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Found 24 results

  1. Rusty Old Frigates (RUST & OXIDE) Who Are We - Rusty Old Frigates is a group of like minded seamen interested in divisions, grinding ships, and competitive game play. Most of our players are Rusty and Old (30+) just like our ships, but we will accept anyone who meets our recruitment standards. Our community consists of two clans RUST and OXIDE. We are spread out across all US time zones, with most people playing during US prime time. While we like to be competitive and win games our primary mission is to have fun playing as a group. We participate in clan battles, operations, ranked battles, divisions, and setup scrimmages with other clans. Membership Standards - With our main goal being to have fun while winning games, we have come up with some standards to help ensure that new recruits are a good fit. However, we do have some standards new recruits must meet. These standards will become more strict once clan battles are introduced to WOWS. RUST and OXIDE have slightly different ability requirements, but the rest of the standards are the same since we treat both clans as one. Below is a list of our requirements. Be a cool person to play with. Be active in game, division with the clan, and be active on our Discord server. We don't have activity requirements as real life comes first, but we do want you to socialize with the group when you are in-game. ~1000+ games played. Flexible depending on the person applying. OXIDE requirements - ~52% win ratio, 1000 WTR, Tier 8 ship, interest in improving game play. RUST requirements - ~56% WR, 1.0 F/B, 1250 WTR, Tier 10 ship, interest in improving game play. We can be flexible on stats for the right person but if you are significantly far off the standard we probably aren't the clan for you. How to join? - If you are interested reply to this post or contact the following people. One of us will send you a Discord and Division invite. After joining our Discord you need to division with our clan to see if you are a good fit before receiving an invite. uncLe_Ownter (OXIDE) rearhatch (OXIDE) K538 (RUST) smf117 (RUST) MntRunner (Both) Join us on Discord for some divisions. If you like what you see after hanging out with us we'll send you a clan invite..
  2. So I'm a "decent" player who hasn't had great luck with clans. My first clan, KIMBO, would up disbanding due to internal politics, and my last clan, NAG, promised constant improvement and competitive battles but stagnated in a similar manner. I really just want a place where I can log onto the TS and it's full of skilled people who have a good time playing the game. If there is a clan out there that would take in someone with minor calling experience and a wide variety of tanks, then send a PM and I'd love to hop on and play some games with ya. WL signature placed below for reference.
  3. Do you want to join clan full of anime lovers like Mahou or Shojo but without any of the skill or effort? Then boy do I have the clan for you! We here at Extreme Neko Loli are a clan created by my friends and I. We hope to be a functional clan that participates in platoons, team battles, skirmishes, and even clan wars! However above all, we hope to create a community of like-minded players to platoon together and simply talk to. We believe that there is nothing more enjoyable than sitting down with a friend who shares a common interest and having a friendly chat while blasting your enemies to pieces! You DO NOT have to love anime to join however! Being a clan on World of Tanks, your skill in the game is more important. We have very few requirements to join. Even then remember, we will take exceptions to these requirements if you are a cool person in general. Wn8: We would to have players with at least 800+ but also acknowledge that WN8 isn't perfect so we will base it more off of gameplay than anything else. Tier: Because of the nature of clan wars, team battles, and skirmishes, we would like to ask a minimum of one tier 6 tank. Preferably, a Cromwell or an OI. Play Time: Any time is good for us. We would like at least one or 2 days a week but we don't mind, as long as you can log on from time. Discord: We have a Discord but it is NOT required, if you are not comfortable with talking, we won't mind. However it is preferred that you use Discord for scheduled events. Thats all! Like i said, Even if you don't meet the requirements entirely, just prove that you are a team player and a fun person to play with and you will be in. If you are interested, message me (Ender_Keed), pwn_yo_face, or Impossibear_1. You can also go to our clan page and apply, where one of us will see it. Our clan page: http://na.wargaming.net/clans/1000022524/ Discord: https://discord.gg/0lxo3YOmSby9NpLC
  4. How you want win, noobs? [-MM] MadMen is a fast growing clan of very capable players that is founded on the principle that skilled players can compete with low drama. It is possible to play4funtm and still be good at winning games, carrying randoms, and winning tanks. We have built up a solid group of players very quickly that are active and able to win games. We would like to continue doing so. In that vain, for the time being we are not recruiting any more platooning members and are now recruiting players that would be focused on competitive play. We are recruiting players that are close to or exceed our clan averages which currently stand at Blunicum semi-goldspamming neckbeards. In effect what this ensures is that the requirements for joining the clan will increase over time in line with rising clan averages. http://www.noobmeter.com/clan/eu/-MM/500039439 http://wotlabs.net/eu/clan/-mm Current Clan averages (updated semi-regularly): Wn8: 1936 - Blunicum Winrate: 57% - Blunicum Rerolls must exceed our averages by some way to even be considered. Tanks that we require from you: Tier VI: Literally doesn't matter. Tier VI strongholds is easymode with good players. Tier VIII: IS-3, AMX 50 100, T69, Wz-132, AMX 13 90, T32, Pershing, the rest. Tier X: Clan Wars capable tanks. You all know what they are. You will need to have about four due to tank locking. Additional Requirements: You must speak relatively good English. We use English to communicate because English people like me are generally too stupid to learn other languages. We appreciate your sacrifice. Obviously, this means that you should install Teamspeak. You must be 18 years or older or you must be able to fool us into thinking that you are by behaving in such a way. I don't care which. Clan Behaviour. I'm not your dad, act how you want to in randoms. If you get banned it's your own fault and you probably deserve it, you trolls. However, don't cause unavoidable drama within the clan or on TS. Contact Details: Clan Commander: Evil_Mungo Clan Deputy: paulcoo Recruiter: jodgi Recruiter: lads If you are interested in joining please feel free to message any of the above in-game. We may not be able to get back to you right away, but if we can, we will. Alternatively, you can post in this thread.
