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Found 40 results

  1. RULES • 3 games per player (you’ll need a forum account to post your replays here). • Forum accounts need 5+ posts and positive karma to be eligible • Tier 9/10 only - No LTs or arties • No Ranked Battles or Grand Battles • Can be any type of game (carries, derps and in-betweens) but the games you take most from are where you are under pressuree and struggle in general with what to do. Same tank all 3 games and within a short time frame is what I would prefer. Cherrypicking great games gives you advice less relevant for you but you can also do things like 3 really tricky games in 3 different tanks.. you choose what you submit. • All submissions fulfilling the reqs until end of July will be accepted, all skill levels are welcome and I will do my best to adjust • FRESH GAMES. When you link them here, a quick rundown of what you were thinking throughout the game helps me a lot and most importantly gives you some footing to look back to after the review, • Recording tempo will be one per day until people either stop posting in which I’ll allow someone that already posted (first come first serve of the already reviewed) , to post 3 more. (New players get prioritity) One player gets 6 replays at most. If I don’t have anything left in the work queue I might go over my own gameplay. • I will post the reviews in this thread and quote /tag the players. ” End of July is just when I won’t take on more replays, those still left to do will obviously be done as I have weeks of time after to do so this’ll kick off thursdsy and I’ll hard cap it at 20 submlsslons Got some free time again (handed everything in for the year to move forward next semester) and while visiting parents during this week and next I have close to nothing on my schedule until the very end of July and as hand is still healing an hour or so less of use by talking the time to do these might not be so bad. I also found my Blue Yeti at my parents place and finally bought.the right USB port slot for it’s broken cord, now with a mic that doesn’t sound like trash I might just install an extra client with different graphic settings to improve the video quality overall. (Anyone to confirm that this works so you don’t hsve to reset graphics/clientside every time playing after having recorded beforehsnd? I’m guessing yes if you just run the replsys through a game on another drive? If someone knows please answer so I don’t have to try it and fail) Still super casual on the fly analysis, just better looking and sounding. Might consider trying some small editing stuff depending on how time consuming this gets. (Currently thinking about borderless capture and a transparent drawing tool live (not having to follow mouse cursor (as it is normally too small for people to notice you pointing places m in game) and some similar stuff like basically being able to stratsketch the in game minimap. hmu if you know how this could work! yun9#9973 or PM here, or post the replays in the thread
  2. Hello everyone! I'm going to be doing a T32 review today as I don't see a recent post about this tank and thought, hey. fuck it, this tank is fun and i could review it. So here we go. Lets just get the basics down with some pros and cons. Pros: - Super Strong turret. This shit can take shots from E4's to JPZ's - Incredible gun depression. You get a spot where you can abuse your gun dep and turret armor and your set. - It's pretty fast, having a 35 kph top speed you can get places pretty quickly. - Hull armor is better than the T29, you can angle and sidescrape without taking so much punishment. Cons: - Stock turret is fucking terrible. only has 114 mm of armor at the front. - Bad pen for a T8 heavy. It has the same gun as the T29 with a quicker reload. So you're most likely going to have to carry some prem rounds. - Accuracy is pretty meh. - Bad hull for T8. Just like the T29, even though it has better armor, the LP can be penned by T7 and even some T6 tanks. Now, lets get my opinion on how to play this tank. Personally, you might be thinking, woah dude. You only have ~40 games in this fucking thing, why are you telling me how to play it? You're right, but with ~40 games I've pulled a 68% WR and 2700 dpg out of my ass, only ~40 games so it's not that impressive, but you should still read along. I play this like the T29, only way more agressive. I can abuse the fuck out of my turret because the turret upgrade from the T29 is such a huge gap it's insane. The DPM boost is pretty good too, with 100% crew and a gun rammer, I've gotten the reload down to about 8.54 seconds(compared to the T29's 10 sec reload) you can eat other tanks alive. With the top speed you get(35 kph), I can flex around the map better than other heavies(i.e. the KV-5) or the T29 which was a tier lower. Now, Time for some replays! 1) http://wotreplays.com/site/2231452#malinovka-ancientautisim_pro-t32 2) http://wotreplays.com/site/2232271#tundra-ancientautisim_pro-t32 3) http://wotreplays.com/site/2232272#live_oaks-ancientautisim_pro-t32 I hope this review helped some people decide which heavy line to go up, or even to buy this tank back. Cheers! Note: I get pissed off and if you don't like angry words don't watch the replays or don't look at chat.
  3. Hi folks Just thought I'd take this oppurtunity to show/inflict upon you my Youtube Channel - https://www.youtube.com/user/AgingJedi I have all sorts of replays and tank reviews on there, ranging from low to high level as I move up the tech trees, and also some viewer replays that have been submitted. I make no claims about being a great player and all opinion and advice offered is based purely on my own experiences with the game and the tanks in question. I'll post a couple of tasters here below, and then add new videos into further posts as and when I get them uploaded. As a few of you good folks have asked via the WoT forums, I would be more than happy to take a look at your good replays for some subscriber replay videos on my channel. Feel free to send them to me at agingjedioake @ gmail . com (without the spaces) with a description or better yet email me the link to the upload on www.wotreplays.com. I can't promise to have time to take a look at all of them, but I'll certainly try! Follow me on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/AgingJedi Twitter https://twitter.com/AgingJedi Google+ https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/110704920994097178226/110704920994097178226/posts?pageId=110704920994097178226 Feel free to comment on the videos, share them, or ask any questions. Tank Guides & Reviews: https://www.youtube.com/user/AgingJedi/playlists
  4. After 3 marking the Amx 13-75 here is my review of it. Pros and cons and what role of light tank play that suits it best. Is it better than the T-71?
