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Found 5 results

  1. I had recently 2 marked my T-34, I realize that by WotLabs standards this is not impressive at all, but it's the first and only tank I 2 marked so I would like to know how it compares in playstyle with the cromwell and comet (as I have Cromwell but not Comet yet) . And also which tanks have a similar playstyle to the T-34? Side question: what equipment should I use on the T-34, I use it with Binos, Vents, and Camo Net but I'm thinking to change it out for Gun Laying Drive as I've often times found that the aim time is just that bit too long, and since I've played played the A-43 with the 57mm the accuracy feels a lot better and the Gun Laying Drive could help out in that problem of the T-34.
  2. How are people supposed to be playing artillery? I know arty is a really hated piece... but its good to know how to use.
  3. Asassian7 & Dabba sugested that I ask for someone to review my replays to give me specific areas to work on since I don't seem to be able to identify them on my own. I had made some requests previously in the wrong section. Apologies. http://www.wotreplays.com/player/sca_Baron_Georg those are from mid May and are discribed as "playstyle/game improvement review". That page also has a couple that I didn't upload so I don't know if they will be of any use. if that dosn't work I'm listed as sca_Baron_Georg. here is a link to my vbaddict stats if that is any help. Please move to correct location if I have posted to wrong section.
  4. I am slowly, and gradually improving in my FV215B 183. I am slowly figuring out how and when to take a shot(Pure hesh). But still, I don't know what I am doing wrong. There are some times when my HESH should do full damage(Shooting at a Leopard 1, or a Batchat should be pen every time.Or, so i think.) Anyways, my question is this. If provided with replays, could someone give me tips and pointers on what I am doing right, and wrong. Or, run a few rounds with me and evaluate my playstyle. Currently, I have 150+\- matches, and I sit at an abysmal 42% win rate( Like I said earlier, I am improving...slowly.). And, I want to see what I am doing wrong, so I can become a bit more consistent with it. If you want a replay, where should I upload it at? I appreciate any and all feedback.
  5. All, This is something I've been struggling with as my play has flatlined around the 55% range of late. Granted, some of that is the result of my own impatience (playing many more stock tanks than usual at the moment), two hell grinds (ARL V39 and T28), and a little bit of bad luck (my T-54 averages 1800 dpg and 46% WR)...but as i continue to work to make the next step in gameplay (and those crappy tanks HAVE taught me a few things), I wanted to throw this out there to all the PURPLE POASTERS for feedback, as I decide what skills I want to refine. These questions are deliberately not formatted as a poll because I'd like to see the answers written out, with explanations (please). I'd like to know what you guys are thinking when you choose the answer you do. Just some general strategic thinking, and overall game meta thought, both of which I'm curious to see the results of here on the forums: Question 1: Please rank the following player attributes (what the player can bring to battle) in order of importance below. #1 attribute would be the most important attribute - every good player has this. #7 attribute would be the least important - a player does not necessarily need this to be good, although it can be beneficial. -Tank loadout (crew skill, perks/secondary skills, consumables, equipment, modules, good ammo loadout with some gold) -In depth map knowledge (firing lanes, passive scouting areas, spots to abuse, best flanks to go to/support, key areas) -In depth tank knowledge (mastery of shell travel time, gun depression/elevation/traverse, ROF, view range, enemy weakspots) -In depth game mechanic knowledge (spotting system, penetration system, camo system, cap/defend system) -Twitch skill (quick reflex, accurate clicking when shooting, evasive driving, timely module/crew/fire repairs) -Tactical skills (proper use of cover/camo, moving from cover to cover, angling armor, sidescraping, focus firing) -Strategic skills (estimating a role in the battle at start, deploying, push/hold/go back, changing or staying on a flank) Question 2: Please rank the following methods of victory in order of effectiveness. #1 would be the best way to decisively impact a battle. #4 would be the least efficient way to decisively impact a battle. -Camo and spotting - vision control -Cover and armor (includes abusing terrain) - armor dominance/ironclad choke point hold/area denial -Gun attributes (eg depression or lack thereof, high alpha, high ROF, autoloaders, sniping) - damage leader dominance -Mobility - be a pest, flank, annoy, and distract the enemy while remaining undamaged. Question 3: How often would you say your answer to Question 2 changes? A-Just about every patch B-Every few patches C-Very rarely, maybe once a year D-It never changes Question 4: Please rank the following niche skill for a hypothetical tanker in ANY tank? (In other words if an improving player were to focus on #1, it would be the fastest route up the WR ladder when solopubbing. #6 would be helpful, but less decisive in improving their gameplay.) -Passive scouting (light in one particular area of the map consistently) -Active scouting (light in many areas of the map constantly, but for shorter periods of time) -Armor, mobility, or terrain dominance (IE ability to avoid taking damage) -Sniping (ability to put damage out without being spotted - use of camouflage) -Brawling/Gunnery (high hit, penetration, and damage rates) -Camouflage/cover (avoid being spotted, or being in someone's direct line of fire) Questions 5 and 6 are meant to be answered independently of the situational awareness present when looking at a minimap. The point is to see the strategic thinking at battle outset, not the tactical thinking of focus fire that occurs in the heat of combat. Question 5: The battle has started. Strategically thinking, and all else being equal, it is best to knock out early: -Low tier support tanks en masse. You can then overwhelm the higher tier tanks. -High tier tanks, albeit fewer of them. With your enemy's best tanks gone, mopping up the middle and lower tiers is a piece of cake. Question 6: The battle has started. All tanks on both teams are the same tier, and there is no artillery. It is best to knock out early: -Baddies first. They are easier to kill without receiving return damage, and that will allow the team to overwhelm the good players with superior numbers -Good players first, even if it means losing several tanks, because you can always come back from the deficit to mop up the baddies after. Plus the sooner the good players die, the last damage they can do. Thanks, hope this starts some interesting discussion.
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