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Found 6 results

  1. [SWN] Smexy Wild Needlefish [SWN] is an EU server based pubstar/re-roll (no CW/tournament stuff - at least for now) klanu for people who play/switched to WoT:Blitz. I originally created it only for myself to get the discount thingys that klanus in Blitz get, but realized I can share, so if you are Unica, or Super-Unica too cheap to pay 1,000,000 creds for your own clan, don't mind being in a clan with a sperg who named it after a fucking fish and want discounts to help you grind n' stuff and people to toon with, feel free to poast here or send me a PM with your IGN. No forums or TS for now, but it wouldn't be a problem to set up if this shit picks up. If not, whatevs - I'll keep the discounts for myself
  2. Hey guys, Since I've been playing Bat.Chat. a lot these days, and I find it quite enjoyable and capable tank (when I don't play like shitlord ). However, I've been searching a bit, but there isn't any consensus of proper and best loadout for pub games. There is dilemma of are optics worth it(vision based meta is gone, but tank is still capable of spotting?), GLD(gun is lacking in aim time department), vents(overall boost to tank). To complicate stuff more, ammo capacity is limited so some people don't carry HEAT, some like one clip, other people run two clips. Also, there is thing with coffee, since Bat.Chat. has frontal engine but I doubt that's worthy argument over boost coffee offers. So, here is my loadout and stats with Bat.Chat.: I think next batch of skills for crew should be situational awareness for commander, designated target for gunner and clutch braking for driver. Now I'm thinking this is cost/performance very effective but I'm thinking I should switch out optics for vents and perhaps run full time coffee. Perhaps 1 more clip of HEAT(I'm not running out of APCR as it stands right now, and I like that but HEAT does it better when situation is sticky.)? So I'm asking you guys - should I change anything to preform better and what would be most ideal loadout for randoms?
  3. So I started playing this thing when the end of 9.7 was nearing. Peaked at 92% and started screaming OPOPOP. Yeah right... 100% solo 200% tears https://www.mediafire.com/folder/a0xot126ewduv/103 +++ Great gun, played last games with cola to compensate for aiming time though. I'd advise to use a gld rather than vents if you don't have a pro crew. Just frontally yolo lower tiers, and dpm them faster down than the german heavies can. You'd think an E-75 is superior, just watch some steppes games Good HP/t 340 HEAT penetration, and it's faster than the AP In theory the same gun depression as E75, but it's definitely better. --- The arty focus is unreal. I just finished a chi ri challenge and didn't even get focused half as much as in this thing. If you're purple overall and want to have an idea of how it feels like to be Garbad, try out this thing. Shitty mobility despite the hp/ton. Top speed is even lower than the Conqueror (like .4), so you need to follow the paths of the really slow tanks if you want to get somewhere without arty locking you down (see the game on cliff). People of the same tier and higher don't really consider you a threat (except arty of course) - there's a game where 2 TD's just yolo me after each other, the jag tiger just rammed me to death and took like 600 damage + fire in return... Ammo rack is shite. Turret is shite. Side armor is shite. (like, even worse than conqueror) Accuracy is supposedly shite, though that's not my experience. Arty So how to play? If lit and there is arty --> look away from your screen and wasd for half a minute. Seriously, the fuckers will splash you anywhere you are. A T92 found it funny to direct hit me for around 1600 hp in one of the last games, rather than hit the tier X heavies. If low tier battle: get to the front and show your front. DPM shit, abuse your hull (angle one side so it's impenetrable while hiding the other side) and pray your team holds the other flank or defends the cap long enough. http://wotreplays.com/site/1917861#self If high tier battle --> you are a road bump. Keep distance to give you one or two shots advantage, use common sense for positioning, and most of all, that 340pen HEAT. Sort of like this http://wotreplays.com/site/1917864#self Try to use terrain at all times, but keep your huge weak turret in mind. So I finished even below 70% which is rather undeserved even if I say so myself. I may have made a couple of wrong calls (especially highway or whatever the map is with the huge lake in middle), but if I went to the north in those, arty would've likely owned me there and the east would've been lost even sooner. If I had a couple less fail platoons, a better connection (died one game because Mac is best gaming system and I had to restart before I got into battle), less drowning suicides or retards in general, that 70% would've been achieved easily. To end in true garbad style; arty
  4. As the title says, I need a good mentor right now as i try to hit 2k wn8 and up for my recent, 30 day, and eventaully 60 day. I play pretty well i feel (have the basics down so to speak) just need someone to help me gain the expierience of when to push, not, when to run, flex, etc. I play at about a 1700 average, but have been trying to spam tens more to get 2k and up. I have tiers 6-10 and am willing to learn/take advice/critism. I'm not looking to pay anything so thisll just have to be out of the goodness of one of you unicums' hearts I'm on the NA server and can player both sides, east and west.
  5. I have always had a habit of raging at my teamates for what they do wrong. But I have recently begun to just think of the futility of it all. It is not the fault of my teamates that I died. It is not the fault of my teamates that we lost. It's my fault and I should just take responsibilty and gitgud@tonks. I just realized for me that playing music helps a lot. It just lets me focus on the game and just be a more mellow guy. For the near-future (and maybe long if this thread lives). I will be coming back to this thread every week Sunday night to just put down a song that I find to be relaxing for me when playing in randoms. BTW, the songs are only the ones that I have listened to, if you feel that there is a song that you find relaxing that helps you carry games. Feel free to post it in this thread. There will be a limit of 1-2 songs from each poster each week, to encourage some restraint. Well here goes, the first song of many. P.S. (If you want a song to repeat, Right-Click (twice if needed) and select Loop) P.P.S All the 'reasonable' songs on this thread will be located in this playlist ( one song wil be picked from each post to limit the congestion) Pls no massive albums, There will however be exceptions made if the album is exceptional. Other than that pls keep it in a reasonable length. As in <20min long https://www.youtube.com/playlist?action_edit=1&list=PL0WbKo6zjITWStN1lygSAsjjB05kje-Yo
  6. I have a very slow learning curve, for instance I learned in the last two weeks that you can take crews from one tank and move to a like premium without penalty. After I reached 15K battles. That said, I have some confusion as to what is a proper definition for common terms used in this community. I hear them often, and used to believe that I was not a scrub, but after being refered to as one by what I thought was a peers, with similar stats, I am confused. Terms I don't get: 1. Blues 2. Greens 3. Blunicums (New term, heard twice now) 4. Unicum (Similar to Purples?) 5. Super Unicum (Deep Purples?) 6. Pubs (thought is was general for anyone playing a Pub match) 7. Scrubs (thought is was similar to Bads, sub 48%ers) Please, a definition based off of wotlabs coloring would be nice, ie: I have two blue, two green, and one purple. And a general knowledge of what is accepted definitions, not "I am Super Unicum, all others are Scrubs/Noobs." Thanks!
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