  5. Hey! I'm HxDucK and I'm looking for an active EU clan that participates in CW and SH. My Overall stats are poor (1600), but my recents I feel show my potential and determination to play well. Before I took a 3month break I played at about 3.5k Wn8 and after coming back its about 3k Wn8 although I presume it wont be long until its back up. T10 CW tanks AMX 50b T62a Obj 140 (not bought) T110E5 Drop me a message ingame! Thanks, HxDucK EDIT!!! Overall stats are now over 1700... T10s list is now, AMX 50b T62a OBJ 140 T110E5 121 E50m Batchat
  6. We are looking for 2700+recent wn8 and 55%+ recent wr. Overall stats are not as important but if you have lower overall stats you're recents should generally be higher. Be active 3-5 nights a week for clan wars, strongholds, and platooning. Really social core group and I'm sure you'll be welcomed as long as you act decent. Send me a message in game if you're interested. Thanks for reading
  7. // IMPORTANT NEWS // IMPORTANT NEWS // IMPORTANT NEWS // IMPORTANT NEWS // My activity level during this summer has been incredibly poor - as some of you may have noticed already. The reason for my low activity is a mix between university work (master thesis), spending a lot of time with my GF (who lives in France, so lots of travelling is required) and training for the completion of an ironman next summer. This has left the clan without an active commander for TEN full weeks this summer, which is simply not good enough. First Nurkus and then Gary had to carry a lot of weight on their shoulders while I was off doing other stuff. I am forever grateful for their work and this clan would’ve been long dead if it hadn’t been for them. Unfortunately, my future does not look any better. I will still be busy with the aforementioned things. This is shit if you are the commander of a clan. I believe that a commander should be present as much as possible and be able to play and participate in most activities. I cannot offer this as a commander for this clan. Two weeks ago I was approached by FAME as they were looking for new field commanders and my name had been put forward a few times. I was offered the role as a normal field commander and therefore I will have less work to do. This is good for me because of my quite inconsistent activity levels. They know of my inconsistency and they don’t mind, which is good for me. I have decided to take their offer. This decision has not come easy. It really hasn’t. I had less trouble deciding to move to another country than I had with my decision as to whether I should join FAME or not. So much for “it is just pixel tanks” I suppose. I have spoken with Ronery, Matra, Gary and Koel and we have decided that it is best if we disband LAVA. RoneryKim has troubles with his arm (keeping him away from WoT entirely), Koel is busy being 1337_ESL_admin, Matra is limited in play time by work and family which leaves Gary alone to keep the ship running. This is not optimal as that is too much work for just one person. Therefore we have decided that we will be disbanding the clan. The clan will be disbanded at mid-day (Viking time) on Sunday the 23rd of August. We will be using all of our credit consumables and other bonus’ during the week, in order to pay as much back to you guys as possible. We will not be playing our defence-battles, but just let them pillage our SH. We will on top of that also pay out the gold to everyone (who wants it) who has collected more boxes than me. This means Gary, Xmen, Gasgadur, Jokobet, Devilhead, gan, breeze, moomeister and dolfie will receive 440 gold each. If you don’t want the gold then I will spread it out to the others. I want to thank all of you for joining us in this adventure. It has been a joy to play alongside you, it really has. I wish you all the best of luck in the future and I hope you will all fare well on the battlefields. I really enjoyed this adventure – I really did.
