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Found 17 results

  1. Hey everyone! For those who don't know me: I used to be pretty good at this game, playing in WGLEU for a bit, got 3 marks on most of my t10s and was main FC in OMNI, for a long time top 2 EU clan. Nowadays I am a bit less active and my play (mainly aim :P) is worse, and OMNI dropped off a bit but remains a topclan. I stream: Skirmishes (T10/T8 maybe), SH wars, solo randoms, platoons, etc. Activity varies: genghiswolves - Twitch On youtube I upload CW videos, awesome random replays (commented), sh war replays (some skimirshes), guides and recently a warleading guide. Over 500 videos total, checking out the older ones may really be worth too (when both I and OMNI were at our peak :D). But new videos have more effort putin so yeah Feedback very very welcome by the way! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2ZDlC6oi8t21oqRzWdHMhg [Currently uploading daily] You can also find me on facebook https://www.facebook.com/genghiswolvesOMNI/ and twitter Melvin Wolf (@genghiswolf) | Twitter Oh, and if you want to donate to motivate me to stream/youtube more, link in stream description Anyway, ready to answer any questions and might post some updates here (any rule on pushing?). Used to be really active here 2-3 years ago, not so much since. Thanks for the featuring btw.!
  2. Hi, my name is Va1heru (Val works fine but,) this is my now one and only replay thread where you can see me play like complete trash for days on end and then run 60 games at 4k WN8 (Thanks @Kitten and @ForkUrEyes <3) And yes, it is possible to be good at tanks and be attractive :^) I am one of a few high level Australian players on the ASIA/SEA server I play a mix of solo and platoons, I will pretty much plat with anyone just like send me a PM and say you're from WoTLabs <3 You will typically find me playing mediums or fast heavies (the RhM is the exception,) I despise slow tanks that cant make an impact on the battle I stream all my games on Twitch and upload nice games and sessions to Youtube! I should also like to extend a invitation to any NA/EU WoTLabs friends who would like to brave SEA, I have an alt account here with an IS 7, E4, CAX and assorted 8/9's, it has terrible stats so the camo will be real, PM me if interested! Now enough shenanigans
  3. Hello, for those you don't know who I am, my name is madhouse10101 but most people just call me mad, and recently iv gotten the gooder internets and because of this I am now able to live stream, been wanting to for ever but 25kb/s upload, well that wasnt going to cut it but now Iv got the good stuff and steaming 1080p for everyone to see. A little why you might want to watch me get triggered at minor things that really don't mean anything, First like most streamers put out, i'm a 2600wn8 player (by the new wn8 system not yet updated on wot labs) and a 3.3k recent player, been playing tanks for about 3 years now and for about one and half of them iv been in WGLAPAC started in silver but now in gold, Kinda (at the time of post). I am an Australian so I do in fact speak English, Australian English that is so you will only understand %70-80 of what i say because the rest is slang all though when I type it may seem like I have some case of a syndrome that people are raving about that apparently most of the player base has, I will not add my opinion to that here. But some other things you might be interested in, is that I have a microphone, there cool, right? So ill answer pretty much anything you ask about the game and also commentate any important deceptions I make in the game and explain why, so hopefully you, the viewer can learn something from it, that be the right thing or the wrong thing that's up to my brain at the time. I could go on for a some more but Id like to make a post not a TL : DR of this situation. And to finish it off, I will do tank request of any tanks in my garage a full list is on my twitch. I do play other games here and there mostly right now, PUBG, Dota 2, R6S, ARMA 3 and occasion GTA 5 but they wont be as often as tanks. But ill stop here since this is becoming a really big shit post as most people would put it but I would really appreciate if you would come by once and while drop a follow and say a hey. Cheers Twitch Link: https://www.twitch.tv/mad_house10101 Stream Week Days from 4pm-10pm (AEST) Stream Week Ends from sometime - really late at night (So every day)
