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Found 78 results

  1. Hi, my name is Va1heru (Val works fine but,) this is my now one and only replay thread where you can see me play like complete trash for days on end and then run 60 games at 4k WN8 (Thanks @Kitten and @ForkUrEyes <3) And yes, it is possible to be good at tanks and be attractive :^) I am one of a few high level Australian players on the ASIA/SEA server I play a mix of solo and platoons, I will pretty much plat with anyone just like send me a PM and say you're from WoTLabs <3 You will typically find me playing mediums or fast heavies (the RhM is the exception,) I despise slow tanks that cant make an impact on the battle I stream all my games on Twitch and upload nice games and sessions to Youtube! I should also like to extend a invitation to any NA/EU WoTLabs friends who would like to brave SEA, I have an alt account here with an IS 7, E4, CAX and assorted 8/9's, it has terrible stats so the camo will be real, PM me if interested! Now enough shenanigans
  2. Hello! Started playing World of Tanks in 2011 and have been playing on and off since then (Mostly on ) My best tank class is light tanks and at the moment I am grinding the Marks of Excellency on the Amx 13-75. In my Youtube channel I will be featuring streams, highlights and guides. This section will be more thorough and expanded as I get more content on the channel. Testimonial from one of my viewers: " As much time I have in my lunch time at work, I checking back your uploaded streams and I already feel in my gameplay that, your tips and tricks make me see the game from new viewpoint, and its working also So thank you a lot! " Latest stream: Amx 13-75 MOE Session, 6400 WN8 - 67% WR https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCO0m9NGg8kIoAE3XcyrYlEQ
  3. Triple T95 platoons are pretty ridiculous. people literally run away when they see it.
  4. As in the title, dump your best replays here. Here's how to enable them: http://forum.worldofwarships.com/index.php?/topic/19170-enabling-wows-replays/ Here's a drop of my battleship games from the last week. I don't think I had any potatoes but these aren't cherry picked so some will be stronger than others: http://www.mediafire.com/download/y7dchkwj7xwlp36/BB_replays.rar
  5. Figured I'd make a little corner to put my replays in as I haven't been able to stream recently due to godawful internet connection so haff some of my Maus games post buff. Roughly 5k dpg for the last two days sending my overall dpg in the thing from 3750-4k https://www.dropbox.com/s/tyulrbeldp1wfdz/replays.7z?dl=0 (not sure which sites are ideal for uploading batches of replays, just used dropbox because I'm somewhat familiar with it) Some tidbits I survived almost none of my games. A large portion of my positioning choices were straight up suicidal but the stupid armor layout and HP pool of the maus was able to keep me alive long enough for the newly buffed gun to kill the majority of the people I went up against before dying. I was getting quite a bit of packet loss so I can try to blame most of the occational strange movements and goddawful shooting on my connection. Sidescraping seems like a waste a lot of the time and I found just peeking around a corner with an angled hull was much more effecient in many situations. (more easy to pull back/ go forwards particularly against HE spam tanks too) My equip loadout is optics, vstab, ramer.
  6. edited, please delete!
  7. Make sure to follow the topic to get on all the new content from the BoneBoys! Today we are releasing a crazy Obj. 263 Replay Commentary. Thanks for watching!
  8. Hello Wotlabs, after much consternation I decided to take the plunge and start posting replays for your viewing pleasure and joy. A little bit about me, I started playing this game in February 2014 and was instantly hooked, in due course I found Wotlabs and the fact that there was a measurable system called WN8 with which to see how good you were. Being naturally competitive, I wanted to get better and learn as much as I could, which is a journey that continues to this day. Tanks in garage as of right now (will update as things change): SP, M46, M48, FCM 50T, Cromwell B, AMX 30B So without further ado, here are some exemplary games of bright cheery joy! AMX 13 90 FCM 50T M46/M48 Stay tuned for more Joyous replays!
  9. Just some games in some Russian tanks. No big deal. The first two games occurred right after one another, the last one was much older (about 2-3 months ago)
  10. An interesting replay showing off the utility of the awesome T-34-3!
  11. Awesome carry in the cent 7/1, check it out!
  12. Team Bone Bones back with some more content, today we will be featuring a replay from panbartosz_ from the EU server in his Löwe.
  13. Alert! This is the blitz sub-forum. Do not read on or post here before you have internalised this fact deeply. I found today that it is apparently possible to upload replays of blitz games, from what type of device I have no idea. Some vids can be seen here: http://wotbstars.com/videos.php?lng=eng&geo=EU Now, I got a Kolobanov this morning with my Valentine AT in a tier IV match, which probably does not happen every day (in truth, it would not make much of a film as I just hid on a hill somewhere and bumped off anything I could hit) and I may want the world to know about it or perhaps some other more laudable effort. However, I haven't any idea how to: A preserve replays, or B upload them from an iPad. If these things are possible, would someone please tell me how.