  5. Firefly is a tier VI British medium tank with the highest standard and premium ammo penetration. 171mm on tier VI sounds great, right? On medium tank platform even better? Nope. It's British. Historical background Brits were bad at flanking (royal noobs) so they added 17-pounder gun to Sherman tank. Who needs maneuver when you may simply penetrate German HTs from front? Firepower 17-pounder gun. Do not even bother playing with another gun. You are here for gud pen, gud alpha (for that caliber), mediocre gun handling and amazing 6 degrees of gun depression making you (or at least me) feel really bad on hills or a bit bigger bumps. Forget about hill poking. Take a good long range sniping spot and pray to SerB for dumb enemies standing still to let you devour their HP. In close combat Firefly feels pretty bad - 4 seconds reload for 150 damage doesn't allow to spam an enemy. Standard AP and premium APCR are simply amazing. Double tap “2” and even tier VIII super heavies lose their will to push - under one condition: gun has to hit and penetrate. This is the main flaw of Firefly. Despite 0,38 base accuracy (0,36 real) it struggles to hit a barn from 50 meters. I have pathetic 65% accuracy despite shooting fully aimed and with limited amount of blind shots. On vbaddict it's on 42 position on tier VI. Like what the royal hell? It's supposed to be sniper, not a derp. Sherman Firefly carries 77 shells which is really good thing (much better than Achilles). It allows to fore some blind shots or keep a big guy on detrack till real help arrives. Mobility Traverse speed is ok, I can't say a bad word. Turns like Sherman should but why it reaches max 36km/h? The only slower Sherman is Jumbo but in return it gets armor. What kind of logic is that? Firefly is like a runner with a backpack full of stones - it wants to go faster but it can't. Most of typical medium tank spots are unavailable for Firefly so a player is forced to play in second line (or first if flank falls and an escape is a good idea). Armor Be serious, it's Sherman. Miscellaneous Firefly has the worst camo among all MT VI - 12 base stationary. For me it doesn't matter. Without a BFG I prefer double bush or 445m+ sniping. 370 view range is workable, especially with binos. Gameplay It's easy - avoid non-flat areas, stay hidden, do not rely on maneuver and focus on heavily armored tanks beacuse 17-pounder makes a difference.
  6. So here is my review of the T-71 after 3 marking it. A decent tank!
  7. So i have been trying to improve on my BC gameplay and i would like someone to review and give me an idea on what i should change with my playstyle to improve I personally like getting into the fight and brawling i dont tend to stay back with the BC I have vents stab and GLD with 20 APCR and 10 Heat Currently working on the 4th skill 1st skill set is six sense snap shot and off road driving 2nd skill set is BIA 3rd is Repairs 4th is recon designated target and clutch Game 1 Malinovka loss http://wotreplays.com/site/3514431?secret=00450afa5e41f6217281c926d1a7e71c Game 2 West Field Win http://wotreplays.com/site/3514432?secret=00450afa5e41f6217281c926d1a7e71c Game 3 Sacred Valley Win http://wotreplays.com/site/3514422?secret=00450afa5e41f6217281c926d1a7e71c
  8. T26E4 Super Pershing Hello ladies and gents, I am here today to talk about the Super Pershing and why you should play this beast of a tank. A little forerunner, I love this tank and recent got 100% on it In name it would appear similar to the M26 Pershing that many know and love, but on the contrary completely the opposite is true This leads us into... Gameplay Describing how to play the Superpershing was summed up by CanadianTrex as "yolo until everything is dead." With the buff to its armor returning it to its former glory, you are able to do just that. The quick reload of the 90mm combined with the insane 258mm HVAP pen allow this thing to melt through anything and everything it meets. Moving into a heavy tank choke point and using your quick reload, good gun handling, and tough armor to rip apart your enemies is the best way to play this tank. Lets take a quick look at the armor profile and how you would go about hiding your weaknesses. As you can see, the SP relies on spaced armor to bounce and absorb shots from enemies. Because of this, RNG has a way of messing with your mind and causing pens that really shouldn't be happening, as Tranderas can attest When setting up your SP, you want to maximize your strengths, DPM and gun handling. I run Rammers/V. Stabs/ Vents small repair/ small med/ AFE. Running food is certainly viable if you are chasing three marks or want to squeeze a few more damages into your DPG, but the tank performs very well even without it. Summary So why should you get a Superpershing? + Great armor + Excellent gun + Very aggressive gameplay - Can be a bit slow to flex - Armor can play tricks on you Overall I would give it a 8.5/10, but who cares when at the end of the battle, the enemy team looks like this. P.S. I would love feedback on the guide, its my first one and would love to write more and get better at it.