  4. This is going to be my official replay thread, the one and only. Some info about me in WoT and why watch my replays. I'm currently one of the best players on EU. Recent avg exp, dmg, WN8, WN7, PR and Efficiency you name it. I play all of my games solo, with encounter and assault enabled to bring some variability to the map pool. I play mostly T10 mediums and replays I'm going to upload will be about T10 most of the time. I like to play tanks that are fast and thus have a chance to make the maximum impact to the game. I don't play arty or td's, f*** clickers. My garage: T10: Leo 1, STB-1, Obj 140, T-62A, M60, E50-M, BatChat, T110E5, IS7, AMX50B, AMX 30 T9: M46 Patton T8: Type 59, FCM 50t, IS3 Those are the tanks I play, some I play more often than others. From heavys I play mostly E5 and I like all of my T10 mediums except BatChat. M46 is probably my favorite tank. My favorite heavy is E5 and Type 59 are FCM are just for money making. I do have a bad habit of typing bad words in to the in-game chat so keep that in mind. Also the occasional tk's will spice some games as well. Tank setups: T-62A / Obj.140: Leo 1: E50M: STB-1: T110E5: BatChat 25t: AMX 30 prot: M46 Patton: Type 59: Mods: Aslain's XVM (I've edited it a lot, mostly removed lots of irrelevant stuff and no xvm-stats.) Locastan's session stats Custom avatar_input_handler (Zoom-out mod basically) Hardware: Windows 7 i7 4790K OC at 4700 MHz GTX 770 OC 8,00 Gt RAM WoT on a 120GB SSD Gaming Monitor: ASUS VG278HE 1920x1080 27'' 144 Hz Second Monitor: old Samsung, 20'' 60 Hz Mouse: Mionix Avior 8200 Keyboard: Microsoft Sidewinder x4
  5. Hello friends! I am opening this Q&A thread as part of a number of improvements for my stream, celebrating my recently-earned partnership with Twitch.tv. I figure this forum is a good place for this thread, as individuals in this community seem to enjoy the sharing of knowledge. A little introduction for those who do not know me... I joined [-G-] in July of 2013, and have been active in World of Tanks since that time. I have league experience in WGLNA seasons 1 & 5, and Classic season 2. I create, maintain, and make available my own modpack, and run a twitch stream primarily for World of Tanks. I have been streaming since June of 2014. Modpack My modpack is primarily an aesthetic alteration of the game, built on XVM and PMOD, focusing on color-schemes primarily. It makes things more...well...blue. It is minimalist and clean, intended for long-term use. Twitch Stream My twitch stream is primarily for educating the populace on how to improve their tanking skills. I enjoy socializing with my viewers, fielding questions, and listening to music any audiophile would love. Now that is out of the way, I am happy to answer any questions you folks may have for me. Please try to keep modpack troubleshooting to the thread linked above, if possible. Thanks!
  6. SO I played some good matches then I logged out and went on the website and saw this.. Insane Recent WN8 & WR ratings? lol So what's the cause? I mean just because of some good matches recent WN8 shouldn't go up this insane.. I will post 2 of the matches links: 1- http://wotreplays.eu/site/2243583#redshire-hei_bk201-sta-1 2- http://wotreplays.eu/site/2243697#fisherman_s_bay-hei_bk201-amx_13_90
  7. So I used to play this game a lot, but I had no idea stats existed. After about 3.5k battles I got bored and stopped playing. I went pro in Insurgency and got Global in CSGO. After that I needed a new game. After spending sometime looking for a new game I decided to come back to this game. My win8 upon return was like 1480 or somthing. First few days I averaged 2k win8 but now consistently hit 3k+ every battle. HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE ME TO HIT UNICUM?! I'm about 1550 win8 with 4k battles. Anyone got an estimate for me? &gt;:| Also Hello Everybody!!! I look forward to playing with and against all of you! P.S. I've been back for less than a week.
