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Found 10 results

  1. I wanted to get the data of all players with 3 Marks of Excellence (MoE) and some related info, I couldn't really find any existing stuff so I wrote a program and spammed the WG API with about 3 million request and put the data in a nice spreadsheet. I already posted this on the EU WoT forums but Nightmare_Luna suggested that I also post it here for all the statlovers. ► SPREADSHEET EU Tanks◄► SPREADSHEET EU Players & Clans◄► SPREADSHEET CHANGES EU #13 → #14◄ ► SPREADSHEET RU Tanks◄ ► SPREADSHEET RU Players & Clans◄► SPREADSHEET CHANGES RU #1 → #2◄ ► SPREADSHEET NA◄► SPREADSHEET CHANGES NA #9 → #10◄ ► SPREADSHEET ASIA◄► SPREADSHEET CHANGES ASIA #7 → #8◄ The spreadsheets for EU and RU are split into 2 parts (one with only Marks on Tanks and the other one with the rest). In addition to that, I cannot have a hyperlink for every player in the first spreadsheet because of spreadsheet limitations. Old Versions Last Updates EU: #14: 11.03.2017 RU: #2 11.11.2016 NA: #10: 22.03.2017 ASIA: #8: 20.10.2016 You can filter or sort the data using the following button: If you want to edit the spreadsheets and/or work more comfortably with them, you can download the files via File > Download as > Microsoft Excel (.xlsx) THE RATING Each 3 MoE on a tank is worth a certain amount of points depending on the tier and tank type of the tank and the amount of players with 3 MoE on it (indicator for the difficulty). The rating of a player is the sum of points for each tank he 3-marked, rounded down to the nearest integer. The rating of a clan is the sum of the rating of its players. Keep in mind that this (currently) just me playing around with some numbers because it seemed like a fun thing to do. Formulas: Tank & Type % This is the ratio of all generally available tanks (no premium or reward tanks, still researchable, at least 1 player with 3 MoE on it) per tier or tank type to the maximum possible amount. The latter is listed in the MoE Distribution spreadsheet. Conclusions so far I'm too lazy to update these all the time. DEAL has once again been confirmed as subklanu of S3AL, they don't even have 60% of our amount of MoE There are actually 3 guys with 3 MoE on the CGC. I don't know enough about the NA or ASIA server to be able to give such spot on conclusions Want to check your current MoE status and don't want to wait for the next update? You can use my WN8 Changes Tool. In addition to showing changes in WN8 ratings due to expected values changes, it also shows you how many 3/2/1 Marks of Excellence you have. A couple of notes regarding the data I got the initial IDs from xvm dev seriych upon my request. As I now have access to a server, I'm checking each possible ID of a server for a valid account (played at least one battle after the introduction of the MoE), so every accounts gets checked. I do have some data for 2 MoE as well, but "you basically get them for playing 100 games on a tank"1 so I decided to not publish them I did not collect the data for 1 MoE For the spreadsheet to be viewable in google docs I had to dismiss any player or clan with less than a certain amount of MoE (marked by (X+) in the worksheet names). I do have a complete spreadsheet with them that I can upload if anyone is interested. I also cannot list every player with 3 MoE on a tank for each server due to limitations of google drive. It takes a long time to completely update the data due to restraints of the WG API I'm currently thinking about how to update the data about once a week in an effective manner Sources/References WG API seriych (xvm dev, player IDs) pun_xD (for Quote 1)
  2. We've just launched http://warships.today/ in beta. It does tracking of player statistics in a user friendly way and also calculates Warships Today Rating (WTR) - a rating that considers stats such as damage, frags (ship and plane) to determine player performance. The individual player page provides a great overview of how the player is doing in different ships and shows a comparison with server average stats. It currently has all players on EU, NA, RU servers in the database, so the vehicle stats are representative (not skewed towards those that use the site). It would be great to hear what you think and any comments or suggestions.Regards, Nathan
