. Our expectations are: WN8 of at least 2000 (rerolls 2400) overall with 2200+ recent. Check your WN8 here: click! You have to speak english AND behave, if you don't please look for another clan. Join our Discord: click! Want to join? Contact m1ch through forum PM, this thread or ingame. About us: wotinfo.net: click! wotlabs.net: click! noobmeter.com: click! eu.wargaming.net: click!
  4. ROHAN WoT page SHIRE WoT page GONDR WoT page Middle Earth Tankers is a newly-formed group of clans arising from ROHAN with the goal of providing competitive play at tiers 6 and 8, as well as a casual/training outlet. Although we don't currently have short-term tier 10 plans, we will in the future. Come join the group of tankers that grabbed and dominantly held onto first place in tier 6 for CW season 3. We need experienced tankers like you to achieve the same success in tier 8! TS: vs23.tserverhq.com:7078 ; forum: middle-earth-tankers.boards.net Contact _Mik_, Kamzilla89, or any officer in our absence! Gondor (Tier 8 ) Requirements 30+ team battles, tier 8 strongholds, or CW in a 28-day period. 1100+ recent WN8; 50% recent winrate (rounding up OK) 3 viable tier 8 tanks (to be reviewed by officers) Middle Earth Code of Conduct Rohan (Tier 6) Requirements 30+ team battles, tier 6 strongholds, or CW in a 28-day period. 1000+ recent WN8; 49% recent winrate (rounding up OK) 2 viable tier 6 tanks (to be reviewed by officers) Middle Earth Code of Conduct Shire (Training/Casual) Requirements At least 1 tier 5 tank A great attitude Less than 10k battles Middle Earth Code of Conduct Middle Earth Code of Conduct All penalties are per the executive staff's decision and are subject to leniency or intensity changes are necessary. Intentional team killing is forbidden. Penalty: banishment Harassment is forbidden. Penalty (single): reprimand or banishment ; Penalty (multiple): banishment
  5. NA west preferred. Want to continue to get better and play with friends willing to teach me to keep me improving. Hours are pretty random because my job requires random hours @-@ Also would like to work on missions to so if anyone wants help with theirs I would be up for it ^-^ Thanks :D!
  6. Ever since I started doing work, I've had less and less time to play tanks, and more so at later times in the day. I left for over a year and then came back recently, which means that a lot of my former platoonmates are now dead. I mostly play late at night and in the early morning hours of Friday and Saturday (today's an exception) . I prefer NA West, but can do NA East as well. I can normally manage a purple recent, but I've been doing arty for missions. Yes, I'm a terrible person and a hypocrite because I also like to sperg at arty.
  7. XMR http://forum.digitares.de Hello all, we in XMR, are a bunch of mad rabbits and as some people know rabbits can get pretty dangerous if provoked. So what we are: A close knit community that wants to excel in performance but approach things casually at the same time. We are active in WOT/AW/Elite Dangerous/WOWS and other games. We have also spots available for those that don't want/can't play CW/SH on a hardcore basis, but who would like to be able to participate in campaigns. Similarly, players interested in ESL and other competitions are very welcome to our ranks. All in all our most important goal is to promote teamplay and a sense of community, be that in CW,SH,ESL or platoons.What we look for in new members:- Be active in at least one of the games we play, obviously World of Tanks is most likely here- Stats should be around the clan average, both in overall and in recent (check here: http://wotlabs.net/eu/clan/XMR)- Be able to withstand some trolling and dish some out if needed- Raging is understood, but please keep it classy - Be able to communicate in english- And lastly!: If you are unable to look at an array of enemy tanks and decide for yourself which one has lowest health and can't focus fire with your team you are not what we are looking for.What we offer:- Active forums and TS- High skill level players to platoon with- A possibility to play campaigns and earn reward tanks- Internal competitions for gold- CW/SHHow to join? Go to our forums http://forum.digitares.de and reply to the recruitment post for someone to contact you in game, you can also join directly on TS (digitares.de) but it's best if you just post there. Copy pasta from our recruitment tread on the official forums. If you have any questions, you can ask me on here, ingame or in a pm where ever you feel like it!