  8. Who we are: [RDDT7] is the main strongholds clan among the reddit clans on the EU server primarily focusing on daily skirmishes along with attacks on other strongholds. Are currently shifting some of our attention over to T6 clan wars on the new global map and are looking for active players willing to take part in our nightly events. Clan page: http://eu.wargaming.net/clans/500050680/ Clan statistics: http://wotlabs.net/eu/clan/RDDT7 We offer: Daily skirmishes in the eveningBattle payments for increased credit incomeGold payouts for participating in clan war 2.0 battlesTeamspeak serverActive and friendly player baseCommunity night every month with fun events and rewardsBeing part of the EU reddit World of Tanks community Strongholds schedule: Stronghold Attacks: during weekdays: 8pm - 12pm CESTduring weekends: Early morning attacks for fun, attendance is not mandatory Skirmishes: We organize T6 skirmishes every evening, sometimes with multiple detachments. Requirements for joining: Must be active and participate in clan battles and skirmishesOverall WN8 of 1000, 51% WR and/or recent WN8 of 1650, 53% WR3000 battlesTS3 + microphoneSlack presence Required Tanks You must have at least one of the crucial tier 6 and 8 tanks and work towards getting the other ones T6: Crucial: CromwellT37 T8: Crucial: IS-3T32T54 ltwt. Support: AMX 50 100AMX 13 90Pershing How to apply: create an account on www.reddit.com and verify your email addressgo to http://reddit.com/r/RDDT7EURecruitment and create a post using the template provided to you
  9. ... It looks like after deep limbo, we are waking up again. RIP LIMBO v1 (<o AWFUL) LIMBO v2 is relaunching! Oh yeah this thread aint gonna be pretty because I have no artistic skills. LIMBO is a part of the JKLB MAFIA along with JIMBO, KIMBO, and BIMBO clans. Are you not too gud@tonks and want to get better? Our newly relaunched LIMBO is geared towards social play, platoons and we hope to get strongholds going very soon! Requirements: A recent 1000 Games Played WN8 rating (WoTLabs signature) of 1600+, Overall WN81200+A recent 1000 Games win rate of 53%, average tier of 5.5+Be an active player, social player willing to platoon and improve game playGarage of tanks suitable for multi-tier platooning, including common tier 6s & 8sWorking MicRecommended: Interest in participating in the following: strongholds, tournaments, leagues or any other type of team play within the Mafia.Garage of tanks suitable for team playWe emphasize being in a FUN, SOCIAL and CHALLENGING atmosphere. All four clans share the same TS site so platoon opportunities are plentiful. Code of conduct is simple: Be activeBe an adult; respect other JKLB membersDo not name and shame anyone on WoT or JKLB forumsNo TKsABSOLUTELY No CR/D postingNo screamers, no drama queens, no politics.Always be present in TS when playing If you're going to be gone a while, just let us know. As long as a LIMBO member informs a LIMBO officer that they are leaving the clan, they are considered “in good standing” and will be allowed to rejoin in the future. We are looking for players with officer and calling experience too! Talk to genfunk if you are interested in taking an active role in developing LIMBO. Contact information: If you're interested feel free to contact an officer or recruiter listed at LIMBO's WOT clan page: http://na.wargaming.net/clans/1000010388/ Our JKLB Mafia-wide website: Please fill out an application (click the Recruitment tab) on the website http://www.jklmafia.com/home Come check us out on our TeamSpeak at ts3.jklmafia.com again... RIP LIMBO 1.0.
  10. Hello, I'm looking for a new clan that's actively engaged in strongholds and possibly clan wars. I have up to tier 9 and I'm within 50k xp of a tier 10 (IS-7). I also have multiple tanks that are used in competitive play such as the Cromwell and the IS-3. Furthermore, I'm looking to become a better player by learning in a clan. Thanks, Jonzo3000
  11. Hi guys, Looking for a very active clan. I am active 6-7 nights a week. I have 7 CW viable tier 10s with good crews. I will also be down to play strongholds, tourney's etc. My overall is terrible. If you want to read the story about that I can link my other post. This is me at 13k battles
  12. Edit: We have formed our team! Thank you everyone! We will see you all in league qualifiers We wish you the best of luck in finding a team. If any teams want to scrimmage with us please feel free to pm me
  13. Pathetic Gaming Association These guys are good. We don't golf. About us: We are a clan that started with a group of players that have been together for years. Many of us started off in the same clan and jumped from clan-to-clan but still kept each other's company. We ended up building a strong bond and community of strong tankers. To try to build on this small community, we decided to create a clan that is less focused on clan wars and more focused on tournaments (because let's be serious... that's where the gold's at), team battles, platooning, strongholds, and league play. We've been successful in many, many, many bravo skirmishes and once summer hits we'll be doing alpha skirms along with league tournaments. We do plan to play around in CW in the future (maybe with the new changes in CW) but it's not our primary goal at this time. Why you should join us: If you're interested in being part of a great community of tankers/gamers, don't care much for clan wars, like competitive play (tournaments, team battles), and want to have fun with some great players (and great people), we're the right clan for you. We're pretty big on the fun part. We are a new and growing clan. That means there's room for your opinions to be heard and ideas to be executed. We value all of our new players and make it a point to make them feel welcome. Also, if you're a golfer who wants all of the above AND the novelty of having PGA as your clan tag, then you're luckier than a T49 penetrating a moving target using auto-aim from 500m while going full speed down a hill. Why you shouldn't join us: If you're looking for a community of golfers, hit the back button on your browser. Seriously though, we aren't golfers. We have nothing against golfers but don't let our clan tag fool you, we don't golf and we know nothing about it. Also, if you're looking for a dedicated CW clan, we are not for you. Our requirements*: 1600+ WN8, 54% WR Overall 1800+ WN8, 56% WR Recent 2 Tier X tanks (Somewhat useful tier X's would be nice) - serves as a control for # of battles, and in case we want to delve into CW later TS3 with mic Active 2-3 nights a week Screenshot of you TKing/destroying Nate235 (our commander) *Exceptions can be made. Recent weighed more than overall reqs. Take these as guidelines. Exceptions will be made for exceptional players. We feel (we HOPE) that players who have reached these stat requirements know how to play as a team or understand the game well enough to be able to learn this quickly. We value teamwork greatly as that is what allows us to beat teams that may individually be more skilled than us. Interested? If you meet our req's or you think you're close enough, you can contact us in the following ways: Post here or PM me. <--- convenient PM me, nate235, ephebus, or RNGdotEXE_has_crashed either in-game or on the WOT website. <-- if you're scared of wotlabs/a dedicated lurker Hop on our TS: appellation.ts.nfoservers.com and find one of us! <--you'll be doing this eventually anyway lol Fame: Our clan tag has been mentioned during a WGLNA stream during season 5. See for yourself. We don't golf. We don't golf. A symbolic image of how powerful, indivisible, unbreakable we are:
  14. We are the British Armoured Division consisting of five clans BAD-V, BAD-E, BAD-1, BAD-S and BAD-A. We are dedicated to being a friendly and competitive clan based in the UK and as such are a well respected in the WOT community. We are currently looking to recruit new players to our competitive Clan BAD-V Within BAD-V clan wars is played on a regular basis at a competitive level, with us frequently taking and holding onto land. Likewise we are seriously developing strongholds aswell as ESL participation and are only looking for players capable of getting involved in one or more of these aspects. Aside from the competitive aspect of this clan there is great comradeship with a very active TS channel and the opportunity for platooning and team play always present. What we aim to offer our members: - First and foremost a friendly environment in which to enjoy tanks - Active Teamspeak with the rest of the BAD community and the ability to play both within BAD-V and with all other BAD clans. - Platooning for grinding new lines and getting used to how other clan members play - Serious Stronghold battles - Competitive Clan Wars Battles under experienced Field Commanders - ESL with experienced players and teams alike As a result of the competitive nature of BAD-V and the rigours of playing at a high level, the entry requirements are quite strict and are currently set at: Entry Requirements: - WN8 Rating 1400+, last 1000 battles 1500+ - Necessity to use TS3 when in game - 3 x TIER 10 Tanks, preferably clan wars tanks - 18yrs+ or mature if younger - Active participation in Clan Wars, Strongholds and/or ESL - Loyalty and Honesty Does this sounds like a community that fits your needs and play-style? Would you be interested in joining? If so message me or any of our other recruiters in game or jump on TS for a chat: Recruiters: ArmouredTyrant frostypenguin Fluffy_Bad_Squirrel ___British_Lancer___
  15. Hello, We at the -NUTS clan (http://eu.wargaming.net/clans/500026609/) are trying to (re)build a core of 20-25 players who would be interested to play regularly in organized format: Teambattles, Stronghold etc. We are a friendly and social clan, but we're also able to get serious at times. We currently have members from all over Europe and we are committed to having a multinational clan. English is our lingua franca. Of course, there are some conditions required, such as possession of (fully equipped) tier 6 and tier 8 tanks for various types of organized play. You should have some experience in team play. Also, you should be able to play regularly and don’t see anything that will prohibit that in the future. Team Speak is a must. We have our TS server, forum and Facebook group. Weird sense of humor is welcome, but not mandatory. If you have any further questions, feel free to message me on the forum or in game.
  16. Dropping tags officially tonight, and yes I've told them. I totally enjoyed my Burdy experience, but I think I've gotten all that I can from them. Always looking to improve (once upon a time I was a 400 WN8)! I'm looking for a stronger clan that focuses on toons, strongs, and CW's. What I bring: -No drama to your TS and clan -Six 10's -Nine 9's -Stronghold tanks -Recruiter experience -As a military member, I follow directions -I have called in Strongs, but would like to learn/mentor from better callers -Dry wit, and respectful sarcasm -Thick skin I typically play most nights, but do lead a life as a service member, husband, father and continuing education student.
  17. I'm looking for a Pub/SH focused EU clan where I can learn from better players. I'd prefer one with a laid back atmosphere. I've been playing a bit on NA recently and have had the pleasure of the company of a bunch of welcoming guys from BULBA, and the enjoyable, relaxed atmosphere of a clan dedicated to excellence amazed me. I have decided that I want to try and find somewhere similar on EU (maybe not quite so excellent). I had been hoping to eventually join S3AL for the last few months, but now it's looking like that won't be possible as they seem to be full. So I hear that I'm supposed to sell myself, well here goes: I'm quite good at the game, with 3K 30d, and 1900 overall, I won't be turning many heads around here, but I've yet to break 11k battles, and I have been improving steadily for as long as I have played (except a small blip at about 4K games when I switched to meds over HTs). A year ago I had 1100 overall, and 1600 recent, and I don't seem to be plateauing yet. Furthermore, a portion of my games over the last 30 days on EU have been CW, so that value is deflated. I mostly play tier 10 in medium platoons when I do play pubs, and I don't struggle to break 3K average. I can be a caller; I have some experience, I enjoy strat discussion, and I am able to command SH (I'm not particularly interested in playing CW, so no calling for that), although I'm not so keen on doing this on the fly. I'm fluent in English, I was even born here. Not sure if this is much of a +, but I've seen people mentioning it in similar posts. I'm not Toxic, I don't rage, and I'd say I'm generally a friendly person, but you'll have to ask people who know me about this, because it's especially hard for me to be impartial here. I am youtube famous. I have 150 subscribers, that's got to count for something, I'm also a mod on /r/worldoftanks which shows that I care about the game; I won't just Zdude off and play WoWS. Also, I have memes so dank, they have been known to withstand temperatures higher than burning jet fuel. I have pretty much no life, which in world of tanks is a major +; if you want me to be around, the chances are, I will be. I have some tournament experience; our team made it through to the last 32 teams in "mangled metal" recently, only to be knocked out by strnk. I've played other tournaments, but not done so well. T10s: 140 Bat Leo 907 4202 E 100 IS-7 50B WTE100 Soon to include: T57 E 50M If there's anything else you want to know, please just ask.
