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Found 3 results

  1. So um, I'm using WG's own wrapper and I'd like to start uploading to vBAddict (mostly for MoE purposes), but I've been searching as hell but I can't find the dossier and upload it manually, and since ADU is an .exe program it won't run. I googled around and saw that it should be possible to get it using other wrappers such as Wine and stuff, but I can't for the love of wot work this one out... I've also asked this on the vBA forums but I figured some of you techies here might have a solution as well.
  2. Never really seen anyone post a replay session of this tank which kinda is a shame because it's playstyle is quite unique. Average was probably 4.3k, started doing the UK mission on it and I'm almost half way done https://www.dropbox.com/s/x5sd7s3sa7jljve/FV4202.zip?dl=0 If people enjoy this I might post various other sessions/reps.
  3. As many of you know, I hate skycancer as much as everyone else on wotlabs and I acknowledge its implementation is blatantly obviously completely fucking broken, but what if arty is not as much of a problem as we think it is? Let's say that on average a tier 9/10 arty shoots 5 times per battle and you have one per team per battle. With 15 players per team that's a somewhat small chance (CBA doing the math right now) that it actually attempts to shoot you and and even smaller chance (considering ~30% hit ratio) that it hits. As many of us know, playing with XVM camo is like instant arty protection and reduces the arty shells coming your way considerably. With XVM camo, you get the same focus as every other potato on your team (none at all), but your skills allow you to position yourself better, which means you're a less attractive target for arty. While they would attempt to hit you anyway if you had purple stats, they will simply aim for a more exposed target when you're rolling with XVM camo. What I am trying to say is, what if the real fun killer here is XVM, not arty? What if the reason why "skycancer" is "skycancer" and not just "arty" is our obsession with stats? Knowing that WG is neither willing to nor capable of fixing arty, why don't we protest against XVM rather than arty? Wouldn't it be great if XVM allowed us to choose to hide our stats (and as a result not see other player's stats either)? Another possible solution, although this would have to be done serverside, because there are too many different configs. Unless we get at least the biggest modders (Aslain, OldSkool, OM, etc.) to arrange their configs in a way that excludes arty players from the XVM stats feature.
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