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Found 12 results

  1. I get these from time to time, at least as much as I get the pubbie rage (which is great entertainment to me, mind you). Lovey, dovey pubbies.
  2. So I was bored and thought of a fun (at least in my mind) game. Contribute your best 5 or less-worded WoT-themed horror stories. I'll start with a few examples. 1. New Patch. Arty Got Buffed. 2. Bottom Tier. Tomato Top Tiers. 3. 0 Damage. 5X Cleared. 4. Solopub. Come and potentially farm easy upboats!
  3. One of the most epic pubbie shitter threads ever has finally gotten locked, after 42 pages of puerile drivel, pathetic blamestorming, impressive deflection of personal responsibility for outcomes, and amazing (bordering on Herculean) refusal to consider points of view of those having greater knowledge. http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/485607-locked-how-can-a-unicum-get-5515-points-of-damage-and-lose-the-game/ Seriously, shit like this makes me want to never play the game anymore, ever. There are defenseless players everywhere that get shitters like this ON THEIR TEAM, fer chrissakes! Press "F" to pay respects.
  4. First thing first, I apologize if this sound like a rant or me venting frustration, but it happened to me continuously yesterday evening to the point I wondered what's happening lately. I think it's time to ask someone more experience than I am and perhaps find a solution to this. Thus thank you in advance for your insight to help the poor me. Scenario#1; You're solo in pub match with a tank that has paper for armor instead of steel (Leopard 1, STA-1, AMX 50 100, whatever...), you don't have XVM to tell who's tomato and who's unicum, the match starts; and your pubbies suddenly almost (or all) 14 players rushed to one corridor, leaving another part of the map wide open for flanking attack, they went to that one corridor and sit there, clogging up the pathway like a garbage blocking sewer at the first sign of enemy tank(s). While the other side of the corridor show that enemy only has half their team, it's clear that their other half was on other flank and will rush in to anus rape your team the moment they realized that your team all lemming to said corridor. If you try to squeezing in the corridor to lead the charge, you'll get shot to pieces and your team remain in their kemp. But it's clear that you cannot hold another flank against 4+ enemy tanks either. Scenario#2; Apply the first scenario, but now you're in semi-corridor map, and you notice that lemming flank are being pummeled by enemy tanks from another flank which has no one guarding against (Line 1 firing to line 5 in Prokhorovka or line 5 firing up Hill on line 0), you have 2 or 3 teammates with you, but they insisted on kemping bush and will not move, it's a matter of time before all the lemmings are dead without inflicting any meaningful damage if you don't act soon. Question is: What should you do to turn the situation in each scenario around and win? Bonus Stage#1: You're bottom tier in +2 MM game. Bonus Stage#2; You're playing Type 61, which has neither camo nor speed nor autoloader to leverage advantage of, and you're also in Tier 10 game.
  5. Hi guys(and girls ), So I'm having some theorycrafting in my head, looking some games in retrospect and whatnot, so I thought I should ask what you think whether this is true or my mind is playing tricks on me. Basically what I seem to notice is that on few maps where you can dominate by (ab)using vision lately pubbies seem to avoid such places. Few maps come into mind - for example I noticed pubbies avoid Prokhorovka middle and cluster up in corners, city on Lakeville seems to be spot for brave nowdays(I saw quite a few valley pushes recently) and if you have competitive scout on Malinovka, pubbies get stuck in base because they're afraid to cross and get shot - which ultimately leads to defeat. So what do you guys think? Is this a thing? Have you noticed something similar?