  18. *Requirements* "LGC's Tank Battalion" or LGCTB is recruiting tanker for our clan. Our only requirement is that you use teamspeak while playing on World of Tanks. We do request you to be at least 16 years or older due to mature content that may appear during platooning, debates, and random chatting. *What is Legion Gaming Community and what is offers to you?* - How Legion Gaming Community Started. LGC Started off as a crapton of dudes playing the MMORPG eve online. We played several other games together with our non eve-playing friends and our group slowly grew to include other games. Since then we've become a little more organized and expanded our server/service base to meet community demand. -What Legion Gaming Community offers. ~Individuals: A professionally run, team oriented environment. ~Guilds/clans: No paying for hosting or managing services. Our website and game servers are all operated by our professional staff on enterprise grade servers. We provide and manage the services you need so your focus can be where it should, in leading your fellow players. ~Server Operators/Scripters/Admins/Moderators: Do you operate a server, or write mods you think would be cool as crapbut can't implement them? No problem! We've got space on our servers, and if your mod/server/whatever is cool enough, or desired by the community, we'll do what we can to make it happen! All you have to do is talk with one of the administrators. This can be done by joining the admins in our teamspeak3 server, IP: teamspeak.legiongc.com Website http://legiongc.com *What Legion Gaming Community Tank Battalion offers to you?* LGC's Tank Battalion is a clan based on having fun and training clan member to help tankers learn basic concepts of the game. We are helping tankers grind into high tier tanks. We do this by doing training matches showing tankers game mechanics. We are sister of DRT which is beginning to compete in clan wars. Because we use the same team speak both members from the clan's are allowed to platoon with one another. LGC's Tank Battalion is not only interested in recruiting new players into our clan we would also accept clans willing to merge with ours. If you are interested privately message me and if you have any questions feel free to post down below. Note: We are not willing to merge with anyone, yet we are open to allowing other clans to merge with ours.
  19. BOSS is one of the oldest, active clan tags on the World of Tanks server. Having been created in the first week of release of World of Tanks. Some of the original members are still active and in clan. After a period of relaxation and rest, BOSS has re-branded and is looking for new life and tankers to join us in our e-Sport clan. We are all about team play, whether in platoons, strongholds or our bread and butter, Tournaments. What does BOSS Gaming offer the avid WoT tournament tanker? 1)Organization: You will know when tournament sign up is, who is calling, tiers for tournament, time frame for tournament etc all updated frequently on our webpage. 2)Scouting Reports: Our team of tournament specialists provide you with detailed information of who you're playing, their stats and tendencies. We are tracking all. 3)GOLD! We consistently earn gold every week in Skirmish. 2500 for three - four night Skirmish tournament common, sometimes more. BOSS Gaming teams earned over 3k gold in Skirmish 30. 4)Calling: Experienced calling is a large key to winning. Our callers have all the tools, are prepared, experienced, and can react on the fly. 5)Support: Our groups average battle count is large, our core members have been playing a long time, there isn't much they haven't seen in this game. They can help you with most anything in this game. 6)Relationships: BOSS leadership has been around this community a long time, have established relationships with WGA and WGLNA Pro's who join our teams and help where they can. Often our teams have high stat, good guys from other clans joining our teams. Why? Because we earn them gold and provide a fun environment where to do so. 7)Strongholds: If this game mode interests you, we are active in this mode because it is team based and has rewards. We rarely lose. 8)Environment: Many stories of bad mixes in clans, with people you don't like or just plain jerks. We have always offered a fun, win based without the over the top egomaniac environment. 9)Two active WGLNA teams. One named a VIP team not long ago for a WGA event. if WGLNA interests you our teams offer a good entry to this format, with experienced people who were in on the ground level. 10) Just a plain and simple awesome clan tag and logo. Who hasn't wanted to say you're being a boss, and well, you could be with the clan tag to prove it! What do we need from YOU? 1) A commitment to assisting our leadership in tournament planning. You will go to our website frequently, tag your availability for tournaments on our calendar, and sign up for that you can contribute to. 2) SHOW UP for what you have signed up for. Number one way to get tossed from BOSS Gaming is to NOT SHOW when you said you would. We understand not everyone can make everything, but letting us know is key to long term membership. 3) Stats: You should be running 1700+ WN8 (60 day) minimum in order to successfully fit in, and contribute to our Skirmish teams. You should be overall green level. (Some exceptions to be made here.) 4)Varied tanks in your garage. If you sold all your tanks on the way to tier 10, you are of no use to us. We NEED tiers from all levels, with crews available. 5)You should not be stingy with your gold, if you need to train a crew for a tier 4 tank which would cost you 600 gold, but you will earn 2500 two days later in winnings, we expect you to do so. Running Skirmish with an 80% crew is being a bad team mate. 6)You will not be a troll. Trolling is poor form, bad sportsmanship, and sinks you to a level we do not want in our group. 7) ACTIVITY. You are signing up for a competitive, e-Sport clan. Sitting in our group being a 'chip' we don't use is of no use to us. You will play strongholds, you will join tournament teams. This is why you would come here, playing WoT during weekday afternoons and not when tournaments are active does not make you a tournament player, or mean you should be in a tournament clan. 8)Yes you need TS3 so we can communicate during tournaments. We only expect you in TS when team events are going on, if you wish to not run TS during solo pub play. If you would like more information, please go to our webpage and register on the recruitment page, and someone will contact you for a one on one TS chat and potential toon session. Registering does not ensure acceptance or commit you to joining. Everything is confidential. http://wotbossgaming.enjin.com/home PM Me Here if you'd prefer, or find me in game.
