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Found 7 results

  1. Probably made some mistakes, but drunk tanking and somehow got an invader with 3 enemies left alive at the end. http://wotreplays.com/site/3635260#sand_river-canadiantrex-is-7
  2. If you guys are too dumb to read the title this is a motherfucking review The ship I want to review is this OP piece of russian bias called the Mikhail Kutuzov History: This is a Sverdlov-class cruiser..... Who gives a shit about the history. This is a post WWII ship in a WWII game because fuck you, we are russian, we do what we want. Why should you trust me with this POS review First i'm not @How_Terrible Secondly: Loadout: Pretty straight forward CA build, With the latest patch and the way the ship plays there is no reason to have concealment. The steering mod will be more worth it. Skills: Again go for the default 6inch cruiser build, these are the recommended skills but with the last 4 points you can pick whatever you want Make sure that you get priority target as your first skill and then IFHE as quickly as possible with superintendent. These are the skills that will help the most. DE should be the first secondary skill How to play: So you just bought this OP ship yet you fucking suck in it. Don't worry @How_Terrible is worst than you but unlike him you will actually get better Quick survival tips: - Don't give your broadside ( Duh) - Wait until you see the BB firing before turning,if you are too close for that well just pray to RNG - Never close in unless you know you can take them out, you have torpedoes but they do not do much damage and the firing arcs are not the best (Not as bad as IJN CAs but still not great) You do have 5 of them on each side though. - Using priority target choose when to bring all guns to bear or to use smoke. IF you just have 1 or sometimes 2 ships shooting at you, you can bait and save your smoke for a important time. IF you have 4+ ships targeting start thinking about using smoke. DMG tips - Prioritize DDs, they will launch torps into your smoke and will fuck you up - Watch out for Radar cruisers, you usually want to stay at long range but if you do get close you better be on the look out - Bait and shoot at max range, yes it is cancerous but yes it works - When you set a BB on fire try shooting another BB, if a BB uses a repair switch to another BB for 10-20s before switching back. You always want to try to make fires stick - IF RNG fucks you, IFHE will help you damage ships without needing fires -You have over 18km range USE IT there is no sense in being over aggressive in this ship, always save your HP for when you can carry. This is coming from a extremely aggressive player. Other than that I don't know what to say, ask any questions and i'll probably be able to answer. If its anything about specific game mechanics i'll have no clue, I just play this fucking game.
  3. So far I like it + Open with lots of cover without an obvious place to go like Malinovka hill, it actually feels big because almost everywhere is a workable place to go as opposed to Malinovka where 90% of the map area is useless + Enough terrain so being spotted doesn't mean drawing fire from half the enemy team at once + Default skycancer spawning (right side) appears to make pushing next to the ridges a feasible proposition + Mostly level ground between bases so there's a fighting chance to reset in a slow fatass + No obvious corridors or perches for TDs to lock down half the map + All of the above discourage camping, can't really shoot anywhere without moving some distance from base - Still a lot of places one could be caught without adequate cover and get shit on by 5 arty - Non-retard skycancers will just move to the left side and get clear shots across the ridges Appears to play mostly as a city map with lots of flanking. One shitty map out, one good one in, Good job WG, still several to go.
  4. How many on NA have done this? Seems pretty tough. Feel free to show off any pics.
  5. Florida. I live here, other bitches live here. Let's discuss this place. I'm just south of Clermont and in over 3 years living at this location, I have yet to complete my commute to work at night without seeing some retard driving with their lights off.
  6. http://www.twitch.tv/canadiantrex I'll be streaming most of the time I'm playing now. Feel free to drop in, make fun of me, or ask questions. *edits for teh streaming news* 9/11/14 "arty" has been censored from my twitch channel chat. Also, I figured out how to turn on archiving, so my videos will be available when I'm offline.
  7. Situation: You're in your E100 (or other slow, fat, heavy tank with garbage camo) and you get south spawn on Prokhorovka. There are 3 hard hitting artillery on the enemy team. What do you do? The way I see it you have 2 options: 1) Go to the mid and get slowly rekt by arty as you are spotted every 10s or so by a 1390 or something doing a scouting run. 2) Go to the hill and not have to deal with arty as much, but your overall ability to affect the outcome of the game is limited because you are stuck in one spot where you may or may not get any shots in at all. If the enemies push 1/2 and win, you're screwed. option 3 but not really) Sit on 1/2 like all the other scrubs and hope to not get spotted and maybe get some shots in sniping with a 150mm. Same problem as option 2 though. Any other ideas/strats that I'm missing?
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