  6. So I had a battle that made me realize that I'm clueless when it comes to making decisions when I'm the last one left, I thought about putting this in tape study but this is more of a general question rather than asking to review my replay.. Several things that I know are: Indecisiveness leads to losses Look for a place to overwatch a important part of the map Look for isolated targets Kill as fast as possible so that you don't have to deal with multiple tanks Be unpredictable But one thing I cannot figure out is whether to wait for them to come or not. I know that if I stay in a defensive spot for too long the I'll end up being swarmed by multiple tanks and if I get too aggressive I risk getting capped out. Here's some screenshots of the battle that made me come to this realization. Link to replay http://wotreplays.com/site/2313605#mountain_pass-meows_externally-t54e1 Lights are in our base and I know that I can only kill one of them so I wait for a friend to help me. I tell my centurion friend to eat the shot as there is a 140 at f2 and could come around at anytime so at the time I thought we had to kill the foch asap as he is isolated and has one shot left I set up an ambush with the help of my cent friend spotting for me I clip them out and my cent friend kills the T49. But unfortunately since I bounced the cent 7/1 my cent had to dive down to kill the 49 and ends up getting clicked. My cent spots these tier 8 heavies though so I wait until they are near the cap circle so I can catch them out. The plan works and I kill the tiger and the carn dies 45 seconds later. Note that the waffle said "don't make me come over there" that leads me to believe he is base camping because he should be here by now if e was moving down the 1/2 line and I assume that arty is in the back clicking because most artillery players are not very intelligent (our arty) Because the waffle said something that would lead me to believe that he is camping and the arty I assumed is somewhere in a bush at their cap I decide to go to their cap But I have 4 possible paths to take with the bridge being the quickest one. If go 1/2 I'll most likely run into the waffle and arty, if I go in the river bed I can get caught out from bridge or the perch, and if I go bridge the waffle could be waiting there for me so I decide to go ice road. Unfortunately they cap and I'm not able to get back in time. So my question is how do you determine if you should wait for them to come to you or play offensively and look for fights? And what factors help in making this decision?
  7. So with a lot of new players flooding into WOWS I decided to Start a WOWS mentoring service. This is what I can offer I consider myself a Cruiser expert and can give feedback to CA game play. I am also decent in DDs and can also give pretty good advice. My WOWS history is over 600 battles in Closed beta mostly in CAs and DDs getting to the Baltimore and the Benson. And currently I am at the mogami and mutsuki. IF you are looking for CV or BB help I consider trying to talk to Mikehuntz for CVs and Tedster for BBs. My services are free and a session would include Division and time in a training battle (Must download training battle mod) Donations would be helpful to keep the service going. Currently I am available most days and to get the service just send me a PM on these forums or in game. Stats: 9% Draw rate OP
  8. I've had a recourring issue lately of really ineffective platooning. I've seen a lot of tactical guides for Strongholds (ala 7v7-15v15) but I haven't seen much about platoon level tactics. Is there a place to find it or is it just not frequently discussed? I see a lot of talk about platoon matchups and "fail platoons", but not the actual close-coordination in battle. My general impression that working as a trio to scout, engage, pin, flank, and destroy is pretty straightforward. But actually coordinating that is eluding me. I tend to fall into calling a match, even when I am the least experienced player (I would rather the more experienced players do it, but only some of them are into calling), but general cooperation eludes me most games. Any general advice or links?
  9. Someone could write a guide to surviving on this server and turn it into an Ebook. They could make some bank selling it for $299 $199 $147 $29.95 today only.
  10. Really having a hard time doing good in the T54E1. A lot of times I get 1 shot in and die... The accuracy is just so horrible and the premium round doesn't have very good pen in tier 10 pubs either. The tank is also slow as hell and I frequently get caught in the open and get shot to hell. I have no idea how to play this tank, and my dpg in it is nearing my dpg in the T69. Please share any tips you have playing the T54E1 please. Edit: my DPG has gone BELOW my T69 DPG. WHY OH THE HUMANITY.
  11. Over the span of three days, I was a [witness/victim] of two incidences of deliberate, malicious, clearly bannable actions of teh pubs. The catch: they weren't bad players. The first one. Relevant bit starts at 10:45; go into free camera and watch the cap circle while reading chat. Summary: The second one. Relevant bit starts at 9:30, but the whole replay is worth some lulz for the total lack of situational awareness on both teams (myself included). Summary: Constructive criticism [abuse] is welcome for the second part.
  12. A thread dedicated to EU forum most brilliant poasting gems for times when you are bored or want some laughs. Feel free to add old topics and posts as well as newer ones. Found this today: http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/310844-maby-fix-the-damn-viewrange/#top Moments of brilliance from nerderclown (i miss you); http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/192891-quality-rating-the-fix-for-some-common-efficiency-abuses/ My favourite post of all time, have it bookmarked for years: http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/124442-profanity-removed-you-week-end-players/page__st__60__p__2139533#entry2139533
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