  20. Upvote is an independent clan active in clan wars. We are RDDT's sister clan. Upvote is looking for recruits for Clan Wars and the upcoming Campaign! Now you might be wondering, what can Upvote do for me? Well let me tell you what Upvote offers: A laid back and friendly atmosphere Clan wars everyday Be part of a great team Platoons! Platoons everywhere! A place to help improve your skills Gold Payouts! A fun and exciting Teamspeak Victory in the next Campaign Experienced Leadership A place to make friends Now you may be wondering how can I join this amazing clan!? All you need to do is meet the requirements! Requirements: 1. Have an account on Reddit.com 2. 2100+ WN8 over 60 days 3. 54% winrate over 60 days 4. 4+ (preferably 5) Clan Wars viable tanks (Tier 10 stats will be looked at) 5. Participate 3+ days a week in Clan Wars 6. Have a good, positive attitude and not be a source of drama. Priority Tanks we are seeking: Conquerer GC, M53/M55, 50B, Leopard 1, STB-1, Obj 140, Batchat, E100, IS-7, E5, E3, 268, Waffen, T57. Now you might be thinking what if my stats are a little bit off; well attitude and tier x damage are actually the most important things. How to Apply: Send a message to a recruiter to let them know you are interested. Get into our teamspeak, let recruiters or officers know you are interested, play with people in the clan you want to join. Show you will be active and demonstrate a positive attitude and ability to work well with teammates. Provide basic information about yourself, CW experience, and availability Applying should be done once you have completed the other steps. ​Links: TeamSpeak server address: redditwot.ts.nfoservers.com Clan page: http://worldoftanks....00006817-NARWL/ TL-DR we work closely with and would like to promote if you are not a candidate for NARWL: [TL-DR] Requirements to join: -> 1600 60-day win8 -> 50% 60-day win rate -> 3+ CW viable tier 10s -> active in TS and CW 3+ nights/week -> Must have a Reddit account on Reddit.com We are very interested in callers! Show proficiency as a caller in TL-DR and it will help you greatly to move to NARWL! Reddit is a big group of clans and we have many that fit every bracket of skill and purpose. SNOO is our west coast clan, AURUM is a 1300+ wn8 clan wars clan, RDDT3 is a training clan and there are others for casual or competitive play.
  21. We are Fatality and Fatal1ty, all part of one BIG family. Fatality was created for the social gamer, people who wanted to have fun and gain some experience among the community. A clan that's participated in clan wars and also clan wars events. When some of our members wanted more out of the game we decided to create Fatal1ty, the new sister clan of Fatality. Somewhere for the more dedicated gamer and more of a will to proceed in Clan Wars and progress there gaming experience. Both clans have certain requirements but their main focus is having Fun and helping each other become better players. We have a large Teamspeak server, a brilliant Website, forums and a chat mod that keeps both clan chats as one, meaning the community we have created remains and becomes stronger day by day. Daily we run Platoons, Team Battles, Tank Companies, Clan Wars, Clan Wars Events and we are going to venture in to ESL soon for our 1st time. We take part in competitions such as Fun cups and any other WOT ran events we can get our teeth into. So our Requirements are quite simple... Fatality was set up in mind of the social gamer, those who don't have much time to play and participate in Clan activities on a daily/nightly basis. This is where you enjoy your team play with friends and try to gain more experience from each other and improve your game play to maybe advance into Fatal1ty. The only requirements here are :- • Have Team speak 3 installed and able to listen • To want to improve your game play • To be involved in some clan activity • Be social, kind and polite • Be over the age of 18 • Must understand and speak English Language Fatal1ty was set up in mind of the more dedicated gamer, those who want to be take part in end game content and clan activities on a bigger more serious scale. Put time and effort in to the clan and to be a part of a winning team with a will and desire to win. The requirements for Fatal1ty are :- • Min of 1100 WN8 ( overall WN8 ) • Min of 8,000 Battles Played • Min of 2 Tier X tanks in garage ( CW tanks ) • Min of 100 games played in your 2 tier X tanks • Min of 2 Skills on every crew member of your 2 tier X tanks • Min of attendance of 4 nights/days a week • Have Teamspeak 3 with a working mic • Must understand and speak English Language These requirements are not set in stone and if you feel you're nearing these objectives or should be considered then please apply stating why. So how do you apply? Well again pretty simple. First of all, take a look at our website here