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Found 156 results

  1. Garbad

    Men's Fashion

    So I am trying to get some new clothes. I need two basic types -- clothes that I can wear to the gym or mowing my lawn, but not so trashy that I mind myself featured on peopleofwalmart.com. I'm thinking basic gym shorts + a tshirt, right? Second, I need some semi casual clothes. Good enough for casual social situations or perhaps going to work on a dress down day. I'm thinking something like khakis + a colored button down shirt or nice jeans + a sweater or something. I assume this will be easy to find. But no. Men's fashion comes in two flavors. First, you can dress like a middle class white teenager trying to look hood. You've all seen the effect, featured prominently in all "sports" fashion stores and american eagle. It looks like shit. Why anyone would deliberately make themselves look sloppier and dumber than they already are is beyond me. Second, you get this: DID YOU mr sexiis JUST RAID YOUR MOM'S OLD CLOTHES AND SAY FUCK IT? OH, THE ASIAN NERD IN MISMATCHED, BADLY FITTING CAST OFFS LOOK -- A TIME HONORED FAVORITE FOR THE CLASSY MAN. ARE YOU SHITTING ME? THIS DUDE IS A LIVING PARODY. NOTHING QUITE SCREAMS COUNTERCULTURE LIKE COPYING THE CULTURE TRYING TO LOOK LIKE A RETARDED HOBO. ________________________________________________ No. Just No. First, I aspire to have sex again. That rules out 99% of the shit I see in men's fashion magazines and sites. Second, I am not a hipster, a teenage hood rat, or a homeless male prostitute. I am a grown man, not a kid. I am middle/upper class, not trash. I want to dress accordingly. Third, and I really shouldn't have to say this, but I won't wear a fursuit, anything influenced by japan in any form, or anything that comes new and tries to look trashy, worn out, or ghetto. And that's easier said than done. So given that wotlabs is the gayest place I've ever been to, I figured most of you would have good fashion sense. Can anyone help me? It doesn't have to be great, I just don't want to look like a hobo.
  2. I figure there's enough of us here now to start our own thread :^) This way we Don't have to post on the offishul forums Don't have to clog up the KAC threadNo longer have to visit the Name and Shame thread which has descended into childish name calling and general shittery (When was the last time and actual name and shame happened?) Contact Skell for all things Diplo and recruiting idk Contact me/iron for stronk platu's and general saltiness Contact westy for general teal shittery <3 FLEX noob clanu confirmed #1 Teal Shitter SEA Post dank memes and also please post all walldicks here so other servers can see us destroy you <3 THOSE WHO ARE LOYAL TO SIR HOMOTAMER WILL BE REWARDED Those who make an enemy out of SIR HOMOTAMER will be cleansed. Shamelessly stolen from @Gashtag <333 #7 B O I S
  3. Since Gandaran is an idiot and also a masochist, he agreed to do this challenge if someone made a poast. So here it is. Expected: 65% WR / 1400 dpg / 3 MoE 65% WR / 1200 dpg / 3 MoE I'm pretty sure 1400 dpg would be one of the best on the server. He will be streaming it here: twitch.tv/gandaran and will also be uploading all of his replays in this thread. He will poast a nice (spergy) writeup about how amazing the TOG is, strengths (lol), weaknesses, how to play, etc. He will either solo or do a TOG platoon in his games. I'll update this with his progress periodically; look for his poasts if you want daily-ish updates. Good luck friend. -- Obligatory cat picture: -- Current stats: 8 Apr 2015 7 games - 87% WR - 997 dpg 12 Apr 2015 (morning) 31 games - 68% WR - 1096 dpg 16/17 Apr 2015 (late night/early morn) 72 games - 64% WR - 1109 dpg - 1 mark 17 May 2015 (Yeah this is still a thing) 86 games - 65% WR - 1120 dpg - pretty sure still 1 mark 1 June 2015 107 games - 65% WR - 1116 dpg - 2 marks(!!)
