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Found 3 results

  1. WoT Numbers just phased into Open Beta for those who's looking for an alternative to WoT Statistics. It has a pretty fresh user interface that you can customize, and also includes a grind progress tracker. The table columns are also customizable to your liking. Not all features are finished, so expect bugs, errors and other magical stuff to occur. Site: http://wotnumbers.com/ Previews under the spoiler; Image 1: Home page, which is fully customizable. Image 2: Tanks page, which allows displaying of the most demanded statistics, also customizable. Image 3: Battles page, which displays the last played battles depending on selected time table, which surprise surprise, is also customizable. NOTE: DO MIND, I'm not the developer, I'm just a beta tester that decided to viral this here. All credits should be directed towards to BadButton and cmdrTrinity from the EU WoT forums, as I don't believe they're registered here.
  2. So, I set the goals below just under 2 months ago. I took about a 2 to 3 week break in July, but I've started playing pretty regularly again. In that time, I've only bought 2 new tanks. The PzII G and the T49. Well, 3 tanks. I have an AT2 that was on sale last weekend, but haven't played it or put crew in it yet. Also left my clan. I wasn't getting anything out of it and they weren't getting anything out of me. I'd been thinking about it for a while, so it seemed like the right time. Finally, I've stopped playing arty completely since 8.7. Matches have been 100% solo pubs. 288 battles farther along, how do I feel I'm doing, without looking at stats? Well, I've had some really great games. I've generated more 8 kill games in the last 2 weeks or so than I had in my first 6000 games. I've had fewer (but not zero) derpy games where I did absolutely nothing. I've been very streaky. I had a couple of days of sub 45% win rate and a couple of days where it felt like I was over 60% win rate for the day. The T49 is really a little monster. I would say close to a fifth of my battles have been in it. I have great matches in it but I have had a few derpy ones. My win rate in it is not great, but I think I'm overly agressive in it, trying to carry too hard at times. With the felt sense out of the way, let's look at the numbers. I'll do Goal - (Current) - <Previous> WR: 54% (53.34) <53.15> Survival: 31% (28.5) <28.3> K/D: 1.75 (1.44) <1.4> Avg Dmg: 800 (666) <648> Avg XPG: 650 (511) <504> Wn7: 1450/1800 60D (1247/1671) <1214/1685> Progressing in everything save Win7 60d which has taken a slight dip. Not sure why, but I'm not going to fuss too much about it. Incidentally, my Wn7 on Wotlabs shows higher than my Wn7 on mywotstats by almost 100 points. Some of my Goals may have been overly ambitious. I think I can do win rate but survival and K/D are dicey. If I push up my average tier tanks, I may be able to increase avg damage faster. That T49 is just so much fun though. =) Interestingly, I'm playing without premium for the first time. I'm not really grinding any tanks at this point - I'm grinding crews. While premium would speed the crew grinding, I find that once I've got them working on their first skill I'd rather just take advantage of x3 weekends. So long as I remember to buy sprem shells on sale and keep a bunch on hand, I'm still coming out ahead except in abysmal Tiger II matches. I just cannot figure out that tank for some reason. Anyhow, I'll keep updating this thread every 250 to 300 battles and see where things land. Input is appreciated.
  3. So after my worst session pretty much ever last night, barely breaking 1k WN7 over 12+ games i had a bit of an epiphany. Im not nearly as good as think i can be. Thing is, i want to continue to raise my WN7 every day. I have been getting close to blue forever now and want to push into it. but you know what? I AM NOT FUCKING LEARNING ANYTHING! I am stuck in a "stats trap" of being so afraid and frustrated when i don't hit what i feel should be my minimum stats for the night. 2k WN7 and 60% is what i EXPECT myself to do. Often i do better, sometimes i do worse... or much worse... So what happens? What are the effects of being driven so hard to turn blue? Let me list just what comes to mind off the top of my head: I only play certain tanks for fear of fucking up my night. If i am having a bad night i don't want to stop till i "fix" it. I don't feel i am improving any longer I feel i am doing the same tanks/strats every single game I have a bad game or 2 to start my session fucks up my whole night I start doing stupid shit like going for kills that i shouldn't or holding shots I seem to play medium tanks 99% of the time for fear of fucking up I hate tanks that i don't feel i can meet my goals in This is just an idea that came to me last night after finally giving up and accepting a shitty night 2 hours after i should have went to sleep. What gave me the idea? Well played the 3v3 tourney with a couple clannies. Went undefeated with 1 draw we took at the end to ensure we had the most points and couldn't be tied. I was relaxed, and played well because i knew it was all in the training room. WTF? I don't want to just say fuck stats, but on the other hand i should. It is a good measurement of improvement, or is it? How do you break the cycle?
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