  9. T28 Heavy Tank Concept Review So I just unlocked the T28 Heavy Tank Concept (T28 HTC or Concept for short) as a reward for completing the second set of personal missions. I have played a few games (17 at time of publication) to test it out. I thought I would write this review for those of you who are not sure if they want this tank or not or just curious as to what this tank can (not) do. If you want to know the history of the tank, you need to look elsewhere. All I know is that it is an early concept/proposal of how the T28/T95 should look. The tank only existed as a wooden model and WG built the in-game tank from (images of) that. There is an article on FTR explaining it in more detail. I will in this review go through different aspects of the T28 HTC as it is portrayed in patch 9.5 including characteristics of the gun and tank, what equipment/consumable to use, skills to consider and finally the play style of this tank. I will try to keep it as concise as possible. You are free to skip the sections that you have no interest in or already know. Characteristics In the following section all the numbers and characteristics are given with 100% crew taken into account and are taken from “Tank Inspector”. Armour: This tank is all about the armour – it is what makes the T28 HTC the tank it is, which is not surprising considering it is related to the T28 and T95 tanks. The armour thickness is listed as 203/101/50 mm on the front/side/rear respectively. This is however not telling the full story of the armour layout. The only part of the tank that is 203 mm thick is the ‘lower plate’ and a strip of armour on either side of the gun. The upper plate is actually between 51 and 64 mm thick. This may sound like weak armour, but the angling of the armour is where the ‘protection’ lies. The whole upper plate is angled at around 75 degrees with the upper part angled slightly less (1-2 degrees) than the lower part. This heavy angling means that AP and APCR will auto-bounce the upper plate. This type of protection has a significant advantage but also a significant disadvantage. The advantage is that since the armour relies on auto-bounce angles rather than raw thickness you can bounce high pen guns shooting AP or APCR. HEAT doesn’t auto-bounce at these angles, so if you are hit by HEAT with a pen of 250 mm or more it will go straight through your upper plate (and lower plate, but more on that in a second). The disadvantage of the sloped armour is that once the enemies have an angle of impact of less than auto-bounce (by shooting down onto your tank) your armour is useless. The sides are a uniform 102 mms thick with near vertical profiles. If an enemy manages to get around your side you will be in serious trouble. Your rear armour is a worthless 50 mm thick, but then again you should ideally not be shot here in the first place so it is not a big problem. Now, what IS a big problem with this armour is that any gun with >200 mm of pen can go straight through your ‘lower plate’ as it is 203 mm thick with no angling worth mentioning. Another problem is all the damn MG- and viewports on this tank. They are everywhere and they can all be shot if you are facing straight at an enemy. The two on the sides of the tank are only 102 mm’s thick and present a large surface to shoot - similar to the cupola on all of the British AT tank destroyers. Some wiggling can throw off the aim of some players, but the tank traverses so slowly it is limited in effectiveness. Fortunately the T28 HTC can actually relatively easy hide the weak spots (something the British cannot do as easily). The gun traverses a whole 30 degrees to either side, which allows you to angle your tank and hide at least one of the MG ports behind the hull of the tank. Since the MG ports are located quite far back on the tank, you can hide the other MG port behind a building while still being able to shoot at the enemy. If done perfectly then you present a near-impenetrable tank to every same-tier gun you might face. Also, since this tank is still quite rare, a lot of people have NO CLUE where to shoot, even though the MG- and view ports are visible to them. This means that they will spray shots straight into your front plates in a panic to stop you. I’ve had quite a few laughs as tanks panic trying to pen me. I had a WT Pz IV loading APCR and bouncing my upper plate because he had no clue that he could just go straight through the lower plate. Quite amusing I must admit. The picture below shows the angling and corner placement in practice, although only in principle. I over angled the tank a bit in my rush to get a nice picture. I have one last piece of bad news in regards to the armour of this tank, and that is the roof. It is only 25 mm thick and stretches along the whole length of this tank (see picture below). This means you can be triple overmatched by any >76mm gun and arty will have a field day if they hit the top of your tank. The overmatch is not that big of a problem, but the arty vulnerability is a huge negative as you are a slow, fat target that they will shoot at – a lot. Mobility: The mobility is again staying true to how the T28 and T95 behave: This tank is no speed demon and turns like the Titanic. It has a top speed of 29 km/h going forward and 10 km/h in reverse. The traverse speed is a whopping 18 degrees/s. It has a decent (for the armour and tier) HP/t ratio of 13.71. I noticed that when accelerating on hard terrain it felt like it reached the top speed quickly and kept the speed as long as you went in a straight line. As soon as you want to turn this thing you have to clear your calendar for the next two days. Also, stay as far away from any soft or medium terrain you can. This tank has a horrendous terrain resistance of 1.438/2.014/2.493 on hard/medium/soft terrain respectively. I made the mistake once of driving into some soft terrain. I never made it out of there. The only positive thing I can say about the mobility is that this tank can pivot – and even that doesn’t help on the horrible traverse. Gun: The T28 HTC uses a 105 mm gun that is almost identical to the one found on the T32 but with a ROF buff. It has a healthy penetration of 181/224/53 mm with a decent alpha of 320/320/420 for AP/APCR/HP respectively. The alpha is above average for a tier 7 TD and can really hurt lower tier tanks. The penetration is slightly below average, but it can load a healthy APCR round that can go through the front most of the targets you will face. Some tanks will require weak spot knowledge, but it has an accuracy of 0.384 which is