  8. Apparently I'm cool enough for this now \/ Here I shall put my replays, when I remember to. Please also use this thread as a Q and A if you've ever wanted to ask me things like why apple pie is the best, how to get all the girls as a 4000lb marine mammal, or maybe even tanks related stuff once in a while. FAQ: Why are you so bad at tanks? Because keyboards are not designed with flippers in mind. How do you play tanks with flippers? Badly Taylor Swift or Katy Perry? Leanna Decker <3 What is the best medium? Object 140 What is the best tank in the game? Leopard 1 How do I IS-7? Hulldown, sidescrape, shoot enough APCR to flood yurop with tears, and hug people with your face. Here's some 9.6 replays, I was at 98% MoE after this. Games shown are with the above setup, although I changed to more APCR a few games in. http://www.mediafire.com/download/uft2h69th98a8tt/IS-7_5_games.zip http://www.mediafire.com/download/rc3hdpx13952ytl/IS-7_6_games.zip
  9. The goal of this post is to share what I have learned since I started playing WOT, and the factors that I think were most responsible for my improvement. While my stats don’t reflect it yet, I have reached the point where I can consistently average 2500-3000 WN8 in a session, provided I follow the method outlined below. When I play on Wi-Fi or when tired or distracted, things don’t go as well. For my first 8000 battles or so, I learned primarily through trial and error. For example, no one told me how to go “Hull down”… I learned it the hard way. I don’t recommend that method of learning the basics. I’m going to mostly focus on how a “good player” with a WN8 of about 1200 and above can quickly become “Great”, so I won’t talk about basics like aiming and maneuvering, instead I will talk about more “meta level” decisions that can improve one’s play. Rule 1: Have Patience. WOT is a slow game. Slow tanks make it even slower, and fast tanks make it easy to rush in too quickly. If you want to play well, you absolutely must exercise patience as all times. In every battle, take the time to do the following: · Aim. (You don’t have to wait for the reticle to fully close, but you should wait until you have a good chance of hitting) o If you can’t safely aim a shot because you know you will get hit if you do, you probably shouldn’t be trying to take the shot. o Don’t immediately shoot if the tank you are aiming at shoots at you. If his shot is going to kill you, it is already too late, and if it won’t, then you are needlessly wasting your shot. o Don’t immediately shoot if the tank you are aiming at is about to get behind cover. Sometimes you will hit, but most of the time you will miss and he will pop back out and hit you while you are reloading. This is especially important if you have a long reload time. (On the flip side, you can take advantage of the fact that many players do this in order to get them to waste their shot) · Angle your armor/Go hull down/Side scrape o It takes a few extra seconds to set up a hull down or well angled position, but it is worth it, especially in tanks that heavily rely on it. For example, the T34 is beast when properly side scraping, but without it, it is quickly burnt toast. o This is a key part of what it means to “play smart”. If you need to round a corner, don’t just drive straight into enemy guns… angle your armor and side scape around the corner. (or let someone else go first) · Look at the map. o Situational awareness is very important. Don’t rely on the “tank spotted” sound to alert you to the tank that is trying to sneak up behind you. If you look at the map you can often see where the enemy is likely to pop up and be ready for them when they do. o How many games are lost because the other team fast-caps and no one was paying attention? Too many. If you see a fast cap is imminent, go back towards base immediately, no matter how slow your tank is. · Wait for the right time to make a move. o Don’t rush in anywhere without support. Wait for your teammates to catch up to you. (If there are no teammates coming to cover you, then you shouldn’t be there in the first place… retreat ASAP.) Rule 2: Play under optimal conditions. Often you may find that even if you are trying to play smart, it just isn't happening. You will play better when you are: · Relaxed. o Don’t play when stressed, rushed for time, or feeling like you feel you must try really, really hard to do well or your life is meaningless. o It is a game. If you aren't having fun, your play will suffer. You will be more likely to YOLO out of frustration or camp in fear, ruining games that you could have done very well in. o If you aren't relaxed, you will get increasingly frustrated if you play bad… compounding the problem and making you play even worse. · Well Rested. o Don’t underestimate this one. I personally notice a session difference of about 1000 WN8 points if I am tired. o Being tired will make you more prone to acting on impulses to YOLO, and more prone to making other bad decisions. · Engaged o Take it one game at a time. You should be fully engaged in each game for its own sake. View each game as a unique challenge, and a chance to do your best. o If you are just trying to get through a grind, performance will suffer greatly. · Connected. o Get off Wi-Fi, upgrade your internet, do what it takes to lower your ping. (Bad ping is rarely WG’s fault.) This may not be possible for everyone, but it is a big limit to your performance. o If you MUST play with bad ping: § Check the ping meter on the top left of the screen every few seconds § Check the ping meter immediately before each shot you take. § Play high-alpha TD’s or arty as they rely less on making precise maneuvers and taking many shots. Rule 3: Choose your tanks wisely. While the best players can excel in any tank, everyone has tanks they enjoy more than others. The simplest way to increase your stats quickly is to focus on tanks you enjoy and do well in. This isn’t any sort of cheating or padding, rather it is simply acknowledging and taking advantage of your personal strengths. · Play tanks you like o You will be more engaged and have more fun, even if you don’t win all the time. As long as you enjoy playing a tank, you will be engaged and you are likely to play better than in tanks you dislike. · Play tanks you like AND do well in. o Many of you have that one tank that gets a 60% win rate. Play that tank more often and your stats will increase. Simple. Over time, you can figure out why you are good in that tank and apply it to your other tanks. o There are many tanks with similar play-styles. For