  8. Hey labs, I'm a decent weeaboo player.. jk I'm a camo shitter Anyways, I've just recently left my clan after its begun to split and I'm tired of seeing 5 or so people online at a time. I'm looking for a more or less a laid back clan for stronk holds and platoons Tanks: X- T110E5, Maus, IS-7, Obj. 140, (T-62A unlocked) VIII- IS-3, T-54 Ltw, T34, T26E4, Tiger II VI- Hellcat, SU-100Y, MT-25. Pz.Kpfw IV, KV-85 While I am looking for toons and such, as always I'm looking to improve my gameplay and become a better tanker
  9. How you want win, noobs? [-MM] MadMen is a fast growing clan of very capable players that is founded on the principle that skilled players can compete with low drama. It is possible to play4funtm and still be good at winning games, carrying randoms, and winning tanks. We have built up a solid group of players very quickly that are active and able to win games. We would like to continue doing so. In that vain, for the time being we are not recruiting any more platooning members and are now recruiting players that would be focused on competitive play. We are recruiting players that are close to or exceed our clan averages which currently stand at Blunicum semi-goldspamming neckbeards. In effect what this ensures is that the requirements for joining the clan will increase over time in line with rising clan averages. http://www.noobmeter.com/clan/eu/-MM/500039439 http://wotlabs.net/eu/clan/-mm Current Clan averages (updated semi-regularly): Wn8: 1936 - Blunicum Winrate: 57% - Blunicum Rerolls must exceed our averages by some way to even be considered. Tanks that we require from you: Tier VI: Literally doesn't matter. Tier VI strongholds is easymode with good players. Tier VIII: IS-3, AMX 50 100, T69, Wz-132, AMX 13 90, T32, Pershing, the rest. Tier X: Clan Wars capable tanks. You all know what they are. You will need to have about four due to tank locking. Additional Requirements: You must speak relatively good English. We use English to communicate because English people like me are generally too stupid to learn other languages. We appreciate your sacrifice. Obviously, this means that you should install Teamspeak. You must be 18 years or older or you must be able to fool us into thinking that you are by behaving in such a way. I don't care which. Clan Behaviour. I'm not your dad, act how you want to in randoms. If you get banned it's your own fault and you probably deserve it, you trolls. However, don't cause unavoidable drama within the clan or on TS. Contact Details: Clan Commander: Evil_Mungo Clan Deputy: paulcoo Recruiter: jodgi Recruiter: lads If you are interested in joining please feel free to message any of the above in-game. We may not be able to get back to you right away, but if we can, we will. Alternatively, you can post in this thread.
  10. EMPYR - Dark Side http://na.wargaming.net/clans/1000021911/ udder.ts.nfoservers.com Who Are We? We are a new clan but our members have a history of playing together in several different prominent WoT clans. Where are we right now? We're a casual clan focusing platoons, strongholds, and working on personal missions. Clan Wars are not on our radar but if the membership expands and calls for it, we will raid the global map from time to time. What are we looking for in any possible recruits? (Minimum Requirements) - 50% Overall W/L - 52% Recent- 1200 Overall WN8 - 1400 Recent- Tier 6 and 8 Stronghold tanks (T37, Type 64, Crommy, IS3, 110, RU, T54LT, WZ, AMX50/100, etc)- Suitable tanks in different tiers for platooning- Active in platoons and strongholds- Be on Team Speak While in game (we have a silent channel for playing solo)- No age requirement but members must be mature enough to handle adult content in TS- You must have thick skin, a sense of humor, and a willingness to adapt and learn new tactics. - ABSOLUTELY NO DRAMA - Raging in channel, constant whining, racism, or extreme negativity will not be tolerated. Also looking for stronghold legionnaires and peeps to add to our platoon friends list. You don't have to commit right away to our clan to hang out with us. See what were all about before making a decision. What do I as a player do if I'm interested in joining? Get on our teamspeak (udder.ts.nfoservers.com) and talk to one of our clan officers, send one of them a message in-game, or post your interest here. Potential recruits will be evaluated for skill level and to see if you are a good fit personality-wise. We're not in a rush to fill our roster and would rather slowly grow a close knit group of competent players that will mesh together.