  4. People have been asking for this for a long time, so here goes. I have personally played each of these (except for the J88, which I've never owned) and I have thousands of overall games in tier 8. This gives me a lot of personal experience with and against each tank. ABOUT THE RANKINGS: Unlike older threads, where I focused purely on combat strength, this thread will talk about the tanks more holistically. This is because people have different goals when running a premium. Some just want to train their crew, others to make money, and still more just want a way to play/pad stats in limited matchmaking. Likewise, the degree to which you value a tank as a crew trainer depends in large part on if you like to play a tank in the same line. This consideration alone often trumps anything else. Accordingly, any overall ranking is to some extent arbitrary. So understand my rankings don't necessarily show the value of the tank FOR YOU. Instead, use the ranking as a rough guide and then pick based on what your priorities are. Also, I consider limited matchmaking to be worth +2 extra on a tank's ranking. Limited MMing makes a tank vastly more playable, more profitable, and more fun. Being food for tier 10s is not fun, and avoiding that is a MAJOR advantage, one that turns a lot of otherwise bland tanks into superstars. I personally would not buy any premium tank in any tier that does not have limited MMing. But judge for yourself. The Rankings: IS-6: 10 Long considered the king of the wallet warriors and one of the best tanks in WOT, the IS-6 has formidable strengths, including hard hitting alpha, high DPM, good agility, and nicely shaped armor that scales very well will skill. This makes for an overall carryhard package that few tanks can match. Its also useful as a practice tank in that it teaches good principles on armor angling, and rewards you for doing so. It also has the advantage of being in the RU heavy line, which is one of the most popular tank lines in WOT. The main downside to the IS-6 is that it requires a lot of APCR spam, which makes it overall hardly profitable at all, usually making less than a nonpremium. Thus, as a moneymaker its perhaps the worst of the group, but as a stat padder, trainer, or just as a fun tank to smash face in its one of the very best tanks in WOT. Type 59: 10 If you are fortunate enough to own a Type, you know the Type was the only tank in the history of WOT that made even WG recoil from cash grabbing. Although the tank's OPness is somewhat exaggerated, there is no denying the Type is a beast that can do anything you want it to do. Featuring fantastic protection as a medium (with a great turret, good overall body armor), good camo/vision, standard 100mm firepower, and acceptable agility the Type can do it all -- scout, flex, brawl, snipe, you name it. It also is the only true medium premium, and thus, is highly sought after. The Type also just happens to be one of the most profitable t8 prems, thanks to good damage potential and cheap ammo. The only downsides are it doesn't carryhard as the IS-6 (tier 8 mediums just aren't as powerful as tier 8 heavies), and if you spam APCR its profitability tanks down to IS-6 levels. The chinese medium line in general also isn't as popular as most. Finally, although its a great jack of all trades some find it too slow to scout and too weak to brawl, and don't use it well. But I think they are fools -- the Type is a great premium. KV-5: 7 The KV-5 has some prodigious strengths -- very high DPM, very high hit points, good uniform toughness, surprising agility (and lolrams by a 110 ton tank moving 50 kph). Its also extremely profitable, and has a great 6 man crew in the popular russian heavy line. The downside of the KV-5 is that without APCR spam, many will struggle to deal damage and also that the armor can be shot straight through, even in its hard points, by powercreeped gold spammers. It also tends to perform very badly in the hands of average players (but pretty well in the hands of unica). Ironically, the tank was removed from the store for a long, long period of being the worst tank in WOT. Despite this, the KV-5 remains a powerful tank...if you are the kind of guy who likes to get up in someone's face and brawl them down, and can live with low penetration and lots of weak points. Its perhaps more of a collector's item at this point, but its still pretty strong. FCM: 7 Despite being a heavy, the FCM is often considered the best tier 8 medium available. This is because it has very high speed and a small 90mm gun. The package of the FCM works quite well. When viewed as a medium, it has more HP than any of them, great penetration, good overall fire control, solid -8 depression, good view range, good quickness...AND limited matchmaking, making almost all the t8 mediums categorically obsolete. It also never requires APCR spam, so it can maintain peak performance and still be very profitable. For those who like snipey mediums, the FCM is the best available tank. The downsides of the FCM include very poor camo (which obviates any possibility of scouting), lots of module/crew deaths, and soft armor. And then there is the reality that being the best t8 medium still means you are worse overall than most t8 heavies. the french line is also unpopular, and the FCM has a different crew layout than most of the high tier tanks. 