  3. [massive wall of text, had to sit in train long time and f******n spoilers not working] Since the last tier 9 ranking is old a new one, and since I own (and play) 21 of the 29 tier 9`s I think I can judge them fairly well. Another reason is that imo many people under or overrate certain tanks because of play style preferences (I’m sure I will also fall in this trap myself). For this rating two things are important, solo play & platoon play, if your 100% platooning or 100% solo it might differ a bit, I assume that ``you`` play between 1/3 and 2/3 solo and 1/3 and 2/3 platoon. Rating is based pure for ``winpower``, damage and wn8 are thus not important, it’s about winning! In terms of importance: Firepower (inc gun depression, and gun handling / bloom) > Armour > Mobility > Soft stats (camo, view range module dmg). On a number scale it would be 10 > 6 > 5 > 3, the gun is by far the most important mobility and armour are about equal and soft stats don’t matter much. It also means that a tank with a crap gun has to be phenomenal in other aspects to make up for it. As final note, mobility is mostly a ``negative stat``, having good mobility doesn’t make a tank good, but having bad mobility does make a tank bad. The average is 6.4 and not 5.5, since 5.5 would mean the avg tank is a turd, and that’s certainly not that case. Tier 9 contains many strong tanks and is as a whole a very good tier. Also not one tank gets a 10 since not one tank is that good, the only tier 9 tanks which would be a 10 would be tier 9 IS-4, also beta Obj 704 and beta T-54 come close (9-9.5 or perhaps even 10). Lowest rated tank is a 3, even though a 4 can also be justified. The numbers below a 7 are fairly meaningless; I placed the tanks from strong to weak and put numbers behind them so the exact number doesn’t really matter that much down there. I gave for example both Amx-50-120 and Amx-30 a 5, yet Amx-30 is the better tank, but amx-30 is certainly worse as the 6 tanks, while amx-120 is not as crappy as the 4`s. ps: I also included the following buffs in this rating: IS-8 mobility and gun handling buff and JT hp buff to 2100. 10: Beta IS-4 9: E50 & St-1 8.5: T54, E75 & M46 8: WTF-P4, VK-B, T30 & Conqueror 7: M103, Wz-11111111-4, Jagdtiger, Wz-120, Cent mk7, T-10, T54e1, Obj 430 v2 6: Obj 704 & Type 61 5: Foch, Amx-30, Conway & Amx-50-120, 4: Su-122-54, Tortoise, Leopard PTA, Type 4 & T95 3: Lorraine
  4. Hi, anyone know about any site explaining the xTE rating in detail? Including the formula used to calculated it? As far as I have understood, it's the XVM makers that provides this rating using the top x users of each tank to calculate the rating. Is there any API available to fetch these values? Regards BadButton Developer | Wot Numbers
  5. This thread is for developing WN9. The OP will be updated when it is closer to release. Current concept: Somewhat similar to WN8 in that expected values are used. Instead of having multiplicative terms (... + a*b + ...) which increase in a parabolic curve, square rooted versions will be used, which linearize the parabola (and consequently improve accuracy). Scales differently depending on tanks played, so as to make similar ratings between tanks approximately equivalent to each other. Separate formulas may be used for scout tanks and artillery, to fix perceptibly important problems. Progress: Still a while off.
  6. Hey y'all. I've been doing pretty well on the new light tanks, the lttb, ru251 and t37. My Wn8 for the past 2 days has been hovering in the 1800s. However my overall WN8 score keeps dropping day by day. Is this a temporary thing, due to the new light tanks not being assimilated into the overall WN8 yet? Thanks people, Sneaky Bastard
  7. bjshnog


    VBE's ded.
  8. WN8 Resources Description Summary FAQ Colour Scale Expectation matrix - Download as CSV - Download as JSON (Note: a large portion of this thread is extremely outdated.)