  11. Hello wotlabs-dwellers and -lurkers! We're looking for good enough players and lots of them to join our SH, CW, TB, tournament ambitions. This ghey community aims to combine serious competitive play shrouded in one value. Don't be a [derogatory term of your choice to denote cretin like and antisocial tendencies]. We expect you are - Aged 18 or more. - English speaking... and somehow there's many brits in the clan. - Capable of accepting filth laiden banter. Least and last, stats requirements: 1500 recent wn8. 51+ overall WR. Not end all be all. We need to know you're trying to play WoT. Submitting an application - http://eu.wargaming.net/clans/500044745/ - Contact: BadGene616, Skudakoi, daddlar (in-game, WoTEU-forum). - In this wotlabs-thread. - Enter http://www.scrubtanks.co.uk and make an introduction-post which allows us to communicate our true colours. At this moment we have a small core of very active members. Of which many have very strange personalities. Want to help us grow or rant freely at everything? Welcome. ta
  12. **Looking for a quality Recruiter, need help bringing in more members! Please contact me (jsh0602) for any pertinent discussion!** Riot Makers [-RM-] is looking for members in tier 8 all the way to Clan Wars ready. We are an active clan, with a good core of members who broke off for a more competitive nature. Most of our members are Clan Wars ready with experience, and just awaiting more members so we can field a team. We are actively doing Strongholds (tier 6 and , Tourneys and platooning, including count-ins. Needing a few more people for Clan Wars. We have our own website and TeamSpeak server for communication. Here are our Requirments: TS3 - Mandatory (If you don't want to be bothered or are grinding, we have a channel where you can sit w/o being bothered unless something important comes up, i.e. CW, SH, Clan Meeting etc) Overall WN8 1200 -OR- Recent WN8 1500 Minimum 1 Tank in T5-T9, Prefer Multiple T8 and T9 Must be 18+ Must have Pz.1c for the lulz Must have thick skin - We are brash and like to give each other a hard on time, be ready to take some shit as well as give it! Anyone who is interested MUST apply on our website. Please apply here: http://riotmakers.enjin.com/recruitment NOTE: Potential recruits may be subject to a platoon interview during the application process. All recruits will be subject to a probationary period of 14 days before available to be made a soldier, at HQ's discretion. Our Officers:
  13. EAB2 is recruiting new players: minimum 1500 WN8 and 3000 battles 52+% win rate at least 1 tier 10 What we can offer: friendly community liberal leadership: there will be little requirements imposed on you own TS server daily platoons, strongholds, CWs last CW campaign we won 12 reward tanks + 5 camos average above 1600 WN8, 53% win rate, almost 70% in strongholds Contact me, smedley27 or leave us a message right here.
  14. I was in a Tier 8 game and someone brought a T1 Cunningham. For reasons unknown to the world WG simply cant put restrictions on platoons? So, as a T1 is USELESS in a Tier 8 game and cant even spot or do a yolo scout run I killed him. I ignore it usually but it just got to me this time. So I turn blue somehow for killing a guy like in months...wow WG wow. And then my team starts raping me because why not. Oh wow blue tank lets shoot that blue T34... WG please implement platoon restrictions already or at least justify not implementing them for there might be reasons I cant think of.
  15. So is there any Aussie players on the sea server looking for a toonie to get personal missions complete with. Possibly help with a little advice in game also. My stats are not great as I am well aware but have been playing a lot better since I started readying these forums.
