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Found 11 results

  1. Most of the time people ragequit / do something stupid when it seems the game seems lost, this video shows nicely why you should always keep playing, till the bitter end.... It also shows: Maximum RNG Why you should ALWAYS train fucking repair skills, ON ANYTHING! + stronk pley ofc
  2. Oops, double topic post... One of them can go
  3. Hello, need some help . started off pretty good but its just like the game decided i wasnt going to do well today ... Keep having these stupid 1 damaging shot games http://wotreplays.com/site/3065253#mountain_pass-jellefly12-t-34-3 - Jelle
  4. Nice work on damage spread, quoting /r/WorldofTanks on Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/4z53s0/infographic_damage_spread_in_world_of_tanks/
  5. Purple players: HOW IN THE HELL DO YOU MANAGE TILT! Specifically, how do you manage tilt if you lack the ability to just walk away? Background: I'm a rager. I rage in chat, I punch monitors, break computers... yes, it is all true. I'm so competitive at times that I have take it out on very expensive computer equipment. Wrong? Yes. Feel better afterwards. No. Still - that is what I am. Thus for the sake of my pocket book and my sanity I've analyzed what causes me to go into Super "break my computer" rage and the answer is: This game. Naturally this game is an antagonist and yields maximum frustration. Especially when RNG is doing what it does best. I do have a trigger though and that trigger is epic baddie gameplay. No, not the typical positioning issues baddies have. And no, not the base camping either. I can work with a baddie that isn't interfering with my game. What sets me off is the baddie that gets in my fucking way. Pushing, bumping, rubbing my tank as I'm trying to shoot. Stopping in front of me cause he wants to shoot the irrelevant bad guy 300m away as I'm trying to race back to reset cap. Or recently, an O-I clipping the rear of my tank, continues driving and pushes my IS6 broadside in front of the enemy (I'm taking loads of dmg)... he keeps driving forward... AAAAARARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!! PEW PEW PEW!!!! I'M BANNED!!! I've been researching what others do to control tilt. The simple solution of walking away is not available to me. Just can't do it. My thoughts on tilt: Controlling tilt is an effective means to improve because as I see it I'm limiting my downside (bad games as a result of tilt) and allowing my average and above average games to become more prominent (representative even) of my gameplay. I've come to the conclusion that I might never have the ability to shut down the game when things are getting hairy. Ok, I know - just stay away from baddies. That works to a point. When I'm trying to reset cap or bust a flank cause our opposite flank failed, or whatever the reason I will at some point have to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with a baddie and hope that he doesn't fuck me. I know he will perform poorly, not do what I would like him to do... I know this. What I rage about is what I described above. Solution: Scene: O-I pushes my tank into enemy fire broadside and continues to push my tank despite the obvious idea of stopping. I shoot the bastard O-I, tracking him and escape enemy fire. Now with 1/3rd of my HP the O-I's platoonie (also an O-I) decides to start shooting me with his derp. After two hits received, half my crew dead, no med kit remaining, I decide to kill the O-I platoonie cause the bastard was being an idiot. Banned for 1 hour. Frustrated and pissed, I have an epiphany. I must walk away from the game for 1 hour minimum, saving myself from playing on tilt for an untold number of games. Therefore, I've discovered a new method to deal with tilt. Just fucking kill the bastard baddie who fucked my game up or at least shoot the baddie 3 times and get a 1 hour ban. Take 1 hour or more to cool down, reset, then come back level headed again. Why? Because I'm the type that will play on tilt until the cows come home. Just look at my stats. FV4005... 800+ games of rage induced tilt game play procuring a rage sell of the tank and utter shit win rate. Same with my AMX 30B, hate that tank, not because it is bad but because I permitted myself to play on tilt accruing 1k games worth of "I'm better than this." What are your thoughts on mastering tilt. Is there something I'm missing? Lastly, will I largely be chastised by the community if I implement this tilt control method?