decent for weak spot sniping at medium ranges (this is before the 9.6 accuracy changes, mind). The rate of fire is 6.257 RPM which equals a reload of 9.589 seconds (without a rammer). This leaves you with a DPM of just over 2000 which increases to 2224.8 DPM with a gun rammer. Quite decent for the tier but nothing fantastic either. The gun depression of this tank is -4 degrees which can be quite tricky to work with in some locations but as long as you stay on flat ground (cities) you won’t have any trouble. A combination of low bloom values (see picture below) and low speed in general results in overall good gun handling. I didn’t experience problems with having to wait long for my aiming reticule to settle. Visibility: I have played without 6th sense so I haven’t been able to get a good feel for the camouflage, but I expect the values to be horrific. You are not going to be camouflage sniping anyone unless you are outside of spotting range. The T28 HTC has a healthy view range of 370 meters which when combined with binoculars will allow you to out spot some enemies. Misc.: This tank sadly has standard MM spread which means it will see tier 9 games. I’ve found that you can still make an impact, as your armour relies on auto-bounce rather than raw thickness. Your health pool of 880 HP is middle of the park for the tier (although significantly less than both the AT-15A and AT7 – your main competitors), but will leave you struggling in high tier games. This tank would be godlike if it had a health pool similar to the AT-7 as it would be able to take a beating AND still survive more than four penetrating shots. Equipment and consumables Equipment: The equipment setup is quite standard for this tank. I have a Large-Caliber rammer, Enhanced Gun Laying Drive and toolbox installed on mine. You can argue for swapping out the toolbox with vents or binoculars, but that comes down to how you want to play your tank. I play mine as a brawler, meaning I will be tracked over and over and I want to have the tracks back up ASAP. Consumables: I run a standard consumable set. I have not had any problems with module damage or crew deaths (besides a commander once in a while from shots into the million MG- and view ports). In fact, according to Tank Inspector the T28 HTC has increased module health on all internal modules. A nice little plus as it means you will not be ammo racked that often. You can, to some effect, use a premium repair kit as it will allow you to repair your tracks even quicker. Skills Since this is a premium tank you can use whatever American TD crew you might already have. If you, like me, do not play American TD’s and your T28 HTC therefore will have a dedicated crew then I recommend the following skills: You need mobility skills as you want to improve on the horrendous mobility of this tank. This means Clutch Breaking and Off-Road Driving for the driver together with repairs for everyone else. I Safe Storage is not a priority as the ammo rack is quite healthy, so just pick what you feel like. Tactics Because of the poor mobility I found that you don’t have a lot of tactical options available to you. You are too slow to react to changing conditions during the fight, so you need to be able to anticipate where you will be needed the most during the countdown timer. Pick and flank and make sure you win it or delay it enough for your team mates to flank behind. My general tactic in this tank is to go to the nearest brawling/city area where I then find myself a building/rock where I can use the traverse of the tank to hide the weak spots. I work down the enemies in that location while tanking shots. If you find yourself top tier you can easily lead a charge straight into the enemy – as long as you make sure they don’t have shots on your side/rear armour. The 8-line on Himmelsdorf is fantastic for YOLO-pushes. Once the area you are in is cleared you can enjoy the scenery while the battle moves faster than you. Base camping is sadly not a bad option on some larger maps like Redshire. You need to be careful not to be isolated because that will end in your death. You do not have the traverse to prevent people from circling you, so you need team mates to slap anyone trying to get on your back/sides. Also, avoid arty like the fucking plague. They will shit all over you the moment you are spotted (as I’ve found out one too many times on Redshire and Prokhorovka). If they have arty you need to find a spot that is at least partly arty safe, while still leaving you part of the game. Summary and verdict Just to summarise this review in a few pros and cons: ++Good armour ++Wide gun traverse +Decent gun and DPM ~Possible to hide major weakspots ~Celebrity status in most games because of rarity -Low gun depression -Team dependant -Large weakspots --Slow traverse --Arty magnet I personally like the tank as it is a tank where the armour actually works within the tier. You can truly bully people as they have limited knowledge of your tank, or you can even be able to hide your weak spots making them waste their shells on you. The mobility is frustrating at times and arty focus is never nice. Speaking of focus, a lot of people want to look at your tank and ask you questions which can be annoying at times, but also quite fun Overall I will keep this tank as a relaxing “I don’t give a fuck and you can try all you want to pen me”-tank that I play when I am tired and don’t want to concentrate. I hope you enjoyed this review and learned something new. If you have any feedback and/or questions I will be more than happy to listen/answer them to the best of my ability. Here is a small accompanying video commentary from my YouTube-channel:
  10. Hello everyone! As I commented when I introducted myself to the community, one of my main goals of joining WotLabs is to receive feedback on how to improve my gameplay. I also said that I would be showing my best replays, because what I want is good players to tell me how to squeeze the extra out of a game. I already know what I do wrong when I have terrible games, obvious is obvious, so I would be thankful is you folks focused on the "what could have I done in order to do extra damage and exploit the different opportunities that I had during the game, which I was not aware of" thing. Anyway, enough rambling, here are my best* two recent games: http://wotreplays.com/site/3094620#sand_river-capirage-t37 http://wotreplays.com/site/3094626#mines-capirage-amx_13_75 *not actually the best, I also have a tiger 2 game which is better stats wise, but has really nothing fancy about it.