  16. This is a game not a job. You try to win games. Games are built so that people may have fun enjoying them. This clan is 1 month old!, 75 Active members, and already turning heads. Will you be part of the rise of Stud Muffins? Will you be here when it all began? PARTICIPATING IN THE 3RD CAMPAIGN We understand that most of the people that play games also have a life outside those games. We do this for fun, to relax and to socialize with like-minded players to keep us entertained. Here at STUMU, we look for players that don't just understand these principles, but also like to compete in the various game modes that WoT has to offer. While we are a Clan Wars clan at heart, we make sure we focus on what's important. Winning. I mean fun. Which means we do a lot of strongholds during the day, occasional tournaments when our players are in the mood, a ton of platoons and of course our favorite part, Clan Wars We do not have the usual requirements that every single other clan in this game has. For instance, you play when you get online when you want to get online, not cause you have to be online. We also don't have a tier 10 limit. If you're a newer player and you're still at tier 8 but you're doing your best to improve and your stats show that you have taken the extra effort to become a better player, we'll be happy to talk to you. We focus on team-oriented play. Which means, we don't necessarily care how many times you've derped somebody in an M4. We want to know if you can put the team's victory before your own personal glory when the time comes. Can you stick your hull out to save your clanmate while he's tracked? Will you lead a push knowing full well you'll most likely be focused first? We look for those kinds of players. On the more business side of things our experience in running a clan wars clan is quite extensive. Callers are all blue or better and have called for top 50 or 25 clans. Our recruitment method is unique in that we give you the benefit of the doubt, there are no trials or platoons or anything that you need to go through (unless you wanna) to get in. if you meet our standards, we'll send you an invite. It's that simple. Please feel free to contact any of our recruiters or officers for info on how to join our ranks. Roster slots are more than just a number. They're players with unique skills and personalities and we value that. Our clan page: http://worldoftanks.com/community/clans/1000018445/#wot&mt_order_by=member_since Clan's Stats via Wotlabs: http://wotlabs.net/na/clan/STUMU Clan Ranking 12/11/14: 102 Clan Campaign 3 Rating 12/11/14 : 116 Stronghold Stats as of 11/29/14: 129 battles, 62.7% win rate
  17. This isn't elitism (well it is, sort of), this isn't people ignoring you (well it is, sort of), it's the way it is, so read it through and be enlightened. /END DISCLAIMER Okay, so if you're someone who would be considered a baddie (see: less than 50% w/r or does less than your own HP at tier 10), chances are you've had trouble finding platoons in the wotlabs channel. This isn't because they don't want to help you, it's because some of the people looking for platoons aren't asking everybody, they're really asking a specific group of people in the channel that they know can carry hard. Unless they say something about mentoring or accepting anyone, they probably don't mean you (sorry to break it to you, I really am ) This isn't the end though. There are several ways you can find someone to platoon with. When someone says they're looking for a plat, look at their stats. (Don't feel dirty, we all do it, and if you're some random asking to get into a purple plat you can bet your stats are glanced over before you get the invite.) If they are within your skill range, go ahead and ask. (In general, people will platoon +/- one color level.) If they're a little out there, PM them and ask. Purples don't bite. If they're looking for a carry platoon they'll probably tell you so nicely. Ask if they might be able to plat with you sometime later. They'll either give you a rain check or point you to someone who's more able and willing to show you the ropes (not everyone is a teacher.) If you ask for a platoon, preface it with the fact that you're not the best. Trust me, the moment you ask, your stats window is opened by the great majority of people looking to platoon. Once they see that you're not their idea of a perfect plat mate, they just won't say anything and you'll end up being effectively ignored. If you just say it up front, you can avoid the cold shoulder and attract the attention of people on your skill level or people who are willing to give you advice. If you're specifically looking for a purple to help you, ask for someone to mentor you. There's usually someone willing. Consider looking at the Community Mentor Program channel (spelled: Comunity Mentor Program -- someone mispelled it once and it's remained this way since.) If the channel's up, there are usually a few purples in there who are willing to platoon with just about anyone (though you'll probably need a mic - that's a requirement for many.) You can also post a thread in the Looking for Platoonie section of this forum and state your intentions. Again, I know that not everyone does this, but I've seen more than a few sub-49%ers wandering around in the wotlabs channel asking for platoons and getting no answers. Lost pubbies give me many sads and I think that while most of us who have been here awhile understand this, some of the newcomers who haven't been around and are really trying to learn are being accidentally shut out.
