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Found 3 results

  1. Hello everyone! I'm going to be doing a T32 review today as I don't see a recent post about this tank and thought, hey. fuck it, this tank is fun and i could review it. So here we go. Lets just get the basics down with some pros and cons. Pros: - Super Strong turret. This shit can take shots from E4's to JPZ's - Incredible gun depression. You get a spot where you can abuse your gun dep and turret armor and your set. - It's pretty fast, having a 35 kph top speed you can get places pretty quickly. - Hull armor is better than the T29, you can angle and sidescrape without taking so much punishment. Cons: - Stock turret is fucking terrible. only has 114 mm of armor at the front. - Bad pen for a T8 heavy. It has the same gun as the T29 with a quicker reload. So you're most likely going to have to carry some prem rounds. - Accuracy is pretty meh. - Bad hull for T8. Just like the T29, even though it has better armor, the LP can be penned by T7 and even some T6 tanks. Now, lets get my opinion on how to play this tank. Personally, you might be thinking, woah dude. You only have ~40 games in this fucking thing, why are you telling me how to play it? You're right, but with ~40 games I've pulled a 68% WR and 2700 dpg out of my ass, only ~40 games so it's not that impressive, but you should still read along. I play this like the T29, only way more agressive. I can abuse the fuck out of my turret because the turret upgrade from the T29 is such a huge gap it's insane. The DPM boost is pretty good too, with 100% crew and a gun rammer, I've gotten the reload down to about 8.54 seconds(compared to the T29's 10 sec reload) you can eat other tanks alive. With the top speed you get(35 kph), I can flex around the map better than other heavies(i.e. the KV-5) or the T29 which was a tier lower. Now, Time for some replays! 1) http://wotreplays.com/site/2231452#malinovka-ancientautisim_pro-t32 2) http://wotreplays.com/site/2232271#tundra-ancientautisim_pro-t32 3) http://wotreplays.com/site/2232272#live_oaks-ancientautisim_pro-t32 I hope this review helped some people decide which heavy line to go up, or even to buy this tank back. Cheers! Note: I get pissed off and if you don't like angry words don't watch the replays or don't look at chat.
  2. Post some lesser known tips here. Horizontal Stabilization can be enabled without having to turn on dynamic camera along with it.
  3. .. or maybe something is fucked with this game. My performance has dropped a lot in recent months and honestly I don't think it's because I regressed as a player. Sessions rarely exceed 4k dmg for me any more (~tier 9.5) whereas a couple of months ago breaking this wasn't really that much of an effort. I could find a couple of reasons for why this happened but I'm asking if anyone else is also experiencing this on EU (maybe also on NA but I feel their meta is behind a little) or if I failed to adapt as a player. Reasons: -WG is reworking the maps to decrease the influence a single good player can have on the outcome of the map. This is pretty obvious: All the maps I considered "skill maps" where knowledge of firing lanes and spotting over longer battles are getting reworked. Sand River, Westfield, Swamp, Redshire. Well Mines was bad before already but now it's fucking awful in high tiers... All the maps I routinely farmed up 6k+ damage are getting reworked either into total fuckups like new Westfield or weird RNG maps like new Swamp. Standard rework scheme: Two flanks as far apart as possible with useless middle and lots of hard cover to remove firing angles. Pretty ironic they remove Northwest and then rework most maps to be the same (Swamp or new Redshire huehuehue). -Meta changes due to drop in player skill: Since WG is trying to please the bottom half of the players with their map/vehicle balancing they create no incentive for bad players to improve. I feel like this is a huge issue. Examples: Going field on Westfield was retarded because it removed you from most of the fight. Now WG introduced some hardcover there. Well, guess what: You're still totally useless if you go there but now there is an incentive to sit in front of each other for 3 minutes and "cover that flank" while the battle gets decided somewhere else and you're gonna get cleaned up at the end. Pearl River is another example even though it gets removed. You used to go to the standard northern brawling passage and there was a huge fight and whoever won that usually came out on top of the game. Nowadays people just yolo the middle, die in 2 minutes and the game basically gets decided by who has less retards dying there... On Lakeville I lately see large fights in the valley (once 18 tanks, wtf) with scouts and fast tanks (bchats etc.) apparently rushing that place because "they get there first". Then they proceed to sit in front of each other behind the hill while a Conq GC one shots one of these dudes once every 45 secs... -Huge alpha RNG tanks: Waffle, FV4005, FV 183, JagdE100. Shitlord tanks that allow an idiot to his health 1vs1 against anyone in the game. It's self explanatory: Shitter in 183 drives out and either he misses you and you fuck him up during his 30 sec reload or he hits you and you're dead. You catch a waffle in the open it's not gonna last for 5 secs, he catches you relocating you're not gonna last for 5 seconds. -Scouts (and arty): On EU at least 3 scouts feels the average per team, lots of battles have 4. This first of all takes a lot of each team's health pool away and second of all means you gotta be REALLY careful if you want to relocate. It's very hard avoiding to get lit. If there is 6+ scouts+arty combined you can basically write of the game as trash because all you're doing is jumping from cover to cover and even if you were to find a nice farming spot you won't get any damage when half their team consists of tanks with 1k or less HP. -decrease in average battle time: All of the above leads to a decrease in average battle time which is the main reason for the shit games recently IMO. There are only so many shots you can fire after moving into position when 70% of your games don't exceed the 4m30s limit. On cramped maps like Ensk and Himmelsdorf that would even be a long game LOL. Games are rarely close and follow two schemes: Go to your flank, steamroll it within 1 minute and hope you can get some cleanup or spot 10 tanks and be forced to retreat and extract some damage out of the incoming 5:15 loss. -team lineups: Lots of arty and scouts cause those missions are at some point basically pure RNG (get a map out of a certain pool or you don't even have to try), lots of meds because that's what good players actually play (and what the greens and blues think they have to play to get good) and lots of TDs cause every red shitlord thinks high alpha is magic. Yeah, no heavies. They're slow, get outplayed by meds on open maps and by high alpha TDs on city maps. They're really good in this meta actually but only if you're good yourself which 90% of the playerbase aren't. Is this only me? Or do others observe a drop off in performance as well. I checked the recents of a couple of guys (Poltto, Decha and Kolmio namely) and it seems to confirm my thesis. It doesn't matter if you dealt 2k dmg averages or 4k before though, most players (except the supertomatoes not posting here) should have this issue. Your peak performance is just not as high as it used to be. It's so hard to come by good/great games these days because of the above factors. And you still get your share of matchmaking fuckups, steamrolls (even more),bad maps (also even more) and ofc clicks. I feel like I can't even out the frequent bad games any more and it's just trying to catch up... P.S.: Keep the fucking errors, I'm drunk.
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