112: 7 The 112 lives or dies based on two things -- are you skilled enough to hide the lower plate and can you make a derpy 122 work. If you can do both of those things, the 112 can be a true beast. Its overall armor layout I find to be superior to almost any tank in WOT -- fantastic hull/turret toughness when properly hull downed (it can even resist most gold rounds!) combined with great sidescraping and few weak points. It also has extremely impressive speed for a tank this well armored, and even gets 390 alpha. The downsides...the tank burns very, very easily if hit in its soft lower plate. Even tier 6s can rip you up there. Its toggishly long, to the point where cancer can penetrate you with ease, and also its easy to high end the tank when rolling over ridges. The gun is also a major issue. With very high derpiness and low penetration (and crap HEAT), the tank can struggle to pen, as well. This can be a mixed blessing, as the tank performs at its best with minimal gold spam. However, the bottom line is the 112 performs fantastically in the hands of some, but many will find it frustrating. T-34-3: 5 Most of what I said about the 112 applies even more to the T-34-3. It has the same fantastic hull as the Type 59 -- excellent turret, fairly strong body, good camo/view range, decent mobility...and the 122 HEAT spammer found on the 112. When it works, it works amazingly well, combining the flexibility of a great medium with the power of a hard hitting heavy. Unfortunately...it also has horrific depression and fire control, plus awful penetration. This means the percent of RNG fails is EXTREMELY high, and thus, the tank is very aggravating to use. Most will hate it, and all will struggle with the up and down nature of the beast. But when it works, its a thing of beauty. T34: 4 The T34 has the great hard hitting 120mm murican blaster, featuring good alpha and good penetration. It has the familiar T29 body style, which although great hull down has little else to brag on. It has terrible fire control as well. So the tank is all gun -- and even the gun is not quite perfect. On the pro side, the T34 rarely needs to spam gold, making it a great earner. Its also in the popular US heavy line. The down side...and this is a major down side...is that it doesn't get limited MMing, and thus, will be food for tier 10 blunica platoons farming OP tanks. J88: 3 The J88 has the best profitability in the game, as well as a 6 man trainer in a decently popular line. It has great pen, good railgun precision, good dpm...and even a very nicely hard body when hull downed. So why does it get such a low rating? Its terribly inflexible -- like all TDs, it has lowish HP, struggles to advance around corners, and is very vulnerable to crossfire and tanks getting behind it. Combine this with crap camo and crap speed, and you have a tank that needs a very narrow set of circumstances to do well, and otherwise, its just plain bad. Super Pershing: 3 The SP's best feature is its cheap and in a popular line. Its downsides...are pretty much everything else. First, its not a medium, its more like a heavy. Its extremely slow, slower than the majority of heavies in tier. Its hardness is also pretty suspect -- although its great against HEAT spammers and can troll the hell out of people, its sides are soft, it has frontal weak points, and its just not quite reliable. Furthermore, it requires a LOT of APCR spam, which kills your profitability. On the whole, its pretty mediocre...but not the worst. Monster 6: 3 The monster is an endangered species at this point, but recently got buffed to have limited MMing. The good news is its no longer the worst tank in tier -- the bad news is it still has a lot of flaws. Its firepower is limited -- low DPM, lowish pen, doesn't have good depression...it generally weak. Its also very slow and fat. Sadly, its armor is also only on one side -- although pretty hard in the front and turret, it can still get punched through by gold and is flat out terrible on the sides. Its just not good. Lowe: 2 The ancient lowe, the first cast grab in WOT....but its sadly obsolete at this point. On the positive side, it hits hard and pens well. Its got a better turret than one would expect. Its a useful trainer. Its hard enough to give weak tanks trouble...but its also terribly, terribly sLowe. Its frontal armor has wide weak points, and isn't hard enough to stop most guns. Its dpm and fire control aren't good. It burns with the fire of serbian hatred. Its not even a good earner (expensive ammo + limited damage output). It carries poorly. And it doesn't even get limited MMing, making it food for all the cold war fantasy tanks. My stats in them:
  5. Per Garbad's request his contact email garbadtheweak@juno.com ~CrabEatOff 11/19/2015 Similar to my long line of other high quality poasts: Whether you crave the love or the abuse, beware what you ask, because you might just get an answer. By request:
  6. She was a good girl, loved her family. Loved horses, and murica too. Gash liked the wholesomeness -- a girl he could take home to his parents and eat thanksgiving dinner with. The jesus stuff was kind of annoying, but otherwise she seemed really cool. And then one night, things started getting hot and heavy. Parents were out of town, clothes were coming off, Gash's charm was in full force. But as he moved in for the score... Jesusgal: "Wait! We can't!" Gash: !!? Ok, baby, we can wait... Jesusgal: No, not like that. That's WRONG. Gash: ...uh, what? So you want to hold off. Jesusgal: No, I want it. But... Gash: Yes? Jesusgal: Use God's loophole. Otherwise its immoral. Gash: Wat? _________________________________ Poor Gash. Another shitty dating experience. Will his dry streak ever end?