http://fatality-wot.guildlaunch.com Still interested? Click Apply on our website and fill in an application according to the instructions, one part for Fatality and the other section for Fatal1ty all in one application page. Once completed an officer will look over your application then make a decision on the information you have provided. FTL and FTLTY wish you luck in your application and out on the Battlefield. Also..... Hey hey This is a selection of artwork from the -FTL- Fatality and FTLTY fatal1ty clans. We are an english speaking clan on the EU server that participates in tank companies and clan wars with lots of platoon buddies. This is a selection of fan artwork that is used for wallpapers or recruitment for our clans Our main site is http://fatality-wot.guildlaunch.com Our facebook page is https://www.facebook.com/groups/Fatality.Fatal1ty/ And our flickr page is https://www.flickr.com/photos/125221024@N03/ You can find full res versions of these images at either http://fatality-wot.guildlaunch.com/gallery/gallery.php?gid=341089 or at our flickr site. T50-2 LIGHT TANK RECRUITMENT POSTER/WALLPAPER FOR WORLD OF TANKS T57 HEAVY TANK RECRUITMENT POSTER/WALLPAPER FOR WORLD OF TANKS IS7 HEAVY TANK RECRUITMENT POSTER/WALLPAPER FOR WORLD OF TANKS FUN POSTER/IMAGE FOR WORLD OF TANKS TIGER HEAVY TANK POSTER/WALLPAPER FOR WORLD OF TANKS TIGER HEAVY TANK POSTER/WALLPAPER FOR WORLD OF TANKS TIGER HEAVY TANK POSTER/WALLPAPER FOR WORLD OF TANKS TIGER HEAVY TANK POSTER/WALLPAPER FOR WORLD OF TANKS TANKGIRLOK PLAYER WALLPAPER AMX 50B HEAVY TANK FOR WORLD OF TANKS T90 SPG AND MAUS HEAVY TANK POSTER/WALLPAPER FOR WORLD OF TANKS T50 LIGHT TANK POSTER/WALLPAPER FOR WORLD OF TANKS T50-2 LIGHT TANK POSTER/WALLPAPER FOR WORLD OF TANKS T3O TANK DESTROYER POSTER/WALLPAPER FOR WORLD OF TANKS T3O TANK DESTROYER POSTER/WALLPAPER FOR WORLD OF TANKS T3O TANK DESTROYER POSTER/WALLPAPER FOR WORLD OF TANKS WINTER RECRUITMENT IMAGE FOR WORLD OF TANKS FUN RECRUITMENT IMAGE FOR WORLD OF TANKS FUN RECRUITMENT IMAGE FOR WORLD OF TANKS FUN RECRUITMENT IMAGE FOR WORLD OF TANKS T110E3 HEAVY TANK RECRUITMENT POSTER/WALLPAPER T34 HEAVY TANK RECRUITMENT POSER/WALLPAPER FUN RECRUITMENT IMAGE FV-125B TANK DESTROYER RECRUITMENT POSTER/WALLPAPER FUN RECRUITMENT IMAGE AUTUMN RECRUITMENT IMAGE/WALLPAPER AT15 TANK DESTROYER RECRUITMENT WALLPAPER AMERICAN TANKS RECRUITMENT IMAGE/WALLPAPER TIGER HEAVY TANK RECRUITMENT WALLPAPER FUN RECRUITMENT IMAGE PRIEST SPG WALLPAPER FUN RECRUITMENT IMAGE PANTHER MEDIUM TANK WALLPAPER OBJECT 704 TANK DESTROYER WALLPAPER AMX 50B HEAVY TANK VS GODZILLA WALLPAPER MAUS HEAVY TANK AND WOLF IN SEPIA WALLPAPER MAUS HEAVY TANK AND WOLF OVERLAY WALLPAPER MAUS HEAVY TANK AND WOLF IN COLOUR WALLPAPER M103 HEAVY TANK ZOMBIE SKIN WALLPAPER TANK IN SIGHTS WALLPAER M103 HEAVY TANK ZOMBIE SKIN WALLPAPER KV5 HEAVY TANK WALLPAPER JAGDTIGER TANK DESTROYER WALLPAPER ISU 152 TANK DESTROYER WALLPAPER IS6 HEAVY TANK FOR PLAYER FOZZEMIESTER WALLPAPER IS3 HEAVY TANK WALLPAPER MAUS HEAVY TANK FOR PLAYER HELLRAISER1ST WALLPAPER T110E4 TANK DESTROYER FOR PLAYER HELLOKITTY267 WALLPAPER HELLCAT TANK DESTROYER FOR PLAYER WEX0R WALLPAPER HELLCAT TANK DESTROYER FOR PLAYER WEXXY1 WALLPAPER T34 HEAVY TANK FOR PLAYER GUARDI WALLPAPER MAUS HEAVY TANK FOR PLAYER GRANNYMOOOSE WALLPAPER MULTICOLOURED GERMAN TANKS WALLPAPER FV405 SPG WALLPAPER FV405 SPG IN BLACK AND WHITE WALLPAPER FERDINAND TANK DESTROYER WALLPAPER FATALITY WALLPAPER CRUSADER MEDIUM TANK WALLPAPER CONQUEROR HEAVY TANK WALLPAPER COMET MEDIUM TANK WALLPAPER FUN RECRUITMENT WALLPAPER AMX 1390 LIGHT TANK WALLPAPER AMX 50B HEAVY TANK RECRUITMENT A4 POSTER
  22. [AGOGE] Is now Recruiting for Clan Wars We are looking for players with 1250+ WN8 60 day and 52% Winrate with at least 1 Tier 10 tank and 2 Tier 8s as we are going after the T23E3 and of course exceptions can be made. We are a bunch of mature active people with a goal of participating in the world on fire event so APPLY now. TS: Pass: 1234
  23. [sNOO], Reddit's West Coast division, is looking for a few clan wars-ready tankers to fill out its ranks. As one of four clan wars and 10 social clans in the Reddit family, you'll never be without a partner to platoon with. [sNOO] is dedicated to clan wars fights in the latest timezone on the clan wars map. If you've found yourself struggling to race home from work and play in battles on the East Coast time zones, give the West Coast a try. We're a dedicated group of tankers and already field one or two teams per night. We ask that applicants have at least one Tier X and a win rate above 50 percent. You must have a Reddit account, Teamspeak3, and a working microphone or headset. If you're interested in learning more, stop by our Teamspeak server at redditwot.ts.nfoservers.com or send me a message on Reddit at /u/The_Alaskan. I'm also available in-game. Hope to see you on the battlefield!