example, if you like the JPE-100, you may also like the FV215b 183. Get as many tanks as you can that fit your playstyle(s), and avoid tanks you know you will do poorly in. WOT is supposed to be fun. No reason to torture yourself. o Try the “OP” tanks. If you find you often get bested by a certain tank (Other than arty) you may want to try that tank yourself. If you can’t beat ‘em join ‘em. You will probably find out the tank isn’t quite as OP as you thought, but you may also find that you really enjoy playing it. Rule 4: Don’t make the same mistakes over and over. · Did a certain position work for you once upon a time but fail every other time since? o If so, don’t go there anymore. Remember which positions work almost every time, and go to those positions all the time. If a position only works sometimes, don’t take the risk. · If you know that making a certain maneuver frequently results in you taking hits or getting killed, don’t do it. o Adjust your play so that you don’t rely on maneuvers that expose you to enemy fire. Try to use cover whenever possible, even if it means going the “long way” to your destination. o Shortcuts are often really a shortcut back to the garage. · Remember what tank you are in. o Don’t take a heavy up the hill on Mines because it worked so well in your light tank. Don’t take your light tank to tank alley on Himmelsdorf. Pretty basic, but be sure to take your tank into account when thinking up your strategy. · Take advantage of common mistakes. o If you often make a certain mistake, often you will find that other players make the same mistakes too. Imagine that you are on the other team. Think about where you would go. Now go obliterate the tanks on the other team that do what you would have done. § For example, if you like to go up the hill on mines, instead of going up, find a spot where you can shoot the tanks that try to go up. § If you got caught in a certain part of a map, next time you are on the other side of that map, try to catch others in the same spot. Often times you will. o Once you identify a mistake that you commonly make, you will be able to identify and punish others who still make that same mistake! Golden Rule of WOT: Put your tank first. Imagine that the Field Commander is in your tank. As a result, your tank is the most important one, and you are not allowed to sacrifice your tank for anyone else. · Sacrificing your tank for the good of your team is NOT good for you or your team. o Is some jerk telling you to do something that will probably get you killed? Don’t do it. o Is someone raging at you and telling you to scout? Tell him to get his camping butt off the red line and find his own targets. WN8 does not take spotting damage into account so if you are in a light tank, you should focus on doing damage, not on scouting. § Lest you disagree with that, remember that most scouts die at the beginning of the game after doing almost no damage. As a result, a scout that stays alive and does the damage of a heavy tank is like having a whole extra heavy tank on your team. Pure profit for the team. · Don’t position yourself between the enemy and the cap on a weak flank. o What if the team all goes to one side of the map? You, being the one responsible player on the team decide to go to the empty side and do your best to hold it alone, whilst raging at the team for being stupid and leaving a flank open. Sounds good? NO. o When you and a few token tanks go to the empty side: § You can’t hold the flank alone so you invariably get steamrolled. § You die doing almost no damage. § You immediately put your team down a few tanks, leaving the rest of the team at a disadvantage. o In other words, if you go to defend a flank alone, YOU ARE CAUSING YOUR TEAM TO LOOSE BY WASTING YOUR TANK. (Ironic, because you were trying to help.) o So instead of reenacting the Alamo: § If you are fast, go the same way as everyone else to secure a decisive victory on that flank. Keep your eye on the map and be ready to drop everything and rush back to defend at the first sign of trouble. § If you are slow, start going the way everyone else is going, but find a spot to defend the cap from that side. Then wait until the enemy rushes through to the cap. Once they are capping, you can start shooting them from a position of strength because you chose a good spot with lots of cover. The cap siren will likely send part of your team rushing back to help you, and they come up behind you and give you support. § The enemy is often reluctant to push past cap, so once they are on cap they will often sit and let you shoot them. o This will probably eliminate many of your bad games. § You still defend, but from a position of strength and on your own terms. § You might actually get help because your team hears the siren and comes back. § You get to farm damage from enemies trying to cap with no cover. · Remember that you can’t influence the battle when you are dead. o A good player will influence the battle as much as they can. If you die, you leave your destiny up to your teammates. They will usually let you down. o Don’t ever rely on anyone but yourself. Expect that you will have to carry your team to victory, and then do it. Bonus Rule: Don’t take crap from anyone. · If they are a good player, they are following the Golden rule. As a result, they are probably telling you that you suck because they screwed up and you didn’t cover for them. o If you go on to win anyway, be sure to respectfully let them know that they are an idiot. o If you lose, that’s on you. Evaluate your own performance and learn from it. What they think you should have done is probably not what you really should have done. · If a good player/unicum rages at you, challenge them to a 1v1 honor duel in the public battle chat. o They will probably accept because it is a matter of personal ego for them to prove that they are better than you. (Of course if they don’t accept you can imply they are chicken.) o When you duel them, calmly play your best and treat it as a learning experience. You will probably loose, but it matters not. Tips for putting up a good fight: § Don’t be the attacker. Don’t camp, but don’t rush in. Let them come to you. They will assume you suck so they may be over aggressive. § Use all the 1v1 techniques you know of. (i.e. side scrape, hull down, etc.) § Position yourself so that you are ready no matter what direction they come from. § Use your favorite tank. This will make you feel more comfortable. If they have it, insist they use it too. That’s all I have. Cheers and good luck out there.