  6. Hi Tankers! Buddy Deeds here. You may remember me from such hit forum posts as “Tanking for noobs”, “Arty, why no controversy?”, and “MM: Does it really pit 15 tanks vs 15 tanks?”. Clearly I don’t avoid the hard hitting subjects and today is no exception. I want to address the most critical and core component of World of Tanks….yes of course I’m speaking of forum posts and in-game chat. If you know anything about Buddy Deeds, he always remains original. I implore you, if you do nothing else in your tanking careers, please remain original and avoid any and all gaming and tanking cliches in your forum posts and in game chat just like Buddy Deeds. I wouldn’t be caught dead repeating some overused gaming or tanking cliche. In short: Don’t be noobs. The current chat META consists of mostly mouth breathers and window lickers overusing and repeating the same old phrases and insults. If you are guilty of that , then RIP you fail poaster. You almost remind me of some sort of troll. You’ve lost at the internet and should uninstall. lawl. Plis. Buddy deeds is 2gud to use cliches to get his point across, and neither should you sh*tt*ers. I blame the Russian Bias and public players, which I like to call “pubbies”. Pubbies ™ are the statpadding tankers who mainly play in pub(public) matches unlike us better players who mainly play in … well Buddy Deeds doesn't have time to explain everything to you pubbies and your pubbie logic. Don’t get me started on your pubbie RNG. You can GET REKT. Your play is SO stronk SUCH skillz. I guess we can thank SERB and Russian bias for your RNGesus “working as intended”. U mad bro? OH and DAT in-game-chat DOH. So repetitive and low brow. I don’t mean to wear a tinfoil hat but when I’m in my Stronk Tonk KV-2 master race, all i see is the same old chat and on top of it MM sticking me with you fail teams. Your DERPING out in lemming trains in your “sorry stock” tanks is laborious. I’d love to say GLHF, but all I can say is GG. My Yolo Swag ™ can’t counter balance your fail. RIP me. This will sound horrible, but sometimes in his darkest moments buddy deeds even wishes Eb*la or C*ncer on you clickers. I feel the only thing that could improve the situation is some statistical analysis introduced to WOT. There’s an obscure statistical technique called Win Eight. Buddy Deeds is no mathematician, but if all you pubbies focused purely on this stat to the point of exhaustion, this game may have a chance against the “other games who will not be mentioned” that Buddy Deeds is watching closely. I’ve spent several months relentlessly studying this formula, and quite frankly you pubbies play so poorly you remind me of tomatoes. And you star players I might even describe as elitist. Buddy Deeds is sorry, but someone had to say it. Consider this biting commentary fair warning before these thoughts become the norm. I don’t expect you noobs and pubbies to understand most of what I've written, as it's mostly new concepts, phrasing, and ideas, but believe me dat TRUTH is REAL. Don’t be lame and steal Buddy Deeds clever phrasing and novel concepts and pass them off as your own. You’re redundant poasts are so broken. Oh ya as far as game play...play smart, take cover, and focus fire ™. If you’d like to discuss further, I’ll be camping base in a game near you! glhf and gud hunting! P.S. Is IS-6 good?