  18. I play on the SEA server. My friends and clanmates always ask me to platoon, but as soon as I do, we start losing like mad, like almost every game we play. It's not as if we played badly...We regularly do over 2000 damage each (We're all better than average players), but it just feels as if our team sees us, and think that they can yolo and/or die like pancakes. How should we deal with this situation? Several of my friends (and me) now suffer from platoon-phobia. If you can win consistently in a platoon, plz tell me how, as some of the people that I regularly platoon with have 55% win rates and 2000+ WN8s without a platoon. Here is an example of the teams our platoons have been having... There was one game on Monastery when I had to do 5700+ damage to barely win, but I died (by an unlucky high roll by waffle) and we only won because of a Conqueror on -100 health who spotted a T-54 long enough for artillery to take him out. Had the T-54 killed the Conqueror, we would have lost because the only other player left on our team was our artillery. Just goes to show how close that game was. We only managed to push one flank because I wasn't afraid of taking damage, we were in a 6 v 4, so I tried to use around 1000 health on my Centurion 7/1 to try and motivate the donkeys. Fortunately, it worked and they managed to push through the flank only to get mowed down by a ISU-152 camping in enemy base.My other two platoon mates both did around 2500 damage, but half of our team did no or less than 100 damage. Unfortunately, our platoon couldn't carry like that every time, so... we lost. Game after game. Can some purple poaster plz help me? Is platoon play any different from normal gameplay? Our platoon usually goes the same flank, uses our dpm on same target, and preserve our health. Are we doing something wrong in doing so? If so, can some purple poaster plz halp? (Or maybe the solution is not playing in a platoon :3 but its lonely.. )
  19. We are Fatality and Fatal1ty, all part of one BIG family. Fatality was created for the social gamer, people who wanted to have fun and gain some experience among the community. A clan that's participated in clan wars and also clan wars events. When some of our members wanted more out of the game we decided to create Fatal1ty, the new sister clan of Fatality. Somewhere for the more dedicated gamer and more of a will to proceed in Clan Wars and progress there gaming experience. Both clans have certain requirements but their main focus is having Fun and helping each other become better players. We have a large Teamspeak server, a brilliant Website, forums and a chat mod that keeps both clan chats as one, meaning the community we have created remains and becomes stronger day by day. Daily we run Platoons, Team Battles, Tank Companies, Clan Wars, Clan Wars Events and we are going to venture in to ESL soon for our 1st time. We take part in competitions such as Fun cups and any other WOT ran events we can get our teeth into. So our Requirements are quite simple... Fatality was set up in mind of the social gamer, those who don't have much time to play and participate in Clan activities on a daily/nightly basis. This is where you enjoy your team play with friends and try to gain more experience from each other and improve your game play to maybe advance into Fatal1ty. The only requirements here are :- • Have Team speak 3 installed and able to listen • To want to improve your game play • To be involved in some clan activity • Be social, kind and polite • Be over the age of 18 • Must understand and speak English Language Fatal1ty was set up in mind of the more dedicated gamer, those who want to be take part in end game content and clan activities on a bigger more serious scale. Put time and effort in to the clan and to be a part of a winning team with a will and desire to win. The requirements for Fatal1ty are :- • Min of 1100 WN8 ( overall WN8 ) • Min of 8,000 Battles Played • Min of 2 Tier X tanks in garage ( CW tanks ) • Min of 100 games played in your 2 tier X tanks • Min of 2 Skills on every crew member of your 2 tier X tanks • Min of attendance of 4 nights/days a week • Have Teamspeak 3 with a working mic • Must understand and speak English Language These requirements are not set in stone and if you feel you're nearing these objectives or should be considered then please apply stating why. So how do you apply? Well