  10. Hi there! I'll be putting my replays to this thread, mostly in bigger packs so you can see how I play a certain tank in different situations/maps. I like playing meds and lights the most, but other classes go as well. Why watch these? - I'm stronk, basically all of my recently played tanks are in the top10 on vbaddict and +1200 avg xp (see Leopard 1, Leopard PTA, M26 Pershing, 110, T20, Chaffee, A-44, Obj 416, IS-2..) - I play mostly solo and all game modes - Replay packs are better for learning play styles of tanks and positions on different maps - I like Die Hard If you have any questions or requests for specific tanks/maps/etc. ask away! I can do written commentaries on individual replays if requested. Leo 1 replays were asked in the RBS thread about it, so to start this off, here's my first 50 games in the Leopard 1: Leopard 1 - first 50 replays (95% solopub) Leopard 1 - 25 replay pack (only solopub) Stats after 50 games: T20 replays: (100 solopub games overall - version 8.9-9.0 -> works in 9.1) - 25 replay pack -part 1 Final T20 stats: M26 Pershing replays (only solopub, version 9.0-> works in 9.1) -25 replay pack -part 1 -25 replay pack -part 2 -25 replay pack -part 3 Pershing final stats: 110 replays (only solopub, if I remember correctly, version 9.0 -> works in 9.1) -25 replay pack -part1 -25 replay pack -part2 110 final stats - 100 games Batchat replays (solopub, version 9.1) -5 replay pack Object 140 replays (solopub, version 9.1) -5 replay pack
  11. I've been playing this game for a pretty long time. Back about a year ago, I was running a bit over 3000wn8. Due to it's terrible luck based mechanics, balance breaking gold ammo and power creep, and campy vision system, I generally uninstall it for months at a time before getting back into it because all of my terrible friends keep playing it. Last time I did this, I took a break for 5 months, and for the last 3 months have been sitting at 2200-2500wn8. That's not terrible, but not as good as I used to be, so clearly I was dissatisfied. Then, suddenly last week, I figured it out. I figured out how to Git Gudtm Now, I wouldn't be posting this if I did it in a way that I considered to be padding. No gold rounds, platoons, overpowered tanks or sniping out of viewrange at enemy tanks spotted by my allies was employed here. All I've been playing this last week was my tier 10s (T110E5, Batchat, T62a, M60) and some terrible tier 5s I'm trying to grind out 6th sense on (BDR G1B, Chi Nu, Chi Nu kai) So, what the hell did I change in one week that sent my wn8 from 2500 to 4000 to the point of doing an extra 1000 damage in the same tanks? Well besides spending too much time putting up insulation and drywall in my basement, only one thing. Picking my battles. Generally, I would choose a section of a map that I like for some reason, drive over there, run into some enemies and try to outskill them until one of us died. I did this even if I was outnumbered 3 to 1, even if they were a higher tier, even if they were in a better position, even if they were sitting there waiting for me to peek. As long as I had some chance to pen them, I would poke around that corner and take that shot or rush in and start circling them. It worked a decent amount of the time, otherwise I wouldn't have gotten a 63% winrate and purple wn8 out of it, but then I started watching streams. I saw people who (no names) played much worse than me, yet still somehow managed to be dark purple while looking like they weren't even trying. A lot of them were padders, but some weren't, and I noticed what they were doing that I wasn't, and that was that they never engaged in an unfavourable fight. They'd run into a bunch of tanks they could barely pen sitting around a corner waiting for them to try peeking, and they wouldn't peek, they would fuck off to a different part of the map until they found themselves in an engagement where they could get at least twice as much damage out as they got put back into them without even trying, instead of fighting an enemy in a great position ready for them. They would do this, and they would win that engagement. They would kill a few tanks, damage a few more, get some map control and barely lose any health doing it. Then they'd use this map control to find another area where THEY had the advantage or the surprise over the enemy, and get more easy damage out, until the first tanks in the great position that they avoided were outnumbered and surrounded, and THEN they would use all the HP they still have from not making risky trades and the numbers advantage they have to kill those tanks. It doesn't work on all maps, a lot of the maps in this game are terrible sets of 3 corridors with TDs camping both ends where nothing but chaisniping