  7. I’m not a great player, or even good most of the time, but I’ve played a ridiculous amount of a games. And after 30k games I think I understood it: World of Tanks is foremost a broken slot machine, dominated by random number generators (RNG) that can be manipulated in your favor. I seriously got WAY more calm once I had accepted the fact that there are a LOT of elements you can’t influence in each game. You have no control over: · the players. Every player falls into all kinds of categories, ranging from · aimbots, · a busy father, changing his baby’s diapers which is why he is AFK for the first 3min, · bad computer performance and/or ping issues · different cultural backgrounds (RU/EU!) · not the smartest knife in the drawer · drunk unicum · and so forth. An endless number (well, 20-30k on NA) of humans playing this game at the same time you do. Hence, you have no control over: · the teams. 29 randomly chosen players, which make every game different. Because it brings together these player kinds with specific tank types which again you have no control over: · the tank composition. Often balanced, but too often it looks like 10 heavies versus 10 mediums. How this turns out in the end depends on the above (players driving them), but as importantly it depends on the map, which you have no control over. · Himmelsdorf and all the mediums win is the hill and lose to E3s and E100s, or · Malinovka with medium tanks ripping apart the 2 Maus and tier X TDs …and in each case you are driving a light tank. There are 30 (!) maps in the game, so getting Malinovka is like a 3% chance every time you click ‘Battle’. The recent change to corridor maps also increases RNG somewhat, because it funnels players together into a smaller playground, with more interactions and hence more chaotic outcomes than an open map with long firing lanes and smaller local stand-offs. Whichever tank you pick, in the engagement itself you don’t control whether RNG allows you · to hit (when the perfectly aimed shot flies right to edge of the aim circle) · to pen (those 10% of the time when the gold round just doesn’t go through) · to damage (“Fucking low roll”) · to kill (“Lol. 1HP left” [which is intentionally done by WargamingTM]). Did I mention artillery yet? The biggest nuisance, worst accuracy, extreme damage rolls (either way). And balancing good players driving one-shot mediums with bad players, that ‘point & click’, hence added randomness to the entire battle. Once you accept all these notions, is there really a reason to freak out when · arty one-shots you · you have 2 bots on the team · your top-tier heavy goes valley · your Object 140 says ‘Look, we bring an extra light tank’ and platoons with a Loltraktor. · a heavy tries to cap because he’s doing HT-7, which costs the game? Because it is all random. Rinse, pick the next tank, hit ‘Battle’ and repeat. Yes, over a large sample you WILL at times lose 20 games in a row, but you also will WIN 20 games in a row. Hard to not freak out, but really, there is no point to. So, where is this slot machine broken? Each time WG introduces a new tank, there is a great chance it is (slightly) imbalanced, resulting in better RNG or RNG compensation compared to its peers. Tanks may be OP for some time (and you see good players leveraging this for improved results), or are just blatantly good in the hands of a great player (T-62A). In other words, there are some tools that work better than others given the overall randomness. An E100 on Malinovka is worse than a T-62A on Himmelsdorf. Similarly, maps are not flat square fields, but have their own (inherent) imbalances, which may or may not favor one side. Knowing these maps give a player (and his team) a huge advantage from the get-go. In addition, platooning takes 2-3 random players out of the equation, which has multiple times been shown to improve winrate (or drive it even further down if it is a triple-43% platoon). But even playing solo, picking the right tools and knowing the maps is a huge asset that will result in an above-average WR over time. A great player finds ways to ameliorate RNG working against him. In a way, the slot machine is broken to keep your hopes up. As long as there is a chance of winning the next match, you will play the next game. Even 40% players will most of the time win every other match, and that makes them continue to play. 60% WR: you made the difference in 10 out of 100 games 40% WR: you made the difference in 10 out of 100 games 73% WR: you mostly defeated RNG, Sela. On a more serious note, it seems a large number of purple players have quit WoT, for various reasons. A lot of it sounds like increased frustration over 'WG catering to the masses', increasing RNG, 'nails to the coffin'. But my question is: Which game do you want to play? Broken game mechanics that are fundamentally imbalanced are a common complaint, but welcomed by good players abusing Hellcats, Waffles, Fochs before the nerfs. With all the randomness that is intrinsically to WoT it still stands that a great player finds ways to work against RNG. It may just be more difficult. Why does this seem to be less motivating to play the game though? How much RNG do you find acceptable? TL;DR Freaking out over randomness is like crying over spilled milk. It won’t affect your 60D WN8 in any way. Or does it?
  8. As Polish sub-forum veteran I read almost everyday whine threads on probably every aspect of WoT. The most popular are two (!) official topic about MM - one about players' opinions and one to explain how MM works. In fact there are no differences between them - the same level of insanity and conspiracies. Most of whiners are red barons, yellow submarines and greenies but we also have one exception - voytech. He made one of the best guides on our sub-forum and in general he used to be pillar of our siemka society. After weird contest about Catwalk (he didn't win, how terrible) he started his holy crusade against WG. He tries to shows us all how MM and RNG are rigged. Usually he uses YT as his Holy Hand Granade from Antioch so I couldn't resist to share fun with you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c2RmWFotJww&list=PLZvYbUNROB5BUefA4a0_x-sIt6P4abK4X&index=13 More in spoiler.
