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Found 1 result

  1. I didn't find a thread for this tank so here goes. I've only played a few games in it so far and I refused to play it stock because lol 175 pen in tier 10 games nice meme. I'm not really going to go over the stats because you nerds can look it up yourself, I'm sort of looking for other people's thoughts and impressions on the tank itself. Do you like it? hate it? think it's mediocre? Why? Against tier 8's, it's hilariously good. The side armor is too thick to be overmatched by anything and nominal thickness tends to negate the damage you get from HE spam (which has happened to me twice). It's hard to over-angle when side-scraping since the extra T H I C C gives you a lot of wiggle room. The curved shoulders on the front are pennable if whoever you're fighting can aim for them, but there's a sweet spot angle that lets you both hide the shoulders and still poke your gun out around the corner, while bouncing everything that doesn't have 270+ pen. Turret is pretty strong and can bounce some crazy shots, and the single weakspot (the cupola) is so flat and tiny that hitting it is more dependent on prayers to RNG than on careful aiming. You can pretty much ignore any tier 7's or 6's that aren't derp guns or behind you - I've had full side-on shots get bounced before from tier 7 heavies and the like, so even if you're in the open just angle yourself a bit and you're p much good to go against lower tiers. This was my first match in it and all I did for 80% of the game was sidescrape off a building across the bridge in the south: In tier 9s, it's... okay. Against dumber players in 9's you'll generally have no problem baiting shots into angled side armor - the lower plate, of course, is butter, and anyone who knows to aim for the shoulders will ruin your shit and probably set you on fire, but the tank is new enough that it's not a huge issue yet. Otherwise, I generally found success by watching the flanks for our bigger guns in brawling zones and bullying lower tier heavies or keeping higher tier heavies constantly turning their guns to deal with me. Tier 10s are generally crap but that's standard tier 8 tank matchmaking for you. At least there's 7 tier 8 tanks on the enemy team to beat up on. I don't have a real strategy for this yet since the thing is too slow to face off against mediums and the armor doesn't work against most tier 10 guns unless you're lucky or the enemies are bad - generally I just play it the same way I do in tier 9s, but with a more conservative and cautious approach. My main gripe with it is that the mobility is a little low - but I guess that's expected with the amount of armor it has. It generally does reach its top speed on hard terrain (which is like, 35kmh i think) but you won't be keeping up with mediums or anything. Oddly enough I haven't gotten shot enough to get set on fire a whole bunch yet, and while the gun depression is as bad as expected I knew what i was signing up for with a rear-turreted tank. For crew skills, I don't have them memorized right now but I have a fairly new crew in this - I think it's Sixth/snap/ORD/safe and then working on repairs. Equipment loadout is Rammer/Vstab/Vents, I carry 20 AP/8 APCR/2 HE, standard consumable loadout of medkit/rep kit/AFE. Oh, and for the past week I had two 1500+ base xp games and that wasn't enough for an Ace. Fun stuff, clearly people out there are having a lot of success with it so far. What do you guys suggest for crew skills in the future after BiA and repairs? I chose ORD just so I can get to the brawl slightly faster, but would clutch braking be a better choice? Does it get set on fire frontally often enough to make taking Preventative Maintenance an option? How do you tend to play it in heavily tier 10 matches, or on maps where the gun depression or lack of hard cover works against you? e: lmao 504 error when I tried to post - now I understand how people keep double, triple, or even quadposting their new threads. RIP
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