and high pen/alpha works, but with them changing a lot of those maps recently, you can pull this off more often. I started doing this, and clearly the change in stats and winrate speaks for itself. I have a few videos below to show you the difference in playstyle, both losses (I twied guies) and the "bad" playstyle against terrible pubbies that should have killed me much easier than they did, but comparing the two, you could see that I had a much easier time against much better opponents in the second video than I did in the first, despite being in a much worse position in the second video map control-wise Now in the second video I also overlaid a bunch of tips and explanations for why I did certain things but near the start one gets fucked up (the "slides" used to be 3 seconds long instead of 5, and when I changed the length they stayed on I forgot to move one over to compensate for the extra length) What that slide says is another important thing again talking about always picking favourable situations, and that is that if one side of the map only has 3 or 4 pubbies go to it, and you know that the enemy will almost definitely send a reasonable amount more, DO NOT go to that side to attempt to compensate, you will get rolled with the rest of the guys who went over there. Instead stay somewhere between your lemming train and your base, close enough to get help from allies but also in a position where you can quickly reset the cap, which will give your pubbies time to notice that they left half of the fucking map undefended and move back to base to help you Anyway I hope this helps people out, especially the more aggressive players like me. Use your aggression to move up and shoot enemies in the side and other places where they're not prepared for you or are in a bad position to fight you, don't just find the nearest enemy and try your best to kill them even if the odds are heavily stacked their way, deal with those guys last after you kill all their friends. Always get the first shot, never peek against an enemy that's ready for you and loaded unless you'll get a lot more out of it than they would. If you manage to get your tank's expected damage in before an enemy has even managed to turn their turret at you before you've disappeared, then you've done it right.
  12. So, I am confident and doing well in my Mediums and Heavies and Lights now, but simply am a newb in my TD`s. To show you an example of each in the last month... T59+FCM have been 3k wn8 T64+5916 have been 2700-3k Obj416+T54 2550ish T57+E5+Fail 2500 Then TD`s. Su122-44 1900-2100 E25 1800-2100 T25 2100ish Mainly what I find is these tanks I considered OP and hated are not as easy as they seem to me. I think its because 1900 DMG for the SU122-44 while easily doable on some maps seems just impossible on others. It doesn`t have depression so its hard for me to use hills and slight inclines, it doesn`t have amazing camo like the E25 does and cannot play like a light to relocate. So in the games that are obviously easy where the enemy team will lemming in the magic forest and I can just dump 4k Dmg into them its fine but I have a lot of trouble with maps like. Steppes, Sand River, Windstorm+New Shitty snow map I just went blank. Anyways, it seems to me the ones I am good with are ones with depression and by good I mean 2kish Wn8 [still not great at all]. Sandriver and these maps that seem like they would be great seem to need depression and for me to get shots forces me to get spotted and then nuked. Is there any very good video/reviews of Garbad or Onechan on TD`s? Map guides etc seem to be better for H+M+L Another issue is when I make a mental note of a place where a TD is giving me problems most times it seems like they wern`t doing great against me as I thought, but rather simply focused on me and so at the end of match they only got 1500 DMG but it was all vs me and they traded there lives to do it. Are there any great TD expert Unicums I should watch? E25 I feel like im better with, but still not Purple but barely blue. The T25 is fast has good Alpha but mainly its 10 depression means I peek up crack a shot off then get back, and I can`t seem to do it as well with the SU then I look at the 2k DMG per game I need and it seems to much for me. Does anyone else struggle badly with TD`s? I know T10 TD`s were pretty easy and I heard Su100 was OP and it is sometimes but anytime an enemy wants to come semi close its done. And with T10 TD`s they have such huge alpha its easy to blap 5 rounds a game and be Blue, while they have enough HP take a few hits the 12244 seems like its got 3 shots of DMG. I know its a great TD but I am simply retarded in using it and want to learn as it would be a great trainer. Sry this was on my phone.