  9. So, I'm posting this here, because a post about stats, especially about stat metrics on the WoWP forums would be 25% trolls, 50% deniers, and 25% of people that actually want to discuss this topic. This is a preliminary rating system that should be tested more thoroughly at release when the population allows for consistent 15v15 battles in higher tiers, but ATM, it should only be accurate in determining the contribution of someone that plays lots of low/mid tiers, since those are the only areas where you can consistently get 15v15 battles. The variables that I used to determine this performance rating were: aerial kills per game, damage dealt per game, average tier, and GT kills per game. The formula: Variables 500A+ 400D/(44.43T+11.33)+ 150G = Performance Rating Conclusion So, if you have any questions/suggestions/criticisms, please post them in the replies of this topic. It would also help if you could post your http://planes.noobmeter.com/ page and your calculated rating, as you can only get your average tier from noobmeter at the moment. (mine is 1560) Perspective FAQ's Q: How did you get the damage dealt thing (44.43T+11.33)? A: I made a linear regression line with my trusty TI-84 with the average hitpoints with the upgraded airframe of each tier. If on average you deal the average hitpoints of the average tier that you play, you would be credited with the multiplier, 400 points. My data: Q: Why are GT kills weighted so low? A: As it stands right now, GT's are not very useful right now, so in order to get the same rating as someone who averages 1 kill and hitpoints of their average tier, you need to average 6 GT kills per match.
  10. I shall start with the timeline and description of PP Weight Rating. I realize it started terribly, didn't really show things properly at first, and is only in the most recent version getting better. Now that dossier files (and by extension, VBAddict) now have a better statistic I can use for defensive rating of the tanks (Shots Taken Without Damage vs. Damage Received Ratio), it will really help boost heavily armored tanks and hurt lightly armored tanks, like the rating should. Anyway, back in the beginning, I had this bright idea of finding a formula that would show overall balance of the tanks we play in a class/tier. I figured this would do 2 things: Prove 'subjective experience' from the unicums right, and give a better insight into how WG nerfs/buffs tanks (they don't do it purely off winrate, but some sort of internal formula showing unbalance). I decided to use VBAddict as the basis for the stats. It is not perfect (unless you have access to the internal WG Database, no method for obtaining stats is perfect). However, it offers an easily accessible method for obtaining stats, and also helps that it shows only the past 30 days stats, so that it is not just an 'overall that adds up over time', but a more dynamic rating that changes from patch-to-patch and more readily shows how patches change things. __________________ THE FIRST ATTEMPT In April of 2013, PP Weight Rating was born. http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/229413-pp-weight-rating-what-is-it-and-how-does-it-work/page__fromsearch__1 My first attempt was terrible. I started with raw data and got results that really didn't jive with reality. After rough going, I got the formula into a basic version which ended at Version 4. That formula is as follows: {[(RAW DPG/THEORETICAL DPG)*100]+[(ASSIST DPG/1000)*100]+WINRATE+[(POTENTIAL RECEIVED DPG/ACTUAL HP)*100]+SURVIVAL RATE}/5 = NORMALIZED PP WEIGHT The WGForums rejoiced that someone was taking time to attempt to do this, even if their attempt was sloppy. _________________ THE SECOND ATTEMPT In May of 2013, the second set of ratings came out. http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/238867-pp-weight-rating-may-2013-edition/page__fromsearch__1 I continued to use Version 4.0 of the formula, as by that time, I had setup my spreadsheet with it and it was easy to just plug-n-run numbers. However, my methods were still called into question by those with better knowledge of the workings of the game, as I had some strange anomalies in the results. However, Congratulations were given as I was not giving up despite initial detractors, was willing to work on the formula (did not claim to be a know-it-all), and was giving some sort of basis to show balance that players otherwise had no real ability to do. ________________ THE TWEAKING A couple of days after the May 2013 post, the Formula was tweaked. http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/239806-pp-weight-rating-formula-help-me-tweak-it/page__fromsearch__1 I got most help in PM's either on the WGForums or from Reddit. The formula ended up with Version 5 as follows: [Damage Ratio + {Assist DPG/(Tier * 100)} + Winrate + Damage Received Per Match Ratio]/4 = PP