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Found 1 result

  1. Since this was kinda off-topic in the `best tier 8 tanks` topic, a repost, with the same numbers: TL:DR: on EU server 60% of the tier 10 tanks are heavys Some seem to think i made these numbers myself (since they are totally different from vbaddict / noobmeter) This is however not true, they are just ripped from wot-news... and this is how i got them (its this simple...) 1: I copied the overall tank stats list from wot-news to excel, 2: I removed all tiers below tier 8, 3: I summarized all heavys, mediums and TDs, 4: I took the % of all 3 classes and compared it the total amount of games played, 5: this gives the following numbers: Tier 8,9 & 10 combined: 58,30% - Heavy 24,88% - MT 16,82% - TD If i only look at tier 10 numbers: 60,60% - heavy 22,26% - MT 17,15% - TD These numbers are from about 5 months ago. Speculation start: Since the most popular TD line, the WTF line is not included in this, i guess / assume that the % of heavys has dropped a little (i guess) while TDs rose some, but thats speculation Speculation end These are real numbers, not some fantasy, you can do the very same calculation yourself, go to wotnews and past in excel... I can understand that my post was off-topic, so it got removed for that reason, but saying my numbers are made up is simply not true, this are facts... If you cant stand the idea that there are 3x more heavys as meds, and that heavys thus dominate, its not my problem... The problem behind this (and WN8) is that you put way, way too much faith in those silly vb-addict numbers**, they represent only a tiny fraction, a drop in the vast ocean of stupid, totaly irrelevant, and this gets only worse since its cherrypicked data... since only a special group of people uploads to vbaddict, not the average user... Same noobmeter stats are useless for comparing tank stats... (noobmeter is `better` in the sense that baddies are also represented, i often look up idiots to see how idiot they really are, so these people are represented, but not in the right proportion) If you now all think these numbers are so wrong, please proof it to me, and not with vbaddict... ps: an EU user, Snib, used to create monthly stats topics, containing ALL player data, these where extremly reliable, and were the best (up-to-date) data regarding popularity and many other things, Snib stopped with those topics though These numbers however also showed how incredible massive wot is... (atm on EU with 200k users online at same time, the amount of weekly active users is over 1 million i guess...) http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/65256-unofficial-eu-server-statistics/ (ps, the numbers from end 2012 show the same distribution for heavy / meds / tds, quite amazing it changes so little overtime...) tier 10 56.18% Heavy tier 10 27.23% MT tier 10 16.58% TD (so even during the arty madness, heavys still dominated numbers wise, go guess what happened when SPG`s got nerfed, and the TD madness started...)
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