  13. About Me: - I've finally felt my recent WN8 has started to plateau a bit, since I've reached the 2100 band it's been going up and down. Right now it's sitting around 2330. - I'm looking for a purple mentor player to get me to a target of 2600 recent WN8, which is across the purple threshold and well into safe territory. I hope this isn't too hard of a target. - I've platooned with purple unicums and other uni-blues before. It's either because they think of better tactics, or I play better under the fact that I have to show purples what I'm worth. Usually, I should end up right behind them in terms of XP, and occasionally in between both of them. - My GMT is +8. Which means if you are a morning player, good. - I can speak English and Mandarin fluently. - I like scouts. However I'm proficient with heavies, mediums and TDs. What kind of Mentor I am Looking for: - Tell me where to go generally or a spot(s) for my tank that I loaded into the game with on said map, quickly before the start of the battle. - Tell me immediately if you think I screwed up somewhere. Yelling is optional. - Silent platooning works, however it is making it hard for yourself with Point No.1. Tanks: IX: Conqueror, M103 VIII: AMX 13 90, Pershing, T28 Prot, Centurion I, IS3 PS: Also looking for platoon buddies. Add me if you want.
  14. Hey, just want to see if anybody would like to platoon that are playing to win and improve. I didn't care for this game till around 10k battles. So now I'm trying to wash out the crap stats that I have created over the years. Thanks. Also I'm running Conqueror nao and E-75, and WT tier 9 P.S Throw the invites
  15. I have noticed, skill wise, I am quite a bit ahead of most of the people I end up platooning with at the moment. Thus, i'm looking to try playing with people around my skill level some. Mainly playing t10, since I just bought a T57 after having sold my is-7 when I decided I wanted to become a better player, so I am getting comfortable with carrying in t10 meta still somewhat. I am looking for enjoyable people to platoon with, if you excessively complain, rage, and are not pleasant to be around, probably don't want to waste both our time. Let me know if you are interested!
  16. Do you have sweet stats in tier limited tier 8s? Do you crave the silver precious but have no friends or friends that are just too lame for tanks? Do you sling premium rounds from premium tanks to ensure sweet victory when required? Yes? Then this is the place for you. Add your name to the list of gud@tanks, bad@lyfe individuals that just can't get enough of them tank monies while stomping on the faces of ASIA (no racist). Unless I am in CW I am pretty much always up for or already running a tier 8 premium platoon, unlocked a lot of tanks over these XP bonus periods and I am desperately low on funds. Is this elitist and purple snobbery - fuck yes it is! I was devastated that my FCM and KV-5 dropped below 70% win rate, I cry myself to sleep every night. Which is rather awkward for my girlfriend and our cats, especially the retarded one it just doesn't understand...anything. Stop this madness, join the Purple SEA Cucumber Bling Brigade today! You'll usually find me on MP TS with Raephix, being terrible, terrible people often towards each other. PSCBB members DivHunter Raephix raymond350 politx_killer Ezz Bridgeburner FG_YOLOs BOXA Neo Rots5 bdave351 Pred_Error (fag0t lord butthole rammer) Friends of PSCBB FooTFood Jarveg BigM Tinwing We'll create a PSCBB chat channel for bitching about how much silver you need and getting platoons.
  17. My wife just looked at me like I was a lunatic. Checked my stats on WoTLabs and saw I'd hit 60 day blue. Queue shouts of excitement while my wife rolls her eyes and tells me I'm a nerd. Mad props and epic thanks to all of you on here for the threads, guides, advice, etc. Also thanks to everyone better than me that has platooned with me and slapped me around a few times when I do stupid shit. Stupid excited right now. And my 30 day is over 1700. My next goal is to see if I can improve enough to hit 60 day purple BEFORE 30 days has elapsed. *edited* 60day purple now!!
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