  14. TeamBoneBoys back with some more interesting content. Our newest video is a replay from Unbreakable702 where he nearly clutches a cromwell B game.Feedback welcome!
  15. Wondering how to make decisions while playing your tier 8 lights, while still maximizing damage output? Give this video a watch and tell the TeamBoneBoys what you think!
  16. Hey all. So i hope this is the right sub forum. Anyways I have just gotten my E50 today with top gun. well ive had it for 3 days and grinded tracks (then free xped turret and top gun. so dont mind the ingame dpg. it was 950 with the panther 2 top gun) Anyway ive had my best day ever in terms of dmg done and wn8 but.. my wr since i got top gun 35% .. obviously im doing something wrong. But what which is why im making this topic. my hitrate is low today. normally its nearing 76% in most tier 10 tanks i got. I compiled a little replay list. should be all those games you see in the picture. I apologize in advance if i talk a bit dirty in chat, I gotta start disabling chat and then leave it there. Since its not my suicide and campy team mates i should be blaming (*cough*) rather myself. So if anyone has the time to watch a few replays and give some comment on why i lose so many games (after coming back from a break its been pretty much 40% wr in anything but type 59 and T-62A .. I know its only 21 games and its my first day learning this tank but I should really have been able to win at least a bit more. https://www.dropbox.com/s/0ghk3q5ec2lyhpo/MyDiscoParty%20e50%20replay.rar?dl=0
  17. I played a ton of games over the weekend (235+), but this one stuck out: Victory!, Object 704, Erlenberg, 11/11/13 10:38 AM: 1,471 nXP, 3,423 dmg Never cross the bridge on Erlenberg they say
  18. Hello fellas, I'm Jojo and I will be uploading replays worthy of watching. They will be unique, non of that standard "Just 4k+ Damage" replays. They will have a point to them. They will range from Solo carries to Platoon carries, or from Epic comebacks to So close losses. They will feature the best players on the server, and they will be recorded and uploaded to YouTube with Commentary/ Text on what I was thinking and probably explain tactics used, but this is still a WIP :^) o7o7o7
  19. http://wowreplays.com/ Basic site information: http://forum.worldofwarships.com/index.php?/topic/63869-introducing-wowreplayscom/ Example: http://wowreplays.com/Home/Replay/298 It's not as advanced as WoTReplays, because the WoWS replay files don't allow it to be. It won't pull the end-of-battle information such as damage and achievement ribbons. However, you can at least upload your replay, give a description, and (soon) upload related screenshots. Other players can then download the replay for viewing, vote it up, etc. The site owner seems to take a select few every day and convert them to HD video, add commentary, and put them on YouTube. This at least prevents a great replay from being lost the next time a patch rolls out and makes all older replays obsolete. There's supposedly some work on the replay system coming out this spring, including in-game implementation and changes to the file system that prevent replays from dying every new patch. Anyway, it's an interesting site. There are some good replays on there, feel free to add your own. I'm sure we can just add links in the existing Carry thread, but wanted to get this website some attention.
  20. When I read the official WoT forums, WoT sub-Reddit, and WoTLabs forums, one question comes up more than any other: how do I improve my gameplay? This is particularly challenging for players who have hit a ceiling in terms of their measurable performance (e.g. win rate, WN8 rating, etc) and are not sure what to do. While players can download replays of highly-skilled players, those replays don't capture the thinking process of the player behind the tank - you see their actions but don't necessarily know the how's or why's behind them.Therefore, in this video series I share what I learned as I progressed towards account Unicum rating (top 1%) with silver ammo only. I talk through how I’m reading the battle as it unfolds and discuss key decisions and mistakes. My hope is that these videos meaningfully help other players improve their gameplay. Complete "Road to Unicum" Guide and FAQs:http://taugrim.com/2015/02/19/taugrims-road-to-unicum-guide-videos-for-world-of-tanks/ Episode ListE50 Review, Flexing to a Collapsing FlankE50M Review, Covering a Flank SoloT-34-85 Review, Mid Control in Fisherman’s BayT-44 Review, Holding the High GroundT-44 in a Tier 10 BattleELC AMX Review, First-Shot OpportunitiesELC AMX in a Tier 8 Battle Review, Common MistakesT-54 vs -G-/PBKAC/BULLS PlatoonT-54 Review, Managing Gun Depression / Flanking ManeuversE75 Review, Hull Angling Without Hard CoverIS Review, Timing Enemy ReloadsIS-3 Review, Patience in a Tight SpotIS-3 in Tier 10 BattlesTrolling E100’s in Your T-62A / Object 140IS-8 Review, Heavy Medium – I Don’t Think SoCromwell Review, Middle Road Control in LakevilleT-62A Review, Spotting Hill in ProkhorovkaT29 Review, Hull-Down KingT32 Review, 5k Damage Blocked FTWM103 Review, Recovering From a Poor StartM103 Review, Creating Isolations When OutnumberedT110E5 Review, 9.7k Damage and 9 KillsAMX 13 90 Review, Completing LT-15 in Prokhorovka / Fiery SalientAMX 12t Review, Getting to 3 Marks of ExcellenceAMX 13 90 with 9.3k Contribution in Tier 10 MalinovkaChaffee Review, 2688 XP Carry in Tier 8 MalinovkaLorraine 40t Review, 9-Kill Carry in Mountain PassE25 Review, 4k Damage and 8 Spots in Fisherman's BayE25 Gameplay, Retreating and Counter-attacking TacticsT37 Review, 3.6k Damage and 7-Kill Carry in ErlenbergBat Chat Review, Flanking and Spanking in Cliff Episode #1: E50 Review, Flexing to a Collapsing FlankI review the exceptional E-50, the tier 9 German medium tank in the E50M line. Stat line: Ace Tanker, 5.5k damage, 3 kills, 2 spots, 1.2k assisted damage As demonstrated in the video, the E50 has a highly accurate gun, and the solid hull armor can be angled to deflect incoming fire. I discuss the importance of flexing to prevent a flank from collapsing and the arguments against capping too early instead of pressing an advantage.