  7. http://ftr.wot-news.com/2014/12/28/artillery-rework-proposal/#more-20802 I know arty is a hot topic, so let's keep this civil Thoughts?
  8. Garbad

    Girls > Boys

    There was some debate about this, so here is the proof: 2.0 skill virgin jap crew = 84k exp to next skill 2.49 skill german crew = 152k exp to next (2.0 boy should be 168k xp to next, but this was the closest I had) 2.8 skill murican girls = 50k exp to next 2.8 skill murican boys = 100k exp to next I think this conclusively proves that SIA is not counted as a skill for the purposes of XP gain. TL;DR - Girl crews level up twice as quickly as a boy crew with the same number of skills, and are thus grossly superior.
  9. Stannis is the One True King, and Kewei is the best damage whore.
  10. Server: USE Timezone: ~6-8 PM EST (very early US/late euro), most days Who: Anyone willing to let me farm damage and serve me well. I'll even take blues and such trash. All I care about is if we win, if I make asstons of cash, and if you track tanks and take hits so I can farm at a kewelian rate. Tier: 8 regular or 8 limited, sometimes we can mix in 6s ________________________________________________ Sadly, I need to grind about 10 mil. I need a few pubbies to grind with to make it less tedious. I don't really care what tanks you play; I plan on playing CDC/T-54P and/or Type/T-34-3. Ideal might be IS-5/IS-6s, but I don't care as long as you aren't playing some shitlord tank wanting to be carried. It will probably take at least 100-150 games, probably in 15-25 game spurts.
  11. Well, here is my sad story, I used to love both my tiger 2 and my e75 (even my stats on both are better than my overall), it was kinda easy at the moment i hit t8 in 3 lines at a point and decided that the e100 should be my first t10, got it like 45 days ago and tried to play a few games but i totally sucked, my first thought was that should let it rest till i have enough free xp to unlock the top gun, played the patton line from the persh that was already full, grinded the m46 from stock while playing the cdc for farming credits and got to the m48 wich was easy to play stock with some gold spam till i got the top gun, last weekend decided to just grind the last 10 k exp playing the e100 with the stock gun, played a few battles and realized i really suck with it, it just feels so unnatural to play a giant sluggish brick when i'm already used to play meds with great maneuverability, very good speed and accel; also from the point i started playing the patton line my stats are going up like a lot. So, should i suck it up and torture my self and my stats playing the e100 till i can play it decently or just abandon it till i get used to play some other heavies?
  12. So I was jerking off to my stats the other day and noticed that I wasn't an XX in a few tanks I was XX in a few days ago. Then I checked some of the stats -- on multiple tanks I had over the maximum kills/dpg yet didn't get a XX rating. What gives?
  13. http://wotreplays.com/site/1917514#winter_himmelsdorf-nightwolf5628-cromwell God this game... Just felt I had to share it. I am confirmed hackr btw I appreciate feedback on any mistakes I made. I feel that I had to rush that T-34 though at the end tho. I don't know if that dead tank there was good or not. EDIT: Almost forgot! Got messaged by 3 guys after the game all complaining "hax" Accidentally deleted the third one though D: Was lengthy. EDIT2: oh gawd this should be in epic pubbie battle boasting
  14. Stannis is the one true king of Westeros.
  15. Stannis is the one true king of Westeros.
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