again pretty simple. First of all, take a look at our website here http://fatality-wot.guildlaunch.com Still interested? Click Apply on our website and fill in an application according to the instructions, one part for Fatality and the other section for Fatal1ty all in one application page. Once completed an officer will look over your application then make a decision on the information you have provided. FTL and FTLTY wish you luck in your application and out on the Battlefield. Also..... Hey hey This is a selection of artwork from the -FTL- Fatality and FTLTY fatal1ty clans. We are an english speaking clan on the EU server that participates in tank companies and clan wars with lots of platoon buddies. This is a selection of fan artwork that is used for wallpapers or recruitment for our clans Our main site is http://fatality-wot.guildlaunch.com Our facebook page is https://www.facebook.com/groups/Fatality.Fatal1ty/ And our flickr page is https://www.flickr.com/photos/125221024@N03/ You can find full res versions of these images at either http://fatality-wot.guildlaunch.com/gallery/gallery.php?gid=341089 or at our flickr site. T50-2 LIGHT TANK RECRUITMENT POSTER/WALLPAPER FOR WORLD OF TANKS T57 HEAVY TANK RECRUITMENT POSTER/WALLPAPER FOR WORLD OF TANKS IS7 HEAVY TANK RECRUITMENT POSTER/WALLPAPER FOR WORLD OF TANKS FUN POSTER/IMAGE FOR WORLD OF TANKS TIGER HEAVY TANK POSTER/WALLPAPER FOR WORLD OF TANKS TIGER HEAVY TANK POSTER/WALLPAPER FOR WORLD OF TANKS TIGER HEAVY TANK POSTER/WALLPAPER FOR WORLD OF TANKS TIGER HEAVY TANK POSTER/WALLPAPER FOR WORLD OF TANKS TANKGIRLOK PLAYER WALLPAPER AMX 50B HEAVY TANK FOR WORLD OF TANKS T90 SPG AND MAUS HEAVY TANK POSTER/WALLPAPER FOR WORLD OF TANKS T50 LIGHT TANK POSTER/WALLPAPER FOR WORLD OF TANKS T50-2 LIGHT TANK POSTER/WALLPAPER FOR WORLD OF TANKS T3O TANK DESTROYER POSTER/WALLPAPER FOR WORLD OF TANKS T3O TANK DESTROYER POSTER/WALLPAPER FOR WORLD OF TANKS T3O TANK DESTROYER POSTER/WALLPAPER FOR WORLD OF TANKS WINTER RECRUITMENT IMAGE FOR WORLD OF TANKS FUN RECRUITMENT IMAGE FOR WORLD OF TANKS FUN RECRUITMENT IMAGE FOR WORLD OF TANKS FUN RECRUITMENT IMAGE FOR WORLD OF TANKS T110E3 HEAVY TANK RECRUITMENT POSTER/WALLPAPER T34 HEAVY TANK RECRUITMENT POSER/WALLPAPER FUN RECRUITMENT IMAGE FV-125B TANK DESTROYER RECRUITMENT POSTER/WALLPAPER FUN RECRUITMENT IMAGE AUTUMN RECRUITMENT IMAGE/WALLPAPER AT15 TANK DESTROYER RECRUITMENT WALLPAPER AMERICAN TANKS RECRUITMENT IMAGE/WALLPAPER TIGER HEAVY TANK RECRUITMENT WALLPAPER FUN RECRUITMENT IMAGE PRIEST SPG WALLPAPER FUN RECRUITMENT IMAGE PANTHER MEDIUM TANK WALLPAPER OBJECT 704 TANK DESTROYER WALLPAPER AMX 50B HEAVY TANK VS GODZILLA WALLPAPER MAUS HEAVY TANK AND WOLF IN SEPIA WALLPAPER MAUS HEAVY TANK AND WOLF OVERLAY WALLPAPER MAUS HEAVY TANK AND WOLF IN COLOUR WALLPAPER M103 HEAVY TANK ZOMBIE SKIN WALLPAPER TANK IN SIGHTS WALLPAER M103 HEAVY TANK ZOMBIE SKIN WALLPAPER KV5 HEAVY TANK WALLPAPER JAGDTIGER TANK DESTROYER WALLPAPER ISU 152 TANK DESTROYER WALLPAPER IS6 HEAVY TANK FOR PLAYER FOZZEMIESTER WALLPAPER IS3 HEAVY TANK WALLPAPER MAUS HEAVY TANK FOR PLAYER HELLRAISER1ST WALLPAPER T110E4 TANK DESTROYER FOR PLAYER HELLOKITTY267 WALLPAPER HELLCAT TANK DESTROYER FOR PLAYER WEX0R WALLPAPER HELLCAT TANK DESTROYER FOR PLAYER WEXXY1 WALLPAPER T34 HEAVY TANK FOR PLAYER GUARDI WALLPAPER MAUS HEAVY TANK FOR PLAYER GRANNYMOOOSE WALLPAPER MULTICOLOURED GERMAN TANKS WALLPAPER FV405 SPG WALLPAPER FV405 SPG IN BLACK AND WHITE WALLPAPER FERDINAND TANK DESTROYER WALLPAPER FATALITY WALLPAPER CRUSADER MEDIUM TANK WALLPAPER CONQUEROR HEAVY TANK WALLPAPER COMET MEDIUM TANK WALLPAPER FUN RECRUITMENT WALLPAPER AMX 1390 LIGHT TANK WALLPAPER AMX 50B HEAVY TANK RECRUITMENT A4 POSTER
  20. I am looking for a decent clan to join that is reasonably active and willing to let me join. I know my overall is bad, but I'm trying to pull it up. My 60 day is kinda iffy and I wish it was better. I play fairly often. I have no tier 10s but I'm about to start working on 3 tier 9s. Which will be the M103, IS-8, and T54E1 as soon as I get the credits to buy them. I am looking for a clan I am able to platoon fairly often. With platooning I can get to the tier 10s in a fairly short amount of time. I am in North Carolina and most of the time I play from about 5 pm- 12 or 1 am. I'm sorry if this is a bit rambly and if it is bad it can be removed. I play on both the east and west servers and I don't care which.