  11. So after getting to try out the KV4 Kreslavskiy out on my account for a few days, I have to say I am pretty happy with it compared to the other available rewards Firepower: The gun on the kreslaslivsksky is actually quite good for what it is. Its the KV4 gun, 227 AP/289 APCR with good dispersion and accuracy values to it and 320 aplha but with poor dpm. (approx 9.5 sec reload) The only gripe I've had is the dispersion is just slightly too much for reliable snaps on most targets even after waiting a moment. Survivability: the Kresl is a mixed bag in this respect. The side armor is truly excellent for the tier hanging around at 230 even when angled at 45 ish degrees with very thick tracks covering most of it to boot and the turret is quite good, mostly going between 230 and black hole. What gimps it is the miserably poor frontal armor. The lower plate is only effectively 180-200 straight on and the upper plate is an appalling 150-160 effective. Worse yet however is that the engine is mounted in the front so frontal hits will often result in engine damage and fires (as well as a dead driver.) I've found that ideally you want to be at around 40 degrees against other tier 8s to bait them into shooting your side instead of the weak front when in the open but are best off side scraping or trying to play hull down. Its worth mentioning that due to the gun being displaced to the left, its better off going around the left side of corners when possible for minimal exposure Mobility: The mobility is actually surprisingly excellent on this tank. The limit is 30kph but it reaches that with ease on flat ground and still maintains good speed uphill. The traverse is still mediocre but not as bad as you might expect. It won't go downhills any faster than 30kph though so dont get your dreams up about amazing rams like the kv5. Consumables/equipment. The equipment I found best on this tank was rammer, vstab, and optics though vents (just for general use) and spall liner are both viable as well given I found myself the focus of even more arty than usual driving this tank but rarely being penned except by a few M44 heat rounds. With consumables I attempted to run food with rep kit and med initially but quickly found out that frontal engine damage was a thing resulting in repeated fires so dropping fire ext is a very bad idea. Med kit could potentially be dropped instead but my driver died almost every game in addition to other crew members sometimes so I would not recommend it. Gameplay: As far as the thing actually plays, its rather reminiscent of a KV4 but more suited to sidescraping and less to being in the open. There are a few quirks worth mentioning though. -This tank is AWFUL at cornering, the turret is mounted further twards the rear and is increedddiblly long. Think TOG II* long. Paired with bad frontal armor, trying to peek corners is prettymuch entirely impractical. -The gun depression is pretty good at 7 degrees but can be difficult to use due to the turret placement and the gun elevation is awful at 15 degrees, which can be quite a problem on occasion. -VR isnt great. With optics and an excellent 6 perk crew and food (which is not recommended) it barely reaches max vr. Without food or VR perks, I would expect the VR to only be about 410 meters with optics. without optics the tank is rather vulnerable to VR abuse without any bushes even involved. -Its very profitable, surprisingly so. You can actually even run a profit with full apcr spam. The apcr is only 4k a shell. Should you get it over the other rewards? In my opinion yes. The other 2 tier 8 reward tanks suffer from awful guns. The IS5 is horrifically inaccurate and the chefitain has miserable pen on top of both their chassis being poorly armored. The main advantage they have over the kv4 is speed, dpm and being less awkward in a brawl. Also if you just want a prem for some money making, the kv4 has good AP pen and cheap gold rounds with the only downside being somewhat costly 1k credit ap shell. Some game play. here a game from my stream. Its partially muted but I feel like it shows off how the tank plays pretty well. and this game is a great example of how not play the tank and awkwardly flounder around instead in a tier 10 game It really is sad to watch I warn you
  12. Team Bone Bones back with some more content, today we will be featuring a replay from panbartosz_ from the EU server in his Löwe.
  13. Wondering how to make decisions while playing your tier 8 lights, while still maximizing damage output? Give this video a watch and tell the TeamBoneBoys what you think!
  14. So the type5 heavy. After its introduction it quickly rose to the title of "worst tier 10 in the game" and even after receiving a small buff alongside the type4, its status has not changed. After 3 marking the tank and ending up with 3744dpg after 100 battles though, I felt like there was some value to be had in this boxy abomination. The Armour The armor is what this tank lives and dies by (though dying more often than living) It has an 260mm frontal hull armor with essentially no weakpoints assuming it is not angled and is almost entirely flat. What this equates to is that almost anyone who is not a tier 9 or 10 tank destroyer is either going to be incapable of penning you or will press 2 resulting in your tank becoming butter. Now you might think "oh its a box, I can sidescrape with it though" and if that comes to mind you are sadly mistaken, the type5 has ferdinand esq cheeks on each side of the hull that make angling impractical as anything other than a last ditch effort when in the open when the enemies have loaded gold. Not to mention that being shot in said cheeks will often result in ammo rack damage. So most of the time you are either going to just go front twards enemies and be bulletproof or be very confused why your TOG is fighting tier 10s. Things aren't completely hopeless though if someone can pen you. It is possible to angle the tank around corners and if you hide the badly angled side properly you can bait out shots quite effectively. And should you get hull down, you can use your 10 degrees of gun depression to actually make your turret somewhat respectable of a target. Note: wiggling can help against people who can just barely pen you and over angling your side can help against heat due to the spaced armor covering a significant amount of it. Mobility its fat and weighs 150 tons. what are you expecting here, its slow. Less so than the type4 but still bad. 25kph top speed, bad reverse speed. Hills are nightmares and will drop you to 7kph if you are lucky. Nuff said firepower The gun on this tank is disappointing to say the least. The reload can be dropped down to about 14.5 and the aplha is 600 with mediocre accuracy, thats not what kills it though. This thing only gets 282 pen gold rounds, gold AP. So, you see a hull down e100? You either have to leave or push up until you can shoot his hull as you cant touch his turret. Its a massive flaw that makes it incredibly difficult to fight many other tier 10s. E3s are an absolute nightmare to fight. You cant flank them, you cant pen them(most of the time) and they can near autopen you. Grilles are also surprisingly difficult to deal with as they are often able to aim and pen you with ease before your reticle is shrunk down to anywhere near reasonable enough hope to hit them. Preferred equipment I used vstab rammer and optics. The optics can be swapped out for vents or super heavy spall but I personally preferred optics for my yolo scouting runs as when stacked with food and my consumables left me at 490+ vr Gameplay So I said that I thought this thing had some sort of value. Why and how? this tank is awful. well if you can get over every arty within the space of 3 maps trying to shoot at you and the fact that any reasonable human being is pressing 2 the moment you come near the type5 is capable of doing work. If you can pick a fight with lower tier tanks, they have difficulty doing any damage to you at all regardless of where they shoot you frontally and being able to avoid bleeding any HP when fighting certain tanks is a valuable trait. If you find any tier 10 players as well in say t110e5s who are just a tad on the clueless side they can become lunch at little to no cost to your health and say you do get in fights with say an IS7driver with full apcr and a clue how to play. You can still just brute force your way to victory with 2900 health and with a bounce or two from significant wiggling. an example of some excellent cockroaching against people who were firing gold but unsure what to do against the spooky type5 heavy https://secure.twitch.tv/abandoned_spirit/v/76144474 3rd mark session (with other tanks in between) https://www.twitch.tv/abandoned_spirit/v/76095656