Weight ________________ FORMULA TWEAKED AGAIN AND THE THIRD RUN OF THE RATINGS I missed posting a rating in June for some reason. But by the end of June, I had worked hard on the formula and had tweaked it even further and it is currently on Version 6. The tweaking helped to normalize it for tier weights. The ratings were well received this time as the new, tweaked, version 6.0 formula really got the charts much more in line with what is accepted reality, though there were some shockers thanks to 8.6 and the intial 1 1/2 weeks of stats from 8.6. http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/255957-pp-weight-rating-july-2013-edition/page__p__4920781#entry4920781 Version 6 of the formula is as follows: {Damage Ratio + {[(Assist Radio + Assist Tracks)/(Tier * 100)]*100} + Winrate + Recieved Damage Ratio}/4 = PP Weight _______________ FOR THE 7TH TIME, THE FORMULA IS TWEAKED By the time I was partially done doing the July 2013 rating, I noticed that VBAddict had a new stat for defense: Shots Received Without Damage. Instead of a formula for Damage Received divided by Hitpoints Multiplied by 100 to get the ratio from 1-100%, This instead was a straight up "How much armor do you have as this is the percent of shots you took that did 0 damage." Thus, a better stat for defensive ratings of tanks was found. But, for completion sake, I finished up the ratings with version 6.0 of the formula. Version 7.0 is as follows: {Damage Ratio + {[(Assist Radio + Assist Tracks)/(Tier * 100)]*100} + Winrate + Shots Received Without Damage}/4 = PP Weight ______________ August 2013 PP Weight Rating Released http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/274823-pp-weight-rating-august-2013/ ______________ WHAT IS EACH PART OF THE FORMULA REPRESENTING? Damage Ratio = Percent of Damage Output Compared to Hitpoints. It is commonly accepted that a 'good tanker' puts out at a minimum as much damage a match as he/she has hitpoints. This is a hindrance to tanks with a lot of Hitpoints (like German Heavies, the TOG II*, etc.) and a boost to tanks with fewer Hitpoints. This is a Measure of Offensive Ability of that tank. Assist Ratio = Now that 8.6 is here, Assist Damage is broken up into 2 Categories. As before, I have found that without exception, that even combined together, both assist damage stats do not equal more than Tier * 100, so that is the ratio used to get a scale of 1-100% for this category. It is commonly accepted that a 'good tanker' can stay alive and get a lot of spotting damage or keep a target tracked (if he has no other shot) so that his teammates can finish off the tank if he is currently unable to do so. This is a boost to tanks with good view range/speed, and a hindrance to tanks with poor view range/speed. This is a measure of Support Ability of that tank. Winrate = Self explanatory. Measure of player skill that can 'override' all other stats the tank has. However, sometimes winrate comes into play in ways that are unexpected: Some tanks that Unicums consider great have poor winrates, for example, despite Unicum skill. Shots Received Without Damage = A measurement of how many shots a tank took directly that did 0 damage to that tank. It is commonly accepted that a 'good tanker' knows his tank well and can thus angle it to reduce or even completely eliminate damaging shots. This is a tremendous boost to heavily armored tanks, like say, German Heavies, and a hindrance to less armored tanks, like say, French Heavies. This is as it should be as German Heavies have much better armor than French Heavies. _____________ STRANGENESS ENCOUNTERED WHILE RUNNING STATS Something that was shocking the first time I ran the stats was how well the Maus stacked up as a Support tank, with it's massive spotting damage ratings (at the time, 7th on the NA server). As each iteration of the formula came along, and as the past few months have gone by, it has gone up in rating. As of the July 2013 run of the stats, the Maus is currently #2 overall on the NA server for being a Support Tank, behind only the Bat Chat 25t. Hard to believe, but the Maus is the 2nd best 'scout' in the game. LOL. Another shocking thing was how much winrates changed over time. Whenever a tank became 'flavor of the month', it's winrate would drop, while others around it would raise up. 8.6 was a massive shock to winrates. Out of over 230+ tanks, less than 20 had winrates go up since 8.6. Winrates were down across the board an average of 3%. Even the Foch 155, known for being OP, was sitting at an 'awe-inspiring' 50% winrate. The sigma changes really had a massive effect on tank balance that I don't think we will really see until September. I'm sure the August ratings will start to really show it, but September is probably where we will see new 'leaders' for best tank in many class/tier combos.
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