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Found 2 results

  1. Farwell

    Learning Programming

    So, I've recently hit my ceiling at my current job as a network technician. I've cemented my role after 14 months with very very little hope for learning anything new due to other co-workers handling other aspects of the networking world and thinking only about job security so not wanting to teach anyone else what they do. Understandable? Sure. Annoying as fuck? You betcha. Are there plenty of things I could learn networking-wise? Absolutely. But networking was not my degree and I don't plan to only work in networking for the rest of my life. I was a Management Information Systems major in college and plan to get into some programming project management at some point. In order to do so, I need more of a programming background. I took 4 programming classes in college, 3 java and 1 perl. I know the very basics, and nothing more. TBH I probably couldn't remember half the basics if I tried at this point so might as well start over fresh (it's been 4 years). I work the typical 8-5, but also have to work a lot of overtime (200 hours in the past 14 months). While this may seem bad, I do get paid hourly (non-exempt salaried if being PC) and my 8-5 work is pretty chill and at times boring. I probably have 2-3 hours each day in this 8-5 where I could be doing something productive instead of waiting for quality posts on Wotlabs or decent ESPN articles that aren't about what kind of cereal Lebron James had for breakfast. So I bring myself here to ask resident programmers and developers alike the questions I hope to get good answers to: What should I focus on learning? (languages, front end/backend, popular jobs in which fields?) Where can I find this sort of information? (are sites like or a paid teaching site decent? / should I resort to books?) What sort of tools will I need? A server and a website? (money shouldn't be too much of an issue to acquire if need be) What do you personally recommend? Now I'm going to write down that I don't know what I should be looking into specifically. Are web developers a good market to get into, or perhaps just focus on a specific language? If I had to focus on a language I'd prefer it be java as I have familiarity with it, but you might recommend something different based on industry trends, and that's fine too. Any feedback would be great. Thanks.
  2. So I give up on upgrading my own PC to start working with my girlfriend's PC, since hers was better... plus she has a gaming laptop and doesn't use her PC much anyway. But WoT apparently hates SLI, since as soon as I turned it on WoT started flickering. Everything else seems to work, but the screen gets a green tint and flickers like mad. All my other games are working, so I'm pretty sure it's a WoT issue... That said, is there a workaround, or am I just going to have to disable SLI every time I play? I did a little research before posting, but everything I could find was from the 9.0 patch where they apparently borked SLI in the first place, and I was wondering if there is anything more recent that you wonderful folks know about...