  9. I'm not a big fan of conspiracy theories so don't take this as a random whine Word I hear from the grapevine is that a WOT employee confirms that there is a 25% favorable buff to RNG for bad players, no change for the middle, and a 25% unfavorable nerf to RNG for players with a >59% WR. anyone want to do the math to figure out how much rammer + crew skills can offset a rigged RNG spread?
  10. I know a lot of weird shit happens in WoT that WG wants to just sweep under the rug but I was wondering if someone could explain what happens in the video linked: http://www.twitch.tv/proxus571/b/495590008 I know someone suggested use Server Reticle but with ~30's MS and no packet loss wtf? I did not have server ret enabled for game itself so I don't think the replay has the data to display it. Same thing happens a few seconds later as seen here: http://www.twitch.tv/proxus571/b/495592137 This one seems more likely to be caused because of shots hitting you throwing off your aim a bit but even then it's way off... Here is the replay if anyone cares to confirm: http://www.noobmeter.com/replay/1000773833.19058180031470818 Also any tips for how to be less derp in the Tiger would also be appreciated, was only my 2nd game in it, i feel i could be doing a lot better. Thanks.
  11. I think this common misconception deserve a PSA / exploration on it's own thread. Disclaimer: I consider this player to be one of the best VOD makers in WoT, possibly the best one recording in English, and an overall excellent source of information for beginner to intermediate players. This thread may seem highly critical of one exceptional example poor play of an otherwise great player. That is not the intent. Criticizing is much easier then making good decisions while playing. RNG is bad. We all like to blame it when things go wrong. This is normal at all levels of play. However, blaming it is sometimes wrong. The intent is to criticize the common viewer's Perception of the influence of RNG on your game, and the shifting of blame that can occur even to the best players. First, please watch this video without interruption - I recommend full-screen 720p - Pay attention to the shots fired, and hits received from enemy artillery. - Pay attention to the mini-map relative to comments made by the player http://youtu.be/dp3OB-sPT2E When you're done, please check and confirm the following analysis (detailed grading of each shot in spoiler): Totals - 12 shots: Aim Placements: 75% of the shots were highly risky, from uncomfortable position, or poorly aimed. Good: 3 Risky: 7 Bad: 2 Hit RNG Rolls: 41% excellent, or 75% excellent+good rolls, 25% unknown, 0% confirmed bad-rolls Excellent: 5 Good: 4 Bad: 0 (3 if we count the unknown and firing that no-chance shot) In 8.5 there is a 19% chance of any shot to go to the edge, which will be removed in 8.6, leading to better precision. This was not visible in any of the shots taken. Damage RNG Rolls: 488, 293, 356 Average-Damage: 379 (normal for 390 damage ammunition and a small sample of 3 damaging shots) Conclusion: The player was Exceptionally Lucky in terms of RNG in the referenced video. Note: While watching the video I've seen multiple near-hit attempts by enemy artillery, doing no damage. This was also favorable luck, or enemy incompetence. He should not have survived beyond the 2nd shot, sitting in the open vs competent opponents. Allied artillery was focused on trying to contain the north side push that ended up killing it, which was a reasonable decision. I think the video should remain, but get re-labeled as an example of poor decisions and misguided anger. Then it will be an important service to the community - showing how even a good player can make mistakes, misread the cause, and place false blame. Reinforce that watching the details in replays can reverse the in-game perception of a situation. I'm certain keeping this example in mind will help me next time I'm tempted to blame the dice. RNG is bad, but it's not always to blame. P.S. Inspiration for this PSA evolved from the argument exchange on pages 1 and 2 of this thread: http://forum.worldof...f-all-time/#top EDIT / UPDATE: Alternative channel for WoT information - Anfield's Position Labs: http://www.youtube.com/user/itsabattleship
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