  21. I think I may forget about starting up my old clan -W- The Warriors again and just look for a new clan that I can chilax in and maybe have a lesser role as a Field Commander or just simply a soldier. Starting another clan right now for me may be too much work after the recruiting efforts I made in M--M. Need a break from that level of commitment for a little while. I am the former Commander of -W- The Warriors and the more immediate former Deputy Commander and behind the scenes co-founder of M--M Millard's Minions. I have tons of experience in starting and recruiting for clans. I also have some extensive knowledge of calling TC battles and would possible like to get into calling 7/42 Team battles. My current starts are marginal at best but would increase rapidly with just a little commitment from me. I have a Overall 57% win rate and 1328 WN7 and a 60 day win rate of 59.5% and a WN7 of 1522. I just had a very bad weekend that brought my 60 day stats down some. I currently have a tier 2 - Cruiser III, tier 5 - T49, tier 6 - VK3601, KV1S, Cromwell and the Hellcat researched, tier 7 - T-20, tier 8 - IS-3, Tiger II, Type-59, tier 9 - T-54, M46 Patton. I have the following tier 10 tanks researched but not purchased yet - T62-A, Obj. 140, E-100, M48 Patton and the IS-7. So I can get whatever of those when needed. I am very interested in Platoons and 7/42 Team Battles and would be occasionally available for CW and tournaments. I play nightly from about 8-9pm until 11 pm eastern time zone.
  22. I copied and pasted this post from the WoT Forums in the hopes that I could obtain some positive feedback and collaborators from a more scientifically-minded community. 1. Introduction Many WoT players have opinions about the effects of platooning or Tank Companies on personal stats such as Winrate, Survival Rate, Efficiency, WN6 or Performance Rating. I believe most people think that platooning in general will have a positive effect on Winrate and a negative effect on Efficiency (or any other individual performance calculation.) (I just want to clarify here that I have no interest in knowing what your personal opinion is about these effects, so please don’t spam this thread by posting them.) In order to get some real evidence, not based on personal experience or speculation, I designed an experiment which relates Player Skill, Platoon Size, and Communication to Winrate, Survival Rate, and Efficiency. Due to limitations with the maximum size of posts, I'm going to have to break this into parts and I will go on to explain the entire experimental process, although it’s a bit technical at times. If you don’t know anything about experimental design and/or don’t care, I suggest you go right on down to section 7.2 (Preliminary Stat-Padding Optimizer). 2. Objectives 3. Experimental Design 4. Experimental Procedure 5. Results 6. Analysis 7. Conclusions 7.1 Observations 7.2 Preliminary Stat-Padding Optimizer 7.3 Sources of Error 7.4 Future Projects 8. Request from the Community The purpose of posting these results on the WoT forum is to obtain feedback from the more scientifically-minded WoT community, regarding which experiments would give the most useful results and how to design them. I am also looking for players of all skill levels who are interested in participating in further experiments. You can either respond here or PM me. I am open to constructive criticism, inquiries and revealing more details about any part of the process. Having said that, I know this forum is filled with trolls, so if you don’t want me to permanently ignore you, please don’t do any of the following: Tell me your personal opinions on platooning and/or stat-padding, unless you are doing so as a preliminary to suggest an experiment. Criticize the experiment unless you read the whole thing and both understand it and know what you’re talking about. (A hint, if you don’t at least have a university degree in some field related to math, science, or engineering, you probably don’t know what you’re talking about) Make fun of the wording I used. Claim that I said something I didn’t or that I didn’t say something I did. Finally, I’d like to thank everyone who participated in this experiment. Their names will remain anonymous, but they know who they are. -Ravenmaster
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