  15. It's been a while, but here is something new.
  16. Hy there guys, as you probably guessed I made myself a a YT channel. I'm from the EU server and I am not a unicum, but I do have some tips I would like to give to everybody. I gained my inspiration from the likes of SirFoch, Zeven, Circonflexes and so on. I will try to put up videos as often as I can. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=29Bk-Vto_bU Here is the first ever video. Hope you will like it. Open for critics as always. Will try to update this as soon as I upload a new video(s). More videos:
  17. Hello guys, I'll be posting some interesting content (when I have time). I hope to see y'all in the conversation. As well, I accept tips for improving in everything (video quality, audio quality, gameplay quality, etc). And, last but not least, I upload some replays in spanish, mainly because I'm from Mexico (no h8 please!). Hope y'all have a nice time! The first one I'll be posting is in Spanish, so ignore the outro if you like :P. The title of the video says " E 50 - First Game" Hope you'll like it! Stay awesome!
  18. Hello! As you can see,I'm back,and I'd say in strong shape(you will agree with me after viewing the vid) I decided to rename the Funviews into the..."A Glorious Review of the.." because it sounds more fancy tbh Anyways,as the title says,this is a truly 'glorious' review of the T92,the only T10 american SPM(you'll see what that means in the video) As always friends,I hope you will enjoy this video,as I tried to make it more special than the others.I'd say it's the best one so far. If you enjoyed this one make sure to join the Pineapple Legion(Idk where this one came from) by clicking here.You can find more of my videos on the same link. Thanks a lot for your time and for watching ! Have a nice day friends !
  19. Sup guys, I made the switch to Armored Warfare a while back since WoT doesn't offer me anything new that is worthwhile after 34k battles. Must say i enjoy it despite the early development builds. Check out some guides and replays over here!
  20. Hi all, Just got my AMX 50 100 today. Gave up grinding M4 45 even though I essentially had 3x exp for a while, simply had enough. Free exped half of it and bought it, which left me broke on free exp and creds. Equipment and crew is as below. Managed to grind out tracks, just lack 100mm for top config. Played 14 games so far, all platooned. I really enjoyed playing it, everything was simply better than the M4 45. Stock grind pretty good as well, no free exp for modules was necessary to me. Currently my best DPG but kinda low WR amongst my tier 8s. I feel like while I've done some things right, there seems to be much room for improvement. Perhaps largely because I lack experience in it, and haven't played autoloaders a whole lot. I've had a couple of great games, and flunked about as many I feel. I'm looking to improve my 50 100 (and overall) gameplay, so here are the replays for all of the games I played in it so far. Stats as of now as below as well, will update it and replays as well in near future. Shit games: http://wotreplays.com/site/2262946#live_oaks-3lit3_5nip3r-amx_50_100 Mediocre/Average games :http://wotreplays.com/site/2262871#kharkov-3lit3_5nip3r-amx_50_100 http://wotreplays.com/site/2262883#ensk-3lit3_5nip3r-amx_50_100 http://wotreplays.com/site/2262893#kharkov-3lit3_5nip3r-amx_50_100 http://wotreplays.com/site/2262896#himmelsdorf-3lit3_5nip3r-amx_50_100 http://wotreplays.com/site/2262906#redshire-3lit3_5nip3r-amx_50_100 http://wotreplays.com/site/2262958#fiery_salient-3lit3_5nip3r-amx_50_100 http://www.mediafire.com/download/ec1ysx2w7y7m8ok/20151108_1814_france-F08_AMX_50_100_11_murovanka.wotreplay Good/decent games that I wished had won: http://wotreplays.com/site/2262944#erlenberg-3lit3_5nip3r-amx_50_100 http://www.mediafire.com/download/kk41tyfp5xwggzk/20151108_1911_france-F08_AMX_50_100_19_monastery.wotreplay Good/decent games: http://wotreplays.com/site/2262876#highway-3lit3_5nip3r-amx_50_100 http://wotreplays.com/site/2262881#windstorm-3lit3_5nip3r-amx_50_100 http://wotreplays.com/site/2262954#stalingrad-3lit3_5nip3r-amx_50_100 http://wotreplays.com/site/2262957#winterberg-3lit3_5nip3r-amx_50_100 Thanks in advance to those who watched any of the replays and gave feedback, and if my plays give you cancer.. Update: Crew has been reskilled to have BiA.