  21. So here I will be posting any particularly good games I get while pubbing. Here are a few to start: Object 140 - Lakeville - 9K damage, Pool's, Ace, High Caliber This was a pretty crazy game. My whole team go into the valley and manage to lose, I have to snipe from base to hold back endless waves of enemies coming in from the town. Unfortunately with how many long range shots I had to take at a hull down E 100, I run out of ammo before I can get 10K. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- E50 - Pearl River - 7K damage - High Caliber, Ace Pretty solid game, First I push the heavy flank, then I flex around to encircle the remaining enemies, shows off the flexibility and general awesomeness of the E50 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- E50M - Malinovka - 5K damage - Ace Not an amazing game, but a decent one nonetheless. The only notable thing here is that it was my first game in the E50M -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- E50M - Mines - 7K damage - Confederate, Spartan, High Caliber, Ace Pretty much doing what E50M does well, abusing the accuracy and armour of this tank to wreck a ridge brawl on mines, and flexing when necessary to deal with other threats. I hope you enjoy these replays; I will keep posting good games if people appreciate them. Fell free to tell me why I'm a noob if you catch one of my many mistakes. (first mistake was tagging this thread wrongly, typing is hard)
  22. Hello, and welcome to SmyleeRage's Bountiful Collection of Replays and the knowledge that comes with it! You are about to embark on a journey that will hopefully exceed your expectations some of these replays will involve unique positions/decisions I make that most wouldn't Dare!! So grab some snacks and get ready to watch a Mixed 20 year old from washington state play some tanks!! Most of the replays I will post will be in platoons with my (Bitches that follow all my orders) Friends that I adore very dearly and know I wouldn't have made it this far without them (Those bitches lucky they get to play with me). Tanks in my Garage Tier 10: IS-7, IS-4, T110E5, T57 Heavy, AMX 50B, T-62A, Obj.140, Batchat, STB-1, Leopard 1,E50M Tier 9: E50,M46 Patton, T30, Tier 8: Wz-132, T-54 Ltwt, AMX 13 90, IS-6, FCM 50t, M26 Pershing,Wz-111, RU-251, T49,IS-5,T54 Mod 1 Tier 7: Type 62, M41 Walker Tier 6: T37,type 64 From those listed in my garage I mostly play my mediums or whatever I'm working on for my next 3rd Marked tank the tier 8-9s I list are most likely tanks I'm grinding atm because I don't usually keep tanks. As My name Implies I do Rage so some of the games will have a nice added bonus of me Rage typing and maybe even some Tks. 3rd Mark Status and Progression 3rd Marked tanks: 2nd Marks Currently working on 3rd: Leopard 1, T57 Heavy, T110E5, Wz-132, Amx 13-90, Type 62, Replay packs: I don't know how the patches affect replays or what type of replays are good so I just took anything 1st Class and above from 9.6-9.7 for these tanks sorry if some of them are "outdated" I will start uploading newer replays in the near future. STB-1 9.5-9.7 RU-251 9.5-9.7 M46 Patton 9.5-9.7 Batchat 25t 9.5-9.6 E-50 9.5-9.7 AMX 30 9.7 Amx 30 Prot 9.7 E50 9.7 Like my replays? Well Check out my other posts!! Also Check out my Twitch Channel: SmyleeRage
  23. Very aggressive game as usual while testing out food (not keeping).
  24. http://wotreplays.com/site/1906273?secret=0be6227050dcf47eef1b914abedca1c5 TD defense against difficult odds,stronk backs hoist team on thy shoulders.
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