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Found 2 results

  1. Hi all, looking to buy a laptop soon-ish and kind of need to update myself on trends etc. Use will be very minimal so I'm probably looking at something without GPU, I'm not sure yet what kind of things it'll be used for but nothing serious. So I'm thinking I just need to get an idea about the best bang for buck (and preferably rather long term - like 5ish years) concerning CPU, HDD/SSD options and maybe memory? 4G should be sufficient I think. Will post more details later TLDR: Got links or opinions on current laptops being sold in yurop? Post here It should fulfill following requirements (which may change) Durable (quite a bit of travelling, but in soft hands - should last at least 6years hopefully)Low price, duh.Probably not too big, will verify.
  2. Hi there, I've got blue eyes, an athletic body, speak multiple langua- oh wait... My hopes are to join one of the 'Experienced/Competent ' (or higher obv) clans, which Diastant described in his topic. The plan is to join your clan only temporarily (I'm a student, living in EU). So I'll be playing lots (~10hrs a day during june and august, less in july - see below). After the summer, I'd leave your clan to make room for a permanent member, if you want me to. What am I looking for? Clan wars: during June I think I might be able to play ~5days/week, don't care which days. during July: I'd say 1-2 nights/week due to my job I'll have during August: the first few weeks I should be able to do ~5/week again, the last 2 weeks probably less first week(s) of september: 3-5ish/week Platoons: Lots of time to play means lots of games, which I want to win, so I'm sort of looking for a clan that platoons quite regularly. (I guess this is sort of normal but figured I'd post anyway) (<3 playing X's most) Tournaments/skirmishes Would be lovely if your clan participates in these, as I'd like to rake in as much gold as possible. Naturally these shouldn't interfere with the clan wars. What I can offer? Flexibility: being a european, I might be able to join CW sooner (and preferably would) than some people over the pond, who are still @ work. Stats: check sig (bit lower than usual atm because 3weeks of toaster without mods) and 2years+ of WoT experience. I've advanced (almost) every line and generally know how to handle tonks. 'Maturity': I'm turning 20 in July Vehicles: X's I have atm [8]: IS7, AMX 50B, obj 140, 121, bchat 25t. (preferably not get it locked), FV183, obj 263, JagdPzE100 X's I have unlocked [4]: FV4202,E100, t62a, obj 268 - planning on buying the E100 and 62a in that order X's I'll be grinding [2]: Leopard (want to get beginning July), T57 (not really in a hurry) As for skirmish/tournaments: http://www.noobmeter.com/player/na/scout_in_da_house/1002231426/ Extremely active on both WoT and wotlabs fora, and once I get home (16th), also in-game. Ask if you need anything else... Conclusion: I'm very flexible, lots of WoT experience (none in CW though) with, I think, very good situational awareness (in pubs that is). I'm aiming for the best clans, but I realize that there will be some sort of trade-off between my presence possibilities and the other things I can offer... Please, if there is anything else you want to know (or random reader thinks I should add), just ask. Garbaged on OP's request.
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