  24. We Are Actively Recruiting Clan Wars Players' NUMBER OF OPENINGS CURRENTLY AVAILABLE IN OUR CLAN 52 Spots As Of 08/31/2013 ---------------------------------------------------------------- For Membership Consideration Please Contact: Mausketeer, DJGK, Cobra39 I know you are reading this page and wondering why would I join this clan? So, lets be honest and not kid ourselves, these recruitment ads in these forums are a dime a dozen and every clan has all these fancy postings to lure you in and make you want to join them and before I answer your question of why you should join our clan and not all those other clans, let me ask you a few questions about yourself and your gaming and please do answer them honestly, okay? ☛ Do I want to play Clan Wars competitively and earn awards? ☛ Do I want to learn more about playing this game and game tactics than I know now? ☛ Do I want a social bond and team based play with my clan mates? ☛ Do I want to platoon, play in company battles and win while playing this game? ☛ Do I want Clan Officers that care about me as a person and not a tank? ☛ Do I want to be part of something bigger than myself? ☛ Do I understand and believe in these words; "Teamwork, Dedication, Hard Work and Commitment?" If you answered YESto these ANY7 questions then WE ARE THE CLAN FOR YOU, your search is over and that is why YOU SHOULD JOIN OUR CLAN RIGHT NOW! Honestly, I am not going to sit here and write a bunch of crap to blow smoke up your butt about our clan telling you we are the best clan ever assembled, nope not going to do it. I will not do that to you because I would not want you to do it to me. Just like any other clan in this game, we win and we lose, we have our ups and our downs because you have to remember its a game and you cannot win every time you hit the battle button. SOME OF WHAT WE HAVE TO OFFER YOU WITH JOINING OUR CLAN: ☛ Excellent team game play. ☛ Organized, and dedicated Team Speak 3 Server (you can invite some of your friends to play with you even if they are not in clan) ☛ Experienced, respectful and knowledgeable Clan leadership. ☛ Clan Wars Training, Company and Platoon Battles run nightly. ☛ We are a partner in crime with the clan -J-, Jaguars. What is Required To Join Loading...? CLAN MEMBERSHIP REQUIREMENTS (The MUST Do's") Please Note: Make sure you meet or can meet the requirements below before you apply: ☛ MUST be mature, speak, and read English. ☛ MUST be as active as you can, meaning we need you to play World of Tanks and be on Team Speak at least twice a week, the more the better. We do understand real life issues and all we ask is you notify us of any issues you may have in regard to being in game and having time for the clan. We will work with you if you communicate with us as we are very understanding. If you just simply don't ever show up in TS or in game you run the risk of being removed from the clan after about a month of no activity. ☛ MUST play as a team member and take direction in game especially during Training, Clan Wars Campaigns and Company Battles. ☛ MUST use and be available on TeamSpeak while in game to communicate with other clan members. Must have a mic to use TeamSpeak installed. Remember, if you currently don’t have Team Speak, it’s free to download. Again, this is one of our main requirements and if you do not join TS while in game you will run the risk of being removed from the clan membership. ☛ MUST use and register for clan website at http://loading-gaming.enjin.comas we use it to communicate with members on a daily basis. What Statistics Do I Need To Join Loading? Regardless of your statistics everyone that applies will be reviewed individually based on the posted basic requirements of new membership below. We would like people to meet or exceed our overall clan stats. Wn7: 1200 Eff: 1100 Win %: 52% Basic New Member Requirements: The following tanks are in HIGH DEMAND: T57, T110E5, T-62A, Batchat 25t, Leopard 1, E-100, Foch 155, Obj 268. The following tanks are in MEDIUM DEMAND: T110E3, GW Type E, Object 261, M53/M55. The following tanks are in LOW DEMAND: FV215b, IS-7, AMX 50B, E-50M, M48 Patton, T110E4, Object 263, FV215 183, Batchat 155, T92. The following tanks are HARDLY EVER USED: JpE-100, Maus, IS-4, FV4202, Conquerer GC. Our requirements are really very simple and if you have the in game stats that you feel are good enough to be a player for our clan, please contact one of our recruiters to be considered for membership. If you cannot find any of those guys contact any Officer online or in Team Speak and they will also be able to help you with your request. Loading’s Simple 3-StepApplication Process Step 1.Go to Loading… Website to register there using your in game ID. Step 2. Go to the Loading Applications forum. There is a Application Format. Step 3. Must join TeamSpeak to get tags and let us review your application. It will only take a few minutes and questions. The Team Speak info for you to log on with is posted below: Clan's Teamspeak Info: vs26.tserverhq.com:7052 Clan website:http://worldoftanks....00009732-_____/ Thank you for taking the time to read and we hope to see your application soon!
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