  21. First of all I just want to clarify the title, I'm not saying I am a Pro-Scout...not by any means. I am requesting a review of the linked game below by those in the community who are WELL versed in the art of scouting. The map is Fiery Salient and I am a lowly Type 64 that was thrown into a Tier IX match. To make things a bit more intimidating (for me at least) was the three man platoon of RELIC players on the enemy team. Now, the things I managed to do was to stay alive the whole match, acquire quite a bit of damage, acquire some assisted damage, help with the win (I think). I didn't actively scout and thus I have no spots this game. I know I wasted a bunch of time trying to figure out what to do and etc. I have some things in my mind as to where I could've done a lot better (or different at least) but I wanted to come here and get some Unicum feedback with constructive criticism and pointers that can help me become more effective. Type 64 - Fiery Salient Thank You for taking the time. -iAmEbola
  22. Hello Tankers! And Welcome to my Rudy Review! First off Reasons for this review: 1. After only having it for less then a day, I've already fallen in love with it getting 2 Ace tankers in just 10 Battles 2. Many People are wondering if the Bundle is worth the money and if Rudy is any good 3. Only Tank in the game that has a crew member that's not human. Alright now for the Review.. PROS Gun ~ 85mm with 180 Damage and OK Pen at 144 Speed~ 54 KM/H Forward and 20 KM/H Reverse Decent Frontal Armor ~ Curved Turret: 90mm ~ Slanted Hull: 45mm Turret and Hull Traverse ~ Turret: 46 d/s ~ Hull: 42 d/s DPM ~ 1800 with 100% Crew Hidden Stats giving it a better terrain resistance then the T-34-85 Rare Tank ~ people will be jealous thank they cant ever buy it again ​Crew ~ Good Crew Trainer for Russian Mediums, Better then Matilda IV (I use my Obj. 140 Crew in my Rudy) CONS HP ~ Only 720, one of lowest for Tier 6 Mediums Radio ~ 525, most of the time you wont know whats happening on other side of map Engine ~ at 500 HP and the tank weighing around 32 tons, it gets a 15.39 hp/t ratio. Engine also has a 15% set on fire if shot View Range ~ Though better then the T-34-85 by 5 giving it 365m, its still on the lower side compared to other tier 6 Meduims Rare Tank ~ People see the Rudy and say "Rudy tank! I Have to Kill it!" Equipment, Crew, Etc. Equipment, Shells, and Modules Crew (Obj. 140): Personal Stats So Far: ​Today's Session in it: Battles First Ace Battle: http://wotreplays.com/site/1875264#winter_himmelsdorf-captainspetsnaz-t-34-85_rudy Second Ace Battle: http://wotreplays.com/site/1875273#tundra-captainspetsnaz-t-34-85_rudy Extras and Thoughts Overall Rudy is a Must Buy Because it is a great all rounder, has a sick Paint job, and it isn't worse then any regular tier 6 mediums in anyway.. also.. IT HAS A GERMAN SHEPARD PART OF ITS CREW! Szarik (Its actually supposed to be Sharik) Barks When your spotted, as long as you have 6th Sense! He's also adorable :3 IS IT WORTH IT? FOR A PREMIUM A MUST BUY Hope you like this review and I hope you enjoy your Rudy if you get one! If you did find this informative please consider giving it a +1 as it did take time to make this review PS. If you want to see a Video Review of the Rudy Follow This topic! I will be making a Video Review soon, and will add it on this Thread and post a New one of it!
  23. So I was asked by someone to review the Berlin tanks since he got them all -- I've come back and am in semi-retirement in that I don't play much, and even less on my own account. I've basically played only tier 10 for my last few thousand battles so it was interesting to see what lower tiers are like. I played 5 games in each tank. This is not a general-how-to-play guide, more of a brief overview on how each tanks feels and plays and some additional observations. 0/10 means don't ever play, 5/10 means average, and 10/10 means really good. Tank Inspector comparisons, courtesy of Rex (<3): IS2b This is literally an IS. Same gun, same round type, mobility feels ~same as well (meaning quite good for a heavy). APCR spam is profitable as long as you do damage; 4 battles saw me make 106k with heavy sprem spam, but one of those was -5k creds while the rest were a range between 30k and 47k with premium time. Overall very satisfactory and what you would expect from an IS clone. I played this like a typical Russian heavy, relying on brawling, sidescraping, and peekabooming. Do note that while the accuracy technically sucks, it can hit targets at range once aimed, though the aimtime is atrocious. AP is sufficient against 7s and most 8s -- use APCR against 9s and the tier 8 heavies. 8.5/10 Cromwell B This is a joy to play! I'm told this is a speedier Cromwell with slower traverse. Speedy it is, most definitely, as I find myself being overly aggressive and landing in bad spots because the tank is so damn fast. On the other hand, I have yet to fire APCR out of it, because the mobility is good enough that I can flank everything. Despite ~400 lower dpg than the IS2b I make far more credits with this tank because the standard round is good enough. Good ammo capacity so feel free to spam shells; 3.22s reload is enjoyable. Even an utter trash potato game saw me make 20k credits -- expect 35-40k on avg if you're at least decent, 40+k if you're good. Use these for t6 stronks to make massive amounts of creds. I played this with a general sense of how to play mediums, i.e. lots of flanking. The tank is very good at that. Su100Ys are the bane of your existence with stupid high alpha and pen, but if you catch them with their pants down on reload, get ready to farm! Tier 6 games: wreck everything. Tier 7: also wreck everything. Tier 8: you better be flanking a lot, but the platform is more than capable even bottom tier. 10/10 ISU-122S 5.85 seconds reload. Does that smell like dpm? Yeah, it should -- but make sure you have a good crew since the fuel tanks seem pretty terrible and are frontally penned. Without food, the reload is 6.11s (BIA + vents included for both). Let me start with a preface in that I don't like TDs, but this one feels very good. On the other hand, despite my WR in it, the tank seems pretty team-centric... enough that I would recommend mostly toons in it. But perhaps that's just because it feels awkward to me to play a TD. Credit earning seems decent, but I found it necessary to spam APCR a lot, meaning only ~12-20k profit on avg. Armor is trash so don't depend on it. Still overall a very good tank, one of the better in the tier. I would rate it slightly below the 122-44. 7/10 Rudy I had hopes for you; after all, the Dog's name literally means "taking a shit" in Hungarian. Tank can't be that bad, right? Kind of a shitter in my opinion; cannot make this tank work. Not sure what people love about the T-34-85, it's mediocre in just about every department. All of my damage is in the first few minutes, then I get wrecked by some idiot spamming HE or the top tiers focusing me over better targets... Tank requires some APCR spam. Bad viewrange. Can't really flank that well. Yeah, pretty much the worst of the lot by far. 3/10 Buying verdict (in terms of fun + carrying potential): 1) Crom B 2) IS2b 2.5) ISU-122S (It's a good buy) ... Stay away: Rudy
  24. WaterWar's replay review center Hello all and welcome. With this new replay subforum up and running I have decided to open op a "review center" where I will offer advice on YOUR replays. I have now made a mentoring thread where I offor mentoring to anyone, so if you are interested in longer and more in-depth feedback on your playstyle I suggest you head over there instead. This thread is quick feedback on just a few replays. WaterWar's mentoring: What you can expect from me I am a deep-purple player on the EU server where I have played a wide range of tanks (limited TD's though). My reviewing will be based on my own experiences with what works well on the EU-server. I will be providing explanations on what you should/could be doing better but also what you did do correctly. I will be constructive and will point out every mistake I can find - big or small. If I find a replay to have a particularly good lesson in it, I will (with your permission) upload it to my YouTube-channel where you can hear/watch me explain how I would handle the given situation and what you didn't do. I will review replays of light, medium and to some degree heavy tanks. I don't play TD's enough to have any real experience with them - so I don't want to start to review something I am not 100% comfortable with. Exception to this rule is the E-25 and the old British TD-line as I've played all of them. I will NOT be reviewing several replays from the same person - as that would give me a massive workload in no time. Therefore I would like you to only provide 1-3 replays. The more replays you provide, the longer I will take to review them. What I expect from you You should not pick a replay where you do well (purple levels) as the mistakes I can find in that will be limited. Try to pick games where you get into a situation you can't handle (i.e. a mistake) and/or where you don't know why you had a shit game and/or you are playing a tank where you are unsure if you played the map to the tanks strength (e.g. going Valley with E100 on El Halluf). Also I require patience as I am doing this for free (in-game donations are of course welcome ), so you wont get an instant review (give me a few days to a week). Since I am playing on the EU-server, with the EU-meta, not all of my comments will translate 100% to the NA server - especially not when discussing meta-gameplay. However the small scale tips/tricks will be fine. I leave it up to you to assess when/when not it is a meta-difference. I will try to focus on the smaller scale play, as that is (mostly) universal for all servers. Thanks to Folkerknecht for pointing this out. tl:dr What do I review? - Light tank, medium tank, heavy tank, British TD and E25 gameplay from all tiers. What server do you play on? - The EU server with the EU-meta. How many replays can I submit? - preferably one, but up to three will be ok. What is the price? - It is completely free. How long would I have to wait for your review? - at max up to a week. Do you like cats? - Cats furr Life!
  25. Hey guys, I now have lots of spare time, and since my time played in WoT has decreased lately due to me getting anger issues, I thought "Hey, why not help others?" and that's where I am now. I've done a few reviews before, but I can with all certainty tell you that I'm not the best reviewer around here but I still feel like helping people out. (NA players will only be able to submit once 9.6 is released due to me being on EU, sadly I wasn't aware of this and am afraid the thread might die because of inactivity qq) n my career (when i started to git gud) I've been focusing on many tanks, I've been mostly doing medium gameplay but I'm also experienced in LT/HT/TD's as well, so I've invested time in all tank types and having success with all of them that I've played recently. What you can post to get reviewed: You can submit anything that you feel that a mistake has been made, it can be one of those carry games, it can be a shitty one, but no yolo potatoing because that's something that no one can learn anything from. My most played tank is the BatChat so autoloader gameplay is something you might wanna come here for. You can submit arty replays too, however I haven't played artillery above tier 5 so you probably won't get any real answers that'll benefit your artillery gameplay much. What kind of replays I prefer: A game where you felt unsure of what to do, where your strategical thinking falls short and IMO learning proper decision making is what'll make you a lot more consistent at this game. Adding your own thoughts to where you began to feel unsure and where/why things started going to shit is something you're very welcome to do, I'll take your thoughts in consideration and see if your thoughts are correct and your post game analysis is good and something you should keep doing, or if your thoughts have flaws and needs some working on, however I'm gladly offering to help you out with either. Miscellaneous: No certain skill level, you can be the baddiest baddie and that probably only means that you'll get more pointers, and I'll probably specify what should be focused on, too much of the good can result in bad things. You can criticise my criticism all you want, I'll keep an open mind and I will keep what you say in mind and draw a conclusion afterwards. If you post more than two replays at the same time, I'll only do one or two and then move on to the next person before getting back to the others you've posted. (Make this a reasonable amount of replays, no 100-game samples please) All reviews will be done in time stamp form unless they're so short it'll be easy to follow anyway. I'll try to process every thought I get while watching your replay, and I'll post a conclusion on the end of what you should focus on to try and improve. I think that's about it. Happy posting ^^
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